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Related post: Date: Sun, 27 Jun 1999 18:37:28 GMT From: Joe Camp Subject: My HadrianMy Hadrian Part 1 By Joe Camp idc90hotmail.comWARNING: This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual acts between boys erotic girls pedo and with men and boys. The following story dark collection rompl pedo is a work of fiction. It is a fantasy. Caesar Hadrian and Antinous are illegal pedo fucking sites well documented historical figures, as is their relationship as lovers. Scholars disagree on certain facts concerning Hadrian and Antinous. Few disagree as to their relationship. This story is Fiction, but the author has tried to keep it to what would be reasonable for beliefs held at pedo kiddies porn that time. Please read the preface for more information on the subject. The preface also little boy fuck pedo includes a glossary of special words used in the story.This story contains sex between a boy and a man. While these acts were acceptable by social standards 1860 years ago, today, they are not. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and children. If you are underage, or reading about homosexual acts between boys or by a man and a boy offends you; find something else, and delete this file. Most historians agree forbidden 16 yo pedo the relationship started before Antinous was 13, probably sometime around age 11 or 12, and continued to his death, in his late teens or early twenties. It is known that Antinous drowned in the Nile. It is debated if it was a sacrifice or an accident. The author wishes to thank and acknowledge the help of Ronald Staley , in his efforts to keep the general tone of the story, historically accurate.The author retains the copyright of this story. Placing this story on a web site without the authors permission is a violation of that copyright.----------------------------------------------------------------My Hadrian Part 1 I, Antinous of Claudiopolis, have made my decision. Tomorrow, I will sacrifice myself for my Caesar, Emperor Hadrian, my erastes. pedo galleries 2005 My thoughts are logical and reasonable, just as my teachers have taught me to think. Hadrian my erastes is ill. By my sacrifice, the gods have promised he will have years added to his life. My time as his eromenos is drawing short. Every day, I become more and more a man. It won't be long, before I have to give up my love, and move from his palace. Never to share his bed again. Never to have the strong arms of my Hadrian to hold me passwords to pedo sites again. Never again to feel his manhood massaging my insides. There are yet other reasons I should sacrifice myself. The Nile has failed to flood satisfactorily for two years in a row now. By my sacrifice, the gods will be appeased, and flood the Nile next year. My erastes', Emperor Hadrian's, Egyptian Providence, will be saved from famine. I believe the gods had Hadrian save my life on the last hunt, so I could sacrifice myself to them. There sex extreme picture pedo is just no other explanation as to why Hadrian was able to kill the cat, before it could maim and kill me. I have nothing to fear. I will become a god. Those who sacrifice themselves in the Nile, join the other gods on Mount Olympus. That way, I will never die. I have had a good life. Better then anyone has a right to expect. I have been the eromenos of the great Caesar Hadrian! I have been educated by the best teachers. I have traveled the lands of the great Roman Empire. I have been loved by Hadrian, the best erastes any boy could ever have. So, tomorrow, I will fall into pedofilia porno free foto the Nile. I remember the first time I saw free xxx pedoporn my pedo girls xxx Emperor Hadrian. It was in my home Province of Bithynia, in Greece. I was 12 years-old at the time he came to the school. I was honored when he kept looking at me. I knew I was the best looking boy there. He asked who was the best artist, and who was kinder pedo kiddy pedosex the best student. I beamed with pride when the teachers pointed me out, and pedo child kiddy said I was both. That night, when little girl tits pedo we were preparing for bed, my friend Quintus called out, "Antinous is getting a big head! I will have to put him down in a wrestling match so I can pedo 15 fuking fuck him and show him I am the best.""Ho! You, Quintus?" I shouted. "You and what legion? I will show you who will play the erastes tonight! You will make a nice eromenos for me, once you learn your place!" I knew I could win. No one had beaten me, unless I wanted them to, since Aristomachus was chosen by a General to be his eromenos. I knew beating Quintus wouldn't be easy, but I am just a little stronger than him. Unless he could cause me to fall fast, I could out last him. Once he started getting tired, I could force the win. As we removed our tunics, getting ready to grapple, I noticed some of the boys were rolling the dice to see real pedo links who would fuck whom. pedo children video I liked deciding by wrestling so much better than leaving it up to the whims of the gods. There have been times, when I wanted to be Quintus' eromenos. Then I would be easier to defeat. Quintus startled me by ducking in, and getting me in a bear hug. It didn't take me too long to get out of it, but I could tell he was trying hard extreme pedo pics to win that night. I caught him in a move he wasn't expecting, and had him pushed out of the ring, pedo erotic pic before either of us realized it. I could tell he was disappointed he hadn't won. After his bragging, I couldn't let him fuck me that night, but I decided I would suck on his cock for him after I finished fucking him. Quintus went to his chest and got his pot of olive oil. I was glad we didn't have to use mine, as I was almost out. My allowance hadn't arrived, and my coins were running low. Good oil is so expensive. Quintus got a bigger allowance than me, and he could better afford the oil. I remember thinking at the time, that I hoped brazilian sex pedo I would never be like some of the poorer boys I had heard about. I had heard some of them pedoland photo had to use cheap lamp oil. I prayed to the gods that would never happen to me. I prayed that I would win a foot race, where the prize was a pot of good oil, if my allowance didn't arrive before cp pedo newsgroup I ran out. Quintus went to my bed, and little teen russian pedo lay face down on the bed. He handed me his pot of oil, and spread his legs wide for me. I used enough to make his ass slick, but not so much as to waste the costly fluid. I worked my oiled finger into his opening, as I gently stretched and relaxed his muscle. As soon as he was ready, I oiled my hard cock. As I knelt behind him, Quintus took his hands and spread the cheeks of his butt wide for me. I entered him slowly, being as gentle as the most loving erastes would be. Quintus sighed, as my cock reached into him as far as I could go. I started humping into Quintus, coming almost all the way out, before pushing all the way back in. It wasn't too long, before the gods granted me the feelings of pleasure. My body shook, as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body. I lay panting on Quintus' back, as I rested. Around us, other boys were fucking or sucking with mpegs pedo porn each other. Very few didn't join in our nightly play. They were the ones that called themselves Christians. What a silly religion. To have only one god to protect you? What were you to do, if you needed him and he was busy? And not to have sex with boys or men? How ridiculous! Why everyone knows that is the only proper way to grow up! How do they expect to learn how to be a man without an erastes? I have even heard, that they say a man is to love his wife. How can any real man love a woman! Bah! They would have us change the natural order of everything! Next they will be trying to have a father coddle a son and ruin him for life! I prayed nightly to all the gods on Mount Olympus, that I would soon be chosen by a suitable erastes. I prayed for a General and I even dared to hope for a high Official. The gods answered my prayers with my Emperor Hadrian! How the gods have blessed me! After I had rested on Quintus a while, I took the towel I kept by my bed, and wiped the oil from bukkake pedo my cock. I turned him onto his back, and I knelt over Quintus, so my cock was over his mouth. I pulled the foreskin of his cock down, to uncover the dark purple glans. I licked the fat head of his cock, teasing and tasting him. Quintus was moaning, before I took him in my mouth. He took my pleasure tool archive pedo porn into his mouth, and was gently sucking on it, as I sucked on his. I soon had to start bucking into Quintus' mouth. I knew my body was once more about to experience the thrill of a climax. I increased the suction on Quintus' dick, sucking harder and harder as he bucked faster foro pedosex and faster into my mouth. He was keeping up with me; sucking just as hard on me, as I was on him. I had to tense my body, and shove as far into Quintus' mouth as I could. Spasm after spasm shook my body, as thrill after thrill raced through me. sex ilegal pedo We collapsed against each other, as we panted and returned from that place the gods had taken us. We heard a slight cough, and looked up to see the porter standing there."I have to extinguish the lamps now, if you want to return pedo files girls to your bed before it is dark." he told Quintus. We glanced around the room, and everyone else was already porn pedo boy in bed, watching us. Quintus jumped up and dashed to his bed. He ran back to get his pot of oil, then returned to own bed. I could see the way the porter was looking at me. I could see the tent of his tunic. I felt sorry for him, as he was a very good looking man of about 30, but, a boy of our social class could not have fun with a slave. That would be totally unacceptable. If he was a freeman, it might be different, but with a slave, No. He finished extinguishing the lamps, and went out the door to his pallet. It was a few weeks later, and we were outside getting ready to run our race, when I spotted the purple toga of the Emperor, as he index photo pedo was walking along the road. Oh, my Hadrian is a fine figure of a man. He stands a good head over most men, and with his fine beard, you know at first glance, he is a man's man. Some people seem shocked that he would free pedo girls xxx wear a beard. Just because he is the first Emperor to do so, means nothing. I think it makes him look distinguished. Even without the purple of his toga, I could have picked him out of the crowd of The Governor, Generals, Officials, and guards. Caesar's group turned into the field, and we waited on our Emperor. I wanted to win my race so badly, in order to honor Caesar. I looked at the group I was to race. There was Lucullus and Valerius to beat. They have both won against me in the past, but I have beaten them also. They are fast, but I could win. I could easily out run all the others. I knew I could win. Lucullus ass fucking pedo videos was telling us how he was going to win, as we got naked and ready to race. He bragged to us he would be the one congratulated by Caesar. He was just messing with our minds, trying to win before japan pedo gallery the race even started. We were called to the starting line, and young virgin pedo sites I took my running stance next to Lucullus. I young hentai pedo pussy limbered up my back, and legs, as the others got ready. At the ready mark, I was tense and ready to go. My left foot was a little ahead of my right, and I had my arms up, ready to start pumping. My legs felt as if they had springs in them, like Caesar's big machines of war; like his catapults, waiting to be released. As I heard the CRACK of the gate's handle, I was ready to run as soon as the lines dropped. My legs exploded under me, propelling me forward. My arms were pumping as fast and as hard as they could, and I never looked back. My chest was heaving, and my heart was pounding. My legs ached and felt as if they would fall off. No one was in front of me, as I saw the finish line drawing nearer and nearer. All that was in my mind was; run! pedo nude portal Run! Run, and win for Caesar! I staggered across the finish line, and strong arms caught me to keep me from falling
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