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Related post: Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 22:21:19 naturists pics preteens +1100 From: katie slutwhore preteen gallery skinny Subject: Katie's Holidays (bisexual, urination)Hey guys I'm gonna blog this one a bit and not have much detail because I just got home and I have a couple wet japans preteens AMAZING stories to write for you over the next few weeks! But here's what's been happeningThe fucking young preteens first time I met Ally, aka `Pinky', she punched me in the face. Like literally walked up ebony preteen galleries to me and smacked me one in the face. See the deal was my Mistress had decided, not long after getting back from her trip overseas, to give me my xmas present early. That's what the SMS I got said anyway. Well what it REALLY said was `cunt maxwells top preteens get yr ass 2 [name of park that has a nice quiet corner car park near us deleted] and meet me near the tennis courts in 1/2 an hour. No underwear, no excuses, it's time for yr xmas present'.So I was standing up there freezing my butt off, sitting on a log in front of the tennis courts, trying to think about ANYTHING but what was ahead for me so I preteens freevideos didn't generate a massive wet stain all over the front of my tracksuit pants. I figured loose clothes were what Mistress Cassandra wanted with the `no underwear' thing; stuff I could get out of quickly and easily. Normally I'm a patient and obedient slave but the sun was going down, it was getting frosty and private sex preteens I was contemplating the unbelievable insolence of contacting my goddess to see what the deal micro miniskirts preteen was. I mean it was dark, this place is pretty tree-shrouded and apart from my own little Hyundai the only car in site was some hire-van off in another corner of the car park. Just as I was ready to go get my phone out of my car a figure turned the corner of 13yo preteen list a path twisting out from trees to the side of nude preteen hamilton the forums of preteens tennis courts and walked towards me. As they emerged from the dusk gloom I could see they were kind of small, dressed similar to me but in all black, hunched over with hands in the hooded sweatshirt's pockets preteen modeling sexy and hood up obscuring the face. It was only when they were several steps away from me that they reached up and drew back the hood, revealing the `they' to be a she, and an extremely hot one at that!She smiled hesitantly and kept coming towards me. I couldn't see her body beneath the loose clothes but the face was amazing. Longish brown hair framed the kind of cute, schoolgirl innocent face that you know feet preteen free is just hiding some major kinks. It struck me immediately, and has every time we've met since that she looked an awful pre teen thai lot like some kind of lesbian love child of porno actor Ashley Blue and MC Lady Sovereign. Yeah, I know, what a fucking hottie!I have to admit her beauty portfolio preteen model struck me a little because before I knew it she was almost in my personal space. A complete stranger and me with my guard down. That's why I wasn't ready for what was coming. She stepped towards me and said `hi, I'm Pinky', then hit me square in the jaw with a savage right hook. I wasn't ready for it and she can pack a punch. To put it bluntly I dropped like a sack of shit. As my head hit the ground, bouncing off the wet grass I heard -- over her cackling, manic laughter I might ad -- running footsteps and another black clad figure came underground preteen website into view. Pinky said `quick, feet' ukrainian preteens or something similar and it was then I noticed her American accent. Honestly, and preteen picture posting this is fuck preteen russian the bit that freaks me out the most, I was so stunned from the punch I galeries preteens couldn't even try to fight back, and before I knew it I was spirited across the car park and into the back of the van, in a hogtied position with tape around my wrists and ankles and a bandana tied around my eyes. An unseen hand slipped under my thighs and dragged slowly and lovingly across my mound hailey model preteen and around ls preteen pictures to cup my arse, before trailing up preteens lingerie photos my spine. Then more hands preteen model nua inserted what something into my mouth, I recognized almost immediately the familiar taste and feel of a rubber ball gag. Ohhhh! My heart was preteen of russia still pounding but now as I was starting to regain my senses, I had an inkling of what was going on now! Enough to know not to start struggling as the van's engine shuddered to life and I felt us moving out of the car park.We were driving for almost 30 minutes, I think. I worked out later that that's how much it preteen naturist sites must've been but honestly, isolated like that in the back of a van, one of those transit types with a mesh barrier between the front seats preteen bikinis photos and the back cargo area, blindfolded, bound, and gagged, video nude preteen the CIA could've been extraordinarily renditioning me for all the fuck I knew (I mean hey, I do have kind of beach nude preteen brown skin...). The roar of the engine in the back drowned out any murmur asian nude preteen of conversation from the front, and more than one sharp corner made me roll around in the back on my stomach, further disorienting me. I could tell from the feel on the exposed skin of my throat and neck and from the smell that I was laid out on a swath of carpet that seemed a little thicker, and smelled a little worse, than ordinary car carpet. It seemed kind of dusty preteen nudist free and I coughed around my gag a few times.One thing I've learned in vintage nude preteen these situations is to just relax and go with it. Ms. Cassandra is not only my Mistress and Owner, she's also one of my best friends and I trust her implicitly with everything we do. And by now I was sure that this was something she was behind. Call it pheromones, call it whatever, but partly by the smell of her breath in my preteen couple ear as the gag was fitted, partly by the touch of her hand at the base of my spine, I knew that the other figure in black must have been her. So I just relaxed, let myself go as limp as possible in the position I was bound, and waited for what was next. Being in bondage can actually be incredibly relaxing, you should try it some time.I was just beginning to notice the throbbing in my preteen sites portals jaw again (when you read this Pinky, fuck you, seriously!) when the van pulled to a halt. Doors opened, slammed shut, rasped open and slammed again. The weight newworld cp preteen latin models preteens in the van shifted. My abductors were in the back with me, obviously. The tape around my hands and legs came off. Someone european preteens pics kneeled on my preteen cp binaries back, pinning me, as my pants were dragged off. I was pulled upright and my sweatshirt followed suit. Laid back in young preteen fantacy a spread eagle position, my wrists and ankles my preteen pussy were again taped, this time porn for preteen to the floor of the van. wet preteen thong Liberal application of many strips of tape, even to the palms of my hands and my fingers, ensured that I wasn't going to be moving, even if I wanted to. My mpegs preteens head was lifted up and the ball gag was removed, and some other harness was slipped over my head, something round with the soft texture of silicone poking in my mouth so I had to grip it with my teeth.Then the rough hands doing all this to me went away and by the rustling of clothes and shifting of weight in the van, I could hear my captors undressing. The blindfold was removed from my eyes and the first thing I noticed was how dark it was in the van. The school preteens nude light coming in from the back window appeared to be a mix of starlight and illumination from a street lamp. I could hear ocean dirty preteen bra waves outside. Were we at the preteens pics forums beach? That train of thought was replaced instantly as my best preteen sites eyes focused on the huge pink dildo, seemingly protruding from my mouth. So that's what it was! A strap-on dildo had been fitted to girl links preteen my face and no doubt preteen fack I was expected to hold it steady with my teeth. And then my eyes focused on the two pairs of legs, naked legs, either pornpreteens side of my head, leading to thighs, leading to two vaginas, one completely bald and one neatly trimmed and preteen thai girl extremely super preteen hardcore familiar, and over that, the grinning faces of the girl I would come to preteen dreamz know as Pinky on my right, and my beautiful Mistress on the left. Fuck this was hot. They were breathing hard, giggling slightly. Ms. Cassandra said `happy xmas, slut' and then they both started pissing all over me, in my hair, down my chest, all over my face, stinging preteen boy pictures my eyes as it seeped in, but preteens teens videos I knew better than to close them. The smell of piss filled the cold air. By the time they were done they were laughing their preteens otos arses off. Pinky said `come on, let's preteen brasil young rape this bitch' and I again noted her accent, and then I noted not much else for the next few hours as they took turns riding the erotic young preteen cock in my mouth, squirting loads on me, pissing on me, pulling and twisting my tits preteen amateur videos and even double-fucking-fisting me! One hand each, the difference was intense. Cassandra's fist went inside me first and worked me with a thrusting, twisting preteen penis photo motion. By contrast, Pinky pretty much contented herself with trying to punch my uterus. The orgasm from that was amazing, when they pulled their fists out simultaneously (ouch!) my girl cum fountainhead out, splatting all over the dirty carpet.They opened the side door to the van and threw me out onto the gravel, and they sat on the edge of the door, nude preteen thumbs spread their legs and, first Cassandra, then Pinky, I ate their delicious pussies, on my knees, in a car park by the beach. Some xmas!Over the next few days gay toplist preteen I was introduced to Pinky. I think her nickname comes from that cartoon Pinky and the Brain or some shit, but no one calls her Allison, or even Ally. She even has her nickname tattooed above her arse. Ms. Cassandra is actually from Chicago originally and spent most of her summers there growing up, and Pinky was one of her friends and fuck buddies, especially in their early teens, which they apparently spent getting pretty wild. She's eva ionesco preteens out here now with a work visa, traveling around and doing whatever and I think she'll be pretty fun. She's worked as a stripper and even an escort before (wow) and she's pre teen naturalist like, just fucking wild, really. I swear she either does way too much coke or she has ADD or both, child pedo preteen but she's loud, over the top, kind of a preteen model mag little rough and violent and basically the best part of the party!So it was guaranteed she was going to spend New Years with us. And we were spending New Years Eve at an honest-to-goodness swinger's underage tiny preteens boy preteen cock orgy! Mistress Cassandra just seems to have these amazing connections because I don't know how she hooks this stuff up, but it took place at someone's lavish beach house down on the bay and there were a shit-tonne of people there, a lot of them around our age and quite attractive. It was going to be a preteen with dogs fucking party alright.We missed the fireworks out over the preteen gallery post city because we were way too busy. And I'm not going to make a joke about `making fireworks of our own' because that's really dumb. But well, we were. Somehow about an preteen tgp post hour before the date changed nud
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