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Related post: Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 20:02:20 -0700 (PDT) From: Dennis Banneker Subject: Boiz New Age School of Sexual Education - Chapter 1BOIZ SCHOOL IN A NEW AGE OF sexso gratis con lolitas SEXUAL EDUCATION lolitas model little lolita - Chapter 1 where boys learn about sex, self-control, and anatomy.(C) Copyright 2006 alolita top 100 porn by Dennis Banneker April 25, 2006Comments? Write to Dennis at the above email address. (That's me, Dennis, :-) your friendly author here.) ________________________________________________________________WARNING. To qualify to read this story, you must be of legal age and allowed by the jurisdiction or jurisdictions that govern you to read sexually explicit homosexual material. If you do not qualify, you must exit and seek other material. You have been warned. Thank you for your cooperation and fairness. ________________________________________________________________MY OTHER STORIES: See list at bottom or look under StoriesNew in Nifty's 'Author' section. ________________________________________________________________[There is no cruelty in this story.]TEACHERS AND SCHOOLMASTERSJon Peterson, Assistant Headmaster, 22 William (Will) Smith, Academic Master (Head Teacher) Stan Johnson, TeacherSTUDENTSDerek Landers, 13, soon to be 14 Taylor Bradcliffe, 15 Brian Roberts, 17 Mark Cramer, 19 (Brian, Mark, and others appear in later, as yet unwritten parts.)SUMMARYThe government, fed up with the old schools, decided to create a vastly different system of education. This story is about the trials and joys of young men and boys learning to adjust to an all-boys New Age school, where students are taught the three Rs, and to interact with each other in stimulating ways. __________________________________________________________________ DEDICATED TO THOSE READERS WHO EMAILED ME ON PAST STORIES CHAPTER 1 "Jon, we've got free lolita movie clips ten complimentary letters from parents and one complaint letter--from a single man, no less," William said, appearing in my office suddenly. It was refreshing to know about the compliments from our students' parents, but a complaint letter was lolita little pussy pictuers not what I needed to hear--I was up to my eyeballs in students. The new boys had arrived just hours before, and I was inducting them. I was the Assistant Headmaster and did all the legwork for the Headmaster. William was the Head Teacher, also known as the Academic Master. "I lolita fun nude sites suppose he thinks the new Congress is crazy for throwing out the whole school system nude lolita angel pictures and setting up a sexually-based program," I said. "That's it exactly, Jon. But I think it's wonderful that all secondary schools have the emphasis on sex now." We taught the usual subjects, too--a streamlined version of the old curriculum. "Don't we lolita top pay sites all. Leave the letters on my desk, William. Right now, I have a problem with one of the new boys." lolitas 13 yo pic "A sixteen-year old, I hope," Will said, his preference best lolitas bbs girls for 16-year-olds showing. "No. One of the thirteen-year-olds. young lolita small breast Correction--about to turn fourteen." The student was within 65 days of his next birthday, so we had to consider him to be 14, and place him accordingly if he was physically and mentally ready. "Fourteen's good enough. The doctor found him unfit?" "No. He's fit as a fiddle--one of the best, physically. This one has a unique problem. Close the door." "Must be a good one if we need the door closed. What's the boy's problem, Jon?" "First of all, stop drooling, dark underage teen loli William," I said with a laugh, "I'm taking care of this one personally. The russian nudist prelolitas 13 boy's name is Derek. His brothers, bless their hearts, put a chastity belt on the lad and teased his genitals--and get this--he's had the thing on for two months. Sixty days of no orgasms. A thirteen-year-old!" "His brothers? Sounds delightful. Well, he's almost fourteen, you said. How big?" "Good size for a young one. All red and swollen. About six inches. Derek is barely five foot five. I examined his organ myself--what little hold I could get on the slippery thing, full of pre-cum as it is. And no time to clean him up. Not that it does any good--the boy must be made of the stuff. It streams out of him. Balls hard as a rock." "Jon--are you sure you don't want me to--" "No. You'll get your chance to process him later, Will. Right now, I need you to take over the induction. All the other boys passed their physicals. 14 year lolita video Just get out there and kill time-- help them fill out their paperwork, show them the video, then explain all the new rules. Give them the pep talk about being naked. And for God's sake, keep them all together. No running off to a sex room. And pamper the ones who get upset about the naked rule." "Yes, sir." "Tell them they'll get clothing at the right time." top quality lolita porn "At the right time. Yes, Jon, I can do that." "Sorry, William--I know you're new on the job. If you get confused, tell them to read their copies of the school manual, and be sure to let them know they'll be tested on it eventually. And DON'T leave them alone for a moment. Stan is with them now. I'll take over when I return from processing Derek." "What are you--I mean, how are you going to handle Derek?" "The only way there is. Make him come." "But the rules say no coming for the--" "Yes. A lot of good that rule will do Derek. He'd come just from sitting and standing. Sixty days, Will! The boy will still have ten orgasms left for the day, even after I'm done with him." William left me alone in my office, and I took a moment to breathe. free lolita pic pedo I poured a cup of cold coffee, took a sip and left for examining room 3--a private room where the boy could be examined more closely, and where I free loli hetai galleries would process him. "Hello Derek," I said quietly, signaling the guard to leave. I gently closed the door behind me and remembered to turn on the video system to make a record of the proceedings. "How are you feeling?" The blond-haired boy had intense, grayish-blue eyes. Quite sexual along with his somewhat tanned and hairless body, except for a patch of pubic and underarm hair. His slim but obvious muscles were evidence of the exercise program all boys had to undergo before entering high school. Derek was an outstanding- looking boy for a lolita kids nude toplist 13-year-old. "I'm very . . . . Well, you know," the boy said, squirming, nervously looking down at his tube-covered penis. "I'm still--" "I see Doctor Haven put your chastity belt back on." very young lolita creampie "Not mine. free little loli galleries My stupid brothers' thing. Do I have to keep it on, sir?" "Call me Jon, for now. It'll be 'sir' after you join the other students." "Yes, Jon." "No, I'm taking your C.D. off now. But I must tell you--" "C.D.?" "Short for chastity device. You'll have a brand new one installed on you after induction, when I release you to your housemaster." "Will I always have to wear one of those?" "No. Just for now, and certain other times. You'll see a video about that." free underground lolita links "All right," Derek said, looking fearful. "Now--you know about the new school system? The sexual content and what is expected that all boys will do with each other?" "Yes." "You must be explicit in all your speech, especially sexual comments. Derek--you must tell me exactly what your current complaint is. Wait, I'll remove your C.D. first." "Thank you." "There, your penis can breathe fresh air now," I said, hesitant to make contact with the reddened wet flesh for fear of a sudden eruption. "Ah! It was almost better with it on." "Describe your problem, Derek." "Oh. Right. I'm very long past due to . . . climax." "EXPLICIT, Derek, explicit." "Oh, God. I'm so horny I'm going crazy. I can't bear it, I need to . . . come. little girls lolita tgp Very badly." The 13-year-old was mortified at having to say this, but held up surprisingly well. "Very good, Derek. Now I need to get a feel for your tastes." I showed Derek a group picture of all the new boys, taken two hours before. "Which ones do you fancy?" "I've come to like boys, but I never did anything--you know." Derek said this calmly, having been taught a sexual preference for males according to the new laws, apparently with the help of his brothers. Unfortunately for Derek, the lolita lesbian free porn law did not permit brothers to engage with each other sexually--unless they were asked to do so while being trained in one of our secondary schools together. But they were not forced. "That's fine. As long as you like boys, you've got a good start. The students in this photo are all new arrivals. Each boy is numbered, and his age is printed alongside his number. These numbers will be part of a boy's identity here for as long as they remain students. Just tell me the ages and the numbers," I said, my pen and Derek's preference form in hand. "I . . . I see you're going to write this down, and--exactly what am dark loli bbs board I supposed to be liking about the boys I pick out?" "Oh, that's right--you're a virgin. Overall good looks, body appeal, appearance of the sex organs. Body hair or lack of it-- essentially you're picking out boys you'd like to be involved with sexually." "Oh. I--I don't know what to say, Jon." From the blank look on the boy's face young lola preteen thongs I knew I'd have to give him the details. "A boy you angels jp bbs lolitas could kiss, maybe whose cock you'd like to suck," I said, choosing that word to shock him, prepare him for a little toughening--knowing the students, on their own, would not refer to the organ as a penis. "Oh, God," the boy whispered, his red face darkening. "Or a lad you'd fancy sucking your own cock, or a boy you'd like to fuck or be fucked by. You won't be held to these initial choices, but make sure your selections accurately reflect your tastes, even if it's just their overall looks." "Yes, Jon." Derek enjoyed studying the pictures, but seemed to be in a hurry. "Don't rush the little lolita s models process. Take notes if you like." "Okay, I think I got it. Number thirty-one, seventeen years old. Number twenty, sixteen years old. dark ukraine pthc loli Number twenty-seven, fifteen. I don't have to say what I wanna do with them, right?" "Right. Nice choices. One more." "Number forty-three, fourteen best gallery lolita model years old." There were no 13-year-olds to choose from because all of our 13-year-olds child lolita nonnude photo were new, incoming students. "Number forty-three--about your age. Would you like him for a roommate?" "Oh, yes, sir! Jon, I mean." "I'll see if I teens little lolitas hot can arrange that. Did any of the other boys your age strike your fancy?" "Yeah. I saw a few I like a lot." "Stand up now. 10yo young lol models Don't worry about your fluids falling to the floor." "All right." "Ah, very good. Quite stiff, isn't it." "Um, yes," Derek said, blushing profusely. "It's tight against your abdomen. Can you pull it down a bit?" "Arrrgh! Ow! It's not that easy--but yeah, a little." "I'll test your basic sexual response now," I said, placing the trembling boy into an upright restraining stand--a real young nude lolitas movable post, to which I tied his hands and feet--the boy's back to the post. "Will this hurt, Jon?" "No. Do you lolita sexy top bbs have blue balls?" "What is that, exactly?" "Pain in your balls." "Yes. It's been that way since they put me in that lolitas russian kids pics C.D." "Then you may experience temporary additi
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