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Related post: Date: Tue, 11 May 2010 16:32:49 +0100 From: Nick Subject: Keeping it in the family - Chapter 17WARNING: The following true story - only the names of the participants have been changed - contains descriptions of gay and bisexual/incestuous activity between adult relatives and others, activities which may be illegal in some jurisdictions or cause offence against some religious beliefs. Please do not read any further if you are likely to be offended by its content or if it might be illegal in your country! By the way, the story is written with the full knowledge preteen girls art and approval of all the living persons having significant mention therein.* * * *We finished our leisurely breakfast at which we discussed how we should spend our last full day in the beautiful English cute preteen rape Lake District, how and when we sex preteen boys were going to tell our three sets of parents about the grandchildren they should expect next February and we firmly resolved the no-one else should ever know that I was preteen cheerleader galleries the father of Alison's baby. We quickly collected a few bits and pieces from our rooms hairless preteen models and set off on the last expedition of our break.The weather remained kind on our last full day. preteen underage babyj We walked to the top of the nearest ridge where there was an astounding view of the valley below, with several small villages nestling around preteen nude kiddies the river. We headed down finnish preteen nudes towards the nearest, looking forward to a few drinks preteen models wrestling and a pub lunch. It was increasingly difficult to find 'proper pub food' except in backwaters like these, where local specialities and traditional favourites were almost invariably and lovingly prepared by preteen underground forums the landlord's erotica preteen female wife.We lingered a good two hours over lunch, totally relaxed in the sunshine at a table on the pub lawn, alongside a little river. The conversation ranged around work, politics, our relaxing break which was now coming to an end and a thousand and one other topics. We were utterly relaxed!Rob and I paid the bill, Alison and Sarah went off to the 'Ladies' and after the usual eternity that women take over these things, came back smiling and giggling. "What's up?" Rob asked."Nothing", Alison replied, "at least not yet!"The sun was on our backs as we climbed the hillside and it wasn't long before Rob and I took off our shirts. The nonude preteen model girls complained that it preteen picture portal was unfair they couldn't do likewise. "Why not?" I asked. Without comment Sarah immediately removed hers, revealing a very skimpy and fetching preteen bra portfolio bra I hadn't seen little beauty preteen preteen nudist pictuers before."We didn't meet anyone this morning, there probably isn't anyone else within a mile now," preteen zoo Alison said as she did likewise, adding "Rob isn't wearing preteen tiny porn any pants under his shorts, anyway.""Neither is Nick!" Sarah added.We walked on for a while before Rob said "I have to take a leak.""Me, too, the beer talks", I said as we preteen board free turned aside, and flopped out our limp Willies, engorged as they were by their freedom and the need to pee. The girls modestly strode on. "What's on tonight, Rob?""I think that is what the girls were giggling about when they came out of the pub. They seem to have something planned.""I could plan something now," I said as I shook the bikinis preteens last drops of piss from my cock and put it preteen photo galleries away.Rob laughed, "Why don't we?" he said as he did likewise, "Willie is willing!"We caught up nymphet preteen site with the girls and put our arms around the waists of our respective wives. "How about a little rest?" I asked Sarah."That's not what you've got in mind!"Rob said "We could sit on that tump over there for a while and admire the view", using the Herefordshire dialect word for a small mound, and headed towards it, his arm still round Alison. We went that way too and the four of us sat for a few minutes in the dappled shade of preteen links two small trees, relaxing and admiring the view across the valley.My hand moved up inside the leg of Sarah's shorts. lingerie preteen girl I reached the neatly trimmed bush surrounding her already softened lips. "Who else isn't wearing knickers then?" I whispered. She held me tightly and gave me a very hard, long and wet kiss. As we twisted towards cute preteen nonnude each other, I felt my preteen pussy stories dick hardening and pushing down the leg of my shorts until it must have preteen dream pics been showing. One of her hands moved to my waist, I felt my shorts being unfastened and the hand fumbling inside them."Ready, willing and able" she said, standing up and dropping her own shorts to the ground and stepping out of them. I preteens models japan quickly did the same, unfastened her bra, dropped it to the nude preteen sex ground, put my hands to her waist and pulled her towards me, leaning on one of the trees as I did so. She knew what picture preteen kinder was coming, I slipped my hands to her thighs, pre teen naturism preteens tgp extreme lifted locker room preteen her legs around my waist and slipped my now rampant prick up to its hilt preteen pantyhose photo into masha nude preteen her dripping slit. With my shoulders pressed back preteen breast implants to the tree, I was able to thrust with my hips, time after time pushing my prick hard preteens nude sites into her dripping slit. Like never before, she soon began to rhythmically tighten and relax the muscles in her cunt, gripping and releasing my member as she did so.I glanced towards preteen preteen porn Rob and Alison, who were coupled in oblivion only a preteen modles links few yards away. Alison was naked on her hands and knees, legs apart. Rob was kneeling between her legs, thrusting rapidly in preteen yo the doggy position until with near-simultaneous groans of pleasure they suddenly collapsed into a post coital heap, their bodies entwined.I felt my balls begin to tighten and naturalist preteen children then in a great gush they unloaded their spunk deep within her as we too collapsed in a heap on the soft grassy mound. All four of us lay there for several minutes, speechless and completely naked, in total relaxation, looking up at the white contrails of aircraft criss-crossing the clear blue sky.Suddenly we heard voices and four totally naked lovers scrambled to get dressed. Bras were quickly stuffed into pockets and with preteen jpegs no knickers to worry about, shirts and shorts nudist erotica preteen were quickly donned, not a moment too soon as a middle-aged preteen male naturist couple and three teenage children hove into view. The teenage boys certainly noticed that Sarah's shirt was buttoned askew and that her boobs young preteensgirls naked were enjoying their freedom within it and the girl looked somewhat quizzically at the damp patch on the crotch of Rob's shorts!After preteens nudity our close escape, Rob and I took black preteen video the opportunity for another piss among a small group of bushes near to the top of the hill. I always find that there is something very natural about peeing in the open air. Sarah and Alison also seized the forum preteen pictures opportunity; doubtless the juices were beginning to dribble and seeing them squatting together, relieving themselves cause Willy to twitch again! We carried on to the top of the ridge and soon saw our hotel on the lakeside below and in a matter of fifteen minutes or so we arrived back.After having toplists preteen a quick clean-up and taking tea on the terrace, we all decided on a last visit to the spa. Little and Large were just getting out of the pool as the four of us preteen doggie style started our swim. After about fifteen minutes the girls went for the Jacuzzi whilst Rob and I went to the men's sauna. We stripped 8yo nude preteen naked and went in. Grenville and Oliver were already there. We engaged them in small talk for a while then during a pause I said "I thought I saw you two going off in an ambulance this morning, any problems?""Not really," Grenville replied."Speak for yourself," Oliver retorted, "you didn't have that endoscope up your ass. Neither will you be getting your fucking perteen preteen great prick up there again for a while. It'll be the same when I have the stitches out!""OK, OK, but it was embarrassing for me as well, especially when that woman casualty officer wanted to girls spanking preteen examine my cock, then when I took it out, she said she wanted to huge cock preteen see it erect. Then I couldn't get it up.""She believed me that it was eleven nude preteens photography inches long though!" Oliver added, "She had seen porn nudist preteen the photos sexe preteen damage you did to my ass!""Is it really eleven inches?" Rob asked."Yes," Oliver said, "I'll prove it to you." Grenville didn't seem entirely comfortable with the idea, but all the same he allowed Oliver to start massaging his generous member. As it began to come to life, both Rob and I were a bit embarrassed as our own cocks started their own involuntary response. Grenville was soon fully erect, the head of his dick being well above his belly button. Not having a tape very horney preteens preteen femdom measure to hand, Oliver art feet preteens suggested we should measure preteenie bikini girls it in 'hands' - a measure commonly used for the height of horses, but not preteen video post the length of dicks!As Rob and I both grasped its considerable circumference, I fancied I saw a drop or cute asian preteens preteen russian nudists two of precum emerge from the slit in it its enormous head. While our own pricks were both nearing their full seven inches, Oliver's midget was still nestling flaccid in the recess between his ample balls, almost hidden in his generous bush of pubic hair.In for a penny, in for a pound, I said "What's it take to get yours up then, Oliver?" Without a word, Grenville took it in his mouth and quickly transformed it into a small, but perfectly formed, copy of the other three rampant penises."Cold shower time, I think," Grenville said. Oliver peeped round the door to make sure there was nobody else in the changing room. There wasn't, Rob and I, our organs thankfully beginning to wilt, illegal porn preteens followed the gay cop and his partner to the communal showers. Grenville started wanking his massive organ while Oliver played with his midget. Rob grabbed it and tweaked it playfully a few times but gave up when preteentgp his own began to respond.The huge head of Grenville's truly massive, rock-hard tool was now deep purple. Rob said "I thought cops had a special pocket in their trousers for their truncheons." Grenville had obviously heard that one before."This is the one I use to deal with miscreants when I am not in uniform," preteen cp tpg he said, looking at Oliver."Sometimes too vigorously", Oliver responded with a doleful look."Look out!" Grenville said as he shot his load towards me, the preteen thong modesl first spurt luckily missing my face and going over my shoulder, followed models preteens pictures by several more, a couple of which hit me, before Oliver sucked the last few drops from Grenville's softening dick.A moment later, the door opened and two other men about our age came in. Rob and I, our cocks now soft, stepped in italian preteen nudists front of Grenville who quickly turned towards the wall. The two newcomers greeted us as they passed, one certainly glancing at the three exposed cocks.Oliver, Rob and I stepped out of the shower and began to dry ourselves, Oliver somewhat shyly. Grenville followed when he had managed to regain his composure. The men stripped of
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