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Related post: Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005 14:22:23 young cunt thumbs -0800 (PST) From: GILber VAlenz Birgham young Subject: My cousin David the surfer and he's fatherThis is a fictional story, based on real men, although the acts are a work of fiction. The story contains sexual exteremly young fuck acts between males and material very young hairy that is not suitable for people that are under the age. If reading material like such offends you or, is againts the law in your state, or country please leave very young hentai now.I had just gotten to California from Nebraska, Im Junior. But my relatives call me blondie. I arrived at my aunts from the airport at very young porngirls 5:00 PM, I knocked at the door and, my cousin David opened amateur nudist young the door, he gave me a huge hug and said " how long has it been since I saw you the last time?" I replide " I think five years ago was the last time we met" David is my cousin from my uncles side free youngest tgp of the family, he is about russia youngest porn young lesbian lovers 5,9 and he weights about 180, he has brunette hair sort of a shag look, he's a surfer, so you can almost imagine how hot he is. He has green eyes and beach tan skin. innocent young sluts But any ways back to the story.David ask do you need help unloading younggirl sex your luggage from nude young preeteen the Taxi cab? I quickly said young porn story yes, I sweet young info had totaly forgotten about the cap and he's fare. I paid the Taxi and he got on he' way, when I looked back I saw David taking my stuff in, I couldn't help but to stare at he's massive arms, while younger cp he took my stuff in. Once in side he said my mother will be home soon, he said common young defloration xxx dude ill help you get unpacked, he took me up to my new room and said this is it, I peeked in side and the room was actually really nice, not that the house wasnt, my anut lived in a subarban neighborhood in Long beach, I guess young muscles you now know why my cousin was a surfer, he had the beach five minutes away. Once we got my belongings unpacked, David and I herd a voice shout " David! Im home! Is you cousin here yet?" We both stepped out side the bed room and I saw my aunt standing prteen young porn at the bottom of the young ilegal staircase, I quickly ran down and gave Free young strippers her a hug, she russian young cutie kissed me on the cheek and said" I see you still have that beutiful blond hair, and your much more muscular now" She laugh and said did david show you younger pics nude your room? litle young porno I said he did, She said " Well its 6:30 and I got a party to attend to, tonight so I guess you both should start getting ready also"My aunt said you guys might want to daily young galleries put on something nice, theirs going to be a too young nudes lot of nn youngest young beutiful girls their. I had now interest in the girls who were going to be sex young free at the party,I just wanted to fuck young pussy see the other guys in their nice button up suites. My aunt nice young girls and her husband had no other kids but david he was an only child. I have always looked up at him for everything not 14 young nude only is he hot but he's also very smart. He's 17 just a year older than me, he has a cute boy face with a gotee, and he has this luagh and walk that could make any other girl or fag like me melt out their. But any ways, by the time my uncle John got home David, my aunt and young nasty free I were about done getting ready young pictures nude for the party, I walked out of my room and next to my room was Davids room, I knew my cousin was a straight fuck the minute I walked in to he's room, he had posters of young xxx 12 girls all over he's wall, and surf boards by the wall, and a guitar sitting next to he's bed, but he's since of style was a diferent story he was wearing banana republic pants, with a nice button up grey shirt, I herd my uncle shout "Im going to jump into the shower really quick" youngest naked naturist I have alwasy been enfatuated with my uncle also he is a man in he's late thirty's but still very, very hot, he was a foot ball player for the Utah utes back in the day, now he's an attorney. But the man gots ass and pegs, what can I say I guess it run in our family both I and David have preaty big biceps and pegs, young porn galleries but Davids pegs and biceps were much bigger tha mine, I guess surfing keeps him more in shape than swimming vrey young nudism which is what I do.Once at young teen webcams the party I realized it sucked evryone was old and ugly except for this younge sluts guy who was standing at the corner with short spicky hair, he looked a lot like ryan secrest. young porn gallery David went up to me and said damn young bloodz lets ditch this and go to the movies or something.We young lover galleries asked my uncle If he could give us a lift to the nearest movie place, my uncle said imageboard young girls " no Im going to leave this party young teens masturbating too" and Daivid said what about mom, My uncle John replide she's getting a ride later by Ms. Smith.My uncle asked us if anal anime young we still wanted to go to the movies or if young lebian porn we just wanted to go home, I said I wanted to go home, David indian virgin young agrred also. 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David explained him self and told him what in young pussy had happened.My uncle said is that true blondie, I was so embarased,I said "Im not sure sir" My uncle asked do you get an urge for sucking dick, and or do you sex young guestbook young monica brant think of wet naked men? I said no sir, um well their was this time, and my uncle said so your not sure if your a queer yet? and I said thats right sir, He said do you want to find out? 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