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Related post: Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 04:59:42 -0700 (PDT) From: Tague Micheals Subject: Cane Cody and Friends 25It should be noted that all of the restaurants or places that I refer to in my stories do exist and are worth visiting in person if possible or on line. The Mango glazed ribs at Big City Diner in Kaimuki really are pretty good.Also, at the end of this chapter I refer 10 yo bbs nudist to a boy named Majah and his birthday party. The party is described in detail in chapter VI of Majah and the Amazing Foot Long which posted at Nifty on 10.17.07 or close to it. As always N-joi.Hugs, Tag_mDane could hardly talk about anything else after we left his new found relations house."I can't believe it, I have cousins and they're the same age as toplist comic bbs me, AND they're cute, AND they're queer.""Doesn't get any better than that doesn't it?" David commented after the third or fourth time Dane repeated the comment or some variation of it. I hadn't seen my baby boy that excited in a long time and while I shared his excitement it wasn't to the level that he did. I noticed that Brett seemed a little bit subdued and when I had a more private moment I mentioned it to Dane who immediately went to the cute young blond and huggled up with him.We killed the rest of the morning and early afternoon picking up food for our afternoon soiree, the main event being barbequed ribs with a mango marinade and sauce that we'd gotten from Big City Diner in Kaimuki. Kavika had called the owner, who was a cousin or something, and asked if he could get enough of the ribs to feed a dozen people. They were already cooked so they gave us the basic instructions for reheating them. Since Big City Diner and JJ Bistro & bbs boy thai French Pastry aren't that far from each other on Waialae Avenue we stopped and picked up a bunch of incredible, "ono" deserts.Back at 13 year girl bbs the house Dane and Brett virgin childs bbs played some tennis while David and I started to get things ready for the party. Twenty minutes later the tropical sun prompted the boys to come in."You know what's missing Cody," Dane said. When I shook my head he said, "Alika. I wonder where he's at, why he's not hanging out." I shrugged my shoulders and told him I had no idea but maybe David could ask Kavika when they he came over lola bbs portal with their guests for dinner."What's the story with Kavika," Dane asked, and assuming bbs link girl he was talking to David I said nothing. David smiled."I first met Kavika when I was thirteen I bbs kds 12yo think. I'd come over here with Misha who you met at my birthday party last year. Kavika was our driver, bodyguard, the whole nine angel model art bbs yards. He took Misha and me around the island and we stopped at all the places any tourist should stop. We went way up past Haleiewa and were on the beach when some guy smacked his girlfriend. Kavika confronted him and the guy, along with his friends, got nasty. He faced off five of them and took out four of them in oh, about twenty seconds or less, the fifth guy elected to walk away.I saw Kavika again when I was here for my fourteenth birthday this time with Nikki, who you also met at the party, to do a photo shoot. We had some trouble with some drunk guys in Waimanalo only this time they tried to pick on me and Nikki. Kavika whipped their asses bad then the guy who seemed to be the leader threatened to bring his cousins back and take Kavika on. That didn't go over well so the big man picked the guy up by his hair and held him up to eye level. He told the guy to bring his cousin's, his uncles, their uncles, and anyone else they wanted and then they stand might a chance, a very small chance, of beating teenys bbs him. Kavika then reached fozya bbs young out with his other hand grabbed the guy by his throat and kept him off the ground until the guy finally passed out then Kavika just let go and the guy hit the ground in a crumpled wreck. "He's really a sweetheart, has a PhD in Hawaiian studies pedo bbs link and teaches at the University, sings like you wouldn't believe but is definitely young porn pic bbs no one to mess with. Jordon has the best bodyguard on the island for his boys believe me. Oh, and he's well aware of the fact that the whole bunch of us are gay and he's never said a word about it, doesn't seem to care one way or the other."Dane seemed to consider that for a moment then asked teens sexe bbs free if we thought that the triplets would want to be sexy with them. David laughed."Always on the hunt Dane?" he asked."No, not really but they are cute. I wonder what it would be like to be with triplets. I bbs littel lilita wonder if they're identical down there." I laughed at that and David bbs teen password said that he'd wondered the same dorki bbs guestbook idols thing about Nikki and Dom before he bedded them and discovered that there were some minor differences, not the least of which was that he and Nikki had fallen for each other. Not necessarily in love but certainly there had been an immediate chemistry that everyone had noticed and it was that chemistry that made the photo shoot they had done boys board bbs young together so successful. Even the camera had picked up on the electricity between the two hot young teens."Can they spend the night Cody?" I shrugged my shoulders."Well they can as far as I'm concerned but Jordon may have some thoughts about that. He seems to be a bit of a pit bull.""I get the part about his being their manager and all but the other thing is that he's having sex with them Cody," Dane said. I allowed as how that was probably true."Not probably Cody, it is true." he said with a huge smile. dark bbs fozya "Did you see the way the boys were all looking at him toward the end of our talk? I betcha a million dollars they're all bumping uglies." Although he didn't have the money yet, a million dollars to Dane would be like a hundred to a normal person."Bumping innocent little angels bbs uglies?" David asked after a big belly laugh."Yeah; and man o' man would I love to hear that story," my boy responded.DANE SPEAKS:The rest teeny nude bbs of the afternoon sped by and a little before five Brett and I had headed out front to open the gate. David laughed when I told him later that I could see the top of Kavika's head just as the big man gave a rap on the gate. The boys came through the gate all bubbling and excited followed by Jordon and then Kavika."Hey Dane, hey Brett.""Good to see you again.""This is going to bbs anasayfa be sooo coo..." Evar stopped himself then said, "Awesome."I bbs rape guestbook wondered if I would ever get used to them doing that, all three of them carrying in a conversation as though it was only one person. Jordon shook hands with me and Brett and thanked us for inviting them and Kavika clapped me on the back as if he'd known me for ever. The triplets were all dressed the same; white cotton pants and pullover peasant shirts with a draw string on the V neck. The clothes were tropical like, loose and blousy and their feet were bare. They reminded me a lot of Orlando little dark bbs Bloom in THE LORD OF THE RINGS movie. With their long hair and lightly golden tanned skin they looked like gods. It was hard to believe that they were my cousins and I felt proud that we were related.We chattered as we walked around the house to where David and Cody were getting things ready. Everyone shook hands and even Jordon seemed a little more relaxed than he was earlier in the day."Wow you guys have a swimming pool""We don't have kds and bbs one""But Jordon says we can have one put it."That led to a discussion about not being able to just go to the beach but because they were so recognizable. They tended to avoid most public places. Kavika pointed out that here in Kahala it was pretty safe as it wasn't the best of beaches, it had a reef break and not a shore break so it didn't get a whole lot of traffic. I had noticed that too and backed up what the huge man had said. Then I got an idea."Hey, we could go to Little Beach on Maui." Kavika snorted at that statement but had a smile on his face. Of course the boys wanted to know what that was all about so I explained it to them."That would be interesting.""Going naked in front of a bunch of other naked people.""I bet it's fun though.""And you're not going to do it," Jordon piped in. "That isn't the kind of publicity that you guys need.""Still bbs fashion baby forum it would be fun." Evar said"Maybe no one would know us," Jorgen added."Besides, we don't have anything to hide," Gunnar finishedMy brain was thinking fast at that point. I would love to see my cousins naked. From what I could see they had pretty nice bodies. I couldn't get an idea about their cock sizes because of how loose their pants were but they seemed to have nice butts.The boys wanted to see the house so Brett and I gave them the tour while the older guys sat and talked and finished putting the dinner together. Along the bbs tgp lol way Gunnar commented on cute David was."He's hot looking," Evar added."I wonder how he looks naked," Jorgy finished."Well he and Cody make a cute couple," Gunnar said."Have you ever been with them Dane," Jorgy asked"That's rude to ask," Evar said."You're right, I'm sorry," Jorgy said. "So, have you?" Every body laughed. As we walked out by the front of the house I gave them a very short version about the three of us then the part where Brett came in up till we met them."What a cool story.""It's very romantic.""You're so lucky to nude bbs ls magazine have so many guys in your life to love you," Gunnar finished. So I started."So what's the deal with you guys and Jordon?" I asked to no one in particular. "How long have you been sexy with him?" All three boys just stopped walking so I turned to look at them. The expression was the same on two of them but Gunnar's expression was almost a slight smile."What makes you think we're being sexy with Jordon?" Evar asked. I looked them in the eye and rolled my eyes."Come on you guys, it's pretty obvious." I looked at Brett. "Didn't I say something to Cody about it after we left their house?" I asked. My boyfriend nodded his head."Cody said maybe but Dane said definitely," Brett said young teens child bbs by way of confirmation."Oh man, you can't tell anybody," Evar said."He won't," Gunnar told his brother. He looked at me and said, "I figured that you'd see it Dane. I mean, after picking out who each of us is by the earrings, nobody but Jordon has ever done that so I'm not surprised." To his brothers he said, bbs teeny "Dane won't say anything because he's in the same boat as we are besides I bet he doesn't kiss and tell and on top of that... well...I don't know what's on top of that," he ended with a laugh."So, what's the story?" I prompted. On the way back to the house the boys told me the story and of course they did it in their way, each boy saying a sentence or two and as soon as he stopped to take a breath one of the others would start talking. It was amazing listening to them; it was like they were all operating off the same brain or something. As we approached the lanai they had me swear I wouldn't say anything about it in front of Jordon. They would manage to do that when they had a chance.Before we got to where the others were I asked Gunnar if they had ever had sex with other boys and he said that they hadn't."How would you guys like to spend the night?" I asked and got three smiles and plenty of head nods although Gunnar said they'd still have to tell Jordon. I thai young bbs noticed that he said "tell" Jordon, not "ask him" so it made me wonder all the more about the nature of their relationship, not just about the sex part. I looked at Brett to make sure that he didn't mind that I done that without telling him and his smile said it all. I think that he was sort of wanting to see the boys naked too.Dinner was pretty much ready so we all dug in and within minutes there were plenty of "ooo's and "ahhh's" from every one including Kavika. I have to say the ribs were better than any I'd ever had. While we ate my cousins told us some of the experiences that they'd had on the road and some of them were fun but I didn't think I'd like it much. Too many people watching every thing you did. No way. I liked my life just fine.Kavika and David got caught up hegre bbs post on their lives and we asked him
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