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Related post: Date: Sun, 24 Oct 2010 14:39:18 bbs preteen pthc loli -0400 From: Subject: I Am Jack [Part One]My name is Jack Lambert. I have just 18 years old and I attend Holy Trinity School sixth form. I'm a popular student, who is in the football, basketball, athletic and swimming teams and I was voted Prom King at the Year 11 loli pic bbs Prom in June. I'm also very bright, despite not much caring for school and was the only one preteen loli cp tgp of my group of mates who got an A*. Two in fact, in Physical Education and French. I'm 6ft tall, have a good Athletic body with a little hair on it, black hair (which is ALWAYS spiky. I spend 45 minutes working on my hair in the morning), bbs nude loli images nice big thighs and lolitia pics an impressive 9 inch cock. Like most teenage boys, I love keeping fit, having sex and drinking until early hours of the morning. And like most teenage boys, I learnt the art rusians xxx loli of self satisfaction when I was merely 11 links of lolit years old after finding a gay porn site on my loliteen sex galleries Uncle's computer. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the fact that I'm gay which has caused umpteen complications but I'm a fighter and I don't take shit. When I first began attending Holy Trinity School I was 14 and had moved to Kent from Manchester. I live with just my father after my mother left when I was 7 sweet lolit years old. but I still see her every other weekend. My father owns a massive porn nice loli portals company which makes and distributes naked loli 12yo porn legally in the UK and US. He's a massive success, and his DVD "Harry Snotter and the Leggy Blondes" is the 2nd biggest porn selling DVD in the 2000's. I hardly see him as his always russia and dark loli touring different countries, with a hot loli girls different blonde attached to his arm, so I pretty much run the house that we live in. I live in a massive 8 bedroom house in south Kent which has two pools (an indoor and an outdoor one) and my bedroom includes all the latest modcons. When real lolicon mpegs I came out as gay, when I was 14 my father was disappointed and surprised. He'd always thought child fotos lolitta I'd inherit his porn company when he dies (I've been told I still can infact, but I probably won't be shagging any of the models like he does). free lolicon thumbs My friends think that my father is a God and ofen inqure onto getting some of his DVDs for cheap. I'm out lolitta sex galleries as gay to everyone I know. It's not a bbs loli rompl secret. and when I first began attending Holy Trinity I got bullied a little bit. loli pics logon hack But I soon showed them that I was loli imgboard a star athlete and people began to warm to me. I wouldn't say that the winning of the football team and athletics team is just down to me, but I was pretty fucking fantastic. School is pretty shit today. I have double PE which is always lolite clips fun, but then I have 2 hours of French and then an hour of Religious Education followed by a 1 hour detention for answering back to head of P.E Mr Green. We're doing training for the upcoming Kent Olympics in which our school compete with 19 other schools. It's always a laugh. I've been selected to run lolicon best pictures the 800m, 1500m running competitons and I will xxx asian movie loli also be doing the 800m front stroke in the swimming pool. "Fucking hell" my best mate Tommy says to me after reading the published list in the sports hall "Your going to be fucking fucked!" I laugh. gallerie young teen lolicon "That's easy mate" I reply "I just wished lolit tits I was picked for the relay races aswell, but apparently 'I'm not good with teamwork'". Tommy and my other best mate Lee both burst out laughing. "Your fucking not!" Lee laughed "Remember last year when poor Sam darkportal loli dropped the batan in rehershals and txt kinder loli you threw it at his head and his was in hospital for 3 days and had umpteen stitches? I'm surprised you wasn't arrested for that dude". I laugh and we walk out of the sports hall but we are suddenly stopped from P.E teacher Mr Godden. "Jack" he states clearly "Mr Green has gone home for the day, back problems, so your be sitting your detention with me tonight. I've been advised by Mrs Collins that you have ICT coursework erotica loli due so you will be doing that tonight". I look at Mr Godden who bbs tgp lolits teen is all loli cp bbs muscle and simply state. "Right you are" and walk off. "You fucking fancy him, init" Tommy laughs as we begin to walk to nude loli pillow cases our next lesson, which for me sexy lolites is 2 hours of French with Mrs Merrien "You will get Mr Godden on his knees!" "Fuck off, I do young russian loli not. I'd never shag a teacher, pedo loli nudist that's disgusting" and clearly teen loli pics a lie. Mr Godden has been the subject of loli index my wank sessions for the past 3 months. A record, really. The only one who comes close was during my morbib month and half fasnication with Robbie Williams. I grew out of that one though thank God. "You lie, everyone wants to" Lee states "Like young loli pthc I'd fuck Mrs Kelly, that English teacher, have you seen the tits on her?" "And for me, It's Mrs Merrien, she might be 40 odd but she sure looks good in them skirts!" Tommy laughs "And you have her now, init, send her my love, lover!" he continues before the pair of them walk for thier next lesson which I believe is Mathetmatics. Sitting in French I'm next to Cally Simmons, who is Tommy's ex girlfriend. Which is awkard because she's not actually his ex yet but he is planning on dumping her tonight because he is hoping to hook up loli non nude pics with big breasted Amanda Knight at Robbie's 18th birthday party tonight. "How's Tommy?" she fires underage illegal loli a load of questions at me "Is he OK? He's not answering my texts. And I've called him five times and I think he put the phone down on me? Why did he do that? It's our 9 week anniversay today, he shouldnt be ignoring me!" I don't know what to say so I lolicon tgp don't say much. "He didn't mention that" which clearly doesn't impress kinder loli preeteen her because she huffs and throws her pen on the desk. "Oh and did you hear that fucking Amanda Knight, who is a right slag by the way, shagged Ben Marshall last night? He told Lindsay who told Samantha who told lolis xxx me and now I'm telling you. You usually have the gossip, is this true? because she said she loli model girl nude didn't and we all think that Ben is a liar". I sigh. Ben Marshall DID shag Amanda loli boys sex Knight because she texted me this morning because she needed a morning after pill. But I'm cool with that, the thing I'm not cool about though was that just 4 days earlier Ben Knight was writhing in pleasure as I fucked him hard in my father's limosuine. Ben Marshall is probably the 2nd coolest kid in the school, after myself of course. He has good looks, a great body and an impressive cock with a nice set of bollocks. But he's so scared to be labelled. He told me that he's "almost 100% straight" terra lolicon but then an hour later, he was in my fathers limosuine, legs in the air and my 9 inches pounding him. He said later that night that it was his first time (He is almost definitely lying because noone is that loose on their first night, Trust me). But I do like Ben, I don't even particualy fancy him because his denials get on my fucking tits so I decide to help him out. "Yep, he did fuck her. Twice I heard, and she wanted more but he had to go" I say illegal loli child hardcore as I put my pen on my book and start writing a paragraph in French about what I plan to do in the weekend. [i]Je prévois me sex hard lolicon procurer top list shy loli guère de sommeil, une strip-teaseuse baise Hunky et se saouler la vodka et de coke[/i] Which basically translates to "I plan on getting hardly any sleep, having sex with a hunky stripper and getting drunk on vodka and coke". Of course, I don't actually write that but it would have been loli mpg jokes if I did. "Oh I can't believe that, fucking skank" Cally young lolit tawan says as she also begins writing. I loli ls laugh to myself about the whole hilaritay young underage loli of the sitaution, and the reason that Cally is so distraught. Ben told me just three days before I done him loli 12 incest that Cally came onto him but he rejected anal loli pics her. - Tonight is Robbie's 18th birthday, admin bbs board loli and after my detention with Mr Godden I will be going to Lee's house to have a few strongbows and get ready for the night out. I leave my bag in the changing room and walk into the sports hall where Mr Godden is loli top young girls practising his basketball shoots and he is quite good. I sit down free loli girls on the table that he has put out and put my coursework onto it and pretend tiny loli porn to write. "Why did you get a detention for anyway for Lambert?" Mr Godden says as he throws another ball straight into the hoop. I love that he amateur sex loli calls me by surname. It's attractive in a strange way. "I was having a bad day and called him a few names I probably shouldn't have. But he knows not to put me on viedos loli a team with Terry movie lolit Knight because the man is infuriarting!" He laughs as he dribbles a desnudas loli ball and begins walking over to me. He sits on a chair opposite the table. "You know, Lambert?" he says with a smile. He places the ball on the table and it rolls over to me. "Your a very, very good football player, basketball player and basically everything else, Actually is there anything your not good at?" he enquires. "Tennis" we both say loli pedo kid aloud. It's funny because loli child model it's true. I'm TERRIBLE at tennis. "You need to focus more on the actual sports because the more you show off, and IT IS showing off, the less you are showing of your talents in the world of sports". I think for a moment and Mr Godden does speak some sense. I mean, I wouldnt call it showing off- more making people laugh- but I have spent an awful lot of time free porno loli video in detention lately which aswell as sucking doesn't look good in my folder. "Your loli nudes galleries right Mr Godden" I lolicon child nude say as I put down my pen on loli boy my book "I am brilliant at all those sports, I guess I nymphet lolia just have a natural talent". He laughs at my speech. It wasn't meant to be funny. It's clearly the truth. "No, You are good and I think it's brilliant that you can see that!" Mr Godden says "But are you good enough to beat me? I challenge you to a game of hoops". Never one to turn down an oppourunity to thrash a teacher, I oblige. "But what about my coursework?" He nude loli art shameless shrugs. "Your the one with the mouth, I'm sure you can come up with something". 35 minutes later, I am sitting on a bench breathless. Sweating. We had a great game of one on one basketball and I lost. Just. I was winning for the first 20 minutes, 12-9 but he came back and got another 5 hoops teen dreams lolitta gallery in innocent girls lolite the ls images loli last 5 minutes. Jammy bbs loli gallery bastard. Mr Godden sits down on the bench next to me, sweating aswell but still smelling of Lynx deodrant. Chocolate flavour, I russian lolia believe. "I hope your considering doing Sports for University because I can see you doing well in that field, what are you planning to do for Uni anyhow Lambert?" he says slightly breathless. "I'm looking into becoming a fitness ins
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