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Related post: Date: Mon, 20 Sep 1999 06:37:05 PDT From: vicki preteenz bbs pedo anderson Subject: Katie and AmandaThis story is a piece of fiction witch involves preteen private nudes the relationship between 2 young girls of the ages 11 and 19. If you do not preteen bodies want to read a piece of erotic story then don't.Katie walks in the door where Amanda's' mum is talking to Amanda."Look Amanda I want you to panty preteen girl behave yourself for Katie or else there will be trouble. OK?" she says"Yes mum" Amanda replies in a 'well of course I will' voice. "Hi Katie" she says looking over her mothers shoulder as she starts to run and give her a hug. Katie has known Amanda most of her life as she used to go out with Amanda's brother for over naked pretty preteen a year. Now that he has moved out home preteen sexy into town she just porno japanise preteen comes over to baby-sit for Amanda's mum. Katie preteen ass gallerys hugs Amanda back."Hello" she says in a happy voice, as she is always pleased preteen vid gallery to see her. Amanda has always made Katie feel happy.Amanda is about 4'2" quite tall for an 11 year old she has long golden blonde hair and has a very pretty face. Her mum has just enrolled Amanda in to a modeling school and she is doing preteen puffy titties really well in that winning her first 2 competitions. Amanda has got nn preteens panties very big tits for her age they are about as big as oranges and will be very big when they are finished growing. She is very thin and very athletic.Katie is about 5'7" and has shoulder length black hair she was never the prettiest girl but she can look great when she tries. She has wears a 36D bra so she is well endowed. She has always been able preteen nudes nudism to get anyone she wants. She is voluptuous she isn't fat and she has great curves.Amanda finishes squeezing Katie; she has always wanted to see what a pair of tits feel like outside of Katie's sweater but she thought youngest pics preteen she better let go.Amanda's mum goes to ru preteen boys preteen nude lsm the door and gives Katie the preteen bbs manga upskirt pics preteen final instructions as she heads out for a night best photo preteen with her new boyfriend."Remember she has to be in bed by 10 tonight OK?" she free preteen naturist says"Yes don't worry she will behave she always does" Katie replies with a smile.Amanda's mum leaves with a smile and a child preteen galleries pat on the head for Katie.Katie goes to the lounge and Amanda follows."What do preteen nude pitcures you want to do Amanda?" Katie asks."Well I don't know. I want to play a game do you have any ideas as in what to play?""Hmmmm..." Katie rape preteens galleries thinks, "Do you have any homework you have to do?""Yes I have some spelling I have preteen pedo underage to preteen family sex do""Well then lets do that and we should teen preteen underage try to topless preteen angels make it interesting for you. What shall I do if you get it right and what shall you do if you get it wrong?""I don't know... How photos preteen girls about we take off our clothes?" Amanda replies with a laugh."I can do that" Katie replies with a big smile thinking that Amanda says she won't. Also knowing that Amanda is not a good speller anyway so she won't have to take much off if anything."Cool I will go get my work" Amanda replies with an excited voice. She runs to her room picking up her spelling book.When Amanda returns with the book Katie is lying on the couch."Here are preteen toplist ls the rules to this game ok Amanda""Yes go if I preteen bbs chat don't like it I will tell you""If you get the word dirty preteens sucking right schoolgirl upskirt preteen I take a piece of clothing off and if you get it wrong you take a piece of OK?""Yes that preteen model cutie sounds alright" as photos nudist preteen she hands Katie the book."The one that is taking off the clothes has to do it in the middle of the room facing the other preteen indians nude person naturist preteen bbs so there is no hiding alright""Yes that's cool lets get on with it " Amanda says with a smile while sitting on the chair beside Katie.Katie opens the book to the right page. preteen bbs sun She knows where it is as she has given spelling tests to Amanda before but not with a reward like this before. Little did Katie know that Amanda knew most of the words that she was about to spell out."Ok Amanda your first nymphets preteen preteen word is ... preteen models summer paperclip""Hmm... Ok P A P E R. C L I P. That was an easy one"Katie preteen cocksucker story groans thinking why love preteen bikini she is doing this and thought she better get on with perfect preteen model it. She is wearing calf high boots preteens lesbian which she bought in Australia when she was there last month, black stockings which covered her nice firm legs a black homemade preteen models skirt witch went about 3/4 down her german preteens models thighs a white blouse and black jacket. Also had on a pair preteen sex tgps of matching black panties and bra.She stands in front of Amanda and bends down. She unzips the side of her left boot all the way down not loosing eye contact with Amanda. She takes off the boot and jailbait gallery preteen sits down."What about the other one?" Amanda asks"Ha ha only one piece of clothing at a time" She says with a smile."Next word is decoration."Amanda thinks. She can't think of how to spell it at all she gives it a try."D E C A R A T I O N, is that right Katie?""No sorry Amanda the correct way is decoration, what are you going to take off?"Amanda is wearing her jeans and a t-shirt with anal preteen fotos a training bra and panties with her white socks."I'll take off preteen foxy a sock" as she tries to take it off."Wait you have to be in the middle of the room facing naked preteen search preteen models alisa me" Katie says with a smile."Oh yeah I forgot"Amanda preteen smoking pics gets up faces Katie on the couch reaches down and pulls it off. It wasn't done as sexually as Katie took off her boot. Luckily for Amanda Katie has lots more stuff to take off and she knows under age preteen most of preteen boy fucksman the words that Katie models preteens young will ask so she isn't feeling to bad.After pics nn preteen about an hour of this Katie is in her blouse and skirt. She has taken off her stockings and jacket and she is feeling a sense of arousal between her legs. Amanda is feeling like she has never felt before. She is sitting in her panties and t-shirt. Katie is getting strangely turned on by all this she thinks she better stop before it goes to far."Lets stop this aye it is getting kind of boring don't you think Amanda?""I was enjoying it and I am just about naked""Well I don't feel like doing this anymore" Katie says looking at cartoons preteen lesbian the rest of the words realizing that Amanda will know most of these words coming up."OK then" Amanda starts to put her jeans back on."Wait Amanda I dare you to go the rest of the shameless nude preteens night pics preteen boy with no incest preteen club jeans on and dressed how you are.""What? Are we going to skinny petite preteen play truth or litle preteens sex dare now? I want to it models preteen html will horney preteens be fun!" Amanda says"Ok if you will just stay without jeans preteen young chat for the rest of the night I will do it. Ok we will play truth or dare.""Cool" Amanda takes her leg out of the jeans. "My turn Truth bd nude preteens or Dare"Katie thinks "I Choose Truth""OK then, what is sex like? Tell me what it is like.""Well..." Katie pauses thinking making sure she doesn't give too much away "Sex for me is sexy preteen twins well umm... it is hard to hot preteen model explain. I like it but horney preteen porn it is different pedo preteen shocking every time I do it. It can feel like the best thing in the world or it can just make you sleepy. If the guy you are doing it with is good it is really good or else it isn't. Is that Ok?""Yes good your turn""Truth or Dare""I chose Dare"Katie thinks... if she is like to be naked I will tell her to be then. She gives an evil smile in Amanda's innocent preteen art direction."I dare you to take off all your clothes then""Oh ok preteen cum creampie then" Amanda then just pulls off her top and takes off her training bra still not very sexy like but Katie is enjoying this. Then she slips off her panties revealing her hairless pussy. Katie can see a bit of moisture between Amanda's legs that turns Katie on more."Truth or Dare Katie""I choose a dare this time""Great I dare you to take off all your clothes as well"Katie thinks for a moment then moves to the stereo and turns on some music. It is some slow classical stuff which Amanda's mum always listings to. Kate moves to the middle of the room and starts to sway her hips. She slowly undoes her top filipina preteen pussy buttons to her top. She is moving really sexy animated 3d preteen just for Amanda. Katie nonude preteens pictures slowly opens up her blouse giving Amanda a good view of Katie's breasts that are still preteen mpg porn enclosed in her black lacy bra. Katie slips off preteen movies porn her blouse and then slowly moves towards the naked Amanda."Would you like to take my bra off preteen sex guestbook Amanda?" she asks."Yes I would" she repliesAmanda stands up and no bra preteen moves behind Katie. thai preteen virgins She slowly unhooks her bra at preteen cunt photos the back and slips it off bikini preteens models the preteens pic legal shoulder. She moves around to the front and looks at Katie's breasts."Wow I wish mine were that big," says Amanda."Well one day I hope they are that big. If they are that big you have to show me then we can compare them. I would like to do that.""Yes I will do that""Now since I have to be totally naked would you like to take off my panties?""Yeah sure" Amanda says in a cheerful voice.Amanda moves down so her head is at the same level as Katie's hottie and preteen panties. Now she preteens sexy pics reaches drunk preteen girls to the sides of Katie's panties and slips her fingers inside her waistbands. She pulls preteen girl tgp them preteens girls pee down slowly revealing Katie's pussy. Amanda has never seen another amateur preteen modles pussy preteen candid gallery this close before. preteen cp 2006 The only ones she has seen is in her brothers' magazines he has under his bed. Amanda feels this young preteens models weird feeling between her legs.She slips them right off her legs."Now we are both naked" Amanda says."Yes now isn't it my preteen vaginal sex turn to ask you""Yes""Truth artistic photos preteens or Dare?""Truth" Amanda replies"Ok then have you ever been kissed before?""No I haven't, he nn art preteen he my turn" Amanda says with a grin"Truth or D
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