Elysium Forum

Welcome to Elysium Forum
at the edge of augury vale
Between Augury Vale and Dragonbone Moor, the newly constructed Elysium Forum sprawls generously, as large as any of the villages. The forum is a neutral ground in Shaman, a sanctuary for any who ask for it. In addition to the individual temples for each monotheistic deity cult, there are also headquarters here for the Council of Originals, the Alliance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Divine Scribes, several of the fairy churches and the Lieutenants of Death. The buildings are a haphazard mess of different architectural styles.

Tsi, Chairman, missing
Mallos, Acting Chairman
Zed, Intergalactic Ambassador
Lorraine, Interspecies Ambassador
Khasekhemwy, Scribe
Allianah, Guardian
Charlton, Council Member
Rhaegar, Council Member
Gwythr, Suspended Council Member
Xephyr, Suspended Council Member
Aura, Guide of the Dead
Thyri, Companion of Rhaegar
Rana de Leon, Companion of Zed
Nepenthe, Companion of Mallos
Jorg, Son of Rhaegar
Mateo, Son of Zed
Luka, Daughter of Zed
Angela, Daughter of Mallos
Elina, Step-daughter of Rhaegar

Mace, Alliance Captain
Caldera, Alliance Guard
Nepenthe, Alliance Agent
Svea, Nanny to Jorg
Eskel, Bodyguard to Jorg
Bjorn, Rhaegaran Priest

Add your character and their personalised role via the updates board.

located here
  • Deity temples: Each deity has a dedicated temple. The temples are done up in different architectural styles, as unique as the deity they represent.
  • Council HQ: The Council of Originals has a formal headquarters at the centre of the forum for the rare occasions when they meet on Shaman.
  • Divine Embassy: The formal offices of the Shaman branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are located here.
  • Alliance HQ: The formal HQ of the Shaman branch of the Alliance is located here. The HQ also includes a barracks, training ground and offices.
  • Divine Library: An expansive library, ideal for those studying with the Divine Scribes, is located close to the Council HQ.
  • Angel HQ: Independent of the other residents who regard it with nervousness, and to the horror of the Auran Church, the Lieutenants of Death have established a haphazard HQ here.
  • Auran Church: The Auran Church has its own HQ building independent of Aura's temple. Priests of the Auran Church meet and live here.
  • Mallosian Church: The Spanish branch of the Mallosian Church has set up its own HQ building precariously close to the Auran one. Priests of the Mallosian Church meet and live here.
  • Magic Market: Since there is so much activity, some enterprising individuals decided to begin a weekend market at the forum. It is dominated by stalls selling magical wares and unofficial deity merchandise.

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