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Related post: Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 16:11:37 -0700 (PDT) From: Steam Train Subject: JUVENILE GAMESJUVENILE GAMES By Ricky Stratton & Steam TrainPart 1: Secret Agent Game by Ricky Stratton copyright 2003 by Ricky Straton, all rights reservedIntroduction and Part 2: The Games Boys Play by Steam Train copyright 2005 by Steam Train, all rights reservedINTRODUCTION by Steam Train copyright 2005 by Steam Train, all rights reservedIn 2003 Ricky Stratton wrote 'Secret Agent Game'. Unfortunately just when the story line is progressing to the erotic climax, the story ends without conclusion.I spoke to the author urging him to complete the story, however I was not at the time successful in achieving this aim, so for my own private satisfaction I wrote a conclusion to the story and sent a copy of to Ricky.He encouraged me to post the conclusion nymphets preteen nude which I titled 'The Games Boys Play', stating that he was totally satisfied with my ending.I also freely acknowledge that to complete this story in the language and tone of the original text, I have used and been influenced greatly by another excellent story with a similar theme. The 1998 story 'Revenge on Ricky' also written by Ricky Stratton under the author's name of Doe Scott.The story below is a compilation of Ricky Stratton's original story (Part 1) and my conclusion based on my own fantasy of how the plot may have developed (Part 2). 'Secret Agent Game' is published with the approval of Ricky Stratton.- Steam TrainPART 1: SECRET AGENT GAME by Ricky Stratton copyright 2003 by Ricky Straton, all rights reservedThe three 7th grade boys were just hanging out on this hot summer afternoon. Kevin's parents were at work till at least 6 pm so for all practical purposes, they had the run of the house. They were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Kevin's fourteen year old brother Frank who was presently at soccer practice. The three younger boys intended to "have some fun" with him that afternoon.Even though Frank was nearly 3 years older than them, they often goofed off together. But today, the three younger boys had something different in store for the cute freshman.Frank, or "Frankie" as the numerous middle school girls referred to him, was the teen "heart-throb" of the Junior High. Standing at 5 foot 7 inches and weighing a cool 110 lbs, he was built like an Adonis. As a result he often mafia hard preteen strutted around town in either an open, flapping shirt or with no shirt at all. This drove the girls practically wild as they feasted their young eager eyes on Frankie's smooth well-developed chest and tummy muscles. Long, shoulder length blond hair and a deep bronze tan only accentuated his good looks. Despite his popularity, Frankie was rather shy around preteenmodels non nude girls, and was totally sexually innocent. Maybe that's why he liked hanging around his little bro Kevin and his friends. He liked it when they referred to him as "dude" or "buff boy". Sometimes they wrestled 3 against 1 which always ended up with him pinned tightly to the floor with the three 12 year olds holding him down.It was about 12:15 when Frankie turned the corner at Maple Street to make his way home. He wondered what he was going to do for the rest of the day. He wondered if his lil bro Kevin was home. He wondered what Kevin's buds Danny and Josh were up to.He turned up the sidewalk and made his way toward his house. Instinctively, he reached down and peeled off his tee shirt so as to allow the hot summer sun to bask his fine young teen body."Dudes! There he is, I see him," exclaimed Danny as he eagerly looked from the upper bedroom window."See, I told ya he was on the way. Chill out," Kevin giggled as he succeeded in pinning Josh's arm down and beating him for the third time in a row.Josh and Kevin then joined Danny at the window as Frankie walked up the sidewalk toward the front door."Aw man, your bro is lookin' good!" teased Josh as he lightly elbowed Kevin in the ribs."Yeah, he like ALWAYS takes his shirt off, COOL!" Danny agreed."Ya think he'll hang out with us?" Josh asked."Are ya kiddin', preteen bbs modeling sure he will. And we got the plan dudes!" said Kevin as he stepped from the window."You said it. It's gonna be sooooo cooool!" replied Danny as he and Kevin and Josh all high-fived each other.The stage was set. It was going to be a "fun" afternoon!Kevin, Josh and Danny heard the front door shut as Kevin's 14-year old brother Frank returned from soccer practice."Anybody home!" yelled the teenager up the stairs."Yeah! Ya don't have to yell!" yelled back Kevin as he put his bud Josh in a headlock and tried to force him to the bedroom floor."Who's up there with ya?" Frank yelled back as he began to climb up the stairs."Just Danny and Josh," Kevin replied as he successfully forced Josh to the floor and mounted him in a school-boy-pin predicament."Dude, you are like totally pinned," teased Danny as he inspected Josh's flattened shoulders on the carpet while Kevin tightened his hold on his buddy and pressed his knees hard on Josh's biceps."Hey man, let me up, you win, I give," Josh conceded as he struggled on the floor beneath Kevin's 85 lbs. In an attempt to free himself, Josh bridged up off the floor and arched his back causing his T-shirt to slip up his chest and expose his smooth, flat boy-tummy. Noticing this, Danny playfully rested his right palm on Josh's bare belly and pressed downward."Say 'Uncle'," Danny insisted as he rubbed his hand across the expanse of his bud's bare midsection."Hey man that tickles. Cut it out!" Josh protested."THE WINNER, AND STILL CHAMPEEEEN!. . . KEVIN!!" Danny announced as he grabbed the boy's right wrist as raised it up in the air.Kevin climbed off Josh's prone body as his 14 year-old brother Frank entered the room. Josh pulled his shirt back down and rolled over onto his belly and Danny did the same."Hey Frank, wassup?" Josh asked as he propped his chin in his hands and smiled at the older boy."Nuthin----just finished practice and I'm gonna take a shower," Frank answered back."Gonna wash that buff bod of yours up. right?" Danny teased while visually examining the awesome sight of the bare- chested 14-year old."Come on quit it," Frank muttered as he blushed noticably."Dude, ya know that, like, all the girls in the 7th grade got the major hots for ya," chimed in Kevin as he took off his sneakers and threw one at his blushing older brother."Yeah Frank. All they do all day is go like 'Oh isnt Frankie like the most awesome dude ever'" Josh teased as he added his two-cents worth."Hey Frank-----flex those muscles for us," giggled Danny."Yeah, do it!" demanded Josh."Yeah, buff-boy. Show us your stuff," Kevin added as he sat up from his bed and joined his 2 buds in pestering the teenager to show off his 14 year old body."You guys are so weird!" Frank replied as he tossed his already peeled off T-shirt to the floor and struck a fists- over-the-head body pose. His cut-off sweatpants sagged sensuously several inches beneath his deep, puckering belly button. Even his 'tan-line' was noticable and there was not a trace of body hair---just smooth, silky flawless skin."AW man! Flex those abs dude!" Josh said excitedly as he sensed a stiffening sensation between his legs. He was glad he was lying on his stomach.Frank tightened his "6-pack" and writhed his bare torso seductively before turning and leaving the room and heading for the shower."Hey man, don't rush preteen nympho movies off," yelled Danny."Hey Frank. When you're done, what do ya want to do for the rest of the day?" asked his little brother as he smiled mischievously as his 2 buds."Goin to have some left-over pizza, if there's any left," Frank answered back as he entered the bathroom and shut the door. In a few minutes the three 12-year old boys heard the shower running."Hey Kevin. You got preteen nude red your new digital camera ready for later?" Danny asked."You bet. And I got a web-site started too.""Awesome!" Josh said as he grinded his hips on the floor without the others noticing it.Kevin climbed off his bed and reached under his bed and pulled out several Teen magazines which he distributed among his friends. Most were recent issues of "PopStar Mag" which sported several cover shots of teen-heart-throb Aaron Carter along with photo spreads of Aaron, mostly shirtless. Danny opened one issue to the centerfold and eagerly unfolded it."Geeze, check out this pic of AC, he totally rocks!""Lemme see," Josh demanded as he loked over Danny's shoulder. He looked at the full color pin-up of Aaron laying back on a bed, his shirt completely unbuttoned and open wide, revealing a flawless teenage physique. A sensuous line of peach-fuzz extended from his bared navel downward where it dissappeared into his drooping cargo pants. Even the elastic waistband of his CK briefs was visable. His tanned chest was smooth and nicely defined. Even his nipples were crystal clear."Oh yeah. . . . .nice," muttered Danny as he squirmed on the floor and took in the erotic image of the teen idol."I think Frankie is hotter," Josh suggested."Hey.....dudes, check this one out," Kevin went as he shoved another open "Pop-Star" mag at the two gawking boys. This showed another pic of AC but this one had him in the process of peeling off his T-shirt. The camera clicked just as the bottom edge of the skin-tight "Nike" shirt cleared both of Aaron's dark brown nipples, his face fulled covered by the rising garment. His belly was sucked in and his cargo pants appeared to be sagging even lower than usual. It appeared that a full 6 inches of white briefs were showing along with a noticable protrusion just to the right of Aaron's fly."Fuckin-A!" Danny swore as he and Josh inspected the pin-up."I still think Frankie is hotter," giggled Josh."I dunno dudes. I wouldn't mind wrestlin with Aaron," Kevin said and all three boys laughed.After about 20 minutes, the boys heard the shower shut off. They elbowed and nudged each other as they shoved the magazines back under Kevin's bed. All three were primed and ready for some "boy stuff".Kevin's fourteen year old brother Frank had finished showering and retreated back to his bedrom to get dressed. Meanwhile, Kevin, Danny and Josh ran downstairs to wait for the older boy."Hey dudes, check this out," said Kevin as he showed his two buds a prescription bottle marked 'viagra'."What's that?" asked Danny."It's my dad's. It's supposed preteen panty pcis to help ya get ready for sex and stuff like that," Kevin answered."Oh yeah, I heard my dad talkin about that stuff," offered Josh as he and Danny peered closely at the bottle's label."What are ya goin to do with it?" Josh asked."Just watch and see but keep your mouths shut, young preteen strip it's a secret---OK?" Kevin demanded from his two co-horts. Both Danny and Josh agreed and the three boys proceeded to the kitchen to anxiously naturalist preteen porn await Frank to join them.After about 3 minutes, they heard the fourteen year old boy bounding down the stairs."Hey is there any pizza left from last nite?" he asked as he entered the kitchen.Frank was barefoot and casually dressed in a pair of cut-off sweatpants and a skin-tight T shirt that perfectly showed off his well-defined physique. The bottom of the T-shirt just barely reached the top of his drooping cutoff sweats and a full inch-wide ribbon of bare skin beneath his still hidden navel was clearly visable. Both Danny and Josh had difficulty from staring at and admiring the older boy as he opened the fridge in seach of some left over pizza. He found 2 slices and prepared to microwave them."Hey Frank, how was soccer practice?" asked Josh."OK," he answered while programming the microwave."Any you guys want a soda?" Kevin offered as he winked behind Frank's back at his two buds."Yean man, sure." Danny and Josh both replied."How bout you dude?" Kevin asked his brother."Yea get me one too," said Frank.Kevin preceeded to get four cans of Pepsi from the fridge. He handed two cans to Josh and Danny and popped open a can for both himself and his bro. While Frank was pre-occupied with making sure his pizza didn't over-heat, Kevin quickly opened the pill bottle and dropped three tablets into Frank's open can of Pepsi. He made the 'shssss' motion with his finger across his lips while Josh and Danny watched on. All three boys grinned devilishly among themselves.With the pizza slices re-heated, preteen nudist thumbnails Frank sat down at the table to eat. He grabbed his open can of Pepsi and took a deep swig."You guys eat yet?" the older boy asked as he took a bite from the pizza slice."Yeah---we already had somethin," Kevin answered as he walked around behind his brother and placed his hands on his shoulders. Playfully he massaged his bro's shoulder
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