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Related post: Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 15:22:16 -0000 From: Nick Subject: Keeping it in the family - Chapter 14WARNING: The following true story - only the names of horny nude preteens the participants have been changed - contains descriptions preteen modeling forum of gay and bisexual/incestuous activity between adult relatives and others, activities which may be illegal in some jurisdictions or cause offence against some religious beliefs. Please nymphet nude preteens do not read any further if you are likely to be offended by its content or if it might be illegal in your country! By the way, the story is written with the full preteenz children knowledge and approval of all the living persons having significant mention therein.* * * *After breakfast, it was back to the suite to complete our ablutions and to prepare the inevitable flasks of coffee for the day out. None of us was very familiar with the northwest corner of England so we had decided to head west to the coast, then north towards the Scottish border, probably returning to the hotel southwards on the M6 motorway in time to dress for dinner. The round trip would be about four hours driving, giving plenty of time for some stops for coffee, lunch and whatever. We would have to leave some time for the girls to explore the Factory Outlet Stores at Gretna!We set of in Rob's Ford Mondeo estate about 10.15, heading first south along the mountainous preteenasspics roads of the Lake District National Park towards Grange-over-sands, a small, unprepossessing town at the head of Morecombe Bay. The bay is known for having some of nude preteen russia the flattest beaches in Europe, consequently its very fast incoming tides regularly trap unwary cockle pickers who frequent the place. It is also home to offshore oil wells and has more recently become host to offshore wind turbines.We turned northwards along the coast towards Ravenglass, a former fishing village, along some interesting countryside and picturesque villages, stopping several times for the views, some photographs and for the men-folk to pee! After the late breakfast it was too early for lunch when we arrived in Ravenglass about 11.45 so we walked along the seafront and explored some of the little shops before returning to the car preteen from tokyo for coffee, before continuing north sexy preteen 100 to Workington.I schoolgirls preteen naked have preteen model nipples no idea why coffee affect men's bladders but not women's but we had to make a pee-stop a few miles up the road, almost on the shadow of one of Britain's first nonnude preteen links nuclear power stations, a true carbuncle on the beautiful coastal landscape, renamed Windscale after the Calder Hall nuclear accident in the 1960s and now known as Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant.When Rob and I returned from the seclusion of some roadside rocks, there was a preteen illegal Land Rover in police livery, with the logo of the British Nuclear Police on its door and with its blue lights flashing parked behind our preteens stripping car. This is the only routinely armed police preteen blowjobs girl force in Britain. Two officers were talking to the girls through the open back window of the Mondeo. They greeted us politely as we approached but I could not help but notice a hand move towards the side-arm carried by one of the policemen."Good morning, gentlemen. This is a nuclear restricted area, didn't you see the signs prohibiting stopping and the use of cameras?""No, I didn't, I'm afraid," Rob answered. "We haven't taken any pictures this side of Ravenglass, the cameras are in the boot.""OK, sirs, my colleague will just frisk you if you don't mind and if the ladies will step out of the car, I'll just check it over." It wasn't a polite request, it was a politely framed order. We obeyed.They found nothing of interest in the car, told us to watch for the road signs as we passed the nuclear preteens model girls facility, apologised profusely and wished us a good day. As we drew away, 15 preteen sluts Sarah said "All that made me feel quite horny, especially the cop with his hand on his gun!""Me too", said Alison."Come on girls, save that for later," I said."How much later?" was the question from the back seat."At least until we get out of the restricted zone," Rob answered.A couple of miles up the road we saw another BNPF Land Rover, parked off the road, facing 3d movies preteen us. "Checking our passage", I said to ukranian preteen pussy Rob, a remark which attracted appropriately ribald responses from both girls.It was again a beautifully sunny day, so I said "We could stop up on the moors for another coffee, if you like.""Yes, please", was the reply from both girls, in unison.Another couple of miles up the road there was a parking place overlooking the sea. Rob pulled in there and the girls produced the coffee real preteen hardcore flask and we stood outside in the sunshine drinking it, before deciding to take a walk into the moorland scrub. We wandered off arm-in-arm, in the warm sunshine, breathing in the beautifully fresh, coastal air. As the path led into thicker undergrowth, Sarah preteen pyssy slipped her hand down the back of my bikini pics preteen trousers and began to fondle my bum. Rob and Alison were a little way in front of us and had stopped for a long, smooching session. As we caught up with them I noticed that Alison's hand was rubbing the unmistakeable bulge at the front of his trousers.Sarah must have noticed too. She withdrew her left hand from my bum as we passed them, put it around nn preteen party my waist, slipped my trouser zip down and put her hand in. preteens toplists "No knickers!" she exclaimed."My secret", I said. As we had dressed together, I happened to know that Rob preteen web cam was going commando too, but Alison was yet to discover. naked preteen pussy Sarah cupped the hand under my balls and flopped the whole kit out, my dick preteen sextop 100 starting to anticipate some preteen german model preteen bitch action. I looked back, Alison was on her knees in front free preteen whores girl preteen nude of Rob who was looking over her towards us. Sarah bent over and kissed my dick; it gave an involuntary twitch model preteen sparkle as she did so. preteen schoolgirl porn We stopped, she fell to her knees, took my dick to her mouth and sucked the glans into it, pushing my foreskin back along the shaft with her pursed lips as she did so. As the knob became fully exposed, she took the whole length of my preteen girls vaginas not quite hard cock into her mouth, then slowly withdrew it, bringing the foreskin back over my knob as she did so and finally gripped the loose foreskin in her tightly closed underage preteen fisting lips before letting it go. It was exquisite!There was a shout from Rob. Alison was getting quickly to her feet whilst fumbling with Rob's zip. Sarah got up and stuffed my illegal preteen lesbian kit back where it belonged and carefully closed my zip over my still bulging groin. There was a cry of pain from Rob. Alison had obviously not been so careful! We looked back again, just nude preteen females as a party of hikers came into view, just failing to catch us in the act! We walked on as if nothing had happened, Rob and Alison soon preteen adult pics caught up."That was a close call", I said."Rob got his dick in the zip", Alison underground preteens pics said."Serves him right for having no knickers on", I said."You haven't either", Sarah said."But I didn't get my dick caught."The girls went on slightly ahead, chatting as they went. The hikers index parent preteen took a slightly different path to one side, though still within sight and earshot. "It bloody hurts, I think its bleeding", Rob said."Oh preteen models asian dear" was my not very sympathetic reply."We'll have a look when the girls are round that bend.""You'll need an elastic sticking plaster," I joked."They don't make them as stretchy as my dick."We stopped, Rob took his now flaccid cock preteen voyeur tgp out and sure enough there was a slight oozing of blood from a wound on his foreskin. "TCP is what you need," I said."Not on your life.""No, on your Willy," I said flippantly."It bloody stings on the finger, 16yr preteens God knows what it will do on my dick, anyway we haven't got any," Rob answered."Oh yes we have, Sarah's got some in her First Aid pack in the car.""You wouldn't?""I would, just to see you jump!" preteen hot legs Rob had already put his shrivelled cock away and as we rounded the corner we saw the girls talking to the preteen ring web hikers where the paths met. We all chatted for a few minutes then the hiking party carried on and we returned to the car via the shorter path."Sarah," I said, "Rob needs some TCP.""I do not," he said forcefully."Let me look," Alison said, knowing full well what the problem was."No!"We got back into the car and continued our drive north, stopping a few times to admire the view and take photographs, eventually stopping at a pub outside Workington for a snack lunch. After illegal preteens videos a pint of best boy preteen ru bitter, Rob's mood was somewhat improved but I noticed what looked like a tiny bloodstain on the front quinn preteen girl of his cotton trousers. I mentioned it when we visited the toilets before leaving. We looked at his dick, the foreskin was very red and swollen, clearly very sore.Back at the car, Rob said "Nick will drive for a while", and we set off through Workington, a typical northern market town. Rob spotted a Pharmacy and asked me to stop. The three of preteen lol gallery us stayed in the car while he went to the shop. I told the girls he was very uncomfortable but felt that TCP might be a bit drastic. The girls winced.Rob came back with a small paper bag "I had to explain the problem to the woman pharmacist", he said, "I am sure she was smirking about it.""What did she give you?" Alison asked."Savlon cream; preteens xxx free then sent me to the staff toilet to put some on. photo angels preteen At least it didn't sting but I am sure she had told the entire staff about the problem before I came out."We drove up the river valley towards Carlisle, model black preteen a much bigger market town, the "Gateway to Scotland", where we stopped for tea. A great feature of these market towns is their Market Square. Save thong preteen photos on market top preteen angel 12yo preteens days, it is invariably given over to parking; preteen models cum in the north of England particularly, it is easy to park within a short distance of everything worth seeing.Rob went to the 'Gents' again and returned preteens naked raped with the paper bag in his hand. "It doesn't look quite so angry now," he said.Sensing that his mood had improved, Alison said "We'll all kiss it better back at the hotel.""Promises, promises."We spent a little time looking around the town, before I continued the short drive up the M6 motorway to Gretna, just over the Scottish border, and to the Factory Outlet Stores. The Blacksmith's Forge at Gretna Green was formerly famously associated with runaway weddings from England. In England, marriages required three weeks' notice to be given whilst in Scotland it was possible to be married without notice. Eloping couples took advantage of this, their first port of call on their northward flight being Gretna where the blacksmith traditionally was also a pretty preteen modles civil registrar.Rob and I sent the girls shopping whilst we wandered fairly aimlessly round the traditional village and then the shopping village. We didn't see anything that we particularly wanted from the shops, though I could have saved 35 percent on preteens hot pants the new suit I recently bought in Birmingham, so I did get a matching pair of trousers at a knockdown price. Rob got a pack of his favourite DNKY underwear nudepics of preteens to 'make himself mor
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