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Related post: Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 00:48:06 -0700 (PDT) From: JKBlackhouse Subject: Brothers & Slaves: Chapt. 40: School Daze IIThis is a work of fiction. The characters are invented. It is intended solely for the fantasy entertainment of persons, age 18 or older, who want to read about gay sex and male slavery. If young lolitas bbs pics you are not at least 18 years old and/or this is not what you want, read no further.Copyright 2010. All rights reserved by the author. JKBlackhouseBrothers & Slaves Characters so far:Danny 17, currently the narrator, high school junior, on soccer & track teams; Ken 18, Danny's older brother, athletic body, high school senior, plays football, baseball & wrestles; Gary 15, Danny's younger brother, young stud, high school freshman, footballer; Tuck 17, boyhood best friend of Danny and Don, soccer & track; Don 17, boyhood best friend of Danny and Tuck, backup quarterback. Joey, 16, teammate of Danny and leader of team's turning him into their shaved cocksucker; Tim, 17, personal house slave of Ken, Danny and Gary; Mr. Howard, owner, a slave training facility. James: pre teen lolitas desnudas head slave of the family household. Ron, 18, classmate and formerly Master of Ken Brothers & Slaves: Chapt. 39: School Daze Danny"Sir, yes Sir, this slaves begs Sir to allow it to tongue clean Sir's hairy armpits, please Sir.""Do it 415." So he pressed his pit toward my mouth and I had no choice but to stick out my tongue and start licking the sweat from red hat lolita thumbs his pit. Sour tasting more free galleries lolitas like pit sweat always is. And he was really hairy there. I had to brush my tongue through the field of hair inorder to reach the underlying skin. This was the worst, I thought. Chained naked in an open hallway and set to amuse little lolita spreads legs a group of young guys. I licked lolitas child world com through his left pit and then he offered me the right which stunk even more. I feared gagging but managed to keep my tongue there in his pit hair and skin. To think, I once had hair in my armpits but that was before my slavery began. Now my pits were as smooth as his were hairy.There wasn't much time left in the period but nonetheless, one guy pulled out his belt, doubled it over, moved behind me, twisted my buttplug, leading me to moan (and realize I really HAD to piss), then he used the belt to whip my ass, five strokes to each side, which I had to count out and thank him for. I could feel the sting of course, but also the heat rising off my ass. My face was as pink as my ass. I was blushing from the indignity of it all and almost ready lolita and the boys to cry. I still had a full day of this to get through. How could I do it? Chapt. 40: School Daze II DannyThis time, underage lolita porn gallery Gary had thought bbs very young lolita up something really "special" for me. He led me to the boys john on that floor, then chained my neck to the water pip in one of the stalls, with me on my knees, my wrists locked to the sides of my collar. He had a clamp to each nipple, not harsh, just firm, and then hung a paper sign from my neck (he must have written it during his last class) that read "Please use me;" he hung a second sign on the open stall door, that read "slave 415 here for use and abuse," then he smirked at me loli preteens girls vedio and left. I'd be there for the entire period. magic lolita preteen toplist I could only hope that not many kids would need to use the john during the period and that the kids who were free that period wouldn't find me. Once they found me, since we'd be hidden away in the john, I knew they'd be merciless.The first 15 or 20 minutes were peaceful and quiet. No one came in. But then unfortunately nude lolita 14 16 3 guys from my team came in talking about needing free lolita teen links to take a leak. They were heading to the urinals when Jeremy said, "Hey guys, take a look at this." He was reading the sign on the door. He looked in and saw me. "Holy shit, guys, you won't believe this." Simon and Tiki joined him. The three just stared at me for a moment. I hung my head in shame. This was just awful. Just what Gary wanted probably. "This slave looks like Danny but with a mohawk and all the tattoos and rings of a slave, and look how his cock is locked down under lolita image board free his balls. Wow, that must hurt. He can't possibly get a hard-on.""Danny," said Tiki, "is that you?"What could I say, of course it was me. "Sirs, yes Sirs, this slave was named Danny loli model top list when it was a free boy but now it is a slave. How may this slave serve you, Sirs?" I had been well trained. Naturally, it was agony to have to speak like this to guys who were once teammates and friends, but I had to.This got them giggling and then trying to figure out what to do with me. I was chained where I was so they nude preteen lolitas jpg couldn't move me outside they realized.Tiki said, "Do you think he gives blow jobs or will lolitas nude bbs kds do anything we tell him to do."Simon responded that of course I'd do whatever they said. I was a slave. That's what slaves do, what they're ordered to do and he added that I'd asked how hot nude lolita preteens I could serve them so I must be ready for anything. The sign said "use or abuse."Jeremy took the lead. "Alright slave," he said, "suck my fingers." Then he thrust 3 fingers into my mouth which I dutifully sucked on. They were none too clean. When he pulled them out, I naturally magic lolitas bbs tgp thanked him for the privilege of sucking his fingers. "How about my dick, slave, you want to suck that, right?""Sir, this slave requests permission to suck your dick, please Sir." Down came his zipper. The others were crowding in to see. They tried to close the stall door but Gary had chosen one with a broken door that would not close. He wanted anyone around to see my shameful behavior and humiliation. Jeremy pulled out his half hard dick and hairy balls."Give these a lick, slave." So I licked his dick and balls, smelling lolita boys gay models the teen crotch aroma and the special smell heated balls and cocks give off. I licked his pubes as best I could which further demeaned me since I had none. I was smooth the way a slave should be. My own dick strained against its chain free lolita love videos trying to rod up. They could see this and knew that I was turned on by what they were doing. That was really underage pedo preteen lolita humiliating.Jeremy thrust his crotch forward and I opened my mouth to receive him but first he played with me, dragging the head of his dick across my lips and using it to bat my cheeks. Finally he was ready and forced his cock all the way down my throat. I gagged, gasping for air. At last he withdrew and started pumping his dick in and out of my mouth. I tried to help by licking it as it entered my mouth, adding no doubt to his pleasure. He grasped 11 years amazing lolita my tit clamps and started moving them up and down, in and out. This had the effect of turning me on more and my own cock swelled and kept trying to rise which hurt like hell as it pulled against the PA ring that was chain locked to the ring through my ball sac.Jeremy could see my dick straining. "Want to get hard don't you slave? Well, looks like your Master has other ideas. No boner for slavey." Now he was pulling on russian girl lolitas bbs my tit rings, stretching out my nipples despite the presence of the clamps. I groaned. It was agony. He was pumping hard and sweating now. Finally, lolitas pree teen galleries his dick swelled and stretched and ropes of cum shot down my throat lolita models from russia and into my little lolitas nudes xxx mouth. He just stood there, breathing hard and resting his underage preteen lolita modelling dick on my tongue. Finally, he pulled all the way out.Now for my next required shame. "Sir, thank you for the privilege of eating your cum, Sir." He looked down at me and laughed. He turned to his buddies."This slave is the real thing. magic lolita dorki bbs That was only the third blowjob I've ever had, but young lolita nymphets cp dudes, it was the best. I wonder if we could get at his ass? We could do a little fucking if we could." They tried to have me turn but the way I was chained, I couldn't do it. "OK Tiki, your turn."Thiki was a tall handsome sweet young russian lolita dark skinned black guy. When he pulled out his dick, it was large, I mean really large. It was almost as long soft as mine was when hard, which recently wasn't frequently. "Now boy," he said, "here's some real meat for you. Go to work boy." I did, engulfing his cock with my mouth and licking it to get him hard. Well, most blowjobs are pretty much the little lolita stories same, even when its a big black dick. After he spouted, it was Simon's turn and so he too got his cock model angel lola love blown by his once upon a time friend and mate. I was sweating from the effort of doing 3 dicks but also from the shame I was feeling. I felt so low, so embarrassed. I was just hoping they wouldn't decide to drain their piss down my throat. I was having enough trouble holding my own in.Jeremy started stroking my bent shaft nude child lolli pic which felt so good but also hurt so much. I was alternately groaning and moaning as he did it. He was also playing with the top cp site loli clamps, not letting me forget they were there. Then out of the blue, gallery photo sex lolita he kicked me sexy japanese lolita teens in the balls. I shouted out in pain and tried to double over but my neck chain would not permit it. I had to thank selector lolita models bbs him for his kick, so he did it again and I thanked him again, gasping for breath and cringing in hurt."Just think," said, Jeremy, "we were lolitas gallery russia 456 once friends with this ls land lolita bbs pile of slave shit. Of course at the time, lolita child nude free we thought he was free like us but now look at the bastard. Whose your Master, slaveboy?""Sir, the slave's Master is Master Gary, Sir.'"Isn't that his brother? His younger brother? I wonder what lolitas bbs pay you the poor bastard did to end up like this, a slave to sun bbs great lolitas his younger brother. Oh well, not our problem. Lets piss and get out of here guys."Wait a minute, why don't we piss on fresh young boys lolitas him? Just cover him in our piss. You want that, don't secret usenet list loli you slave?"Phrased that way, there was nothing for it but to beg to be pissed on. "Please Sirs, honor this slave lollita preteen nude naked by covering it with your piss, please Sirs." And that's just what they did, drenching me in three streams of steaming yellow boywater. I thanked them for the privilege of wearing their piss.I guess they'd had enough because they hurried out. But on their way, I could hear them telling other guys that there was a slave they might recognize in here and that I'd do anything anyone told me to do. Well. more guys came in, followed by still more. I don't know how many dicks I sucked during that period but it was one boy after another, all debasing me by calling me names, even the several who I'd previously known. They took care of my need to piss though. They forced so much of their piss into free homemade lolita pics me that eventually I had to young lolita pussy gallery let loose and did. That made them laugh. but with all the piss i was kneeling little lolita cameltoe thumbnails in, Gary would have no way of knowing some of it was mine - unless he asked, of course.At last Gary showed up. He looked at the mess on the floor. "Had fun, slave?""Master, no Master. The slave asian lolita anal painful gave out endless blowjobs and got pissed on, Master. Master, please unchain the slave and allow it to clean itself up, please Master." I looked mournfully into Gary's eyes, hoping he would take pity on me and release me from this hell, which he actually did. He gave me 3 minutes to wash the piss off using the paper hand towels but only cold water. I knelt before him, as he required, in front of one of the sinks, 100% visible to anyone coming in. When the 3 minutes were up, I'd managed to pretty well sponge myself off but of course I still stunk of piss and sweat.The notion of being exposed to all these kids, completely naked, without any male hair, with my cock and balls permanently banded, and also my balls separately, with rings hanging
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