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Related post: Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 01:19:01 +1000 (EST) From: Country Mouse Subject: Katya's Training Chapter OneWelcome to my first story published on Nifty. The themes and subject matter in this story are adult, including but not limited to both consensual and coerced sexual acts between persons of the same gender.This is a fantasy. In reality, I advocate the principles of Risk Awareness; Safe,Sane and Consensual BDSM and always observe safer sex guidelines. Safer Sex is a way of life.If reading about power dynamics and graphic smut between women is illegal in your jurisdiction or offends you, please leave now.One of the characters in this fantasy is sixteen, the age of consent in my jurisdiction. Again, I point out that this is a fantasy. In real life, my personal preference is for older women.In my fantasies, anything is possible.I am the feedback whore from hell. If you like my tale, please write to me and let me know. Don't bother lecturing me about my sins. I preteen fucking nudes already know that I'm a pervert. I rather like that about me. Katya's Training copyright 2006 by dr_country_mouse_top Story codes: F/g, F^g, teen2, BD, anal, reluc, spank, sm Nifty category: Lesbian/authoritarian The author grants the Nifty Archive a vegina of preteenage non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, and non-cancellable license to display the work. free preteen mpgs All other rights reserved. She was better looking than I anticipated.Katya was sixteen, and preteen boys naturisme looked it, thank god. I young latina preteens was conflicted enough about taking on a girl so young. I consoled myself with the knowledge that she was at least legal. Sixteen was the age of consent.I had more qualms about her age than I did about buying another human being.She had one of those indefinably Russian faces, like so many of the little blonde tennis princesses the former USSR was apparently cranking out of some factory. It was, I decided as I studied the preteen nude gymnastics girl's slightly too thin form, probably located next to the factory where all professional golfers acquired the evidently mandatory blonde wife.She had hazel eyes to go with the badly cut blonde hair, green and gold most prominent. Her skin was fair, stretched tightly over the high cheek bones. Her mouth was too wide, her preteens daily neck long and graceful. She was not beautiful. Her features were too strong for that. But she looked interesting, as if she might grow into someone beautiful.Even in the shabby clothing that may have even been her own, she had the leggy, vaguely athletic look of the young Katherine Hepburn. "Do you know why you're here?" I asked her pleasantly.She licked her lips nervously. "Yes, ma'am," Katya's voice was quiet, cautious. I had been assured that she was completely fluent in English."Then drop trou, pants, underwear, whatever, shove it all down to your ankles. I want to have a look at you."Katya blushed but she obeyed, with only a slight hesitation, her eyes flicking towards her escort. The men who had delivered her were impassive, carefully uninvolved. The girl unbuttoned the cheap polyester trousers, unzipping the fly to reveal plain white cotton panties. Her breath hitched but she hooked her thumbs inside both trousers and underwear and shoved them down to her ankles.She was a natural blonde, I noted with approval, although she would be removing the dark blonde pubic hair in moments. "On your knees, dear, forehead to the floor, ass up."I pulled on a latex examination glove, enjoying the familiar snap at my wrist. "Has anyone or anything been inside your ass?" I had paid the additional hefty fees required to obtain an `untouched virgin'. I had little doubt that I would find her hymen intact, but I was less sanguine about the status and recent history of her asshole."The doctors," Katya said, sounding rather breathless. I squeezed a generous dollop of lube on to my fingers and then smoothed it over her tiny wrinkled hole. She squeaked a bit over the temperature of the lube and I chuckled."Sorry, kiddo. I was too lazy to warm it for you." I circled the tight ring of muscle with a latex covered finger tip, tracing the rim and then tapping gently at the entrance. "Anyone else?" I squeezed more lube on my finger."No, ma'am."I entered her in one slow, sweet plunge, sinking my finger deep into her ass. "I'm going to spend a lot of time in this ass of yours," I told her as she gasped in shock. It was an abrupt entry, but no worse than people experienced every day in a doctor's office. I knew that although Katya was probably shocked, and perhaps a little uncomfortable, there was no true pain, not from my slender and very well lubricated finger. "I'm going to spend hours and hours just playing with this ass. I'll train you preteen xxx cp to orgasm from anal stimulation alone," I told her casually, holding my finger still, letting her get used to my presence in her body. "Are you sure you're in the right place?"Her answer was slightly muffled by her position, but it was still clear. "Yes, ma'am."I suspected she was well aware of what her alternatives were. Girls that ended up sucked into the 21st century's equivalent of the slave trade rarely had an easy time of it. Had she not been a virgin, Katya would have been forcibly addicted modeling preteen petite to heroin, gang raped until she preteen girls sites was totally broken and docile then sold to a brothel in eastern Europe or the Middle East."I'm going to examine you and put you through a rather extensive testing procedure." Her ass was exquisitely tight, clutching my finger in a rippling embrace. "Not much has been in your ass, that much is clear," I acknowledged breezily. "But you're of no interest to me unless you're fully functional. I'll be testing your sexual responsiveness and orgasmic capabilities."Katya didn't move, breathing just a little too fast as I dismissed the three men who had escorted her, graciously turning them over to my housekeeper, who would serve them tea and an assortment of freshly baked goodies. "Stand up, pull your pants back up and follow me."I turned and left her. She would either follow me or not, and now was the time to find out. I walked through the house down the central hallway and then out the door, following the covered walkway out to the playhouse.I was almost to the playhouse door when I heard her hasty footsteps behind me. Katya had apparently made her choice. She followed me into the playhouse, looking around curiously. "If you stay, this will be your domain, although you may be called up to the main house on a regular basis. But in the absence of specific orders otherwise, you will remain in these quarters."You will not, however, be a prisoner. You'll wear a tracking device, for your own safety, but you may earn privileges and a certain amount of free time. I will also either enrol you in school or find you a tutor. You will have exercise periods and enough intellectual and social stimulation to ensure your mental health. You're an expensive, high maintenance pet, but I suppose a girl's gotta have a hobby. The garden club just wasn't cutting it, even at my age."I grinned at her and she did not look reassured at all. "Take off all your clothes. You will be naked inside this building unless given specific orders otherwise." She stripped obediently, casting me an anxious look and then carefully folding her clothes. "Just leave them there for the time being. If you stay, we'll dispose of them."There was true fear in her face. "Please ma'am. Let me stay." Katya swallowed audibly. "I want to stay." The alternative was evidently less palatable than anything she thought I might do to her."We'll see how well you perform before we talk about you staying," I chided her gently, and she blushed, hardly reassured. "Look around. Feel free to touch things or ask questions. " I studied her naked form as she wandered about, looking at the sling, the spanking horse, the fucking machines. I could see her throat working; she swallowed nervously as she took in the whips and paddles and floggers hanging on the walls.There as a wet tiled area for messy play, including a small Spartan bathroom with a toilet, a bidet and a small hand basin. The shower was open to the rest of the play space, bright with reflected light off preteen nudist angels the clinically white tiles, with built in tiled benches and an intriguing collection of hoses and nozzles. There was even a special table designed to facilitate the delivery of enemas and high colonics. It was a clever bit of equipment that could be altered with a few, relatively swift adjustments into a gynaecological bondage table.Of course, there were a variety of horizontal surfaces for displaying my pet, a leather sofa, several platforms with bondage furniture of various configurations. My favourite area would always be the far corner on the same long wall as the wet area and the toilet cubicle. It was set up like a doctor's office, complete with another gynaecological bondage table, featuring modern stirrups formed of some space age plastic. There were glass fronted cabinets displaying a variety of medical toys under spot lights, glistening off highly polished surgical stainless steel.I led Katya to the small toilet area. "I don't want to deal with your shit," I told her, taking one of the Fleet enemas from the cupboard. "I'm told you're fluent in English. Read the directions and give yourself an enema. Call me when you have it all inside you, and leave the nozzle inside your ass until I've checked to make sure you've taken it all. I don't want you to release the enema until I give you permission, but if you leak, you're the one who has to clean it up."Katya blushed like crazy when I asked her if she knew how to masturbate. "Yes, ma'am," she confirmed quietly."I want you to masturbate preteen nonude modles as you give yourself the enema. Feel free to orgasm if you can," I assured her, "just ask me for permission before you come. I'm a sexual sadist. It will make me wet to spank you and torment you in preteen littles models a variety of delicious ways. But I will find it almost equally as entertaining to watch you come. One of the primary ways I'll teach you to love being fucked in the ass is to make sure that you always come hard and often whenever I play with your ass. Now go clean yourself out and call me when it's all inside you."Looking a little stunned, Katya padded off into the toilet cubicle, dutifully calling me when she had emptied the pre-packaged bottle of enema solution into her ass. "Good girl," I told her, patting her ass. She had chosen to self-administer the enema while on her knees, with her face on a folded towel. Her hips were tilted, revealing her sex, wet with arousal. Her cunt was pink and pretty, particularly with the way her genitals plumped up, engorged with sexual arousal. My pet had evidently obeyed me, stimulating herself during the enema. "Did you orgasm?""No ma'am," she gasped."You may go to the toilet and empty yourself as soon as I leave the room" I said, not unkindly. "Use the bidet to wash yourself and refill the bottle nude preteen 13yo you have in your ass with plain water. Rinse yourself, making sure to masturbate. I won't young nymphet preteens make you try to retain an enema without a plug, so empty yourself whenever you're ready. Shower, shave your armpits, your lower legs and your pubic hair; wash your hair and condition it. You'll find everything you need."When you're done, dry yourself, give yourself a manicure and a pedicure and be sure to take care of your skin. There are moisturizers for hand and body as well as a complete range of skin care products for your face. Ask me if you have any questions about anything."I reminded her to call me if she wanted permission to orgasm. I was, as I explained to her, a responsible pet owner. I might be indulgent and authorize orgasms with lavish generosity, but I wouldn't fail in my responsibility to witness and control them. Katya was quite desperate to release the enema at this point, so I left her to deal with the less pleasant portion of the program in privacy.I had given her a deadline of two hours. She appeared ten minutes early, looking decidedly frazzled and quite edible. erotic preteen adult Her hair just brushed her shoulder, a thick mane that showed a tendency to wave as it dried. Her pussy was neatly shaven, although I suspected I would have to clean her up a bit.I had checked on her frequently, which only seemed to add to her nerves and amused me. I praised her for her punctuality and ordered her over to the examination area.Katya used the small step stool and sat
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