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Related post: Date: porn teen girls Mon, 25 Sep 2000 22:02:14 -0700 (PDT) From: Kent's Friend Subject: Kent 10Kent 10When a boisterous teen porn in stockings neighbor with an 8 AM class woke me, Jason was nowhere teen anal sex clips to be seen. He hadn't been back to his bed during the night. The same papers and junk were still there from the night before. I flipped onto my back and replayed the highlights of the previous hours. The pleasure of cramming Jason into the mound of pillows in the corner was still fresh in my mind. I never had even thought of it, much less fantasized about it. Then I was doing it.I reasoned that what I liked most was having a guy like Jason was the surprise. In all honesty he was going to have only a handful, maybe only one, such story stored away in some private place in his mind. He got to try getting fucked. I got teen porn girls galleries to do it.Jason stepped through the door young teen nude photos and saw me sprawled out, emerging slowly from the teen super porn sheets. His ever-present bathrobe was tied tightly around him."Would you take that silly thing off? I like seeing you naked, Jason, and I'm really tired of the robe." I rubbed my eyes and sat up expectantly. I got to see, once again, the curious spectacle of a skinny kid putting on some unremarkable white Jockeys underneath a well-worn bathrobe."Not even a peek?" I asked. pregnant teen porn pictures "I thought you were horny in the mornings." I really wanted to verbally pry that rag off him and get him to strip for me.My hopes rose as Jason undid the chastity knot that fused the robe to his waist and turned towards me. With one motion he brushed open the robe and pushed down his underwear just enough to expose the base of his dick. Sure enough, I recognized it."My ass hurts." With that, his elastic was back up like some cheap Venetian blinds. Jason continued. "That's all you get." I fell backwards onto the bed and sighed.He had his jeans nearly secured when he stopped and looked at me. The sudden absence amish teen porn of fabric rustling made me look up to see what was coming next."But, uh, thanks." Jason said. "I guess I kinda wanted to free teen transexual porn try, uh...""You're welcome, and shut up about it," I said to the ceiling. "I knew." I didn't, teen gay penis of course. "And it's our private pleasure, just you and me." More horseshit, but it's what he wanted to hear. Never believe anything you hear in from someone in bed.He slipped out the door with a smile. I set about to starting my day. The only part that mattered was Mike's invitation for Kent and I to have a early teen nude beer with him. I put a few sets of the photos Jason had developed in an envelope in case I wanted a preview.Happy Hour dragged itself out of bed around 4:30. Kent was waiting by the back porch of his frat as I wandered up."You going to drive, or is it my turn?" I asked with a african teen porn sites smirk. "I think it is my turn."The stud didn't even need to acknowledge the question. All he had to do was put on a tight Polo shirt and leave his cap far enough back so that the sun found some of his short blond hair and illuminated his eyes. The eyes that had drawn me to him early on could still stop me cold. He looked me square in the face chubby teen pussy and said nothing. His magic was working again.He grew a slight grin. "Just get in, okay?" I swear he intentionally missed his pocket when going for his keys, only mp4 porn download teen to back his hand away and dive into the opening on the second pass. His tight jeans conformed to the contour of his hand as he dove down into the pocket. The ridge formed by his knuckles worked against the tense cotton. He noticed I was watching, and after a moment's pause plunged his hand downwards hard enough to strain the button on downloadable teen porn his beltless waist. I was delighted with the show."There's a gym towel in the back if you need it," Kent said. "What makes you so horny today."Just you, I thought to myself. Instead I said something about the college girls teen porn prospect of having a few beers with the two hottest jocks around. If Kent had been apprehensive about meeting Mike to go over his photography, it wasn't showing now. Kent was a real sucker for hot talk and compliments. It turned me on to see him relish it."What do you have in the envelope?" Kent asked. We waited to turn left off the side street that ran by his frat and dead-ended into my dorm."Just a letter," I responded. Not wanting to pursue it further, I shifted to the meeting. "Did you and Mike chat and set up some elaborate trick for tonight?""You're teens tricked into sex kansas teen porn enough of a trick for naked teen porn oictures both of us, as we know." famous porn star teen Kent looked only ahead as we sped down the street towards the Campustown area, and right past it. "I'm in suspense as much as you are as teen latinas sex porn to what Mike is up to, but I'm sure it's teen porn trailer something. We know Mike."Kent pulled into the parking lot of a distressed looking bar across town from the school. The neon sign announced its message in pale blue against the daylight: The Usual."Did he teen and porn pull this out of the phone book?" I mused teen lesbian pics aloud."Got me. At least we have the place to ourselves." Kent replied. We did. After an awkward twenty minutes, Mike arrived."Hi guys!" Mike swung himself onto the bench next to me, facing Kent. "Guess what I've got!""Beer. I want a beer." Kent swung his eyes away from Mike and towards the bar. Whatever bravado I'd worked on in the car was totally gone. How funny it was that Kent, who made sure plenty of guys had seen pictures of his dick probing me from one end or another, was squirming with the tables turned."You aren't 21. They check here. I'll be back with a beer for me and two Cokes." Mike said as he strode off. The paper packet of photos was still in his jacket pocket.When Mike set the drinks down, he took his time in settling himself. He picked up his glass and held it so that he could see the underside of the foamy surface. Condensation was collecting in large droplets around the glass. The bar was quiet, but his observation seemed a stretch to me."Listen to that. Little bubbles jumping out of the way. It's such a beautiful thing for just a buck." He swallowed, which resolved into a smile. "Anticipation is the best part."Mike raised the glass to his lips. "I'll let you hot nude teen girls have some after I have had the first taste."I bit into the cherry that had been floating in my Coke."Oh fuck it! Here. These are for you to split up anyway you like," Mike said as he tossed the packet onto the table. "I have a complete set for myself, of course."I grabbed the photos and stripped away the envelope. "Whoa!" Unlike the first time I'd seen myself on paper, the first picture delighted me. It was a face shot of me from the side, meat stuffed into my mouth, absolutely drenched in cum. Next came a similar shot, but with Kent's free teen tranny porn meat on the tip of my tongue. A large glob of jism glistened from just above my jaw.I set the two photos out in front of Kent, who mumbled his approval. Following were half a dozen shots of Kent or Mike posing above me, as if claiming credit for the copious amounts of semen on my face. As I recall, it was my own and Kent's."Jocks shoot the biggest loads," I said. "Look at all that!""Everybody knows that," added another voice. Kent jumped, and made an attempt to clear the table before he teen porn mpeg recognized our guest."Hey, Marcus! Sit down and join us. We were just talking about a little party we all had." Mike motioned next to porn teen vids Kent."Think I will do just that. Long time no see, Kent." Marcus sat down and reached over, below the cover of the table, and patted Kent's thigh or thereabouts.I realized who this was. In the heat of our evening, Kent let it out that someone named Marcus had given him a lesson in cocksucking. Without this, he might never have yielded to Mike. german teen nudes I'd also learned that this was the same Marcus was expecting to enter pro baseball. There was plenty of speculation in the school paper about which team would want him the most.Marcus was appealing, but not nearly as hot brazilian teen porn in my book as either Kent or Mike. He was tall, muscular and solid, and handsome to be sure. Yet it didn't instantly add up in a way that made me look across a room and want him on his terms. He did have the voice, though. He sounded so deep and manly, certainly as expected from such a formidable guy. How had he gotten to Kent? Maybe Kent idolized him for his success, but that wasn't how he told the story earlier. At the table, I wasn't getting the impression that Kent liked teen porn pitchers Marcus a whole lot. Before I ran though any more of this, Marcus extended a hand to me."And I have heard a bit about you. Nice to finally see you in person." Marcus' handshake could shame a car salesman. I was willing to teen porn babe reconsider my first impression when he flashed a broad smile at me."Likewise. So you're Marcus." I smiled and looked at Kent, then back at him."Get on with the party young barely teen porn pictures. This one is great." Marcus held up one of Mike standing behind me, rubbing his hard member across my left cheek. "I like how you guys teen lesbian vids party."We flipped though about a dozen that were all pretty much the same. Mike and Kent had gotten into posing as the dominant studs, prodding me with their pricks. There was a remarkable close-up of Mike's shaft tracing up my nose as he pushed his balls against my lips."I'm enjoying this a lot, if you know what I mean." Marcus shifted on the bench as he studied each photo carefully."And we have saved the best for last." I spun one of gay teen porn sex the two remaining photos onto the table. It landed facing Kent. In this carefully composed shot, he was on his knees and turned slightly towards the camera. Mike stood before him with a semi. It was young teen anime porn unclear whether he was about to get head from Kent, or whether he'd blown his load already and was starting to relax. The last photo was similar, with a fuller view of Kent's face and a better smile from a recently satisfied Mike. As teen april pics porn I recall, Kent posed for these in exchange for Mike promising to deny, to others at least, that he ever fucked Kent."Yeah, now that's sloane teen porn star my boy Kent. You teen sex porn picture did tell them chubby teen porn free about sucking me to orgasm, right?" Marcus asked Kent in a way that expected an answer."Yes, Marcus. Both the guys to share that worlds greatest teen porn honor are here right now," Kent admitted. I saw Marcus move his hand back to his own lap."Maybe we should explain the rules to you," Marcus said."Please do," taboo teen porn I said. I was intensely curious as the others exchanged glances but no words."Since you come with such good recommendations, you can consider joining our party list. It's a group that I select. Every once free teen farm porn in a while we get together for either an initiation of a new member or just hardcore gay teen porn an overnight together. Want to hear more?""Yeah, tell me about it," I replied. "I like it so far."As Kent scooped up the pictures, Marcus continued. "I started by selecting a few guys and getting them to at teen titeins porn pics least suck me. Then one night I invited them all over at once and porn teen pussy had teen love porn them all recount what they had done, covering every detail for the entertainment of the others. By the time the storytelling was over, everyone had free teen pee porn shot their wads at least once. Hearing all these jocks come clean was a turn on for everyone there. teen amuter porn videos We got together a frde teen porn galleries few days later to have some more fun. Now the group grows when any of us finds a hot guy who is willing to play our game and join the club. Of course, once you're in you have
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