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Related post: Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 18:31:14 EST From: Subject: A DAY AT THE alexia magic loli SEASIDEThe year was 1943, the season was summer and the little loli s bbs weather was hot and sunny. Incidentally why is it that memories of youth are always of warm sunny summers and cold snow laden winters. Anyway, that day was certainly hot and sunny and Ken and I decided underage loli fuck loli model non nude to spend a day at out favourite beach. Wartime was obviously a bad time in hardcore loli sex many ways; food rationed, Bristol, where we lived, heavily bombed by the Germans, and Ken's father away in the army. But lolicon real photo there were compensations for youngsters like us, one being that the seaside beaches were deserted.It's time I introduced the two of us. My name is Mervyn, and at the time of my tale I was 13 years old. nude of lolits My best friend, Ken, was a year older, although we were in the same year at school. We spent virtually all our spare time together, although being at grammar school meant that free time was pretty well limited to weekends. So it was that this particular Saturday we decided to go swimming at our favourite beach, Brean Sands in North Somerset. For those of you unfamiliar with this part of England, the beach at Brean has several miles of soft lolitta porno thumbs golden sands, backed by a large area of sand dunes providing lolias russian pedo torrent natural sun traps sheltered from any wind. Admittedly the sea, being the Bristol Channel, does not have the lovely blue of the Mediterranean, usually being a muddy brown, but to youngsters like us that just didn't matter.We lived in Est pregnant loli Bristol, so having prepared our egg sandwiches (one of the few things our mothers could spare lolit mpeg from the sparse rations) and flasks of tea we set off by bus; firstly ls loliota to central Bristol, then to Weston-super-Mare and finally a local bus to Brean. Everyone used public transport in those days, of course. Even the very few in our area who owned cars could not use them because there was no petrol available. So it was that taking three buses to get to the seaside was no hardship to us. Nevertheless, by the time we arrived at the beach it was time to consume our simple lunch. I managed to make my one egg go further by boy lolitta sex having hard-boiled it and chopped it finely to spread over two round lolias girls of sandwiches. lolit non nude Ken preferred a fried egg sandwich, so only had free hard loli galleries the one round but with the bread cut much thicker. I shall always remember that he liked vinegar on his lolit rompl sandwich but in order that it would not make the bread go soggy he always brought it in a little medicine bottle.Having eaten, we stripped off in one of the hollows in the dunes and donned our swimming trunks. Making our way down to the water there was not another human being in sight anywhere along the long beach. We entered the sea, and after splashing around for a few minutes Ken lolipop sex free suggested that we get rid of our trunks and swim nude. This was something I lolitta young teen had never done, and I don't think that Ken had either. The beach being lolicon webring totally deserted we slipped off our trunks and threw them onto the beach lolipop preteen pussy above the water line. I must admit that there really is something special about swimming totally unencumbered by clothing of any sort. loli asian thai tgp I really was surprised at the wonderful feeling of freedom that it brought about. I think we had probably intended to don out trunks again when loli slut pics we left the water, but after enjoying a good lazy swim we came out, picked up our discarded trunks and strolled back up to the dunes.Not bothering to towel russian loli doll off, we just lay in the sand and allowed the sun to dry us off. After a short while I became aware that I needed to pee quite badly, not having done so since leaving home. I had discovered some years earlier, as a child, bald loli that peeing in the open air gave me a feeling loli nymphets of being naughty' and caused my little dicky' to rise up. Now, lying nude, next to a nude Ken, and free lolicon stories thinking about lolity pic rape the need to pee, had the same effect. Not vombat zeps loli a true hard-on, but certainly an increase in length and some firming up."I must have a pee" I said to Ken. "Go ahead" he said, "I had mine in the sea". I was somewhat disappointed as I lolicon beastality kids lolits free pics really rompl loli 11 bbs like watching Ken take a leak, as in fact I like to watch any nice prick kids litle lolits porn pissing. However, I really needed to attend to the pressure from my own bladder, so standing 16 lolits up in the hollow I pointed my dick at the wall of sand, but lolits kids then found I had a problem. The idea of an open-air pee, and index loli model with Ken lying on his preteen loli links back naked with his somewhat larger prick lolitta porno pedo on full view, I just could loli incest tgp not go although I certainly had plenty of urine to get rid of. Ken saw that I was pressing to get started; "Be careful" he said, "or you might produce a different fluid altogether".By now I had what amounted to a full hard-on. "Shut up and let me pee" I cried to Ken. I closed my eyes and imagining that I was standing at a urinal, I eventually managed to get the stream started. Because of the restriction of my hard-on the pee came out in a forceful but very thin stream. I don't know about you, but I have always found that this produces a lovely feeling similar to an orgasm. Having managed to start I lolicon bbs forum was able to open my eyes and direct this lovely stream all over the place, thus adding to the somewhat childish fun and really enjoying my open-air pee.All this time Ken had been watching closely, and although he never seemed to get the enjoyment out of peeing loli galleries sex that I did, it was obvious from the state of his dick that my performance had certainly had an effect on him. "You sure you don't free loli teen hentai need one now" I asked him. rape innocent loli "No. I told you nude lolis free that I got rid of mine in the sea" said Ken. "OK" I said, but I think you need to get rid of something judging by the state of your prick".Now, you must understand that Ken and I had played with our pricks together since before loli preteen sex pics puberty, in the days when we just wanted to see how big we could get them. This obviously free loli xxx pic led us to being very good wanking loli teenie pals when the ability came to us. So it was that I lay down beside Ken top 50 loli and gently took hold of his half-hard dick. Ken responded likewise, and without a word being exchanged between us, we both realised that this mutual wank, naked in the sun, was one that we wanted to make last. We caressed each other in various positions: after a few minutes gentle fondling lying on our backs we rolled towards each naked infant loli pics other and putting our arms around each other lay tight together, prick to prick, just moving against each other slightly to produce loli japanese the most wonderful tingling in our loins.As I felt lolitta illegal porno that the time of climax was not that far off, I rolled away from ken, turned him on his back and adopted my usenet lolicon favourite 69' hentai lolicon clip position. naked loli girls Ken's prick was quite a large one, but not too large for me to take it in my mouth and gently suck on the swollen head. Similarly, after I rubbed the tip of my somewhat smaller prick against Ken's lips, he too took it into his mouth. I did not suck too hard, because I was still anxious to free lolite porno sites make the whole thing last, and I loli girl sex knew that when we went at it too hard, Ken was a very quick one to ejaculate. However, it was not too long before I felt, not only that I was not far off, but also that Ken's prick was vibrating in my mouth.At that time neither of us had developed our loli top russian technique to the point where we were prepared to take cum in our mouths. In addition to my reservations on that point, I always liked to watch Ken shoot his load. He was one of those lucky boys who could shoot his cum a 16 loli nude considerable distance, whereas I have extreme lolits sexy always been more of an oozer than a shooter.On this occasion my timing was well nigh perfect. I sat up from the 69' position, slid forward to bring out pricks together, and gently wanked the two in one hand. Suddenly Ken's prick erupted, his first shot of cum catching me high on my chest and the second shooting even young little lolit higher loli free gallery but missing me falling back onto our conjoined pricks. That did it for me, as I slid my hand up and down our now cum soaked pricks my loli nudity pic cum joined Ken's in the general mess around our two crotches, drenching not only our pricks, but giving our balls a good soaking as well.I rolled off Ken, and we lay free loli sex game beside each other in the wonderful afterglow of a really good wank. At that time it was certainly the best sex I had ever experienced, and the most cum loli cp top list that either of loli incest 3d comic us had ever loli pre pics produced. After lolicon art free pics a few minutes we struggled up and walked down to the sea to clean ourselves up. Back in the dunes, little lolitta bbs portal we loli bb nude once again lay down in the sun, but this time for a nap after our wanking exertions.When we awoke, we finished the last of the tea in our flasks, and Ken came out with loli bbs preteen toplist one of nn loli his great suggestions. I should tell you that Ken was always loli bbs porno inventing new ways of satisfying his young sexual needs; one day I called at his house and he invited me up to his loli sex child porn bedroom where he had created a woman' with the use of pillows, his mother's clothes and a shaving soap container for a quim. He told me that he had only just finished loli sex pedo a glorious wank with his new creation, and showed me the content of the soap container to red lolitta bbs prove it. Now he suggested that we could create a naked woman in the sand on the beach. I agreed and bikini kids bbs loli we set to, and Ken, who was an excellent modeller, had just finished forming a great pair of breasts, lolicon cp when we realised that we had nothing to girls loli pics use for a cunt. We were pondering this problem when we suddenly became aware of a man walking towards us. Ken, trying to loli models 16 hide the evidence, threw himself on the sand woman. Remembering that we loli angels were both still naked, it was obvious to the man what we had been up to. Ken was lying face down on the model, and I was sitting alongside butt naked. "Trying to fuck a sand model" said the man. Then looking at my soft prick, loli bbs pthc "Want to see a real man-sized dick?". Politely I declined, but it made no difference, he was already unbuttoning. Up to then the only men's nude loli nymphs pricks I had seen had been my father's, which was a lolia free pics reasonable size, and my older brother's which was reasonably long, but very thin. What this man now flashed at us was something the like of which I had never then seen. Trying to remember clearly all these years later, I guess it was about nine inches long, and very thick too. It was not fully hard, but fairly loli porn 14 well engorged. We declined his invitation to play with it, and insiste
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