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Related post: Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2001 22:27:24 +0000 From: Java Biscuit Subject: boy in a pink box, chapter fiveThis is a story involving teen/boy, male/male graphic sex and not intended for reading by minors. If you are underage, or this type of material is illegal where you preteen lolita boys underwear live, please stop now, and go lolita 8 10 yo read something else! This is a completely fantasized story meant only for the purpose lolita preteen angels nude of pleasurable reading.Feedback to javabiscuithotmail.comBoy in a Pink color climax lolita videos Box ~ chapter fiveby Biscuit Through the trees I saw my dad's truck and shoved Gareth away from me roughly. My eyes zeroed in on my bike, on its side in the driveway. A nightmare scene flickered through my brain, as I imagined my dad looking at it, wondering where I was and heading out into the woods to look for me. Holy mother of fucking Christ, I felt as guilty as if it had happened that way!Gareth was young lolita pic xxx not happy about the sudden shove away from me lolita sex party pass and russian lolitas in pantyhose smacked hard at my arm. Hard enough to sting pretty bad. I shot him a look, rubbing where he'd hit."Cut it out," I said; desperately trying to think of how I was going to explain being home and not at the beach with Terry. Oh God, Terry. What the hell was I going to tell my dad? I'd never had anything to hide from him before, not like this stuff. I kept walking and lost track of Gareth.He barreled into me from behind lolita preview lolita paradise just as my dad came out through the office sliders. The kid lolita dark cp list must have had his arms folded up like a football player when he charged and rammed into me. I went flying forward and almost fell. He ran right past me toward japan naked loli young my dad."Cheers!" Gareth shouted at him."Hey, nude lolita doll teen tough guy," my dad said, and I litle lolas teen model watched, amazed, as the kid flew past him and realized, one second too late and still off balance, that he was going for the garden hose. With a nasty preteens lol grils vicious cry of glee, he turned it on full blast and took aim at me. There was no way at him but straight through the cold shower. We were ranchi bbs board lolita both soaked by the time I wrestled it away from him. My dad had retreated to the safety of his office. When he came back out he had a 10 16 lolita pics couple of big towels just lolita top site and threw one at each of us."You guys can under the sun lolitas ride into town with me," he said, like everything samples teen lolitas free was normal and I hadn't just 14 your lolitas pic been getting my dick sucked by a ten year-old boy. "I'll drop topless lolita teen toplist you at the beach for a few hours and nude lolitaa free pictures pick you up after work. Sound good?"Not a word about Terry, not a word about why I was home or how I'd gotten hooked up young nude underage lolitas with Gareth. It was so weird. Gareth was already racing hot 12 yo loli toward the truck waving his towel like a victory flag. I snuck a quick look at my dad and found him looking at me. The unasked questions hung there in my brain, and I felt my face getting hot. He reached out and squeezed my shoulder, aiming me at the truck and walking."We'll small lolita naked models stop and tell Gareth's mom that he's going to the beach with you." Gareth's arms dropped to his sides and his face screwed up."She's not home, Mr. Davis," he said."Well, we could leave her a note," Dad said."Um, lolita angel free movies I told her you guys invited me. She said she was going to Boston since I was off to your place."He pulled the towel around himself.I felt really bad then, remembering how happy he'd been when I came home, realizing he must have been freaked out, wondering if he'd be on his own all day."You're welcome, anytime, sport, but don't do that again," my dad said, in his real serious, I mean it, voice. "You call first, okay?"Gareth nodded, looking up from the ground to see if my dad was mad at him, and I got that feeling again like I wanted little lolita rape pics to squeeze him in my arms. I think my dad got that index of russian lolita feeling too, because he picked Gareth up and swatted his ass before lifting him into the back of the truck."All right," he said, "hands feet and everything else away from the sides. Joe, you know the rules, hang on to Gareth." Letting us ukrainen legal lolita photos ride in back, which he didn't let me do often, was his way lolitas years old gallery of saying he wasn't mad.We settled with our backs against the cab; the metal bed was cool from the truck being parked in the shade. When Gareth leaned into me, I put my arm around his shoulders.My dick was so hard. It chafed in my damp pants but felt good at the same pre lolita kid sex time. It was heaven to lolita free pic galleries be riding in the back, in the sun, my arm around mini lolitas nude girld him, knowing he was mine for the whole day. I wasn't even worried, by then, about seeing D'Arcy and Jen. nude 14 yo lolitas They might not even be at the beach, I thought. If young little nymphets lolita they were, I'd just say I didn't know where Terry was. I tried not to think about Terry.It got even better when my dad ls magazine pics lolis models toplist lolita schoolgirl pulled off into Costa's parking lot. The clam nn preteen loli toplist shack was one of the best things about summer. The smell made my mouth water and my belly rumble with sudden sharp hunger.When my dad asked Gareth if he wanted clams with bellies or without, he made horrible faces. He wanted fish, and once we got the chips/ crisps mystery solved out he was happy.I spaced out, watching him eat. We were outside, at one of free lolita pussy gallery the funky picnic tables with a feast laid out on paper plates and plastic trays. The sun had pretty much dried me underage cp lolitas hard off by then but I still preteen lolital free pictures had my towel tied around my hips; a good thing since it helped hide lolitas 10 years models what looking at him was doing to me.Gareth's lips were shiny from the deep fried fish, and so were his fingers. He was chomping away, his cheeks bulging with fries, and his whole little body was swaying with the motion of his legs swinging under the table. He nude underage nymph lolitas caught me staring, and his smirk, with his lips pressed shut around all that food, made my dick swell even harder.I had to look away from him and concentrate on eating. I asked my dad which site he tiny sexy teenies lollitas was going to be at; cum eater lolita russian he hardly ever had just one job top 100 lolitas paysites going on, but went from site to site. Listening to him drone on about the bbs preteens lolitas models roofing job in the east end of japanese loli child girl town helped settle me down. I avoided looking at lolita 12 yo nacked Gareth and my dick, thank God, calmed down.D'Arcy and Jen were at the beach, and so was Terry.In a way, it was a relief to see him even though I felt nervous. At least I knew he was okay, not murdered somewhere out in the dunes, like that woman they once found with her hands missing.The tide was high, almost all the way up to the slabs of concrete. D'Arcy and Jen were stretched out on their towels. Terry was a little ways down the beach with some other kids that had a frisbee.The girls fussed over Gareth. Jen told him she pre teen beautiful lolitas had some fags with her and D'Arcy rummaged a comb out of her back pack, insisting that he let her get the tangles out of his hair. Maybe he was used to girls from being around his mom. He plunked himself down and let lolita de young pics D'Arcy comb his hair, and took a cigarette from Jen. Way too weird. I left him there and headed down to where Terry and the others were tossing the lolita swimwear model pics frisbee.He didn't look any lolita daughter non nude different. I don't know why I thought he would, but I teen lolita love galleries kind of checked him out, a little bit at a time, in preteen lolita nonude pics between tosses. He looked just the same as before. What did I expect?His arm was powerful and when he threw to me, he put so much on it that it burnt me to catch the fucking thing. I didn't throw to him and I didn't let him see me young black lolita girls flinch even it nearly took the skin off my hand to catch it and the force of it 101 lolitas top 100 jolted pain up my arm.Terry was setting up to throw to me when Gareth came running up, barefoot and shirtless with his combed out hair whipping in the breeze."Me," he shouted, "throw to me Tarzan!" I swear to God, I held my breath as Terry turned around. preteen lolita models galleries I was scared to death that he'd throw to him like he had to me and take the kid's head off or break his arm.Then I saw the frisbee sail in a perfect gentle arc that carried it, soft as a kiss into Gareth's hands. It was an incredible toss and I wasn't relieved that he hadn't hurt the kid, I was jealous. It hurt worse than his blistering assault at me with the frisbee, to see how happy he'd made Gareth."Come on, Tiger," he said. "Throw it back in here." Gareth was sparkling with delight at his catch and sneaking in closer to get set up for his toss. He obviously had no idea how to throw the thing and twisted his whole body around. It flew from his hand and took off in wobbling flight and the next thing I knew Terry was on the run, like he was chasing down a ground ball, and damn if he didn't scoop the thing up before it hit the sand, spin and shoot it young lolita preteen paysites off at me all in one motion. I nearly missed it, caught it rough, and sent it off to the next guy.By then, Terry photos archive lolitas preteens had scooped Gareth up off his euro littel lolitas nude feet and was heading out into the water with him, just like fucking Tarzan carrying Jane free young lolita video off into the jungle."What's with that throw?" I could hear him teasing. "Was that like, cricket or something?" Gareth was laughing and I took the next toss, lolitas preteen lola underage but after that I waved freedom lolita ls dreams myself out of the game, heading out after them.They'd lolicon 3d boys porn gone deep, or at least Terry had, and Gareth was half swimming, and half being towed by him, out toward an empty mooring raft. I followed them, feeling the drag of the meal I'd just eaten in my stomach and an overall dread of what the hell Terry was doing.I couldn't see them but I could hear Gareth's giggling voice as I rounded the seaweed-slimy base of the raft."Bugger off," Gareth laughed. "What's it to young loli pleasure models you?"Terry was hanging on the ladder, with his back to it, both arms bent behind his head, hooked over a rung. little teen lolita tgp Gareth was hanging in front of him, his hands on lolita nude 9 jpg Terry's shoulders and I saw he was nervous, in spite of laughing. He was blocked by Terry's body from getting up to the raft."Hey," I said."Joey!"Tired as I'd been, a second before, I tread water steadily, feeling stronger the minute he lunged toward slave lolita preteen site me, calling my name.Terry went up the ladder and I swam to it. I watched Gareth climb ahead of me, his shorts cyber lolita nude preteens soaked and dragging down his hips, showing the start of his ass. Then I climbed after him, grateful to feel heat of the dry wood surface under me. Terry was on his back, propped up on his elbows, and it struck
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