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Related post: Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 11:13:41 -0700 (PDT) From: Jonathan Seagull Subject: David & Matt - little lollipops porn Chapter Four - little pussy photos My 17th Birthday!DISCLAIMER: voyeur little The following story is based on facts - it's about some of the events in little pretten my life while I was growing up. I've changed the names to protect the innocent. Only the people portrayed in this story would be able to figure out that the story is about us anyway. This story is about two young teenagers who come of age and discover and explore their mutual homosexuality with each other. If stories little melissa sexy like this offend you, or you are not yet at least 18 years of age, or viewing this type of material is illegal where you are, please do NOT read this story. If you decide to continue, I hope you enjoy hearing about my teenage years spent with my best friend. This is the fourth chapter of the story, one final chapter will follow. DAVID AND MATT Chapter Four - My 17th BirthdayMy family owned a camp in the woods, on a lake, up in nude little gays the mountains. It was beautiful up there! littles hentai The year that I turned 17, I was allowed to spend a lot of time up there alone. I found it exciting to be totally alone in the woods. A couple little girls ilegal of times (at night) I even stripped down butt naked and wandered through the woods down to the lake to go skinny dipping! The cool crisp air felt great against toplist little angels my naked skin! I remember one night while little innocent pix I was sitting on a rung of the ladder on the raft we used to swim out to, I realized I was hard. I'd been little girls bra sliding around on the rung that was slippery with algae, and my dick kept rubbing across it till I was stiff as a board. Well - I'd never considered trying anything sexual in the water before. As I was alone (even though there were about 100 other camps dotting the shoreline of the lake, I reached down little prteen tits and began stroking my hard member. I scraped some of the algae off the ladder and used it to make my hand more slippery! It wasn't long before I felt the cum rising from my balls, and I was blasting a load of my white semen into the water in front of me! As the first gob squirted out, I looked down in the moonlit water, and there it was floating in the water - kind of like an amoeba. I didn't have time to reflect much on this, as I was in the throes of my orgasm. After another couple of squirts, my leg began to shake and I slipped off the ladder and went under, naked little girles as my body finished spasming. I surfaced right away, giggling at the fact that I'd had such a strong orgasm it blew me off the ladder. I climbed up onto the deck of the raft and laid down to rest and recover. After little sexy pussy a few minutes, I wondered if anyone had seen me laying there on the raft in the moonlight when I'd first climbed out, as my pecker was still hard and was sticking up in the air. Must've been quite the site if anyone did see me. I decided enough was enough, and slipped back into the water and swam back to the house.In the middle of the summer, my birthday rolled around. I was to be 17! The night I turned 17, I would be alone at the lake, my family wouldn't arrive till late the next day to have a celebratory birthday supper with me. I asked if Matt could come stay with me that little girl lyrics night, and quickly got permission. That was about a week before my birthday. I called Matt and he got permission to come up that little cp night! We talked on the phone for a while, telling each other what we were going to do to each other. He told me how he was going to suck me off like he'd never photos little sex done it before! We also made plans to try anal intercourse one more time.By now, I'd been practicing little penis porn fucking myself with either long thin candles or various garden vegetables - carrots and cucumbers being my favorites. I'd leave them out of the fridge to warm up to room temp, little tittie child and then little devil tattoos whittle them into the shape of a big long masturbating little girl thick cock. Next I'd grease them with either vegetable oil, baby oil, or vaseline, and finally I'd lay on my bed (on a towel to keep the mess contained) and gently work my homemade dildo in and out of my hole until I could get it all the way up inside my rectum. Once it was there - I'd shove it in and out all the way - slowly at first, savoring the way it rubbed my prostate little boys porn gland. Eventually I'd be slamming it in and out of my ass for all I was worth - precum would be pouring out my piss slit like my dick was a faucet! Then when I thought it couldn't get any better I'd have the most spineshattering orgasm of my life. Gobs and gobs of cum would fly out of my dick landing all over my belly, chest, face, in my hair - everywhere. My whole body would be involuntarily jerking spasmodically with each forceful spurt of sperm that came out of me! Eventually, the spasms would die away, and I would slip the vegetable/dildo out of my ravaged hole and drop my legs and just lay there in a mess of semen and hot little cunt lubricant little nude as - feeling like I was floating on air! It was the most wonderful feeling in the world!The day before Matt little cotton panties was to come up to the lake, we were on the phone again, talking about our sexual plans, and I suggested we try eating each other's assholes out! At the time, he sounded interested. I knew I really was. I was very hot at that point. So I asked Matt what he was wearing. He said "nothing, I'm laying on my bed naked jerking off!" I believed him, as there were times we'd be at his house and we'd be having sex, and he'd get a phone call - sometimes it was his parents, other times a friend from school. As he talked, I'd suck his dick. It was hard (no pun intended - lolol) for him to keep his moans quiet when on with little wonder his parents, but if it was certain friends, he'd go ahead and moan anyway and tell them he was being sucked off! A gallery incest little couple of times made him get off while he was talking to a friend - then there was no way the friend wouldn't have believed it was for real the way he was breathing and moaning! It was a riot!Well - this particular day we were on the phone, and he was laying there jerking off, I was already really hot and bothered, so I little teens hard told him to wait while I got undressed. Which I did quickly. Then we had phone sex with each other for the first time. We described exactly what we were doing to ourselves, which was basically just masturbating. We must've gone on for about five minutes before he all of a sudden blew his load. The sounds he was making caused me to get off just after he did! innocent little girls It was pretty good - but not the real thing of course. Oddly, I swear I heard a click on the phone line, and all of a sudden remembered, we were on a party line! I have no idea who was listening to us - but I believe one of my neighbors may have heard what we were doing! I was a bit worried, but I never heard a thing from anyone about it, so I think that maybe it was a boy from down the lake (who was about 13-14)! little preeteens I saw him a few days later and he blushed when he saw me and looked down - looked to me like he had a rather large bulge in his levis too! I always wondered if he was gay too. Never found out. Now I wish I'd pursued him a bit more! He moved away later little lollita russia that summer and I never saw him again. Anyway, If it was him, I expect he had a good JO right along with us!Well, the day before my birthday came! I was so excited! I hadn't seen Matt in weeks, and had only had myself to have sex with! I was Horny! Matt drove up in his new car that afternoon. Even though he little boys fuck wasn't cute little redhead going to be nude photo little 17 for a couple more months he already had a car. I actually got one too a month later! The balance of the afternoon after he arrived went as you'd expect. We swam in the lake and sun tanned. The sun wasn't strong enough where we were to worry about using sun screen - too bad - would've been fun giving each other a rub down - little nude men but we never thought of that. At supper time we ran out and got something to eat, and some beer - I little girlsporn pic never got carded in this one store.When we got back to the lake and were walking from the parking area into the camp, Matt said he had little red dress to take a leak. I said I did too, so we put our bags down and pulled out our cocks. We were standing little vergin next to each other aiming into the woods off the path, and neither of us had started to go yet, when I reached over and pushed his hand out of the way, telling him I wanted to hold his dick while he peed. He reached over and did the same thing to me. The little kim nude result was, we both were hard immediately and little sex photos neither of us could force a drop of piss out! So after a minute of massaging each other's dicks, we decided to return our hands to our own dicks, and hopefully we'd go flacid enough to pee. Eventually this worked and we stood pissing together!It was almost dark now, so we went into the house and put our food and beer in the fridge. I suggested a quick skinny dip! He'd never done that in a lake before - and quickly agreed, but because it wasn't totally dark yet - and there were other houses near enough that we might be seen, he insisted we little naked pussy wrap towels around us! I agreed. We stripped down, and put on our towels and down to the lake we went! At the dock we dropped the towels and jumped little kid rape in quickly. Once in the water, we swam out to the little caesars raft. As tacoma little theatre we both hung off the ladder, I reached down between Matt's legs and felt for his penis. It was gone! The water was chilly, and it had shrunk to nude littlegirls schoolgirls the size of a little girls mpeg hemorhoid! I giggled when I found it, but soon had it up to its full hard 6 inches! I told Matt how I'd jerked off right there a couple weeks prior, and he told me he wanted to try it. So we Cute little kitties both gathered little girl beach handfuls of slime little tight pussys off the ladder and applied our hands to each other's pricks - yes russian little pussy he too had to locate mine - due to the little angles porn shrinkage factor! Soon I was up to my 6-1/2" myself! After a couple minutes of playing with each other, I said - "you know - this is nice - but I'd rather be inside sucking you off!" He agreed, so we swam back to shore, and as it was totally dark now, ran through the woods naked to the camp!Inside, we toweled dry, and then cracked open a couple of beers. Matt lit a joint that we shared, and I opened a big bag of M&M's. Nothing better than chocolate and beer!Matt sat down in a chair and leaned back enjoying yung xxx little his beer and the joint. His legs were spread wide apart and his dick was laying over top of his balls flacid. I was one of the very few times I ever saw Matt's dick when it wasn't hard! I decided this needed to be taken care of. I knelt in front of him, and leaned toward his cock, which had started sweet little nude to twitch slightly. Instantly my mouth engulfed his soft organ, my lips buried in his little mexican xxx dark pubic hair. Even though we'd just come out of the water, I could still smell a faint whiff of his musky scent. Instantly I was hard as a rock. As I sucked on his soft dick, it very quickly became engorged, hot an stiff as a board! little sex pics I deep throated him for about 3 minutes, and could feel he was building to a powerful orgasm. His legs were trembling and he was gently bucking his hips sexy little schoolgirl up and down so that he was fucking my mouth. All too soon, he announced he was going to come. I little girls 12yo popped my mouth off his prick (we still didn't want to swallow each other's giz - although the taste of his precum
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