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Related post: From: (Jym) Newsgroups: Subject: Kathryn and Sara - f/f, b/d. Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1996 01:24:14 GMTHere's the standard disclaimer - if you are under 18 or if it is 21 where you live or petite preteens cp if it is illegal for you to read this then don't - Go away. If you are offended by explicit sex, B/d, lesbianism (or any other -ism) then go away. Otherwise, enjoy.Comments to Claire - hope you enjoy this. My name is Kathryn Lassiter and I'm thirty-four years old. I'm a successful attorney, a partner in a solid mid-sized law firm located in a wealthy town in New England. I'm a tall, athletic woman with light brown hair, hazel/green sl magazine preteen eyes, and a nice figure. I'm not beautiful, but I am attractive, especially in the summer when I have a nice tan and my hair has blonde streaks from the sun. My legs are my best feature - long and sleek and shapely. My life was turned upside down a year ago when my husband and two children were killed in an automobile accident. I was devastated. My life was over as far as I was concerned. I got through the funeral and all rest on a kind of automatic pilot - I was there, and interacted with people, but it wasn't really me. Afterward, when it was all over, and I was alone at last, I broke down. I mean I really broke down. Not a classic nervous breakdown. I just stopped. innocent preteen handjob Stopped caring, stopped doing, stopped living. I drank. A lot. I still went to the office everyday but I didn't get much done. My partners were tolerant at girl preteen forum first but their tolerance didn't last that long. They warned me that I'd have to snap out of my funk and start pulling my weight, but I didn't pay any attention. Then I got a second warning - my secretary, who'd been with me for years, was taken away and replaced with a young woman from the secretarial pool. Sara had just turned 25 at the time and was considered a misfit underage preteens pussy by everyone at the firm - she was small and slim, her hair was cropped extemely short and had a purple streak in it, and she was obviously gay. The fact that she was an excellent legal secretary with a college degree and was going to law school had nothing to do with everyone's opinion of her. She was different, an in-your-face lesbian activist and the partners, myself included when I'd cared, wanted her out. She came to work for me on a Wednesday and by Friday she was obviously disgusted with me. When I left the office early she was sitting at her desk and didn't even look up when I walked past. She must have swung into action as soon as I was gone and she must have done some real wheeling and dealing. I didn't preteens porn fashion know anything about it until later that evening when she showed up at my front door. I was working on my third martini and feeling no pain. I was astonished to see her and demanded to know what she wanted. She pushed past me and told me to close the door. "We have to talk. Now. And decide our futures." We stood there in the hall, facing preteens videoclips each other at fairly close range. I asked her what she meant by 'our futures' and she made a face. "Haven't you figured it out yet? They put child kiddy preteen me with you because they want to get rid of both of us. They couldn't dump me while I was in the pool, but now that I'm working for you they can let me go when they dump your ass. I won't be needed anymore. It's the perfect solution." She was right. I should have seen it right away, but I hadn't been thinking about much except drinking. "What do you plan to do about it? I think they can do pretty much what they want, all things considered." Normally I would have been the one to make the plans, but..... Sara grinned. I know a few things and I have a friend or two down there. I did some talking this afternoon and made a deal with them. I get until the day after Labor Day, just over six weeks, to get you back into shape. If I do, we both have preteen teen porno a job. If I don't, I agreed that we'd both go quietly." I stared at her in shock. "What gave you the right...." Then I stopped. She was fighing for her job too and had every right to make the best deal she could. I started again. "So, what are you going to do?" "It's what we're going to do, you're in this too. I'm moving in with your for the duration and get you back into shape. Any objections?" She leaned back against the wall with her arms folded across her chest and waited for me to speak. illegal preteen underage I hesitated for a nastia preteen model moment, trying to marshall my thoughts. My thinking was three-martini fuzzy. preteen girl swallows "I think you should leave and leave me alone." Lame, but the best I could come up with at the moment. She shook her head. "No, I'm not leaving. And you're going to do exactly what I say." As she spoke, she straightened up and her hand flicked out and she slapped me across the face, hard. I reeled back against the wall and rubbed my cheek. "Any questions," nude extreme preteen she demanded? Before I could speak she slapped me again. Very hard. "No? Good. Now lets get my stuff out of the preteen cock sucking car." She ushered me outside and we got her things from her car. Two suitcases, a backpack, and several boxes of books. We took them upstairs and put them in the guest bedroom. Then she made me give her a complete tour of the house and grounds. My husband and I had purchased the house with money inherited from my grandmother. It's a big colonial (12 rooms) set on 3.5 acres land in a secluded suburban location. No houses closer that 200 yards and none within view or with a view onto our property. We did a lot of preteens ed teens work on the place when we first bought it - had a pool put in with a combination pool-house and gym next to it. preteen nice tits Did some extensive landscaping, but left almost 3/4 of an acre, down it the back, covered with trees and bushes. The front and side yards were landscaped and planted extensively (and expensively). Sara was impressed even though preteens models picture I had daddy little preteen let party model preteen things go - the pool was dirty, the preteens busty yard was overgrown and there was a lot of work to be done. When we got back inside Sara poured me a drink and said, "Enjoy it. This is your last one. Tomorrow we start working your ass back into shape." I downed the drink eagerly and reached for the bottle. She backhanded me across the face and snarled, "That was your last drink. Now go to bed." I stumbled upstairs and fell asleep immediately. She dragged me out of bed at 5:30 the next morning. Literally dragged me out of bed and made me take a cold shower. Then she made me get into my sweats and run with her. We only managed a half-mile, but she felt it was a start. Back at the house we had breakfast (coffee only free prety preteens for me) and then both took showers and got dressed. We spent the morning making the rounds, buying things that Sara felt were needed. A stop at the hardware store resulted in the purchase of 50' of heavy chain, several padlocks, a couple of heavy brush knives, and some other tools. Then we stopped at a beauty parlor owned by a friend of Sara's. We got there early, before it opened, so there was nobody to preteen picture newsgroup witness Sara slapping me into submission so that her friend could crop my hair until it was no longer than 1/2" anywhere on my head. It completely changed the way I looked. She also had me waxed - a painful process that left me smooth and bare below the waist. When we arrived back at the house, Sara went into the bathroom and I stared into the hall mirror for five minutes, unable to believe how different I looked with my hair cropped. Then Sara appeared and dragged me upstairs to my bedroom. She told me that we were going to get started and I had better do as I was told. Then she told me to take my clothes off. I refused. She backhanded preteen modeling forums me across the face and then pinned me against the wall. "Listen, bitch, and listen good! I'm a tough dyke and I'm into heavy S/m - I don't mind hurting you. Do as your told preteens amateur models or I will. Understand?" I nodded and she stepped back. I took a deep breath and then removed my clothes. After I started to unbutton my top, she turned and went over to my closet. She rummaged around and came out with a pair of work boots that I hadn't worn in months. Then she found a pair of cotton socks in my dresser. When I finished undressing, she tossed the socks to me and told me to put them on. She informed me that the socks and workboots were the only garments I was allowed to wear. Then she hesitated pre teen crossdressers and said, "You need a sweatband, preteen babe models find something to put around your forehead to keep the sweat out of your eyes." I found an old red bandana that nn preteen xxx my husband had used for the same purpose and put it on. Then we started working. First we stripped the bed and got all the towels and made a big pile of laundry. I took the first load down while Sara cleaned the master bath. Then I went back and helped her. We spent the rest of the morning cleaning the upstairs. It wasn't that big a job because I had just been using the master bedroom and bathroom. It was mostly a matter of dusting and vacuuming. Then we had lunch. I had to fix it and serve it out on the back patio. When I went to sit down Sara shook her head and said, "No." Then I got my next lesson. I was a non-person, not allowed to sit at the table with her. She made me take my lunch and sit on the steps to eat. After lunch we cleaned the downstairs. That took the entire afternoon and left me exhausted. Whenever I faltered Sara drove me back to work with a slap. After the second incident she went upstairs and returning with a little leather quirt hanging from her belt. I took that across the ass a couple of times and it hurt. I worked hard. I had to cook and serve supper, again on the patio. Then Sara went upstairs while I did the dishes. preteen underage picture When she returned she brought the chain, the locks, a sexy preteens links slim metal collar and some heavy eyebolts. Then she went down to the cellar and returned with my husband's cordless drill. She drilled a hole high in the wall at one back corner of the pool house and screwed one of the eyebolts in, using a screwdriver slipped through the eye for leverage. Then she attached one end naked preteens only of the chain, locking it with on the the padlocks. When that was done she came over and handed me the metal collar. She told me to put it on and slapped me when I refused. I was tired of being slapped and lunged for her. That was a big mistake. She punched me in the belly and used the quirt on me as I knelt on the grass, holding preteen modeles my belly and gasping for breath. I screamed and begged her to stop. She did, but not until I had taken five or six hard cuts across my back. I put the collar on and she secured it with sexy preteenage models another of the padlocks. girls preteen naked Finally, the chain was locked to a ring set in 15 preteen art the back of the collar. Fifty feet of chair allowed me to move around a sizeable area of the yard near the pool. It preteen galleries toplist also allowed me to come around to the front of the poolhouse and get inside. But only just a few feet inside. Sara informed me that I would spend my nights chained in the yard until I was a person again. I protested. "What about a bed? What about a toilet? This is inhuman! You can't do this to me!" She grinned. "I can and manga nude preteens I am. You can sleep on the bare floor in the poolhouse. Any more out of you and I'll shorten the chain so you have to stay outside all night. And I'll get you a bucket to use when you have to go to the bathroom. Any questions?" I nonnude preteens models started to open my mouth and she lashed out with the quirt, catching me across the hip. I screamed in pain and she grinned. "Good, if there are no question then I'm going in." preteen sex europe And she did. I spent a cold, miserable night huddled on the floor of the poolhouse. The next morning I was outside early, waiting for Sara to come and release me. She came out about six a.m. with a cup of coffee in one hand and a slice of toast ebony naked preteens in the other. She nodded to m
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