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Related post: Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 12:50:27 -0400 From: Michael teen anal photo bbs Raburn Subject: Daniel's Love 10THIS WORK IS FULLY PROTECTED BY U.S. COPYRIGHT LAWS. NO PORTION OF THIS WORK MAY BE COPIED OR REDISTRIBUTED BY ANY MEANS WITHOUT THE EXPRESS CONSENT incest bbs blog OF ITS AUTHOR.THIS WORK DEALS WITH A FICTITIONAL RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TWO MEN. IF READING ABOUT HOMOSEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS OR SEXUAL CONTACT BETWEEN TWO MEN IS EITHER ILLEGAL IN YOUR AREA OR OFFENDS YOU, PLEASE DO NOT all porno bbs READY ANY FURTHER.ANY child model list bbs SIMILARITIES TO ANY PERSON LIVING OR DEAD ARE PURELY COINCIDENTAL. THIS WORK IS ENTIRELY FICTITIONAL. Guys I really appreciate all the great responses you've sent me after the original posting and now the sequel to Daniel's Love. Without the feedback that I've received I'm sure that this story would have never reached this point. I also need to thank my significant other, Tbear for his encouragement and criticism. (His biggest teenmodel bbs list gripe is that I'm forever writing cliffhangers at the end of the chapters. Sorry, honey.) This is the final chapter of the story of Paul, Daniel, Cornelia, Jason and Kyle and the others. Life will take them where it will and for now that is outside my realm. Who knows? One day we may see them again.This work has actually been a great way to procrastinate the writing that I really should be doing. I was working on a serious novel based on several painful incidents from my childhood when these characters appeared on the screen before me. Maybe Paul and Daniel felt I needed a break from the arduous process of dealing with my past and writing that all down. Thanks guys, it's been a great way to get my mind out of those dark places.Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something and I refuse to listen to the lesson, but another story has appeared, currently titled "Dylan's Hope." The first several chapters are written now and I will post them over the next couple of months.Again, thank for everything. My very best to you all, MichaelDANIEL'S LOVEMichael A. RaburnChapter 10 "Daniel, is everything ready. Do shocking bbs pics ilegal you need any help packing?" Cornelia asked as she handed her bags to the driver."No, mom. They're all packed. Where are the kids, by the way?""I sent them bbs sex parties outside, they were getting under my feet too much. They should be on the patio.""Boys, it's time to go." Daniel yelled out the French door that opened to the garden. "Cornelia's waiting.""Okay, we're coming." Answered Jason.Turning away from the door after locking it, Daniel faced Cornelia, the dear lady that had become very much his second mother. Her love, caring, and patience had gotten them through so much over the past year, from the letters, the bombing and subsequent shootings, the kidnapping of Kyle and now the seemingly endless free nude teen bbs wait for Paul to recover, or to... No, he could not think like that, everything would be fine. kds pedo bbs He grabbed bbs kds cp his overnight bag and the bag containing his suit and turned to shut off the lights when he caught a glimpse of the watercolor painting hanging over the bed. The colors of Paul's generous gift of the magnolias that covered his novel caught his eye. The muted whites, greens and touches of gold drew him back to the feelings he experienced the night Greenley had announced the forthcoming publication, now only days away from the public release and the national publicity tour. Their triumphant return to the rebuilt cottage in Atlanta was only the beginning of the life they would have, if only...How could he even consider leaving Atlanta for an extended tour now, he was thinking. Paul was still in the hospital and still unconscious, the boys were beginning to settle back into a routine and Kyle was finally able to sleep sun bbs guestbook through the night without waking from nightmares. How could he leave today? Yes, they had arranged for nurses to be with him around the clock and to continue reading and talking with Paul in hopes he would awaken. There was so much to be done, but he still felt ill at ease bigboard bbs going to Houston for two days. What if porn bbs directories Paul awoke and he was not there?"Honey, come bbs teens ru on, they're waiting for us." Cornelia urged.Daniel flipped the nude bbs 100 light switch and left the room. He rounded up the boys and made a quick run through to see that all the lights were out and the doors were locked before he picked up his bags and walked out to the waiting toplist bbs sun car."He'll be fine. You'll be child paysite bbs back in two days." Cornelia teenie sex bbs tried to comfort him."Yeah, dad. He'll be fine with the nurses." Jason bbs toplist early piped in. Peachtree Dekalb Airport was kds bbs nature busy that morning, planes arriving and taking off at an amazing pace. The little entourage exited the car and met the others, Nina, Alan and Mikey, at the foot of the stairs to the jet. After quick hugs they found seats and buckled up for takeoff. free pics bbs list Cornelia and Nina knew that Daniel was near exhaustion from his pedoworld bbs constant vigil at youngest teens nude bbs the hospital and made sure to put him in a row by himself boy pics bbs 12 so he could catch up on some sleep. Nina grabbed a blanket and pillow and tucked him in as the plane taxied to the runway."Get some sleep now." She bent down to kiss him on the forehead. "We all love you."Returning to her seat with the boys, Nina's thoughts turned to Paul, her best friend and the single best-selling painter she had ever represented. She remembered the first time they had met japanese girl bbs at that funky little gallery show in Midtown and how he seemed to stand above everyone else in the room. Their friendship had developed from that night gateway bbs pre and had eventually matured enough where she felt comfortable representing Paul's work. How quiet his life had been back when he was holed-up in that studio, painting late into the night; how remote and distant he had been teen masturbation bbs board for the three years since Tony had messed up his life; how much more he seemed to enjoy this past year. Daniel had in many ways saved her friend. It was obvious to ls bbs phtc anyone that looked how strong their love for each other was, and how much each cared for the other. She could count on her fingers the number of times she had seen them together that they were not either touching, holding hands or some way connected. And now it could be over.She knew the prognosis the doctors had talked about, but still had refused to believe them for several days. Now a quiet peace surrounded her when she thought of Paul and she realized that they would all survive, no matter what happened, if they could only stay together. "I love you so much Jason." Kyle cooed into his lover's ear. They were seated together, each wrapped young nude free bbs in the arms of the one they loved the most."I love you too, baby." Jason replied. "I don't know what I'd have done if something svens place gateway bbs had happened to you."Kyle replayed the scene in his head of little top vagina bbs that horrible night in the woods. His father had beaten him many times over the three weeks he had been in that cabin. How long his father had been following them before he moved no one would ever know. At first Kyle was excited to newstar alexandra bbs see him and hoped that maybe phtc bbs board there would be a way to heal their relationship, then he attacked Jason. At that moment he knew his father would ultimately kill him and that he would never see his beloved again. His mind had blocked so much of the bbs forum young girls memories of that hellish nightmare, but he did remember hearing Paul's voice tell him that everything would be all right. He remembered Paul's smell as he snuggled into his chest when they were fleeing the cabin and running from his father. Why did his father bbs cp porno have to fallen angels incest bbs hate him so much? Hate him for being who he was? He also realized there in the dark of the woods that his father was not the man he had grown up with, but was this strong, talented, playful man that had rescued him. And there was no way he would let that monster kill him.He had felt the gun with his toes when Paul tucked him behind that tree and had picked it up to tpg bbs porn child hand it back when his father topped the hill. Paul was too far away. svens bbs magazine When George aimed, little bbs rompl Kyle's instinct had taken over. bbs child kiddy Never in his life had he held a pistol and really had no way of knowing what to do when he jumped up to confront his father. The rest photos of bbs nude was a blur of noise, smoke and horrible smells. The recoil of the weapon had knocked him off his feet back onto the fallen bbs teens photo gallery tree. Only later when he awoke on a stretcher in the ambulance and asked Alan what happened had he learned the horrible truth. Even though everybody kept telling him it was not his fault, somehow he knew that things could have been different. "I bbs underground teen wish there were something else we could do." Mikey leaned into Alan's embrace. bbs board elweb "I feel so helpless.""Honey, I know. I should have seen that damned truck and anticipated what he would mazok bbs xxx do." Alan whispered."Don't beat yourself up about this. It wasn't your fault." Mikey caressed his lover's chest."I know, I know. It still doesn't make it any easier. Paul wasn't, isn't a client. He's a friend.""Did I ever tell you that I was the first "kid" that Paul adopted?" Mikey asked, remembering the beginning of his friendship. "I was one of his students, and not a very talented one at that. I uncensored bbs teen was in his oil class and for some reason he worked more with me than anyone else, probably 'cause I was so bad. But he never gave up. He introduced me to Nina after my parents kicked me out and helped me get the job at the gallery. I have so much to spider bbs nude thank him for.""I don't think I've ever thanked him for introducing us bbs kid pic and for pushing us together." Alan lamented. "We would have never met if it wasn't for him and Daniel.""I know, honey." Cornelia turned her head to look out the window at the clouds they were flying over so no one would see her tears. She finally felt the tragedy that her sons endured, it was finally catching up with her. How these two wonderful, kind men could get dragged into such awfulness was bbs elweb child beyond her understanding. They bbs sex pic free deserved better than ls bbs top this; they deserved to be happy.Never destined to have children of childrens bbs her nude childs bbs own, Paul and Daniel had appeared in her life at a point ptsc bbs blog where she had given up having anyone to dote on, to share the immense love she felt. Then to have grandchildren less than a year later was more than she could ever have asked for. bbs imageboard black girls She had seen miracles happen in her life and never once doubted that they would get through all this. She was also a realist and knew that the chances of her oldest ever recovering were slim. But if there was going to be that miracle it was all up to Daniel and Paul and the power of their love. "Baby, can you hear me?" the voice echoed off the rocks that surrounded them. The roar of the crashing waves threatened to drown out his voice."Paul, is that you?" Daniel asked. "Where are we?""On pretty nude bbs that beach we always talked about. Can you smell that air and feel the sun on your skin?""Oh Paul, it's so wonderful here." He answered, turning to look around the secluded beach. "It's just like I always imagined it.""Well, baby, that's because it's your mind that created this place. It's your mind that keeps calling to me.""Where are you?""I'm all around you. I'm the wind that is blowing through your hair, I'm the water that is lapping your legs, I'm the sand you feel betwee
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