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Related post: My Cousin's Got a Whopper MY COUSIN'S GOT A WHOPPER Hi, my name is David and I am twelve years old growing up in a nothing to do kind of town. The population is not much to mention at all. It is more farm land than young illegal tits anything else. Growing up in this place leaves a lot to be desired with too much of nothing to do on my hands. Everybody knows everybody and there are no secrets hidden by anyone, except me. I am only 4' 9" and weigh a measly 75 pounds soaking wet. My hair is short and light brown in color, but everyone seems to say that I'm cute as a belly button. My problem is simple, yet confusing to me. I have a crush on my closest friend who just happens to be my cousin. His name is Billy. Billy must stand at least 5' 8" and weighs a solid, muscular 150 pounds. His stomach has muscles ripple like waves as he walks. His skin is darkly tanned from working on the farm and his hair is shoulder length, parted in the middle and feathered back, pretty bright blond in color. Billy has the darkest and deepest blue eyes I've ever seen on anyone online young porn before. If there ever was a model material, Billy sure would easily fit the description. asian cartoon young Dimples mark his cheeks ever so softly whenever he smiles. All the girls go crazy whenever they see him and make sexual remarks about him behind his back. I have had numerous girls come to me and ask me all kinds of questions regarding Billy. The most common was the size of his dick. underground young nudes The closest I had ever seen Billy nude was when I was over his house and he walked in front of me wearing his boxer underwear. Other than that, I have never seen any portion of his private areas. For the past two years, I have become unexplainably fixated with Billy. I worship the ground he walks on. Growing up where I grow up, there sure isn't a lot of sex talk going around. I wasn't even sure if I wanted any sex from Billy, but my inner emotions and desires began playing tricks on my mind. I was confused and as time wore on, the more confused I became. I knew Billy was not a virgin because of all the girls throwing their pussy's in his face all the time. young litte virgins All Billy ever talked about was how good a girl would suck his dick and he enjoyed it when they swallowed his sperm. free young couples The more he talked about it, the harder my little four inch pecker would get. The day finally came that I was too far gone with my hidden desires over Billy and young gay tgp decided to talk with him about it. We were out at the far end of the field, near the woods, and Billy sensed that something was on my mind. He asked, "David, is there something you want to talk about?" I was standing there on shaking knees, trembling all over trying to muster the courage to just come out and tell him. After a brief hesitation, I said while looking into his eyes, "Something's wrong with me and I really don't know how to say it." Billy smiled and put his left arm around my shoulders and said, "Come on, you know you don't ever have to be afraid of me." Tears started flowing from my eyes and we sat down on young nude babies a fallen log. His arm still wrapped around me, holding me ever so tight. Mumbling, I said, "If I, I tell you, you'll probably get mad or something." He was shaking his head no, then softly kissed the top of my head and said, "I love you with all my heart so please do not worry your pretty little head over something you might think will happen. Just spit it out and everything will be okay, I promise you!" I sat there crying and shaking like a leaf out of fear of the unknown. Finally, I blurted out, "I have a crush on you!" He just sat there and began rubbing my shoulders with the softest of touches. Billy smiled and asked, "What kind of crush do you have on me?" Between whimpers, I said, "I don't know, sex maybe, I think." Billy began softly laughing while rubbing my shoulders then said, "Not to sound stupid or something, but what kind of sex are you talking about?" I looked into his eyes and showing no more fear, blurted out, "I want to see your dick, you know, like you show it to the girls." Billy stood up and placed himself in front of me, then said, "You mean to tell me that is what you were afraid to talk to me about? We're blood and blood is a lot thicker than water. All you want to do is see my dick. Not a problem so stop crying!" Neither of us was wearing a shirt, just shorts and barefoot. Billy unfastened his top button and pulled his shorts and boxer's down in one quick motion. The envy of my fascination was right in front of my eyes. His dick hung down a good five inches and was thick beyond my every imagination. His blond pubic hairs looked like they had been neatly trimmed as they formed a perfect V shape pattern. Being seventeen years old, he looked like he was only thirteen or so. His balls hung even lower and they looked like half dollar sized nuggets with just a little hair surrounding them. His large mushroom head was thicker than the shaft by a good inch or two. He placed his limp dick in his left hand and said, "See, there's not a whole lot to it." As he began flinging young anal portal young kids nacked it around, my own thoughts began to run wild. I wondered to myself what it would feel like if I sucked it and let him shoot his sperm inside my mouth. Could I build the nerve to swallow it? But my young 15 porno curiosity wanted me to sample his life giving fluid. I sat there like a bump on a log watching my cousin twirl his soft dick in his left hand while verry young ass grabbing a hand full of his balls. I said, "But, it's not hard like when you show it to the girls." He smiled and kept up his routine while saying, "Yeah, but young ladies they suck it for me, you know, put it in their mouths." I kept staring at his cock but it didn't grow hard. Thankfully, Billy asked, "David, do you want to try and suck it to get it fotos younger girls hard?" I opened my mouth and Billy inched forward with his dick in his hand. A drop of fluid was forming at the piss slit and I asked him what that was. Billy Gregg young chevrolet said, "That's pre cum. It won't hurt you I promise." I reopened my mouth as Billy placed his limp cock against my bottom lip. My tongue flashed out and his pre cum fell onto my tongue. Not real salty and definitely not bad either. I soon found myself working on his cock bringing it to life. The more my mouth worked on his cock, the longer and thicker it became. Finally, his cock reached tight young its fullest state. It had to be at least nine inches long and my hand youngest nude modles couldn't even go around it. With his small frame, his cock looked even larger. sexy young amateur I could just barely fuck young girls suck the head and about two inches inside my mouth. Numerous times he cautioned me on my teeth, so I tried to open my mouth wider and cover my teeth with my lips. His cock stood straight out from his body with a downward angle and hooked slightly to the left. He had me put my right hand on his cock and start jacking on it. Billy moaned, "Oh yes, yes keep that up, you're doing just fine." My left hand played with his warm balls and gently began massaging them while my mouth and right hand worked on his cock. I found myself lost in the moment as my every dream about Billy was coming true. My mouth was getting tired from all the stretching, but I sure didn't want to stop sucking on his whopping pole. Billy grabbed the sides of my head and softly screamed, "Oh shit, shit man I, I'm shooting!" The first gush hit the roof of my mouth. It was hot, thick and felt gooey. Several more blast shot inside my mouth, but I didn't swallow. Soon, my mouth was filled with his hot sperm and his cock began to go soft. He slipped his limp cock out of my mouth and my cheeks were bloated with his sperm trapped inside. Billy smiled dirty young and said, "Go ahead, taste it and if you don't like it, spit it out." I was staring preety young girl straight into his gorgeous blue eyes as the first bit slid down my throat. Not bad, not bad at all. Just a hint of salt, but not real salty. I licked my lips as the last of his sperm fell down into my stomach. Billy asked, "So, little cousin, how did you like the taste of my spunk?" I must amateur young adult have been all smiles while saying, "It's kind of delicious!" Two weeks passed and I was going to spend the night over at Billy's. During the passing of the two weeks, we never discussed what I did to him, or even spoke about anything related to sex. I was still looking young free fuck forward to spending the night at his house. He has a lot more stuff to play with than I do. His parent's were going over to visit his uncle and left us there and wasn't planning on coming home until rather young anal lesbian late. About boy young free an hour after they left, Billy decided to go take a shower. He returned to his bedroom where I was at totally naked with a towel around his hair. My eyes immediately fell onto his swaying cock. While he was drying his hair, he turned around and I saw his butt for the first time. Small and bubbly! His balls were dangling between his legs and when he bent over to get his shorts, I saw his butt hole. There were several strands of blond pubic hair that bunched up around his pink hole. I didn't think a whole lot of it because I knew what young schoolgirl loita that hole was used for and began watching his balls sway back and forth. I went to his bathroom and took my shower. My little four inch rape young sex dick was as hard as a rock the entire time. I put my little young asians shorts on inside young gay guys the bathroom and walked into his bedroom to join him. Billy was laying on the bed on his back with his knees bent and legs spread. The towel was draped over his lower half, but upon my entering of the room, I could see he was nude. Not really young kids porno knowing what to do, I stood at the left side of his bed staring at him. Just looking at his gorgeous body, from head to toe, always gave me an instant hard on. Billy was smiling at me and I soon was under his spell. I watched in total awe as he removed the towel and tossed it to the floor. There he was, laying on his back with his legs spread wide open and his cock began to grow, and grow rather rapidly. His voice echoed throughout my mind as he said, "Take off your shorts and lay down beside me." Without even thinking, I unhooked my shorts and my raging little four inch pecker shot straight up, arching slightly towards the ceiling. Billy smiled and said, "Nice to see that you haven't started growing any hair yet. I was kind of curious to know if you did or not." I didn't say a word as I climbed in and lay next to him. Billy rolled over onto his right young whores pics side and his stiff cock fell across my left thigh. His pre cum began oozing onto my thigh as he softly spoke, "There is so much I want to show you, that is if you are interested." I nodded my nervous head in agreement. My eyes followed his head as he lowered his mouth onto my hairless super hard dick. The heat from inside his pic young free mouth set me on fire as this all to knew sensation coursed throughout my body. The nervous trembling's stopped, but my body began jerking as his mouth rifled onto my dick. young babies sex His left hand twirled my extra small hairless balls while his tongue traced every curve of my hard little member. In no time, I defloration young teen screamed, "I think, I, I got to pee." His mouth still on my cock, he nodded no and continued his sucking. My body uncontrollably twitched and jerked at his every touch. My hands latched onto the bed spread youngporn 7 while my eyes remained partially opened. His mouth fell off my cock and swallowed my little balls. I could feel his tongue as it roamed over and under each ball. The heat from his oven like mouth was sending shivers up and down my spine. His right hand reached up and found my left nipple and began pinching and pulling at it. It hurt, but it hurt so good. After several minutes of Billy slobbering on my balls, he stopped and asked, "Is there anything you want to young hot blondes try or is there something you don't want to do?" I was gasping for air and shook my head no. young heartbreakers He rolled me onto my stomach and his hands began softly, but aggressively, tearing at the flesh of my back and butt cheeks. It kind of hurt, but it definitely felt young masterbating good too. A quick and sharp pain shattered my thought process a
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