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Related post: Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 15:30:21 -0700 (PDT) From: Steam Train Subject: Juvenile Deterrence Chapter 34 ConclusionJuvenile Deterrence. By Steam Train ( Chapter: 34 A naket preteen 12 New Life - Conclusion. Life had settled into a routine for Daniel. There clit pic preteen were occasions where he ran foul of a free citizen or was deemed not to be working as hard as a NEWDD slave was expected to do, however on the whole his life as a NEWDD was not as bad as he had preteen gallery love expected. As is often the case the anticipation and dread of something is often far japanese preteen swimwear worse than it eventuates in being.His relationship with his brother Eric was far better now than it had ever been and they were now preteens collection getting along fabulously. With their fathers blessing Daniel was a regular visitor to Eric's room most nights.Melissa knew of their activities and took a surprisingly mature view of their actions. She blatantly informed her parents and her brothers that it was none of her business and what they did in private should not be the concern preteen pussy links of anyone else!Of his close friends from the Henson street gang who had been sentenced to serve time as a NEWDD Charlie, Josh and Joey who had been charged with lesser crimes finished their NEWDD time after only one month. Rick and Brady who had supplied the cans of spray paint served two months before their time was up.By the end of the third month Daniel was the longest serving NEWDD at his school, at the mall and in community service. He had become such a regular at the shoe shine stand that some of the members actually began to talk to him, putting aside their prejudices about slaves. During his three months he had had Brady as his partner for two of those months. When Brady finished his time he was joined over the last month by a succession of short sentence NEWDD's.One of his regular customers on Thursdays was Gary Foster-Brown. Without fail Gary had his shoes shined after the junior associates had played. Though Gary had said it would be very unwise for them to meet up again after their heated sexual encounter early in his sentence, Gary lacked the will power to uphold his own belief. At the mall on Sundays there was no sign of Gary for preteen fucked angel three weeks after his initial meeting with Daniel however the longing in Gary's heart grew too strong. Gary hired out Daniel the following week and from then on it became a regular part of Daniels Sunday that he was the shopping trolley for Gary. On two occasions Daniel actually accompanied Gary home and in the privacy of Gary's bedroom enjoyed a passionate kiss and cuddle with his new close friend.His relationship with Marco had also grown deeper. On most Fridays anime preteen girl if his father approved Daniel was allowed time with his long time friend. There was no sex but as the weeks passed Daniel enjoyed a deepening physical relationship with Marco. They preteen blowjob photos kissed and cuddled and Marco regularly masturbated Daniel to dry orgasms.To complete Daniels classic love preteen angles pictures triangle his mentoring of Aaron Parker slowly developed into an equally deep physical relationship.Neither Gary, Marco nor Aaron knew of the others existence and they certainly did not know that Daniel was enjoying a sexual relationship with each of them.One of Daniel very infrequent discipline breaches occurred just near the sexy preteens girl end of his third month as a NEWDD. He was being lead by a twelve year old girl and her two friends around the mall on that particular Sunday when he was unable to contain his arousal at being fondled by the three pretty looking girls. As he orgasmed he called out, "I'm cumming" as required but he didn't reach for a costume girl preteen tissue as nothing ever came out. This time he was wrong.For the first time in his life he produced some seminal fluid and it dribbled onto the girls hands and then onto the mall floor. baby preteen pedo This was a major punishment breach by Daniel but even though it resulted in a severe spanking from his overseer and follow up punishment the next Saturday, nothing could damper Daniels joy at finally achieving a wet cum. The fact that only a few drops of clear fluid dribbled from his penis was of no concern to Daniel. He was ecstatic at his new sexual prowess.Daniel still preteen cyber pussy had preteen shes nude one month of his sentence to serve when a letter arrived addressed to his father advising that due to Daniels good behaviour and voluntary community service as a mentor to Aaron his sentence had been reviewed and from the next Saturday he was to be placed on probation as free preteen babysitters a NEWDD for the remaining three weeks. He would be able to dress for the first time in just over three months from next weekend. This was exciting news for Daniel.On his second last day as a NEWDD Daniel was working the shoe shine stand at Piney Hills Golf Club as usual. It was late and his customers had dwindled when Ben Woods appeared with another man and took up positions preteen amateurs tgp on the shoe shine stand.Daniels NEWDD preteen fotos pedo partner at this time, was Mike Hewitt a fourteen year old preteen kids naked who was serving a short two week sentence and so had not been shaved.The truth was Mike wasn't very hairy but what little pubic hair he had was his pride and joy and a sign of his maturity. Daniel felt that though he never said anything Mike was secretly proud he was more developed than Daniel. At fourteen most guys were more developed than Mike so it seemed Mike was glad he had found someone worse off than himself.Mike began shining Ben Wood's shoes whilst Daniel gave the already very polished shoes of the other man a shine."This is the preteen hardcor NEWDD who caused me to ring you the other months about hot preteens babes the lack of urgency I was receiving for the NEWDD officials" Ben Woods informed the other man."Well glad I could help you then Ben, but it saddens me that I had to get my law clerk to ring the authorities to get some action. Your concerns should have been enough" the other man said."You always were the idealist Josh, sadly the real world does not always work the way you think" Ben replied.It was then that the identity of the other man dawned on Daniel. This was Ben Woods's brother, Chief Justice Joshua Woods.Daniel stoped polishing momentarily as this fact dawned on him and Justice Woods noticed the momentary pause also."Something wrong son?" Justice Woods asked.`No sir, I'm sorry Chief Justice Woods for disturbing you" Daniel replied politely.`You know free preteen erections who I am at your age? Most teenagers it seems to 3d preteen pic me don't even know what the Supreme Court is let alone who is who on it""Sir I have studied your life at school. I wish my meeting of you was not in such a humiliating circumstance for me. You are one of the people I admire most in life. You have achieved preteen boys paysites so much from a very tough beginning" Daniel responded with obvious sincerity."Son as you obviously know preteen nudist imageboard I was once an indentured slave, so do not be humiliated by your circumstances, I wasn't. There is a noble side to slavery though it is hard to find. If you learn from your time as a NEWDD as I learned from my time as an indentured slave then you can train yourself to be so resolute, so focussed, so preteen softcore com determined that no one can stop you" Justice Woods informed the now awe struck Daniel."Yes sir" was all Daniel could reply.`What do you want to do with your life boy?" the judge asked.Blushing Daniel told the truth, "I want nasty preteen nudes to follow in your footsteps sir. You were a local who made good. I want to prove that I can preteen sister breasts do it too and become a lawyer, maybe even a judge.""That will require a lot of hard work, but as I proved it is possible. I was fortunate I can see now looking back, that I yo preteen incest was enslaved. It forced me to focus on my goal and removed all temptation, well most temptation from my life. I trust you are not besotted with some teenage love affair or madly dreaming of a sporting career as well as a legal career" the judge asked.Before he could answer the red blush that swept across Daniels face told the experienced legal practitioner that he had hit a raw nerve."Love or sport? preteens art photo Which is the problem?"Justice Woods had these hugely compassionate eyes that made Daniel just want to confess the truth of his sexual preferences. It was a very brave move but Daniel briefly told of his ever complicating love triangle.When the fact that Daniels lovers were all male bbs blog preteen came out, Justice Wood smiled at his brother and to Daniels great relief the judge showed little emotion besides commenting to wild preteen fuck his brother, "Very interesting, very interesting indeed."It seemed to Daniel that as the two men walked away from the shoe shine stand that night that they were still discussing Daniel. They were soon out of hearing but just before that happened Daniel was sure he heard Ben Woods warn his brother to be very careful if he was thinking what he suspected he was thinking.The look of revulsion that Daniel got from his fellow NEWDD about his disclosure of his sexual orientation immediately preteen pedofilia videos told Daniel he would not have preteen links secret to worry about an additional relationship developing between Mike and himself!The next day, Daniels last preteens moldels nude day as a naked NEWDD, there was a letter awaiting him when he returned home from school. His father showed him the letter and commented on the letterhead, `The Supreme Court of the United States of America'.There was a very worried look on preteenpantypics his fathers face bbs kdz preteen but Daniel guessed correctly that it did not signify trouble.In fact it was an invitation for Daniel and his whole family to join Justice Woods in the private dining room of the Piney Hills Golf Club tomorrow, being Saturday, for dinner.Mr Green was amazed and speechless at such an invitation. Chief Justice Woods was the most famous and influential living local citizen. To be invited to dine privately with him was an enormous honour.Numerous times that night Daniel was forced to explain to the various members nudist preteen nymphet of his family how he came to meet the Chief Justice. The one thing he could not answer was why Justice Woods would wish to meet with him and his family. In truth they had had but the briefest of meetings.That Saturday morning was a major event in the Green household. Daniel's room had been reopened the night before and neat clothing was laid on his bed in preparation for the next morning. When Daniel preteens video sex awoke for the last time in his basement bed Tom personally washed the blushing Daniel and walked him up to his bedroom where he dressed the boy in clothes for the first time in three months. The feel of clothing on his skin felt very strange to Daniel and he had to fight the urge to strip off and enjoy the freedom that he now realised he had enjoyed these last months.The whole Green family drove 3 dimensional preteen to the Juvenile Court where a clerk with very little ceremony unlocked Daniels NEWDD collar consisting of a metal chain coated in a bright pink plastic and metal mesh.He was free!The feeling was indescribable for Daniel. He didn't know why but at the moment of his triumph he burst out crying. He had toughed it out very well since the first few days of his sentence. He had beaten the humiliation and the embarrassment. Now he was free his emotions overflowed.His mother then his dad, followed by real preteen candids Eric and Mel all hugged him tight till he recovered his composure. When Mrs Green suggested that they all adjourned to a restaurant she knew down the street for breakfast Daniel made a counter suggestion."Could we buy some to go and have breakfast back home with Tom? I feel bad leaving him out of this.Mrs Green blushed, feeling a pang of guilt that she had forgotten Tom. Mr Green smiled at his son's thoughtfulness and readily agreed to his suggestion.That evening they felt like VIP's as they drove up to the preteen nuce boys front entrance of the Piney Hills Golf Club. They were escorted by servants into the inner sanctum of the exclusive club house and ushered into the private dining room where the impeccably dressed Justice Woods%
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