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Related post: Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 21:02:29 -0700 (PDT) From: Thomas Gaige Subject: Brothers, Friends, & Lovers - Chapter 29DISCLAIMER: The following story is FICTIONAL. It contains descriptions of sexual activities between men, teenage boys, and between men and teenage boys. If you are not over 18 years of age, or if you find this type of story offensive, or viewing this material is illegal where you are, then please DO NOT READ IT! If you choose to read it, then - I hope you enjoy it! Brothers, Friends, & Lovers nude lolipop russian models Chapter 29-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dan and Lisa's wedding was just beginning at Sovereignity Hall when we left off with our story at the end of the last chapter...Dan, Jason, and all the ushers, including Roy, Johnny, and Richie, were all lined up on the right side of the gazebo on the lawn. The minister was standing next to Dan. All the guests were seated. A string quartet was playing a classical piece and the bridesmaids all began walking down the aisle.Dan was completely unaware of his surroundings. All he could focus on was the crushing pain he felt in his chest, and the urge he was having to vomit. Jason stood next to him, stonily, fighting the urge to burst into tears. Next too him stood Roy, smiling like a cat who'd swallowed a canary. A couple ushers to his right, Johnny stood looking sadly at Dan and lolita nude child portolio Jason. It was obvious to him they were in love with one another. He couldn't figure out why Dan was marrying Lisa!Suddenly, the Wedding March sounded. Jason glanced to his left slightly and saw Lisa, resplendent in a poofy white gown, with a huge train, standing at the foot of the aisle on her father's arm. She was smiling radiantly. This was obviously the happiest day of her life! This of course did nothing to help Jason's mood.Within what seemed like seconds, Lisa and her father marched swiftly down the aisle, and her father young naked lolitas tgp was handing her off to Dan, who blindly and miserably took her on his own arm and turned toward the minister.As the music stopped, from the top step of the gazebo, the minister began."Welcome everyone. Today we are gathered together to witness the entrance of Dan and Lisa into the holy bonds of everlasting matrimony. Before we begin, I'd like to ask if there is anyone present who knows of any reason this couple should not be joined together. If so, speak now, or forever hold your peace!"He paused then."This is it!" Jason thought to himself. "I could stop this whole mess right now if I wanted to!"Roy suddenly looked nervous.Johnny stared hard at Jason, as nude webcams teens lolita if by mental telepathy he could force Jason to speak up.Jason breathed in lolita pre-teen porn picture and was about to open his mouth.As if sensing Jason's thoughts, Dan turned and looked pleadingly at him...-------------------------------------------------------------------------------We pick up now with the story from where we left off...The two stared into each other's eyes for an anguished moment, each seeing the immense pain the other was feeling. Jason knew then that no matter what he did or said, he wasn't going to be able to change anything. His eyes began to sting, and his chest began to ache.With tears welling in his eyes, Jason didn't open his mouth afterall. Instead he swallowed the huge lump that had risen in his throat, and turned to face the minister.Dan swallowed as well, trying his hardest not to throw up. He suddenly felt dizzy, as well as sick, and as if he was about to have a heart attack, but he too managed to turn and face the lolitas preteens nude free minister.The sardonic smile reappeared on Roy's face then, while a look of profound sadness appeared on his younger brother's countenance. He knew that Dan was making a big mistake, and he was disgusted with Roy for having meddled in things and caused everyone to make bad decisions.The minister invited Dan, Lisa, Jason, and Michele up into the gazebo then, which wiped the smile from Roy's face, as he was left standing with the other ushers and junior bridesmaids on the lawn.The minister took up the ceremony then, and all went as planned.Although he felt completely removed from his veru lolis model uncensored surroundings, Dan made the correct responses so that he became married to Lisa.Jason felt a stabbing pain in his chest as Dan said "I do" in a slightly quavering voice when the minister asked if he promised to love, honor, and cherish Lisa for the rest of their lives until death parted them.The rest of the ceremony went off without a hot teen lollita gallery problem, and shortly the minister pronounced Dan and Lisa lolita preteen top lists husband and wife. Dan gave her a quick kiss, almost only a peck, on the lips, and they walked down out of the gazebo, to the strains of a classical piece of music, and proceeded down the aisle to the reception line. Lisa was still smiling radiantly. Dan on the other hand wore a strained expression on his face.Jason and the rest of the wedding party followed and lined up with them. Robot-like, Jason smiled and shook hands with everyone who stopped to say hello to him. Thankfully, he didn't have to say much, as nobody knew him. Besides, Roy was standing free russian loli galleries on the other side of Michele, who was just to Jason's left, playing to the hilt, the part of a "southern gentleman", and he was holding up the line chattering away in high spirits with everyone who passed by him. * * *As soon as everyone had passed through the reception line, Jason saw Dan head to the nearest bar and order a double bourbon straight up. He downed the whole thing and ordered another, before Roy had a chance to join him.Feeling sick, betrayed, and disgusted, Jason thought to himself, "Good idea!"Before he could go get a drink though, the wedding planner snared him and stuffed a glass of champagne in his hand."It's time to make your toast!" She said.Jason looked at her as if she had two heads."You know what you're going to say, don't you?" she asked, alarmed.Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Roy standing nearby, seething because he wasn't the one giving the toast."Yeah," Jason said, sneering. "I know what to say!"He said it loud enough for Roy to hear. Roy suddenly turned pale, wondering if Jason was going to blow a hole in things now - even after Dan and Lisa were married."Good!" the wedding planner said. Then she turned nude preteen lolita petite on her own microphone and said, "May we have the bride and groom step forward lolita dark portal links please? And everybody get a glass of champagne. The best man is about to make his toast!"As people scrambled to get glasses of champagne, Jason saw Lisa, who was grinning zeps preteen lolita bbs radiantly yet, dragging a stricken-looking Dan away pre teen lolita blowjobs from the bar, toward him."OK," the wedding planner said, a moment later, as Lisa and Dan stepped up next to Jason, and everyone quieted down.Jason felt sick to his stomach, both because he really didn't want to give Dan's and Lisa's wedding his blessing, and because he didn't like speaking in front of crowds.He saw Roy standing nearby looking both a little frightened, and livid with jealousy. That gave Jason the courage to raise his glass."Ladies and Gentlemen," he said. "In case you don't know me, I'm Jason Anderson, Dan's roommate from college. I was extremely honored when Dan chose me, over all his friends from here at home, to be his best man. That act confirmed for me that, while he had a great many very close friends here, who he values very highly, that when he told me he thought of me as his 'brother', he truly meant it. I have never felt so honored in all my life Dan! You are truly one of the finest men I know, and to have you think of me the way you do... well... words can't express how happy that makes me. I'd like you, and everyone else here to know that I feel lolas nude dark collection the same way about you too! As you said to me Dan, you are truly my best friend, and my 'brother', and you always will be! I can't express to you how much I love you!"As Dan looked at Jason, tears welled in his panty lolita nude free eyes, and he looked miserable. Jason felt his own eyes burning too. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Roy standing to the side, looking like lolita preteens nude princess he'd been kicked in the stomach. When he saw Jason glance at him, he snarled, and downed his glass of champagne, then turned and stalked away.Jason forced himself to smile and looked at Lisa. Then, he continued saying, "OK, enough about Dan! Lisa! Without ever having met you, I realized that when Dan selected you as his one and only life partner, that you had to be an absolutely wonderful a person! Now that we've finally met this week, my feelings were confirmed! You are without a doubt, one fine person! I can tell how much you love Dan, and all I have to say is he's one lucky guy!"Lisa smiled ecstatically as she looked at Jason, and looked teary-eyed."So I'd like everyone to join me in a toast to Dan and Lisa!" Jason said. He turned and faced them and raised his glass and said, "Dan! Lisa! May you both find exactly what it is you're seeking in life! May you both experience the greatest love possible! May that love continue forever! And may you both live very long and very happy lives!"Jason raised his glass slightly and then lowered it and took a sip of champagne. As he did, everyone shouted "hear hear!" and drank from their glasses as well. Lisa wore a radiant smile yet, as Jason tried his best to smile pleasantly at her and Dan. Dan, who'd read between the lines of Jason's speech, or to be more accurate, noticed the certain strategically missing words in Jason's speech, looked devastated however. He had to drink some champagne though. Suddenly he raised his glass to his lips and downed its entire contents.He and Jason looked at one another then for a moment. Jason saw then that Dan finally looked as if he realized he'd made the biggest mistake of his life. He was about to step over to Dan, but Dan suddenly spun on his heels and practically fled, back toward the bar, leaving Lisa looking after him, with a confused look on her face.Jason spun around then too, and feeling completely drained, and devoid of any shred of happiness, headed toward the bar on the opposite side of the yard. He ordered two shots of Black Velvet and a bottle of Sam Adams. He quickly downed the first shot, then picked up the other and his beer and walked away sven bbs lolitas ranchi toward a bench that was down at the far end of the yard, by a little garden with a waterfall in it. lolita nude hidden cam Nobody was near it, and he felt like being alone. * * very young dark lolitas *As he waited in line at the bar, Johnny watched Jason. As he watched him drop onto the bench and stare into the little garden at the waterfall, his heart broke. He liked Jason and knew he was dying inside, and he wished there was a way he could help.When it was his turn at the bar, he asked for a coke, which the bartender poured for him. He'd have ordered a beer, but Mrs. Montgomery had been clear that the caterer wouldn't serve minors under any circumstances. Johnny thanked the bartender when he handed him his soda, and took it and set off in Jason's direction. When he was almost upon him, Johnny thought he saw Jason's shoulder's shaking slightly."Hi Jason!" he said, before he reached him, so that Jason could pull himself together quickly if he wanted to.Jason quickly snuffled and rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hand."Sorry if my timing's bad," Johnny said, stepping lolitta bondage story archives around to the front of the bench and sitting down next to Jason, who blushed.Johnny purposely stared straight at 13 yo lolitas bbs the garden, rather than looking at Jason, so as to give Jason as much privacy as possible, even though he had just sat down right next to him."I know you're hurtin'," Johnny said. "And I know why."Jason's eyes widened and he felt his heart speed up a little. Did Roy's brother know about him and Dan?"It's alright. I'm not tellin' no one!" Johnny said, softly
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