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Related post: Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000 07:37:57 GMT From: Dream Spinner Subject: "A Brewster Veteran's Day" (t/b, m/b, m/t, incest)Caution/Welcome. This is a story involving four brothers, one preteen, one recently turned thirteen-year-old and two fourteen-year-old twins three weeks away from their fifteenth birthday, a cub russian lolita model 14yo den, a community hall, a scout pack, a few packs of viagra, a pack of itching powder, a keg, a collection of veterans, and a few hypocrites, a bigot and a couple righteous do-gooders. If you believe every cub, scout and scout leader is straight or has no sexual desires and that the elderly are dead from the waist down, this story will surprise you. If you've read the first eighteen stories in this series, nothing will surprise you. This story is posted at free gay adult story sites for adult entertainment only. Permission is not given to copy electronically nor in any other form for the purpose of redistribution or posting at sites other than those described here. This is the nineteenth of the Brewster Boys special events and myths series. Readers are welcome to send the author, J.O. Dickingson, comments and story suggestions at The Brewster's advice for today for all you scouts and veterans: be prepared carry a six pack of condoms wherever you go. A Brewster Veteran's Day "Oh maaaaan, isn't this going to be great?" twelve-year-old Benny asked his brothers, the ninety-four pound, four-foot-ten youngster bouncing in his seat with excitement. "Oh yeah!" replied his older brother, fourteen-year-old Brent, his deep blue eyes sparkling. "This is so wicked!" "I just can't wait to tell everyone at school tomorrow," Benny said, shifting about in the plastic chair in the hallway as if he had to go to the bathroom. "Yeah, we're so lucky to have parents like ours," said Brent's twin brother Brett as he brushed his long, blond hair from his eyes and looked down the hall at his mother and father talking to the doctor. Brenda Brewster's pregnancy had become very evident over the past month, and as her sons looked at her they all thought back to last Mother's day and Bobby's special gift to their mother. Speaking of which, they all looked at their kid brother who had been uncharacteristically silent during the drive to the hospital and while they were waiting for the doctor. "You okay, Bobby?" asked Brett. Bobby stared down at the floor blankly. "Bobby?" "Huh?" Bobby responded, looking up blankly at his older brother. "You okay? You've been awful quiet." "Yeah, I'm okay," Bobby replied in a flat monotone. "You sure the fuck don't sound it," observed Benny. "Yeah. What's up little bro?" "You guys really okay with this?" the boy asked, looking up at his three brothers with his big, hazel eyes. He'd just turned eleven three weeks ago, on the second of the month, and thought he was pretty sophisticated, but this was a shock to the normally outgoing and unflappable preteen. "With what?" "You know. With Mom showing us her baby." "Sure," replied Benny with a shrug. "Yeah, this is going to be so wicked," repeated Brent. "Bet not every guy gets to see his new brother while he's still in his mom's tummy." The boys were certain the newest addition to their family was russian lolita bbs chat going to be another boy. "That's just it," said Bobby. "Don't you freedom lolita bbs bbs feel weird about to look up Mom's cunt?" "Huh?" "I mean, watching her and dad screwing was one thing, and looking at Suzie's and Cheryl's things was interesting and stuff," the youngster observed with a shrug. sexy preteen lolita nude "And exposing Miss Depree last month and messing around with her pussy while she was asleep was wicked, but this is our Mom's cunt for fucksake." "What are you going on about?" asked Brent, knitting his brow in perplexity. "That's our kid brother," observed his twin. "His mind is all messed up from too much wanking." "I'm serious, guys." "You're serious?" chorused his brothers in mock surprise. "His mind really is messed up." "And so young too," said Brett sadly and his brothers giggled. "So, you guys don't feel the slightest bit strange squatting down between Mom's legs and looking up her cunt." Bobby's three brothers glanced at each other. "Is that what you think we're gonna do?" asked Benny. "Well, aren't we?" "Fuck no. That's not how you look at a baby," said Benny, the authority on anything sexual. "They got this machine, an ultrasound transducer. It's sort of like a flashlight connected to a cable, and it sends soundwaves that can penetrate the body because the doctor puts this gel stuff on the mother's tummy first, see. The waves bounce off the baby because of course he got no gel stuff, and are turned into a picture by this transducer machine, sort of like how a computer changes digital signals into a jpeg, and the picture of the baby shows up on a TV monitor." Not just Bobby looked at Benny in surprise. When it came to sexual facts, Benny was a walking encyclopaedia. Of course the twins knew better than to think they were going to look up their mother's cunt, but even they didn't know anything about gels or transducers. Once again their younger brother had impressed them with his vast knowledge. If they ever had a game of sexual trivia, something the boys had actually 7 sweet lolita biz considered developing and marketing, there was no question they'd want to be on his team. "Sheesh, Bobby, did you really think Mom was going to spread apart her legs and her cunt lips and we were going to look up her pussy?" Benny continued, raising his right eyebrow just like his dad and looking at his younger brother incredulously. "Well hey, how am I supposed to know? I'm the cute brother, not the smart one." His three brothers looked at each other, and then at him. "You are?" they said together in mock surprise. "Too much wanking," they flash games lolicon toplist chorused as they nodded seriously, and the three burst into laughter. "Well, you boys are in good lolita thai pre teen spirits," observed Barry Brewster as he rejoined his sons. "Oh yeah," agreed Brett. "So when we gonna get to see the baby." "In a few minutes," Barry said. Ten minutes later the Brewster men were ushered into a small room. Brenda was very petite lolita girls laying on her back on the table, which made her stomach seem even more monstrous than it was. On a cart beside her was the ultrasound machine, which to the boys looked like a large computer keyboard and monitor. It was connected to a second monitor suspended from the ceiling so that they and their mom could watch during the examination. The Brewster men crowded together at the head of the bed and looked up at the monitor as the nurse, the sonographer, passed the transducer, which to the boys looked more like a microphone than a flashlight, back and forth over their mother's bloated stomach. "Mmmm," she said. "Looks ass lollita movie sample like our suspicious were right." The boys looked at hard kids pthc lolita her curiously, and then at their parents, who were beaming at each other like two Cheshire cats. "I'm going to turn on the TV monitor now." As she adjusted the equipment, the boys thought back to Mother's Day five months ago and the fun they'd had with their "maid" for the day, sweet pussy lolita nude and the fun their dad had had humping their mom like ten year old loli a randy young man of eighteen again, thanks to a bit of assistance from his sons. Little did he know at the time that the condoms he'd been using had been punctured by his youngest son. Nor did he know the four boys had taken several opportunities that day to watch their two parents satisfy their lust. The boys turned their attention to the TV monitor as the image cleared, thankful for the distraction before their crotches revealed the nature of their thoughts. "Wicked!" exclaimed Brett, his deep blue eyes growing wide as he stared at the image. "Holy sh-, sh-, shoot," stumbled Benny. "He's got two heads?" "Two babies!" exclaimed Brent, his one arm wrapped about his twin brother as he leaned forward to look at the blurry image closer. "Another pair of twins," Barry confirmed, something the doctor had suspected last month from the weight Brenda had put on. "Fu-, fu-, fu-, for crying out loud!" sputtered Bobby. Brenda frowned. When cute little lolita pussy school had resumed, she had insisted Bobby be tested by the speech pathologist and they had started him on remedial lessons. She knew it had only been four weeks, but she was hoping to see some improvement in his stuttering. What she did not know was that the therapy lessons were during music class, a subject Bobby hated, and that a hot looking high school student by the name of Zac Williams was earning work experience credits by helping the elementary students with their speech drills. Bobby had decided he was going to have a stuttering problem for the year, or until he got in Zac's pants anyway. "Way to go Mom," said Benny. "Oh yeah. And you too Dad," said Brent, punching his dad in the arm. "Yeah. Wow. A double shot!" exclaimed Brett, slapping his dad on the back. "Fu-, fu-, fu-, for crying out loud," repeated Bobby as he stared at the two little images snuggled up to each other. "Have you picked out their names yet?" "How about Love and Wrestling?" suggested Bobby, thinking of their two Pilgrim ancestors. "Or Lust and Screwing," mouthed Brent behind the back of his hand, causing Bobby and Brett to giggle. "Actually, preteen lolita young bluebird we were thinking of Blaine and Blake," their father said. "Which one's which?" "Well, we haven't decided that. We weren't really sure there were twins until now." "Hi there!" called out Bobby. "Hi little Blaine and little Blakey!" "Hi!" chorused the twins. "I think the one on the left should be Blake," announced Bobby. "Why?" "He just looks like a Blake is all. Look, he even turned and looked at me when I said his name, see!" "I don't think so, Bobby," his mother advised with a smile. "Benny?" Barry asked, noticing his middle son was markedly silent. "Hmmm." "You okay?" The twelve-year-old ran his hands through his gelled, dark brown hair, and glanced at his brothers, and then at his father. "Well. . . ." "What is it?" "Am I the only one who's noticed?" "Noticed what?" "Well, the one on the left, Blake, he's, well, he's sort of developed funny." "What do you mean?" "Well, his legs are little and stubby, and well, well he's got three of them." "Oh," said the sonographer with a smile. "That's the normal size for a fetus's leg this stage of the second trimester, and," she said with a bit of hesitation, "the one in the middle isn't his leg." "It lolita models 12 16 isn't?" Benny asked, looking back at the screen. His eyes gradually widened as he slowly realized what the sonographer meant. He looked back up at his Dad. "You mean. . . ?" Barry nodded proudly. "Hey, way to go little Blakey!" called Bobby. "Except little Blakey ain't so little," observed Brent. "A real Brewster," said Brett. "Oh yes," observed Brenda as she looked up at her husband adoringly. "Actually," the sonographer said with blush, "it's not normally that large, but it seems, well, at the moment, it's extended with blood." "That okay?" asked Brent, suddenly worried about his little baby brother's health. "Extended with blood, get it," whispered Brett as he gave his brother a nudge. "Oh!" Brent said, his big blue eyes growing even wider. The boys glanced at each other and slowly their lips curled into wide grins. "A real Brewster!" they chorused. "Oh yes," Brenda repeated, her eyes still on her husband. young lolita pic links She and Barry had been thinking of the day the new set of twins had been conceived and really had not been paying attention to the boys' conversation. Blake turned around and snuggled up behind Blaine. Benny nudged Brent and the four boys giggled. "Just like you were always trying to do me when we was in Mom," Brent whispered to his twin brother. "Couldn't help it, you had such a cute ass," Brett whispered back. "Now," said the sonographer, taking the boys' restlessness as a sign they'd lost interest, "I need to do some measurements and take a finer look, if you've seen enough." "Sure," Barry said. "While you finish with the ultrasound and
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