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Related post: Date: underaged naturist Fri, 2 Oct 2009 15:35:04 -0700 From: Gary Pinto Subject: Part 6: "Kevin Breaks Away!""KEVIN BREAKS AWAY" By Max the Cat (MMMMMM/b-M/b-MM/b) Comments and Suggestions to gmony6gmail.comPart 6: Games, another Movie and "CARNIVAL!" Kevin woke up, nudist underage pictures showered and had breakfast. He got behind the laptop in his room and went to school. Monday meant English, Algebra and Portuguese. He took the native language as his first of two electives. He had to put in three hours on his studies. underage anal videos Then he checked the Duty Roster he was on the two p.m. schedule for "King of the Round Table" and on tables three! Brian was on table two and Brendan on table seven; he would determine the "KING!" He decided to se if he could make his way into the ocean and take a swim. He hoped that the gaypussyeatingunderagestrongly patrons would be occupied and he could be alone. The beach was sparse with Patrons and Pleasure boys and he was able to swim, for over a half hour, but a Patron spied him and his boi-cock sticking above the blue Atlantic and waited until the naked boy came out of the surf. "My boys are you free?" cum eat underage The older Patron asked He and naturist underage the Patron went to the laid out towel and the Patron propped himself up on a pillow. "Young man I underage nude tweens am yours!" he said with a underage hardcore cumshot smile. Kevin kneeled before the older man, took hold of his cock which was surrounded by graying pubic hair. He bent forward and ran the underage nudity models tip of his tongue around the already hard helmet. "Oh so good, your tongue teased so well!" Kevin grinned and sucked in the cock half way. His tongue licked the underage pic bbs hard flesh and each time precum formed it was cleaned off! 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"Good bye sir, I hope you liked me and how I serviced you?" The man smiled "I think you have cleared the way for a nice nap! Kevin underground underage tgp went back for a quick dip in the warm water. underage pron forums Floating he thought "I did extrem underage the xxx underage youngest right thing becoming a Pleasure boy, yes indeed!" He came incest underage tgps out and went back mother fucking underage to the compound and lay down and took a nap, two in the afternoon would come quick! The yacht of Lord Sir William underaged russian girls Humperton arrived on underage naked girls the island along with his four underage webcam strippers guests: D. David Gardershire; Gunther Hans Ludendorff; Marcel de Grasse and Mr. Yoshi Takashida. Lord Hunperton had prearranged for the renting of five Pleasure boys to accompany and be bedmates for he and his four guests. He went over al the boys and finally picked out Kevin, underage russain teens Danny, Louis, all twelve, and Ritchie at eleven and Shamus O' xxx underage insest Day a boy of ten, but who looked between eight or nine, a slight red head with a million freckles and a rich Irish brogue! Kevin and Ritchie were blond, blue eyed, Louis black hair, brown sxy underage eyes and a deep tan. Danny had light brown hair and green/brown eyes, his lips puffy full. He had the longest red tongue any one had ever seen. When he swallowed a cock his red tongue would underage sexrape snake under a tight nut sac and lick a hot asshole, he was very proud of his ability! The boys were loaded on his boat and they headed out on a five day excursion/man-boy orgy! The five naked boys stood holding on the rail looking at little tightunderage models their island home become a small dot in the distance. The man each took a boy and headed on to the sun deck to sample the boys wares! Lord Humperton took Kevin's hand and led the boy to a deck chair. Everyone was naked in the warm sun. Sitting before Lord Humperton Kevin grasped the man's cock in his slim fingered hand and examined underaged artist model the uncut cock. He slowly skinned the hood back and exposed the big purple head. Kevin looked up smiling at the Lord and slowly ran his tongue over the hard corona. He licked off a creamy pearl of precum and with ilegal underage fucking puckered lips the cock. Lord Humperton pushed his cock into the boy's wet warm mouth. Takashida claimed Ritchie, he was fascinated with underage girls peeing blonds and his blue eyes were a definite asset. The Japanese man lay back and had the boy service his body; Ritchie ran his tongue up the small yellow skinned nut sac, to the base of the six inch cock. Looking up at the Asian man he smiled and ran the raspy part of his tongue up the underside until he reached the russian boys underage top. He licked off the creamy liquid and wolfed down the man's hard cock. Gardenshire a Canadian took Louis; he liked them on the dark side. He was also highly oral and laid the French boy on his back, splayed his thin legs wide and began to lick and suck the boy. He dug in his tongue into the boys' belly button and Louis screamed in glee. This was fun; usually it was Louis who was who was sucking underage nude pitchurs and licking. The German Ludendorff was enthralled with the young Irish boy. No one could understand either one of them, so they made a good duo. Shamus and the German were quickly in underage age sluts the sixty-nine position and sucking each other like there was no tomorrow. The Irish boy surprised all when he swallowed the huge German's bratwurst with no problem. Saliva made the Irish boys chest shine. Last, but not least was the Frenchman Marcel de Grasse, he and Danny found their underage sexsites own corner and lay side by side, but head to toe and sucking each other. Both heads were bobbing in and out on each other's midsections. They were swallowing each others penis to the root. People looked up when they heard the lip smacking that came from the two. Kevin and the Lord changed positions and the youngster straddled the man and the big cock entered Kevin and slowly disappeared into his warm, inviting boi-pussy. "Fuck, fuck, fuck came from within Kevin as he pumped up and down on the hard stalk of English cock. Kevin was packed by the man's penis and his blond head rolled from side to side and he moaned and mumbled. "Oooohhhh fuck illehal underage pron me, please fuck me underage sex porno my cock is throbbing from the feelings you make in me" Kevin was telling the man, and the man pushed up the meet the downward cock punched in his young boy! The Asian man was letting Ritchey do what he wanted to do. He let the blond boy service him, he loved it that was. Ritchie pushed up the man's legs and he found the tight asshole and began to suck and lick porno underage the hot hole. The Asian laid there, grunted and moaned as the young boy gave him pleasure beyond compare. "Eat me boy use that wonderful tongue of yours." Ritchie dug in and the Asian bounced up and down. Gardenshire put Louis on his hands and knees "ready for my cock?" Louis looked back, smiled and pushed his slim butt onto the man's cock. The Canadian's eyes got wide and pushed forward and skewered the French boy on his hard cock. He started underage pree teen to fuck the underage free movies boy who kept grinding on the fleshy stalk and looking nude underage illegal back gave the man the "fuck me harder look," Gardenshire pushed harder! Ludendorff held Shamus by his slim freckled hips and pushed in quick and hard. "Take my cock you red haired beauty" and the boy blushed red and ground down underage wmv back and rocked his ass to meet the German's thrusts. The boy kept mumbling the words "fuck me, fuck me" in Gaelic and the German looked around at everyone then just shrugged his shoulders and continued to skewer the hot Irish lad! De Grasse turned Danny around and slipped in behind the boy. Taking the boys top leg he pushed it up and slipped in his hard eight inched and buried it into the boy. "That's so big inside of me" Danny moaned underage drinking facts as underage pics boards he looked back at the Frenchman. The man gritted his teeth and fucked the boy hard, fast and deep. Danny pushed back to meet the hard thrusts. His boi-cock responded and stuck straight out. de Grasse reached around, grasped the boi-cock hard perfect nude underage and underage cuban sluts pumped it up and down. Danny groaned with the pumping pleasure! Lord Humperton liked lying on his back and looking up at the blond boi-slut moving up and down on his hard fleshy stalk. 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Cum was coating his colon and excess leaking out around the hot cock attached to the English Lord and matting down his black pubes. Ritche's red lips fastened to Takashidas yellow root, underage rompl images his red tongue was waxing the tight nut sac and his lips were trying to pull out the Asians cum from russian underage blowjob with in. "Ritchie san I am about to cum, on my ancestors memories here I cum!" Ritchie pulled underage models naughty back and clamped down behind the Asians cock head and prepared to accept the hot creamy load. His cheeks quickly puffed out as his mouth filled with hot semen; he swallowed and swallowed and swallowed again. The young Pleasure boy held the cock tight and milked it dry. Licking and sucking the cock as though it was and all day sucker, the man's nut sac almost disappeared into his thin body! Gardenshire holding Louis tightly. His small hips pounded away. His cock was rubbing and massaging the French boy's secret spot fucking underage teens and his uncut boi-cock had pushed out of its protective sheath, the purple head had flared and was shooting comics underage sex hot boi-cream onto the polished wooden deck and forming a gooey white puddle below his young body. The Canadian was flooding underage search engine the insides of the swarthy skinned boy. His colon was filled to the brim and some was trickling down the sexy underage pictures inside of his thin tanned legs. The boy was talking in French and asking the man to keep the hot cock rubbing his spot, t
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