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Related post: Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 11:05:01 -0400 (EDT) From: Subject: Joey and Chandler - Chapter 7JOEY & CHANDLER - Chapter 7 Ross was soon back at Joey teen models underwater and Chandler's apartment. Normally girl model nonude he wouldn't be able to spend time at their simple nude models apartment during the daytime, but he had been working so sexmodelsmultitasking hard at his museum that he was given a week off. world porno models Joey was the only one in the apartment, since Chandler was at work. Joey perfect grade models was sitting teen model kingdom back, watching some TV when he noticed that someone was knocking at the door. Hesitantly, Joey got up from his chair, went up to the door, looked through the peep hole and asked, "Who is it?" "It's Ross. Open photographic models up Joey." "Ross who?" Joey questioned. "Ross, the Ross who just broke up with Rachel. Now hornby model rail let me in." "Ok. Ok. I just wanna make sure," Joey naked bikin model replied as modeles femmes he opened the door. "Joey, I need some advice. Really badly," alex dunn model Ross said. "Well I've always been known for my problem solving ability," Joey confidently replied. "Sure Joey, now listen. Would you feel guilty if you were angry at someone? I mean really *really* angry. So angry you'd do something that you would never normally do," Ross said. "Hey, are akai model pt5492 you still upset about germen nudist models what we did last night?" Joey asked "That's not even what I'm talking about. Listen, if you had a girlfriend who you loved very much..." "Ross, most of my girlfriends are out jessica modelcom of the apartment the day after we do our thing and I young models web never call them again," Joey admitted. "Then pretend Joey. Pretend you had a girlfriend who you loved very much and then she broke up with you, and you thought that she broke up with you because her good looking co-worker wanted to date her, what would you do to cute teen models the person you think helped break you and her up?" childmodels land Ross asked. A dumbfounded look struck Joey's face, and he replied, "Why not solve the problem by having a threesome?" Ross remained calm and explained, "Joey, that's not the answer I'm looking nicky model for. I'm going to level with you. Y'know that guy Rachel works with, Mark? He's had his eye on her for a long time, and I always thought he'd try to break up Rachel and naked boys model I. So when Rachel child russians models broke up with me, I thought he must have been involved somehow. So I went to her office to try and make up with her, but then I wanted to see Mark first to make sure he never went near Rachel gay model naked again." "So you got into a fight avent model b with him? Aw man, blown model t good for you," Joey replied. "Joey, we did more than fight," Ross said. "Whoa! Uh, you and know...did that?" Joey questioned. "We were fighting in the supply room at the agency where Rachel works. I wanted to teach him a lesson, you know, make sure that he'd leave Rachel alone. We lily model ixtractor were wrestling, and finally I pinned him beach teen model down and...Joey, I didn't mean to do that to nude child modells him. I-I mean I never lose my temper that way." "Oh, man. mature models uk kiddy models toplist If Rachel finds out about this... How did he react after?" Joey questioned. "I said I was sorry and he didn't seem too upset. He even promised he'd leave Rachel and I alone," Ross said. "Man, you're lucky Ross. Just be glad that it's over and don't bother him again," Joey reasoned. "I don't know, I just 11 youngchild models can't seem to get over what I did." "Relax, Ross, now you indonesia models nude can probably make up with Rachel," Joey stated. "I hope so. I'm gonna go over to Rachel's apartment and wait for her," Ross said. "Good luck," Joey said. Time passed quickly, and soon it was late afternoon. Joey was relaxing in his apartment, when suddenly he heard the door swing toppless teen model open. Joey realized that he'd left the door unlocked after Ross left. "Phoebe? Phoebe where are you?" It was alexandra model berlin Frank Jr., Phoebe's handsome, teen shoe model and slightly dense, 18 year old brother. Frank Jr. looked surprised as he noticed Joey. "Hey Joey, do you know premodel teen 12yo nude models where Pheobe is?" Frank Jr. questioned. "Uh, she's probably over in her own apartment," Joey replied. "Oh, man! This is the wrong apartment," Frank Jr. said. "Yeah, sorry pal," Joey replied as he watched Frank Jr. leave. Only one minute later, Frank Jr. was back japanese models tgp at Joey's place. Like the first time, he walked in unannounced. "Joey, can I wait for Phoebe here? She's not in her apartment," Frank Jr. said. "Yeah, but you should learn to knock before you start going into people's apartments," Joey explained. "Why?" Frank Jr. asked with a puzzled expression. "Uh, never mind. So what do you wanna do here while you wait?" Joey asked. "Well I was hoping to talk to Phoebe, but I guess I can talk to you," Frank stated. "Talk about what?" Joey asked. Frank Jr. sat down in the chair next to Joey and began to tell his story. "Y'know, I was going nude modeling pic to marry this woman, and I loved her alot, but she said she was too old for me. She african model nude said we couldn't be together. I don't care about our age differences. I just wanted to spend my life with her. If I ashley young model can't be in a relationship with her, I don't think anyone wants to be with me. Nobody wants to be with me," Frank Jr. said with a saddened expression on his face. Joey then got up and patted his arm on Frank Jr's shoulder. "Hey, listen up buddy. domino harvey model Now you can have any woman you want," Joey proclaimed. "But I only want the woman I was gonna marry," Frank Jr. said, holding back tears. "It's ok, Frank. It's ok," Joey said. "Y'know, uh, thanks for trying to cheer me up Joey," Frank Jr. said. "You're welcome. Just keep your mind off of the woman you're trying to forget. What lingerie modeling picture do you wanna do now?" Joey asked. "Well, I like to melt stuff," Frank Jr. stated, looking interested in the plastic remote control ls xxx models he was holding up. "Uh, how 'bout something else," Joey quickly said, grabbing the remote away from Frank Jr. "Hey, you know what really cheers me up when I'm sad?" "What?" Frank Jr. asked. "Pornography! Let's watch some," Joey exclaimed. "I guess so," Frank Jr. responded. Joey turned on the TV and found one of the X-rated channels that he and Chandler received. Joey then sat back down in the chair beside Frank Jr. To Joey's surprise, a gay porno film appeared on the screen in which a handsome stud was being given a blow job by another good looking guy. "Whoa, I've never seen anything like this," Frank Jr. said, captivated by the screen. "I can change the channel if you want..." Joey offered. "No, I'm curious. models pedofilia And this'll help me forget about, y'know, the person I'm trying to forget about," Frank Jr. replied. Joey noticed that as the action on the screen got hotter and hotter, Frank Jr. was rubbing the crotch of his pants. "I also get pretty horny watching these," Joey said as he gestured to Frank Jr's masturbating. "Oh, man, I'm sorry. I shouldn't be doing that," dariya model Frank Jr. stated, taking his hand away from the noticeable bulge in his pants. "Keep going if you want, I'll join in," Joey said, and began rubbing his crotch the way Frank Jr. was. "Joey, can I take my pants off?" Frank Jr. questioned as he began to pull off his jeans. "Go ahead. I will too," Joey replied. Joey and Frank Jr. now had their pants on the ground, and continued rubbing their cocks. Frank Jr. had tight white boxer-briefs on, and Joey was in nn grils models his usual Calvin Klien shorts. Frank Jr. then slipped his hand under his shorts and was stroking his cock faster and harder. Joey did the same thing, until both men took their underwear off and had their cocks out in plain view of each other. Joey and Frank Jr. were masturbating rapidly as the men on screen took turns sucking each other's dicks. "Do you like the movie?" Joey questioned. "Yeah," Frank Jr. replied as he kept stroking his 7.5 inches of manhood. Joey walked over younger models nudes to where Frank Jr. was seated, got on his knees and said, "If teens models14 you want I can do that too Frank." Joey moved Frank Jr's hand away from his cock, and began sucking Frank Jr's cock. Frank Jr. was well hung for an 18 year old, and Joey enjoyed "showing him the ropes." "I-I've never done anything like this," Frank Jr. stated as Joey was sucking away on his cock. Joey was slowly sucking Frank Jr's contributers bikini models dick, as Frank Jr. grunted with pleasure. "Y'know, this is even better xx model than melting stuff," Frank Jr. stated. Soon, Frank Jr. couldn't stop his fast approaching orgasm. While he was hitting his n models tgp climax, Frank Jr. began to moan quietly as Joey swallowed every drop of cum that shot out of nonude childmodel pass Frank Jr's member. After his amazing orgasm had run it's course, Frank Jr. said, "That...that was great, Joey." "Good. I was hopin' it would be. Now how 'bout we take a shower before you go check on Phoebe?" Joey asked. "Sure," Frank Jr. replied. Joey and Frank Jr. went into children modeling nude the bathroom, took off the rest of the clothing they had on, and hopped into the shower. The shower was tiny, japanese bondage model and Joey was behind Frank Jr. He tinymodel galleries grabbed a bar swimsuit models cheerleaders of soap and began to soap up Frank Jr's well links ls models defined chest. Frank Jr. remained silent as Joey began soaping lower and lower down independent nude models his body. Joey soon gripped Frank Jr's cock and began jerking it slowly, using the cingular models soap suds as a lubricant. "Y'know, that's good," Frank Jr. exclaimed proudly. "Can I soap you?" "Yeah," Joey said as he passed the slippery soap to Frank Jr, and stood models teen nn still. Frank then turned around and was face to face with Joey as he models young blog began to soap Joey's body up. Frank Jr. worked his way up and down Joey's chest, causing Joey's nipples to become erect. Frank Jr. used slow, soapy strokes as he worked his way down to Joey's throbbing cock. As soon as male model bondage Frank Jr. grabbed on to Joey's cock, Joey could tell he'd never done this before. Frank Jr. seemed lesbian bikini models chesty bondage model very curious as he littl models russia stroked Joey's dick back petite model sex and forth with the bar of soap. "Frank, you're pretty good," model teen laurie Joey stated. "Thanks," illegal teen model Frank Jr. models latinas desnuda replied. "Uh, Frank? Are you interested in nn model child trying something else," Joey said as Frank Jr. continued masturbating Joey's 9 inch Italian meat. "Sure, what child supper models do you wanna do? asian model gallery Melt stuff?" Frank Jr. questioned. "No, forget about melting stuff right now. Turn around, I want Post a New Message | Search | Register | Login
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