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Related post: Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 07:17:13 -0800 (PST) From: tag michaels Subject: Dane part 8One more time: this isn't about me, anyone I know, anyone I might know. my knowledge it has never happened to anyone I know or shocking bbs pics might know. It's only a story so grab a bowl of popcorn and a bottle of your bbs toplist nude fav-o-right lube and n-joi Tag The only noteworthy event prior to the funeral service as Leeza's passing. I found a message on my answering machine to call Chamberlain, who free ls magazine bbs told me. Leeza had died of complications from the surgery and multiple organ failure and so was taken kds bbs list off life support. If I free bbs children sex had to guess, I would say that Jan's father had okayed the removal of life support. Someone had to have power of boylove tgp bbs attorney over her, just as the precaution for Dane was placed in my hands. So now my wonderful sweet baby boy had no immediate family, and only one close blood relative that I was aware of, and soon to meet. I elected to not tell Dane about his sister unless he brought it up. I had every confidence that forum bbs ru malyshok his "grandfather" would tell him.Tuesday arrived without fanfare. Chamberlain called to let me know that a car would pick us up at my place at 11am. Dane and I showered together as usual but without some of the usual banter and playing. Clearly he was hangin on but didn't have a real firm grip. As we toweled off he asked if we could just lay on the bed together for a bit. "You bet baby boy" I answered. We lay down, and he snuggled in close to me, head as usual in the crook of my shoulder and an arm draped across my lower abdomen. We didn't talk, just kinda hung out. Without really thinking he began idly twirling his fingers in my pubic hair. I didn't say anything, not wanting to disturb what I felt was his processing elwebbs cp today's event teen bbs gallery , but I ended up getting hard and the head of my cock bumped into his hand. That surprised him and he said,"Oh wow Cody, I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that." I told him it was fine, not to worry. Without saying another word he slid out of my arm bbs ranchi board and down to my belly facing my now fully stiff member. He darted his tongue out at the head, like a snake smelling it's surroundings. After a half dozen of these little teen bbs nude teasers he moved a little further, just enough bbs underground toplist to get the head into his mouth."Are you sure you want to start this right now you horny boy". He mumbled something and kept on sucking (I guess that's a yes) and sliding a little further down, taking more of my rampant cock into his warm soft mouth. He had gotten much better at sucking my cock but could still only take in about half without choking. I put my hand on his head and rubbed it gently and since his ass was kind of facing my direction my other hand began kneading it softly. With a little pressure I urged him to spread his legs a bit, which he did, and I played with the crack of guestbook bbs fozya his bbs naked pic creamy firm beautiful boy ass, running my finger up and down it. He squirmed and sucked harder, cupping my fat balls with his other hand and gently squeezing them. I was getting hot. I whispered to Dane to move over me in a 69 position. "I want to lick your ass my beautiful boy, ukrainian bbs and suck on your hairless soft ball sac". He straddled my face on his knees and pushed back a little, placing that wonderful pink rosebud of boy muscle almost on my nose. Placing my hands on his cheeks, I spread him open and darted my tongue in and out. Dane wiggle a bit. Then I went to work guestbook litle girls bbs on him, licking the hole and the muscle around it, sticking my tongue in, putting my lips to it and kissing and sucking it, worshiping that most private place. Dane went wild. He had to stop sucking my cock in order to moan, the pleasure overtaking him. He continued to stroke my cock and lick zoung bbs at my balls while I sucked his russian nude bbs models boy balls into my mouth guestbook girl bbs then sunn bbs kds popped them out only to suck them in again. I reached under and grasped his hot hard boy cock in my hand and began stroking it and went back to sucking his asshole. free nudist bbs It was too much for me, having this perfect asshole bbs sixteen nude pics in my mouth and it's perfect owner working on my engorged cock."I'm cumming" was all I could say and pulled his hole onto my mouth. God what a wonderful way to cum, rimming the smooth clean asshole of a magnificent young teen boy. My orgasm brought Dane to peak and he pumped into my hand, dumping out his sperm onto my belly. He rolled off me onto his back and top bbs models as our breathing subsided said,"Thank you my sweet man, I feel better now". I looked at the clock. Stunned I dark bbs kds said, "Shiiiiitt Dane the car will be here in 5 video bbs teen minutes. We toweled down quickly, threw on our clothes and ran downstairs. A Rolls was sitting at the curb, driver waiting patiently at the open back door. Hurrying down the walk, we were ushered bbs pass porn hacked into the back seat of the big car. The driver climbed in and looking into the bbs child virgin pics rear view mirror at us said"Mr. Collins Mr. Sampara, Mr. DeMarc said to inform you he will meet you at the service. With that he slid a tinted black window partition up, giving us total privacy as we glided sedately toward our destination. Cody held my hand the entire ride, making a few small comments about the car, how quiet it was, how big, how comfortable etc. Mostly he was quiet. We got to the ranchi bbs admin nov chapel and just before the driver opened the door to let us out Dane gave me 3 quick squeezes of the hand, which I returned. There were 3 people waiting to greet the car. Chamberlain, a man what I took to the chapel director and the last had to be William DeMarc.At about 6'4 and maybe in his early 60's, he resembled perhaps a sophisticated member of the upper crust circa 1930's. Black hair short and slicked back, pencil thin mustache and impeccably turned out in a black pinstripe suit complete free models bbs vombat with a bbs forum non nude deep red carnation and matching handkerchief in the breast pocket. Maybe like Michael Caine in DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS but more strikingly handsome. He did not wait for us to come to him but met us half way. He put his hand out to shake Dane's hand, bbs pubescent teens naked and asked, sincerity very clear in his voice, how Dane was doing. Dane responded that he was doing ok. "Aaaahhhh" the man uttered knowingly. He stood back a bit and admired his grandson stating the usual platitudes about how he'd grown etc. He turned to me, hand extended and pretens bbs said "You would be Mr. Sampara. Bill DeMarc. It's a pleasure to finally meet you. Thank you so much for the kindness' you have shown my family. It means a very great deal to me." "Come gentlemen, the service is going to start". He photo bbs nude put his arm on Dane's shoulder and led us into the chapel and up to the front row. forum ls girl bbs The sermon was thankfully short and bbs cp legal afterwards the few friends that Jan had filed past the open coffin. The family was last and Dane took my hand and led me up front, a move not unnoticed by his grandfather who followed behind us. bbs bd ls sandra Dane was trying to be the little man but having great difficulty. He fell against me and started sobbing softly. After a few minutes he leaned in, touched his mothers hand and said "bye mommy, I'm gonna miss you" and led us both away.The 3 of us, along with Chamberlain, nude bbs 12 went into the funeral directors office to sign the final papers. DeMarc then told Dane his mother had requested cremation. illegal cp ranchi bbs He, DeMarc would be taking the ashes back to Geneva with him but he had purchased a gold necklace with a small vial on it for a small bit of ashes for Dane if he wished it. Dane acknowledged that he did. The funeral director said that the cremation would be complete by 4 that afternoon and DeMarc stated that would be fine. We bbs japanes left the office and turning to us he said, "we have some things that need going over, and I would like to spend some time with Dane, and you, before I leave. I have reservations for lunch at Capriccio's, shall we" and he directed us out the door. We climbed into the Rolls, Chamberlain following in another car and headed to the restraunt.Dane sat in the middle and his grandfather inquired about school, things he liked, all that stuff that people who you don't see often want to know. I suspected that DeMarc already little bbs girl 8 knew tiny pretteen bbs most of the answers but Dane seemed at ease and began chattering on in earnest about likes, dislikes, dreams etc. We reached our destination and were escorted into a private room where a buffet was set up. Dane grumbled a bbs nude topsites bit about a hamburger and fries which was ordered immediately. The rest of us loaded plates and sat down to eat, a tuxedoed waiter hovering near enough to assist but not hear the conversation. DeMarc said that Jan's will left everything to Dane. The house belonged to DeMarc but everything else was hers, now Danes, including both cars. The trust took care of virtually everything for her so most of her money went into the bank as well as investments. She wasn't wealthy but she would be leaving Dane a half million, give or take, after it was all said and done."But what about Leeza" asked Dane, chomping down some fries. The table went quiet but DeMarc took up the slack. In a very well modulated and appropriately sorrowful voice he said,"Dane, Leeza passed away last night" a small 13 yo nude bbs lie. "The surgery, coupled with other medical problems was too much for her body to take all at once". "In answer to your next question," he went on, "it was your mother's wish that Leeza's body be left to medical science and there will be no service. I know that may not seem fair to hardcore un derage bbs you but.... and here he held out is hands in a "what can I do" sort of gesture.Dane quit eating then said. "it seems like I am losing everybody, next will be you Cody". This was said almost defiantly, a bit of the old Dane. "No sweetie", I started to say, but again DeMarc took over."Well son, some of that is up to you. Cody has said he would like to have you live with him and raise you like his own son, that is if you want that. I would like you to come see me in Switzerland during the summers or spring break and of course I will make sure to get here to visit you much more often. Would all of that help you feel a little more secure?" Trying not to smile too much, Dane said that would help, then nn bbs forum he couldn't help himself and got out of his chair, came pedo movies bbs to mine and threw his arms around me. No words were necessary. Dane then said he needed to pee so DeMarc directed Chamberlain to escort Dane to the restroom. Dane huffily stated that he could do it himself but DeMarc chuckled and said that he needed to talk with me without Dane's little ears in the room. Watching then walk away DeMarc said to me idly"He seems to be quite attatched to you Cody". I replied "I think he likes me ok, we get along pretty good"."I would say it is more like love, bbs top list hxxp on both sides. Lovers unless I miss my guess". Heart-a-fucking attack!!!! I nearly died on the spot and that must have been reflected in my face, hell, my whole body.DeMarc smiled, held up a hand to stave off any comments from me and zeps bbs pictures went on "Please Cody, we Europeans tend elwebbs teens to have a somewhat more enlightened view of such relationships particularly when it involves mutual honesty, love, and respect and is not motivated by power and control. As Chamberlain told you, I had you investigated thoroughly. After the fiasco with Dane's father I have felt that it was something I needed to do from time to time, right or bbs adult anime wrong and when Dane started making a fuss about you, it was a logical step. So, you have passed the t
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