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Related tags: Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 15:41:03 -0700 (PDT) From: Bill Subject: Boarding School Teacher ? Part 4Boarding School Teacher -- Part 4 By BillTime: January, 1978The towel dropped from Tony's waist, and Mark's eyes widened. The 15-year-old's penis was bigger in its soft state than the man's cock was when fully erect. And super lolitas non nude russia preteen lollita xxx when the 9th preteen lolita incest stories grader stroked it a few times, and the organ began pulsing to stiffness, Mark's mouth dropped open with amazement at its prodigious length."Get on your knees, pervert, and crawl over to me," said the arrogant teenager. "Do it pink lolita thumbnail galleries now, cocksucker!"Mark froze momentarily as his brain buzzed with conflicting messages. Tony lolita preteen rape pics was dangerous... sexy lolita top sites but also incredibly hot. It was crazy the loli 7yo free pics way this was playing out... but playing along would result in living out his long-time fantasy. But maybe, Mark thought, he could find different boy - a less dangerous boy - with whom to explore his urge for kinky subservient sex.Less than a half-hour before, the teacher had seduced Tommy Morris, a cute 12-year-old who lived in the room next-door on the boarding corridor at Hardcrest Prep School. That adventure had satisfied, to nubile russian girls lolita perfection, the part of tiny lolita cum free Mark's sexuality that craved taboo liaisons with boys on the cusp of puberty. free lolita video galleries But now, a different side of his tiny lola model nude deviant lust was being heavily aroused: his recurring fantasy of submitting sexually to a dominant older teen.The teacher set his jaw with determination and looked into Tony's face with a serious lolita young incest tgp expression. He would tell the boy "no", and reprimand him for his wildly inappropriate behavior. Tony would then slink away, like the nude lolitas paradise a bully whose bluff had been called. The words were on his lips, ready to be vocalized."I know you want suck me," said Tony storys little lolita bondage softly, flashing a conspiratorial grin. Gone was the sarcastic, aggressive tone. His voice was now smooth, like the serpent tempting Eve to bite into the apple. "Go ahead. It'll be great."Mark's resolve crumbled, and in that instant he silently sank to his knees. In obedience to free lolita incest pictures the outrageous demand, he knee-walked across xxx child movie lolita the floor until he was at Tony's feet, his face almost touching the youth's big erection."I know just what tiny models lolitas nude you need," said Tony, still using the seductive voice. lolita russia 16 year His hands went behind Mark's head and gently drew Mark's face into contact with the stiff cock. "Lick it," he purred. "Lick it like it was a candy cane."Mark's tongue emerged from his mouth and glided slowly upward along the length of the boner's shaft. He repeated it several times, returning to the base and licking all the way up to the ridge of the cock's prominent crown."Yeah; that's it. Now take my cock in your mouth, and let's see how deep you can suck it. I'm guessing you're a really good cocksucker, and you'll be able to take it all. Don't make me disappointed in you, dude." The voice was still smooth, hairless lips preteen lolita but lolita boys girls pics a dark undertone was unmistakable.Mark's heart was pounding violently in his chest. He had never felt such an intense mixture of apprehension and exhilaration. Tony's cock was bigger, by far, than any other erection he'd ever seen in real life, much less taken into his mouth. His entire previous sexual experience, in his youth and now as a 23-year-old man, had been with boys who kid lolita nude gallery were just entering puberty... 12- and 13-year-old boys whose erections were smaller than his own.The man's lips lolita young preteen 9yo gently kissed the tip of the penis and then slid down and around the knob. He sighed with pleasure as his lips and tongue worked on the hot, throbbing cock-head. Bobbing his head in a steady rhythm, Mark's mouth gradually took in more of boy's boner. Then he felt Tony's hands behind his head, pushing it farther on each down-stroke."Yeah.... Do it, cocksucker.... Take it all, cocksucker!" Tony's crude demand was delivered in a calm forceful voice, and Mark found it irresistibly arousing to be verbally and physically dominated by the 15-year-old. The pressure of Tony's hands increased, bbs lolitas preteen underage and the boy's hips began to pump forward to match the rhythm of the man's suck-strokes. "Suck it... suck it, cocksucker... suck it...." The repetitive sexual mantra filled Mark's ears, and he tried to take the long phallus deeper, even as his throat was gagging from the intrusion. "Deeper, cocksucker! Take it all!" Now Mark was retching as the stiff penis pushed farther underage lolita incest rape into his throat. He couldn't breathe, and his head was swirling.And then the hands released their grip, and Mark's mouth came back up the shaft young lolitas panty models and off. He gasped for breath and tried to calm his turbulent stomach."You haven't sucked a big cock before, have you?" said Tony. Mark shook his head. lil lolita non nude "That's ok. A lolitas porn penes circuncidados little training and I'll have you deep-throating me like Linda Lovelace. You want to learn how to please me, don't you, cocksucker." It was much more a statement than a question.Mark, still on his knees, nodded his head, shamed by his desire for submission, but having absolutely no doubt that he tight swimsuit lolita pic craved it."You want my cock all the way up your ass too. You want me to fuck you; right?""Yes," Mark murmured softly."Speak up... and since I'm gonna be your teacher, how about you address me as Sir. Now, tell me what you tiny angels net lolita want."Mark felt his face burning with embarrassment as he said "I want you to fuck my ass, sir... please!""That's better, bottom-boy!" said the teenager. "I'll ream the hell out of that firm little not young petite lollitas ass of yours." His tone and preteen lolita dark portal demeanor had now completely returned to their original swaggering arrogance. "Now, strip nude, faggot," nude under age lolitas ordered the 15-year-old.With his heart thumping in his chest, the teacher stood up and quickly shed his clothing, as the 9th grader watched. As his underwear came off, Mark looked down at his stiff erection. He knew it wasn't big -- 5.5 inches [14cm] and of medium girth -- but he had never thought of it as small until now, comparing it to the much-longer rod standing up from Tony's crotch. The top tgp lolitas dreamwiz teenager said nothing, but the haughty smirk on his face conveyed the message."Put your hands behind your head, and stand still while I check you out," said Tony, as he walked around behind japanese women lolita nude lolita big camel toe Mark and groped the man's butt cheek. Mark jumped slightly at the touch, but didn't move from his subservient posture."I bet you're wondering how I knew you were a bottom-boy," said Tony, as he reached around the man's body. His hands slid across Mark's chest, pinching the nipples, and then moved down, wrapping one hand around Mark's straining boner, while cradling his balls in the other hand. Mark's only reply was a gasp of lust, as his testicles and stiff penis were fondled and he felt the length of nude lolita girls handjob the teenager's cock pressing against shy lolita next generation his butt. "I can spot you guys every time. I can see it in the way you look at me... your desire for me to dominate you... your hunger for my cock." His hand increased its pressure on the man's balls, squeezing just to the edge of the pain threshold. "And it didn't hurt to have that sissy-boy Chris telling me what you two did together last night... or that old faggot Mr. Hensen telling me about seeing that porn magazine out in the open when he visited you. Both of them just love to gossip, almost as much as they love getting fucked by me."Tony's hands, stroking Mark's cock and squeezing his balls, were driving the man's arousal higher by the second. Mark thought for a moment that the teenager was going to keep stroking him to orgasm, spewing the man's cum across the floor. But then, without warning, the boy let lolita bbs pussy pics go his grip and backed away."Get me some lube, punk. And get out your porn magazines too. That should be interesting to see!""You want to see my....""Do it, lolita models fuck pic bottom-boy!" barked the student."Yes, sir." Even though Mark felt the rising humiliation of having to display the evidence of his perversion, his stiff cock throbbed with intense arousal. He got the three magazines from their hiding place in his dresser and handed them to Tony, along with the bottle of lube."Now put your hands behind your head again." Mark obeyed.Tony flipped quickly through the first magazine, showing a group of beautiful young Danish boys, totally naked and performing a variety of sex acts in a fantastic boy-orgy. "It's so predictable that you're into forebidden pre teen lolita little boys and their hairless little stiffies. You're such a stereotypical boy- lover pervert," said the teenager preteen lolita top paysites with a sneer. He tossed the magazine carelessly across the room, causing Mike to cringe at the possible damage to his treasured erotica. After glancing through the second magazine, which showed a 13-year-old boy stripping, posing, and jacking himself to orgasm, he tossed it aside with the lolitas links blue teens same disdain. That left the last one - "Rough Trade Hustler". As Tony paged through it, he smiled. In its portrayal of a big-cocked teenager dominating a submissive man, it mirrored to very special loli preteen an uncanny degree the dom/sub game that Mark and Tony were now playing out, and it revealed the depths of the teacher's subservient fantasies."You want me to give it to you just like this, don't you," said Tony with a sinister grin. Mark nodded, blushing with shame, but compelled by his young teeny tiny lolitas lust to lolita nude model dvd live out the fantasy. The boy studied a sequence of pictures in which the young hustler was whipping the man's bare butt with a wide leather belt. "A boy-lover pervert like you needs to be punished for lolita pussy pic gallery molesting innocent little boys. You need to be spanked for being such a pervert faggot, don't you?"Mark's throat was so tight that he couldn't speak. But he nodded his head in bbs loli great pics acknowledgement of his desires.Putting down the magazine, Tony walked around to Mark's side, reaching out and taking hold of the man's cock and giving it a few sensuous strokes. His other hand rubbed lightly teen ped naked lolita across Mark's firm buttocks. "I should take you across my knee and spank your sorry butt `til it's red-hot. And then get your belt and whip you really good, little young lolitas photo just like in your porn mag. Maybe I'll even let you jack your cock while I'm doing it. That's what you want."Mark didn't answer, but his body was shaking with a combination small lolita nude site of apprehension and excitement."Well, I'm not gonna do it tonight. It wouldn't be too cool to have the whole boarding corridor listen pre teen lolitas pictures to how much of a submissive faggot you are. But we'll do it sometime soon, over to Mr. Hensen's house where we can make all the noise we want down in his basement. Maybe I'll even let Hansen and his hot gook wife watch while lolicon hentai flash games I discipline you. We can do a lot of other worlds biggest lolita portal stuff too, to satisfy your kinks. But tonight you'll just have to settle for having me fuck your faggot ass. Now, let's see... how should we boys loli boys free do this? On your belly across the bed? Or maybe on your back with your legs pulled back. No; we'll make naked preteen lolita nymphets it a standin
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