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Related post: Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2004 April 31 19 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Edward Chong u003cedwardchong21 yahoo. com u003e Subject: Between travel and destination ( part 4) Disclaimer: The following is pure fiction. Any resemblance to people or events is purely coincidental. The story contains representations of consensual sex between adult men and youth, with a scene of dominance on the humiliation, and includes an authoritarian scene, servitude, whipping, caning and. This may be the " juiciest " type yet. It was not much sex, not even I could follow. Who is forbidden by law to read these stories should hit out right now. the same for the faint of heart or parcel is easily offended n for consensual sex between men and hard with a little torture elements. Otherwise, enjoy. For those who have been waiting for this kind of , I extend my apologies. I must admit that I have the intention of, is the fourth year after the third book, like Anna become a iversary. In this installment bound for another installment, I 'ms sure a part is written 5 a year from now. So I think that take another two years before he can finish the whole story (yes, there in the six chapters). Send an e -mail to tell me about your opinion. This story can not be written or distributed to other media without permission. For suggestions, questions and thoughts are welcome. ************************************** ************************************* between journey and destination ( part 4) - and it's time to run **************************************** *********************************** " What the hell happened ? "asked Kenneth Collin hit space. Go "time. We have companies. " Kenneth was brief, and that disappeared as suddenly as it came. Alex was still asleep. It s barely awake. Collin grabbed her arm and pulled him out of the the aisle looking for Kenneth. have almost bKenneth umped together as quickly closed again Sean (and his) bedroom, with Ian and Edward ago. It was weird, see two of Edward, and Collin was only able to distinguish between the two was that Edward still had his hands tied behind him. " Anybody here ? " Kenneth asked how everyone in the room flooded n and sealed the door shut. pre teen illegal photos " Where the hell are we giving this type of security system? " Alex asked out of curiosity, not a real concern for the inappropriatesity time. " Mom and Dad run a fairly large business, and his second brother, and I'm doing some things little pre teen model and not controversial, so protection is needed. No time explain, let's go". Sean completed, however, were all clear naked yet. She took some clothes from the closet and threw it to it. Definitely not the time to select the shirt, matching little pre teen pics pants. " What the butler and the maid? " Edward asked. " You should have gone. If you have your own means of escape. " Kenneth explains how theand stewed. Sean hit a pair of switches on the control panel and a trap opened the door under the bed then the bed will automatically move to the side. a jump in the tunnel, almost all at once. You have already heard photos pre teen girls the voices at the door. Once everyone was in the tunnel system, locked in a closed naked pre teen model fist Sean switch on the wall and the trap door above them. I could not hear even, the bed is moved into place. Since I was reluctant to no time pressure quickly and follow the tunnel system to a Sean and Kenneth only knows. " So are people like drug dealers, right? Or weapons smugglers ? Y for Mom and Dad, right? Why else have this type of security systems and why if we have so much money on something like s that ? "asked Alex, running after a few minutes. Now they are called to walk are sure they are not prosecuted. ", meaning that again and I'm going to taste very good. " baby pre teen nude Sean S threatened. "How couldsomething to say? Mom and Dad running legitimate interests to s business. You know, are in the line of equipment and the amount of the money you can do. " " How are you about two ? "It was Colin 's turn to be suspicious. " What do both ? "" Confidential. " Kenneth replied to them. " Ok. What about the people we run ? Can we at least know who they are ? "Colin continued. " You are my adoptive father of men. I did not think it would be so mistreated soon. "Ian gave him the answer this time. She felt guilty about what is happening. " I guess he thought it was wrong, huh ? " Eduardo concurred in" And if is not too much trouble, can someone please get these damn handcuffs from me? ! " " I have the keys. I left the room. "Ian soon remembered. " Damn. "Edward said with an English accent. " A few minutes walk. " Sean said of the front. " A few minutes to get what, Sean? "Alex was always excited. All of you are. " for the spotlight. " Hello Faithfuls words, after a few minutes walk, reach a door, , almost hidden, camouflaged among the rocky walls and dusty. The door was locked with a PIN device. Sean enter the PIN and the small red the light turned green after a clear tone. Finally, they were in a tunnel. opened the door, Sean opened the way to the central source where a rich... the deliveries. Food, weapons, communication devices , some clothes and money. The passports of all countries of the earth, a quantity Big money for each currency is known, and another panel from the corner of the room. Kenneth sat in the saddle nest in the bottom of the table and started the backup system. Sean was use the type of supplies they need. " The house is gone. Her husband committed suicide in our home. " Reported Kenneth. " We can stay here. You will find this place sooner or on. We must go further. Edward to come here. " Sean broke the situation. Edward wasSean, who turned to him and open his handcuffs around. Edward mpg pre teen rubbed his sore wrists and then looked around and collect is a firearm. Sean almost immediately snatched it. " Only Kenneth, Ian and I carry a gun. The rest of his time about us. " "What the hell, why ? " Edward was almost desperate as he was protest, came to him a portion of Sean. " Do as I or I leave here so that you find to say. I am sure that is the General Assembly would be happy to see you again. " Be threatened. Edward switches above. " Kenneth, let's go. " " behind you, Big Bro. " the supply room and leave the door automatically closes behind them, locking. Sean was the way to the left to connect, if Kenneth is right. "We're not in jail, Kenneth. " Said Sean, without even looking only to him. Embarrassed, he quickly replied. " The dungeon ? No, do not tell me. " Alex said no one particular. " I thought you already have a dungeon in his room. " Collin followedthe issue. " This is a training prison. It is a torture chamber. " Said Kenneth voluntary. " I landed here, if I'm wrong I very badly. I must be here the other day when you were not there to see me get tortured. This place is unimaginable. " " you are sick , you know? "Edward attacked from behind. ", Kenneth, why do not you remember, Edward, who he is. And while you are in it, a brief explanation of the torture chamber. " Sean ordered without retrospect. Kenneth Edward moved and punched him in the stomach. He was writhing in pain, but the rest was as follows Sean. " Never ever disrespect his master, the slave. " Growled Kenneth. Edward watched with tears in their eyes light. Kenneth pulled her ears and follow to explain to the group when they began the torture chamber. " This may sound strange to me, but my advice to you, is better not screw up so bad that you have to make a trip to the door ture of the camera. I've been there and believe me when I say that it is something I like to remember that I would. See that? "Kenneth fallen a little short. Was a mark in the ass, like it was burned into pre teens training bra the skin. pre teen insest " This is called branding. Big Bro uses a red-hot iron directly from the stove and burned it in the ass. It is a sign that he has, it shows I'm proud of it. Oh, do not look so worried, that is the brand that is And when the time comes. "" chains and shackles in a dungeon we saw in our room, is nothing compared to what is found there. Stocks, shackles, chains , cages of all sizes, whips, sticks, shovels, gloves rivets ( for mashed eggs), clips of all kinds. I do not europe pre teen porn want to know what some of them are used. "" So you better be a good little boy or an obedient slave, if you win you a trip to the torture chamber, I will be watching and naked little pre teens enjoying it, digging n ? "" Yes, I get up. "Edward muttered. N " I can be a slave like you, but on the basis of SenSuperiority, I'm still n Do you think, so you better show some respect for me or I can do is really miserable life, you know what I mean ? "" Yes.. Sir. "Edward said, defeated. " This is better. " " We are here. " Sean said a halt in front of a door. pedo pre teen pussy is opened in an abandoned house nude pre teen pedo somewhere in the city center. Again as the door had last seen, this also requires a code PIN to open, and Sean knew exactly what the combination of numbers. the house was in a shamble n and hid behind the door removed tons of trash. they made ‚Äč‚Äčtheir way outside the home and in the streets. " Where Next ? " Collin said. Was looking for a sign of trouble. " I think my father, men are still searching the house, but it s of the eyes and ears everywhere, so is not a good idea to stay away. "Always Ian have any hairy pre teen girls information. " Well, let's find the nearest hotel and stay the night n. We all need a break anyway. " Sean analyzed. " You mean that? "Alex pointsed that the hotel is right to them. Shag Palace. There is an old hotel, covered bright red lights, the entrance barely visible. " itself is. He will give us the coverage you need. " Sean finished. "After all, why take the exit in the heart of the chosen for the red light district n. " Collin and Alex looked around and saw the road, although quiet, full of brothrels and prostitutes. Men and women walking around in my arms, kissing, some even do right there in the alley for the russian pre teenporn trash bin. " Vamos". Kenneth pushed the two boys eyed the hotel after Sean and followed by a very disturbed and Ian Edward. " We need the suite. " Said Sean receipt of the front office, n looked at Collin and Alex, and then the rest of them. ukranian pre teen girls " We are brothers. " Says Sean, but his tone was clear excited. " Hey, I 'm not here to make a judgment. Only a receptionist. What do is your business. If the set is your imagination, then theSuite is so get. " The receptionist was working on the computer and then took a illegal pre teens nudists key role of the Board, gave Sean". Cash or credit card ? "" cash. " Sean threw the money on the counter. " And for us a certain freedom of service. "" Does that include a separator of male children, sir? "No one could say, when the receptionist was sarcastic or sincere. " No, " said Kenneth Sean moved in the direction of the elevator, him from President of the face of the receptionist. \\ \\ n " Look," Ian started as soon as they were in the suite. " I'm really sorry brought me so many problems for you. I would never have returned. "" do not worry about. We are a family, right? We are way out of the that. " Sean, when he put the gun in the nightstand next to the big bed heart shaped. " You do not understand. "Ian continued. " My father is not to stop " " told me not to worry. I know how to fix this. I You need a couple of calls, but not from here. "" We have to call mom and dad and tell him not to retUrn to the House. "Kenneth recalled him. " Why do not you go and I 'm going to do that? " Sean picked up his gun again slip incest porn pre teen drag it to the waist and shirt of the same. Kenneth did the same and the four younger brothers left standing in the suite speechless. " no use hotel phones ! You can follow us ! "Edward interrupted 20 seconds after the door was locked. " You're a little slow, right? "Commented Ian Quick inaudible. " So what do we do now? "Collin said. " We should be safe here, and here we are on high ground, that as possible to keep a lookout on the streets below men of my father. "" Why do not you two go fill out a little rest, and have no room s. It's mine. "" Damn brother Edward, never changes. "Alex muttered as he and Collin entered the last room in the suite available. Ian saw with love, nostalgia, looking for something that was hidden inside, so long denied. out of the question "Do you think they suspect anything? "Asked Kenneth. Were t is a hidden corn
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