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Related post: Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 23:24:25 EDT From: Subject: Justin's Story Part II My Time Away Chapter 14 (E/R/W)------------Justin's Story (E/RW)Part II-My Time AwayChapter 14Written By: Justin Case 4/12/00------------Disclaimer: This story is a graphic tale about gay sex, drug use, and other material that adults only should read, according to some laws in some places. If these laws apply to you where you are, you should leave the story now. This story is fiction and written by a fictional author. Any resemblance to fact is purely coincidental; the names have been changed, the places have been changed, and the events have been changed to protect the innocent. This story is the sole preteen kogal property of Justin preteen female model Case, the fictional author, and his alter ego. This story's copyrights belong to the author, and the laws of the United States of America apply. If illegal preteen ass you copy it you are subject to fines and penalties unless you ask the author personally.------------ Words from our author: Oh man, it's that time again. I get up on the box, and rattle off. Let's see, what do I have to say? preteen girl guns THANK YOU!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me share my tales with you. I have over 500 letters at this writing; I am honored. I have four, yep four, that wrote to say they don't like my incest cp preteen work. I think one of them preteen thumbs bbs was preteen blonde galleries the same guy using a different screen name though.Many have written sexy nudist preteen to ask about Richard. preteen nn russian Well, I went to pick him up and bring him over, and he pulled a no show. That's the Richard I russia preteen forbidden know so well, makes plans and if something 'better' comes along, he's out. How I remember when... I haven't called him since; like I said, I am powerless over people, places, and things; pre preteen nymphets I models list preteen await his call to me, and pray for his happiness. It's been about a week and a half since I last spoke to him.There is love in the world, I assure you. I have found my true love, and intend to spend the rest of my life together hott preteen with my love. As usual, if you want to e-mail me, feel free to do so at Justin69SKaol.comNow on with the saga.------------Over the next few months I fell deeper and deeper into the clutches of drug use. The more cocaine I used, the more I wanted. It was a vicious cycle: earn the money to buy the drugs, go to some sleazy place to get the drugs, and then do them. online preteen russian I no longer got high, I got paranoid. I began to think police were hiding in my bedroom; I would see shadows, and think the police were hiding in such places as behind the drapes, in my closet, under the bed. At this point in my addiction I gave up the snorting. Tony had shown me a faster way to get paranoid. I was mainlining into my left arm. I was good; I could slip the rig in, hit the vein, draw back, check for blood in the syringe to make sure I had dream girl preteens the spot, and push the plunger. By the time the needle was taken out of my arm, kds girls preteen I was looped. I never did that push-pull shit with the plunger like preteen jeans nude most do, I just wanted to get it over with.Chuck had worried about me, and left to return home. Chuck had tried to love me and help me get back on track. He couldn't take my mood swings any longer. I had lost my ability to love him back. I had lost my ability to love anything except cocaine.I stayed with Tony for two months. He ran a photography studio for a nationally known gay porn site. There were all the shoots, and the boys, man, the gorgeous boys. I met many a preteen magazines bbs preteen young sex boy there with Tony. In the beginning the coke was great and seemed to enhance my sexual drive. It was used like a tool by Tony; he would get me stoned, and have his way with me. He always left me preteen small pussy money for my sexual favors, which I little cunts preteen would in turn give back to him for more coke. I had sex with several of the gay models that came for the photos. I even posed myself, and my picture is still floating around out there. I was paid one hundred dollars for each pose used. They used twenty-five pictures, and Tony gave me two thousand, five hundred dollars all at one time. preteen nodel sex I used it to pay him for coke . The most money I had ever had in my life and I gave it back to the guy for coke. Jackson Browne had no idea when he wrote the song "Cocaine". preteen pure I was in hell and didn't even realize it, as that, 'cocaine was running through my veins'.I had met him through Tony he was one of the models. He taught me about hustling, and showed me the ropes. free cute preteen Now I didn't have to give all my money to Tony, I gave it to someone else. See how smart I had become. His name was Jonnie, he was the one of the better looking models. He really seemed to have what it took, and he took me preteens lingerie with him.I remember thinking how litle cute preteens stupid I was, and seriously thought to myself how fucking cruel Tony was for making me buy my coke from him. Now I would go out into the streets of St. Louis and sell my body for sex, to older men. They would drive up to the meat market, that certain street that I learned from my friend Jonnie, all big cities have, and pull up in their fancy automobiles and ask if I wanted to party. My reply would always be, "Are you a cop?" If they said no, I got in. I'd let them suck me off, or I'd suck them off, and they'd preteen speedos pics give me thirty bucks. bbs preteen lovers Then I'd go to my dealer's house and buy some coke.I remember crying in the shower every morning, I was so miserable. I was in such pain. I didn't know where to turn. Chuck had left me, and I was too afraid to call my grandparents. I couldn't go back home to my Moms, 'the bestest Moms in the world', because I didn't want to get beaten any more. I prayed to God every day, I promised I 100 preteen videos wouldn't do it any preteen banned index more. I'd leave the shower and someone would call, one of my tricks, and I'd be right back on preteen fuck blog the merry-go-round.I finally got the courage to leave Tony's, and hitchhiked to Texas. I thought if I preteen girl mpegs could just get started again former preteen models somewhere else, I could do it. I justified in my mind that I wouldn't know anyone in Texas, except the guy that my model friend set me up with. I just had to get there and all would be well. I would go to Mark Huerras's house, in Austin, Texas; he was a Mexican-American, and Jonnie told me he was hot. Jonnie even set it up with Mark for me to go tho Austin. I hitched rides from St. Louis to Austin, Texas. I met several really nice truckers, and some gay ones that would pay me to sleep with them in their trucks. In my mind it was great; most people pay to sleep somewhere, I got paid to sleep somewhere.Somewhere along that journey I got crabs. preteen mdels I had no idea what they were, all I knew was I had some itchy rash of sorts in my pubic hair. I shaved the hair and thought it would go away. It didn't go away, and seemed to get worse. I remember a trucker told me what I had, and took me to a drug store to buy the speacial crab shampoo. It was one of many new lows I was experiencing, and as long as I had my next shot; who cared?I arrived at Mark's on a preteen videos model Saturday morning the last week of August, just before Labor Day; he was getting his place ready for a bash. exclusive russian preteens He had a great smile. He was taller than I, about 5' 11", with brown eyes and thick black hair. He had the roundest face, and because of his dark skin, the brightest teeth that made the smile what it was. He was a warm, sensitive man.Mark had a small elwebs preteen home, three bedrooms was all he had. After living with Tony it seemed like a camping trailer. He had the cutest roommate, another guy about my age. His name was Vern. Vern was tall and lanky, and had curly brown hair pussy preteen hair that he kept short. He had deep set green eyes, and when he looked at me I would melt. He had a small nose that turned up slightly, and thin tiny titties preteen lips, and one of his teeth, the right incisor, was pushed forward and stuck out in front of the tooth directly behind it.I remember sitting up one night, just Vern and I talking. He and I couldn't sleep, so we sat preteen pretties on the kitchen floor talking about life. He had told me about is family. He was the youngest of two boys. His Dad had worked for a construction company. His father and brother were on job in San Anotonio. Vern's Mother died when the boys were young. We sat there for hours. My sixteenth birthday was about two weeks away and I was determined to make this new heavenly garden preteen start count. german preteen nudist So as much as I wanted him that night, I think he was straight. I never approached the sex subject with him, as much as preteen sexi pic I wanted to; I didn't want to lose my new home.Mark had thrown a huge Labor Day party and invited all his friends from work over. He and Vern worked together, Vern's preteen orgasm father got them in the same company; they were laborers. There must have been fifty or sixty people crammed into that little house. Mark had made all kinds of Mexican food; he was quite the cook. The center of attraction virgin preteen rape was the big watermelon Mark had carved out and made preteen rompl models a punch and used young preteen bikini the carved out melon as a punch bowl. I got mucho, mucho drunk.I met a guy at the party; his name was David Dewey. David was originally from Phoenix, Arizona, and had moved around the country with the construction company they all worked for. David was a man young preteen girlsex of the pedophilia preteen world. For some reason he tuned right in on me."Man, this party is a drag," David said to me, looking at me with those sparkling preteen japanese nudism blue eyes of his."I'm having a good time, and the punch is great," I said to him."Yeah, but I want to party," David said, checking me out for a reaction."What do you mean? I thought we were partying," I said naively."No, I'll show you preteen model japan how to party. You ever do any speed, you know crystal?" Dave asked me as we stood in the kitchen near the sink in that little house."I've done preteen r ygold some coke, never speed," I said, feeling the dragon video boys preteen wake."Come on, let me show you something, let me show hunnypot preteen models you the best. Fucking coke only lasts preteen 13 sluts a bbs preteen glamour few minutes, this stuff will last you all day," David said; he grabbed my arm and took me into the bathroom, the one in Mark's bedroom.Mark's bedroom was the master bedroom in this quaint house. It was done in shades of brown. His bed was against the wall as you walked in the door, on your left. His dresser was on the pre teen pantys right; you had to walk preteen kitty between them preteen lo and around the end of the bed to get to the preteen dasha nude bathroom. preteen wonderland models We shut the door behind us when we got into the bathroom. The ritual began; Dave had a set and the speed, a spoon, and everything but the water in that little gray container he pulled out of his back pocket. The water was in the bathroom; we were ready to go. I found a new high.In the next few weeks with David I learned a preteen tback modles whole new life. David turned out to be gay. He was five foot eight. He had sandy brown curly hair and blue eyes. He had a pointy nose, and his face was alw
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