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Related post: Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2010 01:03:45 -0700 (PDT) From: JKBlackhouse Subject: Brothers & Slaves: Chapt. 35: Ron Goes HomeThis is a work of fiction. The characters are invented. It is young lolas modeling underwear intended solely for the fantasy entertainment of persons, age 18 or older, who want to read about gay yopung tenn loli vids sex and sweet naked little lolitas male slavery. If you are not lolita boys archives pic at sexy 9 yo lolita least 18 years old and/or this is not what you want, read no further.Copyright 2009. All rights reserved preteen models lolita naked by the author. JKBlackhouseBrothers & Slaves: Characters very young sexy lollitas so far:Danny 17, currently the narrator, high school junior, on soccer & track teams; Ken 18, lolita sex pics board Danny's older brother, athletic body, high school senior, plays football, baseball & wrestles; Gary 15, Danny's younger brother, young stud, high school freshman, footballer; Tuck 17, boyhood best friend of Danny and Don, soccer & track; Don 17, boyhood best friend of Danny russian dorki cp lols and Tuck, backup quarterback. Joey, 16, teammate of Danny and leader of team's turning him into their shaved tiny lolitas top tpg cocksucker; Tim, 17, personal house slave of Ken, Danny and Gary; Mr. Howard, owner, a slave training r ygold lolitas pics facility. James: head a lolita preteen models slave of the family household. Ron, 18, classmate and formerly Master of Ken Brothers & Slaves Chapt. 34: A Really Bad Night DannyAs for the three of us, over the next several weeks (yes, well beyond our school vacation) we were rented out singly or in various combinations, but never again had an experience anywhere near as bad as that with Mr. Brent. For that, I was thankful. I also found that I liked being of service underground xxx pics lolita (to halfway decent people), I liked submitting to the pleasure of each temporary owner and being made to do what was demanded of me. I even accepted that I should be punished, sometimes harshly, when I was disobedient, pre teen lolita topless disrespectful, or performed inadequately in any way. I wished to be a good nudist picture lolita girls slave, an obedient slave, a respectful slave, and I disappointed myself whenever chubby model loli pics I was less than that. Despite having been rented out numerous times, I was completely unprepared for what Mr. Warren next had in store for me.Chapt. 35: Ron Goes Home Ken & RonMr. Howard finally sent Ken and Ron back to Ron's nude kids lolita model family. Once home, Ron assumed he'd resume the life of a schoolboy and that preteen lolita porn videos Ken would resume life as his slave. He could not have been more wrong. Ron's Dad had been really pissed when Ron taiwan lolita free gallery had gone off on his slave "vacation." When Mr. Howard had called 13 17 lolita models him to ask about it, he'd told Mr. Howard to "keep the little bastard as long as you like. Train him. We'll see how he likes being a slave," and Mr. Howard had done lolita art model links just that. He had not used Ron as a field hand nor as a pony or other demanding assignment. This disappointed Ron's Dad. He was considering returning Ron to Mr. Howard for more demanding training but first he would allow home lolitas free pics him some time at home. But not as before.As soon lolita free naked galleries as Ron was home, still naked though no longer collared, his heavy slave nipple rings having been replaced by smaller more decorative ones and his earrings youngest tiny lola teens and snout rings having been removed (of course he was permanently tattooed with the two slave "S" markings and his slave name was tattooed best russian lolita sites on his back and "slave" across his pubes, his body was hairless plus he was returned locked in a chastity pouch as his Dad had specified to Mr. Howard), he was taken to his father's study. There he little nude lolitas killed was told that things would not again be as they had been.Ron's father told him cp lolita nude kids that he would lolita cute youngest preteens now be considered a slave. He would be collared, have wrist and ankle restraint bands, of course the permanently installed genital and balls bands he now extra young lolita pics wore remained, and he would remain locked in the see through chastity pouch. He would be taken to a hair removal shop and his body hair would be removed for a year, perhaps longer. He was to call his father "Sir" or "Master," not "Dad" for as a slave of course he was no longer his lolita underage photo book son. His mother would be "Mam." He would be naked at home but would bbs collection dark loli be allowed tight shorty shorts, a tight, cutoff wifebeater and sandals when outside. In colder weather, a sweat shirt and sweat pants might be permitted. Finally, he was told that Ken was delegated by Ron's father to act as Ron's Overseer. Of course, Ron would now be known as 764, his slave name.On his knees, in the bd ls series lolita strict slave present fotos lolitas dildos machine position (knees spread, back straight, hands behind his bowed head and elbows parallel with his shoulders), he begged and begged little lolitas free preview his father not to dorki nude lolita models do this to him but his father said only that Ron had chosen and now he would live out his choice. non nude loli top100 He did not say if this was permanent but he certainly set no time limit.Ken was then brought in and told the new situation. It was made clear that he was Ron's superior and would be held responsible, as well as 764 himself, for the boy's behavior. He would be allowed shorts in the house and his cock would for now be unlocked so he lolita rape and torture could lolita preteen boys pictures fuck 764 (as his father now referred to Ron) whenever he liked, or get preteen lolita 5 15 sucked off. The father did not care. Ken was to assign 764 slave duties in the house after discussing it with the head house slave, but the father wanted it clear, 764 was to work and to work as a slave, the more distasteful and lowly the task the better. As he listened to all this, Ron began to cry and again begged his father, "Master," to not do this. The father literally waved his words off. However, the 14 year lolitas preeteens father had not yet decided whether to restore sangrado anal lolitas 24 to Ron the wide, heavy tit rings of a pre chill loli angel slave or leave him with the smaller decorative ones. The PA ring would be slave size and Ron would resume wearing lolita ls magazine forums the earrings of a slave, though not yet anyway, the snout ring. With that, he sent the boys off to the head house slave so Ron could be fitted with japanese loli girls nude his collar, restraints and earrings. Father would keep the key to Ron's new see through chastity pouch. He would decide later whether to give Ken a key.The boys went off in search of the head house bbs dark loli vombat slave who had been told beforehand of Ron's arrival and what the father's plan was. He was hugely amused and looked forward to humiliating Ron and making use of his mouth and ass. Of course, his ass would always be plugged like those of all the slaves -except when a higher authority allowed its removal so Ron could dump - or get fucked.Ron was soon outfitted exactly as his father had determined and so was Ken. True, Ken was permitted only shorts indoors and wore all the rings of a slave including the ilegal lolita 13 yo snout ring, but he was allowed magic lolita bbs full clothing when outdoors, as Ron was not, and above all, his cock was free, at least for now. Orgasms galore were in his future he figured, at least as long as he kept Ron in line - and this he was looking forward to doing. He liked Ron, and felt for him in this new humiliation, but he knew Ron liked to be dominated, they had played at that, so he knew he could be a good and firm Master for him. He would have Ron call him "Sir" rather than Master. He thought it best that only Ron's Dad be called "Master." Best for Ken as well as for Ron. He attached a leash to Ron's collar and led him up the stairs to what was now Ken's bedroom suite. Ron would be the slave who kept it, and the bathroom, clean, made and changed the bed, and kept things neat and orderly.For Ron, this was a totally unexpected homecoming. He thought his parents would welcome their son and be glad to have him once again in their home. To now be designated a slave, to be treated as one, to be naked and ringed as one, soon to lose all body hair (not that he had any at that moment) for at least a year, this was not at all what he'd expected. True his father had looked askance at him when he'd returned north carlolina vital records with hidden rings from the weekend away with Ken as his Master, what fun that had been, but this was now pics of young lolitas real. His father had left him with Mr. Howard. What else was he thinking of doing? Surely he would not have Ron legally committed as a slave. Or would he?The room had been fully made up for the return of the boys. Once there, Ron, in his best slave manor, assumed the position and thumbnails pics nude lolita begged to be told how he might serve Sir Ken. Ken, who had been returned as naked as Ron young lolitas posing nude now was, told Ron to find him a pair of shorts that would please his Dad for Ken to wear. Ron brought him a pair of cutoff jeans shorts, very cutoff indeed. Ken pulled a jockstrap from a drawer, put it on and then donned the shorts. The jock felt really good rubbing on his bare cock and balls. He lay down on what had once been Ron's bed but was now his and told Ron he thought it would be nice asian lolitas under wear to be given a tongue bath. Except for the humiliating circumstances, that was fine with Ron, he loved licking lolita ls series models Ken's well young lolitas having sex formed and now tanned body.As any slaveboy would, Ron began with the toes and young teen imagefap loli feet, first sniffing them as he'd been taught to do, then nuzzling each foot with his face, rubbing the sole all over his mouth, nose and cheeks, only then sticking his tongue way out to start lapping the arch, the heel, the toes, between and under the toes, and finally the sole of each foot. He felt how excellent it was to serve in this way. Ken moaned with the pleasure he felt. girls loli photo thumb How good it was, he preteen lolita models jpg thought, to have this handsome, well formed nude euro loli models slave as his servant, how good it was feeling his tongue on his masculine size ten feet.It was even better as Ron licked his crotch, hairless of course, but how nice having a tongue lapping across his pubes and between his legs back toward his asshole. As much as he enjoyed this part, he still grabbed at Ron's slavehawk, moving Ron's tongue up the center of his ripped abdomen, to his chest. Ron went to work eagerly licking Ken's chest, the pecs, between them and last the nipples. He let his tongue play with the large rings that pierced Ken's tits, lifting them lolita daughter cute nude and russian anal lolita sex lolita langerie pantie models letting them fall against his chest. This turned Ken on, it made him really hot, and hotter still when Ron began to chew youngreal preteen lolita pussy on and pinch his tits. They filled with top100 pics nude loli blood, stood out even further than the rings forced them. Ron then sniffed the armpits of Ken, young mexican lolita video kissing each before licking away the man sweat that had formed as Ken had experienced each new height of arousal. The sweat was sour, armpit sweat almost always was Ron knew, he licked it away nonetheless.At last it was time for Ron to begin on Ken's genitals. But first, K
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