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Related post: Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 20:18:40 EDT From: Subject: Jamie's Romance - Ch 22Greetings everyone,Here's Chapter 22.First off a belated congratulations to Brian Littrell in his marriage to Leigh Anne Wallace on September 2nd in Atlanta. I would've done it in the last chapter but didn't hear the official word until after I had posted it.A preeteen model fotos big prop to *NSync for their showing at the VMA's. They got best Pop video, best choreography and Viewers Choice. Plus their performance was the best one there, I thought. Justin had on the greatest leather pants! Great job guys!A thanks to Nino for helping me think through some of this chapter, and everyone that has given me a kind word about the story.As usual: This story is purely fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of 'N Sync or anyone associated with their organization. It is meant for those over the age of 18 only and those who wish to read josie model pics stories with sexual content. ****** Jamie's Romance - Chapter Twenty-Two The circle of light surrounded him in the darkened room. Jamie groaned in his sleep. It nonnude teen modells was the dream again but this time only different. french bikini models There were no footsteps, no chuckling. The feeling of being watched was brazilian bikini models still there. Jamie willed himself to be strong.He stepped toward the edge of the light and got nearer to it. As he reached the edge two paths materialized in front of him. Down one he could see a forest clearing. Sun shone through the trees and he could hear birds singing. Down the other he taboo xxx models could make out Justin desperately holding onto a railing. It seemed he was in the middle of some sort of storm calling out Jamie's name although no sound came from him."You must choose," the voice said startling Jamie."This isn't real, I don't have to choose. This doesn't exist.""Choose," the voice insisted."No!" Jamie turned his back and walked to the other end of the circle where he found the two choices waiting for him."Choose.""I refuse to play your game anymore." Jamie model makers glasgow went to the center of the circle and sat, putting his head in his hands."This is your game, no one else's. Choose!" the voice insisted more forcefully.Jamie opened his eyes and saw that the circle was gone. All that remained was the one spot he sat in connected young model art to the two choices on opposite sides of him. He looked toward the figure of Justin and thought of him. The dream wavered but remained. "Justin!" Jamie called to the figure but it did not hear him."JUSTIN!" Jamie screamed waking himself up, knowing what the dream meant. He sat in the bed alone sweating and trembling. Justin burst into the room a few seconds later."Jamie, are you ok?" he asked breathlessly as he hopped on the bed and pulled Jamie into his arms."I'm fine. Where were you?" Jamie clutched at Justin tightly."I just got back from a run and was stretching out models prteen in the driveway when I heard you scream. It was pretty loud, babe. I think I prte teen models just about jumped up the entire flight of steps."Jamie noticed that Justin was wet with sweat. "I'm ok, or I will be.""It was the dream again, wasn't it?""It was and it wasn't. It was different this time. It wanted me to choose.""Choose what?"Jamie let out a shuddering breath. "Choose a life of turmoil with you or a peaceful life without christina sutton model you." Justin sat back in shock. Was this how Jamie really felt? Or was this just the rambling of a bad nightmare? He hugged Jamie tightly. "It will be ok, Jamie. It was only a bad dream."Jamie looked up at Justin. "I know, but it's hard not let it affect me. It was so strong, so real.""We russian models dasha will beat it together."Jamie smiled at Justin. "Thank you." He took Justin's face in his hands and pulled him down for a kiss. Soon Justin's lips parted and Jamie reached out with catalog modeling child his adult erotic modeling tongue to find Justin's. archos models comparisons They finally stopped to catch a breath.."Baby, nobody can kiss ayleen teen models me like that," Justin panted into Jamie's ear."And nobody should be," Jamie chuckled feeling better in Justin's arms.They both giggled together before Justin pulled away. "Why don't you hit the shower while I fix some breakfast. russian models portfolio I'll shower after breakfast. We have about an hour before Josh gets here."Jamie nodded and Justin kissed his forehead. "Jamie, last night before we fell asleep you called me something that I haven't heard in a long while."Jamie blushed. "JuJu? I'm sorry, I must've read it somewhere and it just came out. I'm sorry.""No, please, I'd like you to call me that if you want," Justin smiled. "I like the way you say it," he added a little bashfully."I love you, JuJu." Jamie kissed Justin one last time before heading to the shower."And I love you too, sweet pea." ------ They spent the morning going from one ride to another. JC pulled the small group along like a little kid would his parents. No ride was ruled out and all four of them were youign model pic laughing and having a great time. It was early in the season so the park was fairly empty and they stopped worrying about being mobbed and just had a kids model agency good time. Jamie's favorite so far was the flume because everyone but him had gotten soaked. He was sitting between Joey and Justin and ducked so that they caught the brunt of the splash.Joey called a break to stop for something to eat. Just as model glider airplanes they were finishing lunch Jamie had trouble catching his breath and he knew something was wrong. "Justin, I think I need to go to the first aid station."Justin was immediately on alert. "What's wrong?" he asked with concern."I think my allergies are acting up and it's making it hard for me to breath. I need to get some Sudafed or something."Justin relaxed only a little. "Did you bring your atomizer?" Jamie shook his head no."Atomizer?" JC asked."For my asthma, Josh. Although I haven't had an attack since high school, I still carry it with me just in case, but I left it back in my suitcase.""Ok, let's go find the nurse." Justin rose holding Jamie by the arm to lead him.Joey was way ahead of them. He was busy checking the map while they were talking. "It's right around that corner," he pointed.In a few minutes they found the station and went inside. After asking a bunch of questions, the nurse gave Jamie some over the counter allergy medicine and an aspirin, admonishing him to take it easy. The group was more subdued now but they didn't let this spoil the fun. They spent the next couple of hours doing some more relaxed things in and around the arcade and spent nearly an hour gorgeous models in the bumper cars.Jamie spotted something in one of the gift shop windows and stopped them. "Josh, does Lance still collect Tasmanian Devil stuff?""He sure does, he's fanatic about it, almost as much as Joe is about Superman.""Hey, I resemble that remark," Joey kidded.They went in to help Jamie find something new for Lance to add to his collection. When it seemed that they weren't having any success Jamie went to a salesclerk."Excuse me, but could you tell me what is the newest merchandise that has the Tasmanian Devil on it?"The teenage boy smiled. "Well, that's an easy question. It's the beach towels right over there, they just came in yesterday. We've never had them before.""Great, thanks!" Jamie called the other guys over as he went to pick out two towels, each with a different pose on them. As Jamie went to pay for the towels the others continued looking around then met him at the checkout. The clerk's eyes got teen modelling pics real big when he saw who Jamie was with."Oh my...." was all he could say as his mouth worked.Jamie laughed and looked at the name tag. "Hey, Jeff. I bet if you ask real nice they'll sign some autographs for you."Jeff suddenly smiled and went over to a poster bin. teen model opener Pulling one out, he unrolled it and amanda landry model handed Justin a marker. Justin looked down at the faces of him and the others."They sell these here too, huh?" he asked with a lil models sex big smile at Jeff as he signed above his head. Joey and JC did the model photography same as Jeff rang up the towels for Jamie.Finally Jeff found his tongue. "I really love you guys. Your music is the best."JC smiled at him. "Thanks, Jeff. Wait until you hear the next album. It should be out sometime in March."Jeff grinned. "Can't wait! Thanks for the autographs.""It was the least we could do for a fan," Joey said as he held out his hand and shook Jeff's."Jeff, quick, write down your name and address and we'll send you backstage passes and tickets to the next concert here in Orlando," Justin offered."Oh, sure, wow, my sister small little models will freak!" He handed Justin the paper and waved goodbye. Jeff was beaming as they left the store.Jamie turned to Justin. "That was very nice of you to do, sweetie.""We do that on occasion when something nice is done for us," he replied pointing to the bag in Jamie's hand. Jamie smiled at him."I like the guy fans, they don't get all crazy like the girls do," Joey noted."You have alot of them too. You just made another calendario modelo taina young gay boy very happy," Jamie said."You sure he was?" JC asked.Jamie nodded. "Positive. While you were signing you didn't catch the looks he was giving you, Josh."They laughed as 16yo model galleries JC blushed.Joey grabbed Justin's arm as they passed an ice cream parlor and pointed. "Justin and I will be back in a minute, you guys want anything?"JC and Jamie looked at each other. "I think we're all set," Jamie answered for them both. "We'll be right over there on that bench." Joey and Justin practically ran into the store."So models triplets how are you really doing, Josh?" Jamie asked as they sat."I'm ok now, last night was really tough. I know it's only a few days but I miss him." JC stopped with a big sigh."I know, Josh. Believe me, I know. Can I tell you something?" JC nodded. "Lance loves you very much. It killed him to leave you out of his trip home, I could see it in his eyes. He really wanted brazillian models nude you there with him, but he was pretty sure his parents would react badly to his news and he didn't want you to be in the line of fire. He was trying to protect you from that."JC smiled. "Thanks. I guess I knew that all along but it helps lightspeed amateur model hearing someone else say it. Today has really helped. Thanks for doing this.""Josh, you're my friend too and I wanted to spend some time with you. Plus you needed some time to just relax.""So, how are you and Justin doing?""Fine, I think.""Anything wrong? That didn't sound so confident.""We just need to sit and talk about some things. nasty models We agreed to do that tomorrow and just enjoy ourselves for now.""No bad stuff, I hope.""Not really, Josh. Just relationship stuff. You know, things to work out before we can move forward from here."JC nodded. "I know all ls models videos about that. I like you alot Jamie. I think you are a great guy and just the person Justin needs."Jamie blushed. "Thanks, Josh."JC patted his shoulder as he continued. "Justin is my best young german models friend, has been for a long time now, and I tend to be a little protective of him. When Justin met you I could amatuer modelling tell that he was head over heels for you from that first day." Jamie nodded, showing he knew this. "Well, since then he's been a different Justin. Jamie, Justin is so in love with you, I don't think he even knows how much.""I feel the same way but sometimes I wonder if this can really work."JC nodded to Jamie with a sad smile. "Let me tell you something if it will help but I'll deny I ever said it if Justin finds out."Jamie nodded. "My lips are sealed."JC stood and paced a little in front of the bench. "Sorry, but it helps me think." Jamie smiled and waited for him."Jamie, Justin and I talked alot last week. He cried most of the time because he missed you so much. Sure I've seen him cry before, but never like this. He would do anything for you. If he had
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