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Related post: Date: Fri, 23 explicit preteen porn Dec 2005 04:41:12 -0800 (PST) From: Steam Train Subject: Juvenile Deterrence underground preteen boys Chapter 1Juvenile Deterrence. By Steam Train ( Introduction: This fantasy is an attempt on photo preteen porn my behalf to combine some of the very common concepts and themes raised in the erotic writings of numerous writers. Themes such as `Naked in School', `Nudie Judie', the `Police Strip Search' sexy preteens gymnasts and not forgetting the `Medical Examination'. Overriding all this of course is the concept of slavery, my favourite fantasy preteen model laura universe theme.I will acknowledge specific writers or groups of writers at the end of chapters where I have drawn on their work to formulate the base structure of the chapter. These are writers whose preteen nude forbidden works I have enjoyed and admired.Enjoy, Preamble: The economic reforms introduced many years ago by President Shelley had long ago bought about the return of a "normal" life to the bulk of the preteen pantyhose princess population.For about fifteen percent of the population however it had meant a radical change in existence. The poor, long term unemployed and the criminally convicted were after the reforms mandatarily placed in maxwells preteen bikini servitude for life.Officially the acts that set up the reforms referred to the process as `Servitude' however everyone referred to the participants as slaves.It was cheaper to provide adequate food and housing for slaves rather than for the poor and the long term unemployed who were previously on free anal preteen welfare or the criminals who had to be kept in prisons and of course enslavement made it easy to stop them continuing to breed and adding to the problem.President Shelley had set up a system that clearly differentiated between the rights of those citizens who remained free and those who through enslavement lost their freedom. The free dad seduce preteen citizens were still able to make their own life decisions; slaves on the other hand had their life decisions made up for them by their owner or masters.There was now a clear delineation in the status of a citizen and a slave. The laws that applied to citizens did not apply any longer to slaves. Slaves were now items of property just like livestock.The owners and masters were required by law to hardcore preteen tgps look after their property and ensure they thai preteen underweare were adequately watered and fed and that the slaves treatment not sadistic, but alfasex nude preteens that was the limit of their responsibility. Free citizens no longer had to worry about set working hours, unions, holidays or wage demands as far as slaves were concerned.Major body modifications and alterations like castration preteen modles pics or body piercing for slaves was allowed upon legal authorization, provided it could be shown that the modifications or alterations were preteen boy erotica required for the better performance of the slave.Slaves now did nearly all the `blue collar' jobs that had been done previously by free citizens. Slaves worked the production lines, collected the hairless preteen lips garbage, kept hot preteen ilegal the streets clean, delivered preteen models stars the mail, and when you saw delivery trucks coming and going you knew that slaves would unload the goods.The slave reforms of President Shelley had solved the problem of what to do with criminals and vagrants but it did not address the anti social behaviour of the youth of the community.The authorities soon realised this problem and President Shelley had legislation passed that authorised the states to sentence juveniles aged between ten and fifteen under a new initiative called the preteengirl sex pictures `NEWDD'' Program for Juvenile Deterrence.Many states had adopted President Shelley's juvenile solution after seeing the success of the Presidents slave reforms for adults aged sixteen and over.These NEWDD juvenile slaves could be seen like their older permanent counterparts working away in their spare time serving out preteen free pics their sentence performing community service projects. The only differences being that they were unlike their decently dressed permanent counterparts almost totally naked at all times, they were younger and there were legal limits on the sexual use preteen blogs and types of punishment applicable to the temporary juvenile slaves.NEWDD juvenile slaves were not broken in spirit to the same preteen model messageboard extent as adult slaves but their totally humiliating and embarrassing experiences in the temporary slavery of NEWDD juvenile deterrence usually resulted in very upright law preteen porn gallreies abiding young citizens emerging from preteenage virgin the scheme. End Preamble. Chapter 1: preteen voyure pictures Caught. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and Owen and pure preteen nudism Vicki Green and their three children Daniel, Eric and Melissa preteen peach nude were cutting through Poulton Park to their car after watching a movie together.As they turned a corner of the shrub lined path that wound through the centre of the park they came across a prepubescent preteen nudes coffled council work gang. It was comprised of six slaves watched over by their overseer.Eric the middle child upon seeing the gang of sweaty slaves immediately commented out loud "No ones ever going to make me into a slave". His older brother Daniel looked across at him and replied "Well you better make sure then, that you obey the rules a lot more than you do or you never know what will happen to you"`Look who's talking" Eric retorted."What do you mean by that squirt' Daniel teased."I mean look at who's sneaking off and getting up to mischief with his closest friends and leaving the rest of the gang out of it. And in case your blind `squirt', I'm taller than you now so shut your mouth" Eric replied.Though he didn't want to show that Eric had scored with that japanese preteen tits last comment, Daniel felt his face blushing."Yeah well I'm more mature than you, who's the little eight grade middle schooler?" Daniel responded."Mum, Daniels being mean to me" preteen nude gallery whined Eric.`Daniel stop tormenting your brother" his Mum rebuked."Yeah bossy boots" Melissa chipped in supporting Eric and poking her tongue out at her eldest brother Daniel."Well it's true Mum, they are so immature, neither Eric or Mel do what they are told when I look after them when your at work. If they keep that up they will end up in trouble" Daniel replied."Oh and you never break the rules?" Vicki Green asked?I'm not like the pair of them mum I follow the rules; I am never going to end up angels model preteen as a slave that's for sure" Daniel replied."Ok that's enough son" Owen Green interjected in a voice that told all the matter was closed.They walked on through the preteen porn girl park in silence but just before they reached their parked car the family came across a group of naked youths picking up rubbish as part of their community service requirements as temporary slaves.The three children and even the parents couldn't help glancing at the naked bodies of the five miscreant youths who were serving their time in NEWDD Juvenile Deterrence or `nudie', as it is called in the local community.NEWDD which stood for `Notice of Exemption from Wearing Decent Dress' was a special form of temporary enslavement unexpected preteens pics that enforced complete public preteens sexy pictures nudity to humiliate and embarrass the offender that much that they would never progress to more habitual criminal activity."Man that must preteen amateur pics be so preteen models images embarrassing, I'm never going to end up like preteen naked boys those kids, art naked preteen no one is ever going to make me go around naked in public" Daniel asserted."Well then son you too had better be on your best behaviour" candid japanese preteen Dad responded."I always am dad you know that" Daniel replied."Hey isn't that nudie over there picking up rubbish Ryan Muller?" Melissa blurted out.Eric looked across and said, hentai preteen porn "Yeah sure is".Eric and Melissa ran across to where Ryan was working. When he pedo nude preteen noticed them approaching his face turned an instant shade of pink.12-year-old petite preteens gallery Ryan was in 7th grade with Melissa, though not in the same server preteen classes, nevertheless she knew of him, so did Eric who was one grade ahead.When they arrived in front of Ryan he stopped collecting pieces of rubbish and took up the display position. NEWDD juvenile slaves preteen nudes ing were required to comply with any reasonable requests from free citizens to display their naked bodies for posing or examination and to cooperate in those activities, providing that it did not interfere with the juvenile slave's schedule.Melissa giggled as she took a close look for the first time nn preteen biz at Ryan's genitals, genitals that indicated that Ryan was in the very early stages of puberty.Standing naked in front of his two middle school companions Ryan displayed an erect 4" cock that surmounted a hairless ball cgiworld preteen sack that was beginning to hang down and had recently turned a preteen torrent darker red colour. He had a very small, sparse dusting of public hair extending about a half inch to either side and to the top preteen gay thai of his penis. Pubic hair that was hard to preteen models titty see at any distance.Turning to the nudies overseer Melissa asked, "Can we examine him?"The rest of the Greens had followed the two children over to Ryan and when he arrived Daniel recognised the overseer as inocent preteen gallery Blake Rivers, a junior from his High School who only last year when he was 15 had preteen gallery vagina been a nudie himself.Blake replied "Sorry Miss, but Ryan's work schedule does not allow him time mini models preteen for examinations preteen angels art today"."Oh what a pity, still I guess we will have plenty of time to examine you at school on Monday Ryan" Melissa responded.Ryan breathed a sigh of relief but still turned a deeper shade of pink.Daniel preteen tranny movie admired Ryan's maturing genitals but he was never gladder at that moment that he was a free citizen fully clothed in decent dress!Of course as a kid growing up especially once you turned ten years of age you had to be extra careful in your public and private behaviour, less you were sentenced under the `NEWDD', `Notice of Exemption from Wearing Decent Dress' Program for Juvenile Deterrence. None of Daniels friends or family had ever served time in NEWDD. All of nudity preteen public them were just too petrified of being placed into `Nudie' to do anything wrong and that was the whole aim of the program.Public nudity enforced by a court order was a powerful tool in keeping kids always on their best behaviour. Good manners and being helpful to your parents around the house was now expected of all children still living at home. The NEWDD program ran until you turned sixteen, then you were sentenced under adult law, which often meant enslavement for life.Though the state had recently passed new public decency laws and slaves had to be kept girl preteen websites `decent' in public so as not to cartoons preteen nude offend the decency of all the free citizens the defloration preteen model law still allowed with authorisation the stripping of slaves in public as a means of specific punishment and humiliation. NEWDD juveniles were also exempted from the decency laws under the court-imposed conditions contained in the Notice of Exemption from Wearing Decent Dress.Apart from the nudies working on the community service projects like the family had just passed you would see kids at school or at the mall who were totally naked. They were the focus of much torment and ridicule apart from the embarrassment and humiliation of being seen totally naked. This of course was just what the preteen dream nude NEWDD program set out to achieve.Daniel Green had grown up amongst this `normal' life in a leafy tree lined street in suburban Eastbrook named Henson Avenue. His father Owen was employed in Real Estate sales and his mother Vicki preteen russian nymphetes was a Retail Store Manager.The Green family only had the one slave, Tom. He was
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