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Related post: Kazar 3 KazarPart 3Kazar made his way into the house and greeted his parents, they asked him about his day and he told them that he'd had a really wicked time with JonathonHe was just about to go into detail on the days events when his younger brother Collin burst into the room shouting, "Dad, daaad, I hot preteen videos saw Kazar kissing bbs preteens portal a man in the car before he came inside."Mr Burton looked at his son, "Is that true Kazar?"The boy was frightened but his mind quickly came to his rescue, "Yes dad but I only gave him a peck on the cheek preteen sex toplists to thank him for a really nice day out.""No dad, it wasn't a peck he kissed him on the lips and for quite a while."Mr Burton turned to his younger son and told him to return to his room he then told Kazar to take a seat when the boy was seated he said, "I want the truth Kazar and if I feel that your lying I won't hesitate to have the police involved in the matter. Now what happened on your outing and I want all the details because boys don't kiss men on the lips in preteens hot panties appreciation for an outing."His thoughts from earlier in the day came flooding back and also what Jonathon had said would happen if they were ever discovered. At once his protective nature for Jonathon came to the front and he blurted young preteen smoking out. "It wasn't his fault dad, it was mine, I was the one who did the kissing and it was me that started preteen sluts pictures all the other preteen masterbation preview things.""What other things are you talking about Kazar."And the boy now realizing his mistake had no option but to recall the events of the day. By the time he had finished Mr Burton was furious although the boy pleaded with him that Jonathon had not wanted to do anything he was not prepared to listen to the boy's pleas. His first action was to go to the phone and contact the police and after he had spoken to them a couple of Detective Constables were on their way to speak to him and the boy.After an hour at the Burton residence the DC's. made their way to Jonathon's house they rang the bell and when Jonathon answered the door they asked to see a Mr Jonathon Blake."That's me what did you preteens with dog want."Showing their identity cards one of the men asked, "Would you accompany us to the police station to help us in our enquiries about allegations made against you concerning indecent sexual acts against a minor, one Kazar Burton."Jonathon's heart sank he had no idea what had happened that the police should be involved so soon after leaving the boy. Confronting the police he asked? "Can I get my coat and inform my mother that I'm going out."They gave him permission though one preteen girls ftp of the officers stepped into the house to keep an eye on Jonathon at all times. He said goodbye to his mother put on his jacket and left the house that he had lived in since his birth never to preteen porn passwords return.At the police station he was led into an interview room by the same officers that had come to the house and after cautioning him they began their questioning. From the moment preteen spanking stories they mentioned what had taken place on the outing by the anime preteen fuck river and whether he wanted to deny the allegations Jonathon knew that ucranian preteens photos the boy had revealed the events of the day and felt that it would be futile to deny it."Yes, what has been said is true and I admit to indecently assaulting preteen pictures sex the boy. He was very na´ve and was easily led by me into committing the acts you mentioned."The officers read Jonathon preteen top free his rights and asked him to sign a statement which he readily did taking full ukrainian preteen boys responsibility for what chubby preteen models had happened between himself and Kazar.The officers informed him that he would appear before a magistrate's court the next day and he would be remanded in custody till then. He was led away to the cells and asked if he wanted anything to eat or drink. He asked for a cup of tea and was told it would be brought to him in due course and then the cell door was closed behind him.He sat on the bed his head held in his hands wondering what had caused Kazar to reveal what they had done that day. He was sure the boy had not been averse to what had taken place and had actually started the proceedings. His preteen thums mind went round in circles trying to find some reason for the boy confessing to what they had done until at last he arrived at the only possible cause for why imageboard model preteen he was here and that being someone had seen them, but who?Jonathon slept in fits and starts and at daybreak he was up and pacing the cell. Later in the morning he was brought a breakfast of sorts which he had to more or less force down his throat free preteenz list but welcomed the cup of tea. He phoned his mother and informed her where he was, he refused to tell her over the phone the reason preteen cum mpegs why but when she came to visit him he would divulge to her the reason for his incarceration.After the hearing that day when the Magistrates had reviewed preteens fucking movies the case they referred the case to be heard in The Crown Courts. Jonathon was refused bail and remanded in custody preteen model naturalist till the date of the trial. His mother was allowed to visit him and to bring him a change of clothing. While they talked he informed his mother of what had taken place the day that he'd gone out with Kazar. Although preteen pussies pics he had not initiated proceedings he was to blame because he being the adult had not had the will power to stop the boy's sexual advances. He expressed his feelings of regret at what had taken place and that he'd broken the trust of the boy's parents when they had allowed little india preteen the boy accompany him chat gay preteen on the outing. That was why he was going to plead guilty to all the charges to spare the boy and his parents from having to appear in court and hopefully that would make amends for his actions.Mrs Blake pleaded with her son to change his guilty plea and to fight the case. Jonathon was adamant and would models preteen nud not change his mind, he was held in remand for six months before his case came to court and in a matter of a day his plea of guilty to all charges his case was over and the words ringing in his ears. "You castle portal preteen will be Detained at one of Her nude preteen beaches Majesty's Prison for a period of Seven Years.He just had time to glance at his mother who was quietly crying as he was led away to the cells.The doorbell rang and Mrs Burton answered the door. The person standing on the doorstep was dressed in a grey pinstriped suit and looked to be in his late forties."Yes what did you want?" she enquired of the man."Good afternoon madam I'm Mr Hendry from the local Government Probation Office is this the residence of Mr and Mrs Burton.""Yes it is," would you like cherry preteen to come inside."Thank you," he entered the house and with Mrs Burton leading the way they arrived at the sitting room."Take a seat my husband is in the back garden I'll just go and fetch preteen lol sites him," she left and returned within a minute with Mr Burton in attendance.Again the man introduced himself to Mr Burton and when they were all seated he began."I'm here to inform you that Jonathon porn preteen tgp Blake has been paroled and is to be released within the month. The Probation Office thought it only proper that you the parents and also your son, who was abused by the man be informed of his imminent release. You'll be pleased to know that he won't be returning to this area preteens webcam photo in fact he won't be returning to London at all so there should be know possible reason for him to cross your paths again. He will be placed," and Mr Hendry was interrupted by the door bursting open and a young boy running in shouting, "Leave off Kaz I didn't mean it," followed by an older teenager. They both halted when they saw their parents sitting in conversation with a stranger and immediately apologised. Mr. Burton told the younger boy to leave the room then turning to the older boy said, "You'd better take a seat Kazar this concerns you as well. The eighteen-year-old with a questioning look on his face took a seat.Again Mr Hendry repeated what he'd said earlier then looking at the teenager asked, "You shouldn't be too concerned about Blake's release as underage preteen ru I was saying to your parents just as you came in he won't be living in London and he'll be put on a sex offenders euro preteen sluts list with his movements being closely monitored over the next three years."Kazar looking at Mr Hendry asked, "Where will Jonathon be living?""I'm sorry I can't divulge that information to you but there is no reason for you to know of his whereabouts.""Of course there bloody is I want to see him wap preteen nude again. Don't you know that he took the blame for something that I did, and with the help of the police, young hot preteen my father, and the Crown Prosecution Services they trumped up some nude preteen upskirt of the charges against him.""You were a minor at the time and you couldn't be held responsible for your actions.""God you people are so bloody stupid, can't be held responsible for my actions, listen to yourself don't you know that nowadays kids at fourteen know sex games preteen as much preteen naked skin about sex as most adults and have been having sex for at least a year school preteen nude and in some cases longer. By fourteen I'd seen enough porn and had experienced heterosexual and homosexual sex to know what direction my sexuality was pointing in, and when I saw Jonathon he was what I preteens 12 naked wanted. But because like you the people concerned in the case were not prepared to listen to a fourteen-year-old and because Jonathon chinese preteens nude was prepared to take the blame for a sexual offence that in the most was exaggerated out of all proportion photos preteens by the lawyers for the prosecution Jonathon was chat preteen room given seven years. I promised that when he came out of nudist preteen dvd prison I'd find him and ask him to forgive me so if you can't give me his address I'll find it for myself."Mr Hendry sat silent for a moment before addressing Kazar, "Umm I umm preteen girls lia don't know what to say, I haven't read the transcripts of the case only being transferred into this office six months ago. Maybe the sentence was a bit harsh judging from what you have just said, but the fact is that Jonathon Blake had sexual activity with a minor the person in question being you he had to be brought to trial. If he had allowed you to speak in his defence the preteens bbs xxs judge preteens best pics might have been more 14yr preteen lenient in erotic comic preteen his sentencing, but for reasons only he knows why Mr Blake took full responsibility for what took place between the two of cameltoe preteen pics you. Now he's being released and I'm sure he doesn't wish to be reminded of the events that put him behind bars, if you intend on trying to find him I can't stop you but before you do so I would advise you to discuss it with your parents," addressing them all he enquired, "Are there any black preteen pix other questions you would like to voice concerning his release."The Burtons all agreed that there was nothing further that they wanted to know, Mr Hendry arose from his seat and made to exit the house, at the front door Kazar suddenly called out, naturist preteen photos "Mr Hendry what is the date of Jonathon's release.""Saturday the 21st of June," he replied, "In two weeks time," saying, "Goodbye," to all of them Mr Hendry left the Burton household.Inside the house there was a strained silence till Mr Burton turned to his son, "Do you%
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