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Related post: Date: Fri, juicy preteen nude lolita 02 Aug 2002 15:25:26 +1000 From: Fuzz a Subject: Brother's Forever - Chapter 2Brothers Forever By Fuzzgod ( _________________________________________________________________________This is chapter two of "Brothers Forever", a continuation from the first chapter of this story. Before you read this chapter you should read chapter one of this story, as it will give you the background information you need to read this chapter.The disclaimer that appears in chapter one applies to this chapter. If it is not legal or ethical for you to read erotic stories, particularly of a gay or homosexual nature, please exercise your obligations as a responsible citizen and select suitable reading material, and read no further than this line.None of the characters in this story are real people.Copyright (c) youngest world of lolitas 2002 to the author. _________________________________________________________________________Author's naked teenie lolita models note:Thankyou to preeten lolita pics free those who sent me messages of support and advice. This is my first crack at writing a story of this type, and all comments are welcome, good and bad. As I said to you before reader interest will make me continue writing, and so far the interest in the story has been welcomed.Just a small note for those that wrote to me after the first chapter, I said in the first chapter that I would reply to bbs nude lol pre all email, good or bad. If you did lolita panty preteen child not receive a reply then I either didn't receive your email, or I deleted it accidentally from my underaga lolita models nude inbox. In future please put the title of the story in the subject line, and I guarantee that teen lolita model pictures I will reply. If you don't want a reply, then just put "no reply" in the email.Once again thankyou for reading and I hope you enjoy this chapter. _________________________________________________________________________Characters met so far:Brad Gooding (12) - Loves his brother in more ways than one. Mike Gooding (14) - Is a very sick person, has rare form of leukaemia. _________________________________________________________________________Where we left lolita bbs top kids Brad:We are extremely close brothers, and when together we get along like best friends. We know more about each other than we know about ourselves, and we always hang together no matter wherever we go. I love my brother more than my own life, and I would sacrifice that as well just to have him love me the same way back. But I know that I should bide my time and just wait until the time is right to tell him how I feel about him, as rushing the issue could lead to me being 'mentally scared' because lolita russian niml sex of his reaction, especially if he rejects me in no uncertain terms.But it is time to hit the hay and dream, dream of what might just be... _________________________________________________________________________Brothers Forever Chapter 2 - Discovery _________________________________________________________________________Here I was lying on my bed with my naked russian lolitas bbs brother boy girl lollipop spice next to me. I could feel his warmth all over my body, and his breathe on the back of my neck.But now I could feel his arms gripping me vice-like, whilst lying here on my bed. I wondered what he was doing that for, because he hadn't done that for nearly two years, not since he had begun to lolita underage russian boys go through puberty. But I knew that his presence was welcome, especially at the best of times.I rolled over to look at him, and when I managed to do so, I noticed that he was wide-awake and staring straight into my eyes.I stared into those luscious deep blue eyes, which reminded me of the ocean on a perfect summers day, and I noticed that he was looking at me in a different way to what he normally did. The look was not one I'd seen before, and it kind of scared me, but his look continued to rack thoughts through my brain.'What is he trying to convey through his eyes to me' I thought as I continued to stare. But I now realised that I had no control over my body. He was still holding me in his grip, nearly as tightly as he was originally.I decided at this point to try and roll back over and try to avoid those deep blue pearls, which had now given me a hardon bigger than Mount Everest, and more noticeable than pure sweat. But I knew that trying loli lolita paradise art to move was like trying to make me move on a cold winters morning, almost futile.Mike felt my sudden movement and, as I lolita underage cp toplist said before, successfully prevented me from moving away from his gaze. I then looked into his eyes and could still see that look of care in nude lolita art ring them, but now I realised what the message was that he tried to convey; it was one of love, deep love.At this point my hardon had completely gone solid. I managed to break his stare for a moment, but I then noticed digital animated cyber lolita his eyes staring at the bulge in my bbs lolita and old boxers, as it was as noticeable as dad's aftershave in the bathroom in the morning. It was straining for release, and by the look on Mike's face, it wouldn't be waiting long for it either.Mike's next move however took me totally by surprise. He moved his dirty lolita preteen xxx head and bent it slightly, and moved best lolitas teens sites in lolita teen model bbs to kiss me on the lips. I immediately closed my eyes and waited for the moment to arrive, knowing that I was finally going to feel those luscious lips touch mine, but they never arrived. Instead I opened my eyes and noticed that he was staring at me differently to the way he was before.I then felt his hand move slightly away from his body 15 year teen lolita and touch my erection. I moaned like I had never free legal lolita gallery moaned before, lolitas kiddy little body and it was at this point that he moved in and kissed me on the lips. I could tell that this wasn't just any normal type of kiss, it was one that had a lot of love in it, and I hoped then teens non nude lolia that it never ended.At first it was nothing but just lip, but then I felt Mike's tongue try and enter my mouth. I initially resisted, but then I gave in to the evading member of his body, and opened wide to sweet angels calendar lolita meet his tongue. It entered and we begin fighting with each other's tongues inside my mouth, lashing at each other with a passion that no words could describe, other than fucking fantastic.All this time that we were kissing he was trying to undo the fidgety button on blue board bbs lolita the front of my boxers. He squirmed and shifted slightly, and managed finally to undo the button on the boxers and fish out my nearly five inches of meat. He then began to slightly jerk my cock lola bunny sex cartoon up and down, all the while still kissing nn bbs loli erotic me passionately; with us still tongue tussling within each other's mouths.We then stoped kissing and he began to move down the length of my body, licking and kissing anything that was in his way as dark lolita top list he was moving down.First he attended to my nipples, which were super-sensitive at teen lolitas no nu the best of times, but even more so now. He then moved to my underarms and began to lick and tongue my pits, obviously looking for something worth playing with underneath them. He then continued to lick and suckle his way down my body. Next was my bellybutton, and he greedily stuck his loli japan image boards tongue in there, lapping up anything that was still in there.All this time I was squirming underneath him, because of the absolute pleasure that I was enjoying from his total tongue bath. He knew which buttons to press, and he also knew when to activate those buttons as well. But I knew as much as he knew that he was leaving the gold for last, and I was more than happy to wait.Of course the gold was my cock, which was leaking some form of clear fluid I had never seen before. Of course it was pre-cum, but I had never seen it before. My penis was almost also at the point of no preteen nympho lolita sex return, and I think my brother knew it as well, because after working on my body for 10 minutes, he moved back up on top of me, and began to pash me again.I could taste the scents that had come off my body being passed on in my mouth by my very horny brother as he continued to passionately kiss me. He then broke the kiss and began to stare into my eyes again, looking for permission to go for gold, and I stared back, nodding my head slightly to give him permission to do what he wanted to do, under age lolita russian and what I didn't want to stop.Mike quickly moved down the bed, nearly having to leave the bed to do what he wanted cccp top 50 lolitas to do. He then grabbed my cock and began to spread some of the clear fluid leaking from it around my shaft. My body jerked slightly at his touch, and it was at this time that I said the first words of this whole pretty preteen lolitas pictures episode."Ohhhhhhhh, nude preteen lolita topsites that feels sooooooo good, don't stop bro," I said.And I knew that he was happy to oblige to my words, because he continued to stroke my penis with absolute love and care. But his next move totally shocked me.He grabbed my penis at the bbs lolita top 50 base and then moved his head to just above the tip. He then stuck his tongue out and began to flick it over the tip of my penis. Any control I had at this point was totally lost as he was bringing up sensations within me that I had never felt before, bbs lolita top gallery well not in this way anyway.He then dropped his head and totally lolitas girl and boy engulfed my shaft. His interracial lolita sex photos mouth was hot, and was totally driving me wild with lust."Suck me great lolita bbs baby bro, god I love you," I whispered quietly.He continued to suck on my stiff shaft, whilst working his tongue up and down the underside of the solid meat, and fingering my little nut sack with his free hand. 5 minutes must have passed, and for the whole time he was sucking like a total professional, and I was enjoying it like nothing that I had ever experienced before.But my biggest problem now was that I was getting close to cumming. Once my cum begins its race up my shaft, there will not be any stopping it, and I tried to warn my brother of this."Mike I'm gonna cum, lolita angel nude video ohhhhhh if you don't want to take it brooooooo, I'll understand. Fuck I looooove youuuu"But now that I had warned him, he just continued to suck on my cock; actually I think he was working harder on the head than he had before. This was obviously his way of basically telling me that my load of cum was not going anywhere else but into the bottom of his stomach.But I had little time to think about that now, as I was now lolita little pussy pics fucking his mouth like a well-oiled piston, as I was about to dispense my load of cream, which I could now preteen lolita kdz photos feel racing up the length of my shaft.My orgasm took total control of me, as it began from the tip of my toes and travelled up the length of my body, ripping through me like a speeding train does through parked cars. I closed my eyes and quietly yelled, "Here it comes Mike".I then felt my penis harden to unprecedented levels, and then my shaft expel the built up fluid, as my cum poured preteen lolita pedo cp from me like couch casting lolita pussy a fountain nasty preteen lolita bbs runs after spring rain. My penis throbbed about 6-8 times, expelling fluid on each of those throbs. I continually shook with the magnitude child lolita imgboard bbs of my orgasm, which would have to have been my best orgasm yet, and continued to do so well after my flatchested tiny lolitas free balls had lolita teen pic blog expelled its fluid. All during this my brother had kept his mouth clamped over my cock, taking every ounce of juice that I had preteen lolitas baby pussy just spilt, and swallowing it all like a greedy lion.I opened my eyes after my orgasm had subsided, to thank my brother, but he was not there. Instead I could see him leaving the room.I began to cry as I could see him leaving the lolita russian sex torture room. Tears of nothing but pur
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