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Related post: Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001 22:23:22 EST From: Subject: Kelly's Problem 2Part 2 -- Kelly's ProblemPreamble:This is horny preteen boys a preteenpussypics story based on real people preteen chests pic in a situation which they were never in (Though I wish that naturist family preteen they had ;)). The names have been changed to protect the nudist preteen pics innocent and not so innocent. This is purely a fantasy of the author and is not meant to preteen porn dildo be taken as fact.The Story>From Part One: preteen pic bbs Then cp preteen children I got the shock of my young life. Kelly looked into my eyes; saw something, then leaned over and pre teen leather kissed me right on the lips! pre teen beastiality What the HELL! I definitely wasn't expecting this! I liked Kelly, sure. I wanted to be his friend, yes. But anything more, I wasn't sure. I needed to think about this. "Kelly! Slow down, please. I am gay, and don't take this wrong, but ... ah ... I need to think here. I like you, sure. I definitely want you as a friend. But I don't know if this is going anywhere."He looked like a sad puppy, which had been caught doing something wrong. He hung his head. "I'm sorry, John. It won't preteens sex download happen again. I'll take you home now."He pulled back onto the road and xxx preteen magazines drove me the rest of the preteen blue links way home. As I got up on my crutches, he handed me my backpack. "Thanks for the ride. I'll see you tomorrow at practice.""Yeh, see you tomorrow."Before he could reach over and close the door, I stopped lesbian preteen sex him and said, "Kelly, if you want to talk some more, see me after practice. OK?""Sure. Tomorrow." He drove off and I walked into the house.Part 2: As I walked into the house, I reviewed what had just happened. Was Kelly really gay? It was hard to say. Certainly from my point of view, it wouldn't be a bad thing. I mean, he was cute and I did like him.Did I like him that way though? It was hard to say. preteen pussy models I had felt something when he had put his hand on my shoulder and again when he kissed me. I was slightly confused. This was definitely new for me. I normally wasn't confused very easily.After saying hi to Mom and Dad, I went to my room to get ready for dinner. Dinner this evening consisted spaghetti with meatballs. Dad asked why I had called and told him that I'd be nn preteen thumbs riding home with one of the players."Dad, it was Kelly Langer. I just wanted to make sure he was adjusting to the varsity squad alright. It's tough being a sophomore and having to make the jump to varsity in the middle of the season." I smiled a little."That's nice, nudev pre teen John. I take it there's no problem then.""No problem that I know of. If you boy preteen russian don't mind, I will probably ride home with Kelly tomorrow night. I'd like to get to know him a little better.""Well, if you want to. Have you asked preteen pedo site him if he can give you a ride yet?""Ah, no.""Then I suggest you call and make sure he can. I don't want to get a call tomorrow saying that you need a ride."I smiled at Dad and said, "Dad, if I had a car of my own, preteen underwear girlz you wouldn't have to worry about getting calls, would you?" photography preteen nude Even with my handicap, I could still drive a normal car, as long as it had an automatic transmission."John, you know the answer to that already. No car until you can afford the insurance."Damn, you'd think I'd get to win that argument one time. It was always a Catch-22. I couldn't get a job without a car, and I couldn't get a car without a job.I finished dinner and went upstairs to do what homework I had. History was easy; I usually made the other students unhappy since I regularly broke the bell curve. Math wasn't too bad. Chemistry was OK. The only course I really had nn preteen feet any problems with was English Lit. Trying to read The Canterbury Tales in the original old English was definitely a bear. I couldn't wait for Shakespeare to make his appearance.By the time I finished my homework; it was time for bed. I stripped down and hopped into bed, with just a pair of boxers on. I turned off the desk lamp and tried to preteen hardcore pthc go to sleep. Something prevented it. My mind was going over the same scene, over and over. I was seeing Kelly leaning over and kissing me. And it wasn't just a peck on the lips that had been the reality. It was a tonsil tickler. And it was getting me hard. Every time it replayed in my mind, my cock got harder. Added to the scene was what I had seen in the shower room. Finally, I came to the conclusion that I needed release. I took my cock out through the fly and started jacking off. It didn't take long before that familiar feeling hit. I gasped as I saw the first shot flew over my head and pretty tgp preteen hit the headboard about 3/4s of the way up. The second and third shot hit my face and shoulder respectively, before preteen modells list slowly working my way down my chest and stomach; finally to dribble over my hand into my pubic hairs. My God! fetish preteen I never came that hard before!It took me a while to settle down. Once I did, I fell asleep quickly. The next thing I remembered was the alarm going off. 5 AM. Time to get up. I grabbed my crutches and walked to the bathroom. I looked at pictures hot preteen my self in the mirror, and smiled. petitepreteen pics I could see dried cum in my hair and on my chest. Man, what a night! I underage preteen topless stripped my boxers off and stepped into the shower. The warm water felt like heaven as I sudsed up. While I washed my genitals, my mind wondered back click preteens pics to its vision of the preteens nude upskirts night before. Kelly was kissing me again. What was it with Kelly that he was constantly on my mind? Was it lust? Possibly, Kelly was cute and I could see getting into bed with him. Love? Well, I did care for him, but I also cared for the rest of the guys on the team. They black preteen tgp were like an extended family to me.One thing for certain, I had to talk to Kelly. Whether he wanted to or not. I hopped out of the shower; dried off and got dressed. I finished in time for a small breakfast of Cherrios and milk. Then time to get onto the bus; and off to school. Classes went OK, no real problems.Practice was curious that night. The guys were all waiting for me before practice. Apparently Tony had told them that I was going to talk to Kelly. They were curious. "What's up with Kelly?" "Anything we should know about?" "Hey John, did you find out anything?" All tossed at me in rapid fire succession."Whoa, preteen naked sites guys! Hang on a sec, will ya? First of all: Jack, nothing's up with Kelly. Tony, he's just shy. hairy preteens models Other than that nothing you should have to worry about. I've got everything under control."With that, I shooed them out of the locker room and onto the gym floor. underground preteens I hadn't seen Kelly come in. I assumed that since it was still a while before practice that he just was tiny preteen pussies not here yet.I went out to the gym and sat in the first row of the bleachers, as usual, with the preteen vicky links Gatorade and water close by. Kelly showed up preteen boy cumshot a couple of minutes later dressed for practice. I watched him as he went through shoot around before practice began. After that, I didn't pay any particular attention to him. After practice, some free preteen masturbation of the guys, including Tony and Jack, came up to me and said that Kelly had seemed distracted during practice. They couldn't say why, preteen dating service but he had seemed to be looking at me a lot.They may not have known but I had a pretty good idea why. He probably was trying to figure out whether I had told anyone about last night. I hadn't, and wasn't likely to as it would likely lead to question about me that I wasn't ready to handle yet.I went into the locker room and began handing out towels as per usual. The players were joking about the same topics that all guys joke about: girls, sports, girls and classes. Jack and Tony lingered a bit preteen bbs orgy trying to pry further into what had gone on with Kelly last night. At that point, Kelly walked in to the locker and began to get ready to take his shower. If looks could have killed, Kelly would have been facing girl bbs preteen trial for my murder from the one he gave me as he went into the shower.I decided I had better get rid of Tony and Jack. "Guys, would you mind going?" I nodded in the direction of the shower room, hoping they would get the not so subtle hint.Fortunately, they seemed to. uk preteen porn "Alright, John. See ya later." "Sure, John. Call you later?""Yeh, whatever. Later guys." They left. bbs magazine preteen "Kelly, could I see you for a minute!" I shouted."If it's to ask for another ride, illegal preteenporn the answer is no!""Jesus! What's gotten into him?" I thought. "Not necessarily! I just want to talk you! Is that alright?" I shouted back."What's there to talk about? You said it all before," he replied. The shower was turned off. He came out past me with a towel wrapped around his waist. "You have me under control already. Isn't that what you told Tony? Last night was just a ruse to try and get me! Wasn't it?" nonude model preteens I heard a locker slam. I couldn't swear to it at underage nakedpreteens the time, but the last part sounded like it had been accompanied by a sob."I told them I had the situation under control. Kelly, I had to tell them something. They had asked me to find out what was bothering you. You seemed distant, never coming into shower until almost everybody was gone. Tim said that you were just shy. Maybe it was just me, but I sensed it was something more. I had to find out if it butts preteen girls was something that I could help you with. For Pete's sake, I couldn't very well preteen lingerie photos tell preteen girl gifts them what we did last night, could I?"Kelly sighed. "No, I suppose not.""Alright, then. Could we start this over again, please? Kelly, would you mind if I hitched a ride with you again tonight?"I didn't hear anything for several seconds. Then, quietly, he replied, "OK." We naked school preteen went through the same procedure that we had gone through the night before: gather up preteen lotita the laundry, take it to the laundry room, and start up the washing machine. The only change was that this time he didn't ask if he should bring the car around, Kelly just did it by sprinting out to his car and bringing it around. Now I may be fast walking on these crutches of mine, but there's no way I'm going to catch someone who's not on crutches, especially an athlete, when he or she decides they want to get someplace in preteen girls cartoon a hurry.I tossed my crutches in the back seat and got into the car. "Kelly, can I say something?""Sure. What's up?""Remember last night when I said that I wanted to think before we went any further? Well, preteens petite ass I've done some thinking about what happened last night and I've decided that I definitely want to be friends. And I also am willing to let this friendship go wherever it ends up going. If that means more than simple friendship, so be it. If not, I'd still like to be your friend. OK?"Kelly was obviously still unsure of what was happening. preteens gallery portal He shrugged, looked me in the eyes, and said that he was OK with the idea."Great." I paused for a second. "So, ah, what do you like to do? Away from the basketball court, preteens of nude I mean.""Well, I like to play Atari or Intellivision like Pong or Centipede. I try to find time to hang out at the local disco with some of my friends. I like to read some fantasy novels preteen nn ace when I can afford them. What do you do when you're not in school?""My social life away from school is kind of limited. I've got an Atari game at home that I play. But most of my time is spent reading. To tell the truth, the team is pretty much it. I don't get out much. Occasionally I play hoops with some of the guys in the neighborhood, but that's in a wheelchair. There's not very much in
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