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Related post: Date: Sat, 6 Jun 2009 19:52:21 -0400 From: Al Lynch Subject: My Diary - TGGet Out of da House Free Card - Part One Written By: Black Ass Slutty Ho cs4 extended crack ( It has been a long time since I have been able to write. T thought his diary would get published but it didn't, so he asked me to write about this weekend experiences, and maybe this will get published. (I think so).Me and T have been faithful with each other for over 2 years, and 5 years inconsitent before that. I make good money as a travel consultant, even in this tough economy. I have built up a lot of recession-proof clients who still travel; not commercial, but private.Enough about me and my career. T was going out of town on Memorial's Day weekend, and told me I can do whateva floats my boat this weekend, as long as I check back in every day I come to the house. I still had to make sure the house was clean, but given that no one was in the house, it was just minor chores.T was invited to a cookout / graduation for his cousin. Since everybody knows me, T decided to bring me along, but he was not going to stay, but in fact leave the party to start his out of town activities. I do not drive, by T's choice, so I had to find a way home from the party. T did not want me to walk, so sacred 2 porn he told his brother, to look out for me, if I needed a ride home. Why did he say, "if I"? Pretty simple, pink porn free 16 his brother had tagged my ass, countless times before. It was assummed if I was there, that his brother would pull me somewhere and tag my ass, just cuz he could, and T would not say anything about it. His brother could not share me out, cuz T makes that point crystal clear. Other dudes can only fuck his bitch, if he is around, otherwsie that shit don't go, and he will smoke a nigga who does it. Besides a nigga getting smoked, I will receive some harsh punishment. It happenned once, so I know about the nipple weights, the paddled ass, the remiote anal vibrators, and the ball gags, while being 10 yr porn suspended in air. BDSM is not my thing, naked girl 15yo so T knows that this is punishment. After board3 ls land the two days suspension, I can only wear thongs, inside and outside the house. Yes, I go out on the porch, start the car up, put out the trash, and water the lawn. Do neighbors watch? Hell yeah they do. Is it punishment for me? Hell yeah. Funny thing, I 1960s sf beaver films don't mind showing off my body 14 yr fuck inside the house, but to parade outside the house by myself does not get my rocks off; its humilating.Well, anyways, we arrive at the cookout. It is crowded, but I gay sex boys 14-16 know his family and I see some brothers who tagged my ass, recently, but because they are with their spouses or mates, the contact is just met with eye contact and some stolen smiles. T walks thriough and shakes hands, and acknowledges these dudes, 14 yr old tgp california playmates 831 and under 16 sexy pics introduces me to some people, and neglects others. I am not ashamed of this, because I know now he has his reasons. The graduate (his cousin) was a 11 old girl tgp dude I have given BJs to on the regular. Once seeing image 12yo sex me, he sex education mp4 wanted T, to allow me to go the his bedroom, so I can suck his fresh nut from his balls. T disagreed and said, "Naw, sometime in June, you can come by and drain your nutsacs, and not only get her to suck your dick, but for a present, tap that ass, aiight. You gotta control. There is too many peiople around that under 18 boys pics know Alia, and this will turn out in an orgy. We can't have that."T's counsin was jumping in excitiment. T told him to calm down, and continued moving lollita 8 free pic through the cookout. I had to pee, real bad, so I excused myself and asked for the bathroom. There was an porta-bathroom, but I did not want that. I opted for the house bathroom, 18 sex porn and was given the basement potty. A door on the side of the house, with nobody around, guided me downstairs to the basement of the house. The door was opened photo free 12 yo and I walked in and looked around.There was a pool table, but no one was around. I heard voices but they were upstairs. Deep and in the back corner was the bathroom. I walked and pulled my Lycra pant shorts down, then my pink hicut 80s movie diva panties and cuties 12 naked squatted on the cold seat. In a few short ls magazine 3 minutes, I relieved myself 1920 porn pics and was feeling 10x better. I 40 gay males used the tissue wiped muself, and pulled my panties up, and flushed the tiolet.No sooner than I did that and 11 kiddy sex pics was readjusting my bra, did someone pussy asia 15 age walk through the door. I was surprised but not, oh no, PORNO SEX DOG TUB3 look what I don't have on. Why? Cuz I was not naked, I was not hardly undressed. I am comfortable walking around naked in the house, with just panties big clits 10 dvd or a bra on, or both. Now standing in a bathroom with a bra on, a shirt covering, and pink hi-cut panties with the Lycra shorts around my ankles was not underdressed, or even overdressed. I was just caught with my pants down.The man at the adult 40 woman sex door was Derek. Derek had 90 playboy centerfolds tagged me countless times before, and even participated in a share bang on T's hookup. (I will tell you want a share bang is at the end of this story) Derek was a painter by trade, and a butt fucker by skill. He only fucked butts, male or female. He made it know, as soon as you took off your underwear. If you did not like it, then you could leave. To complicate matters, he 24-7 nurse pulls his dick out so you can see his size and thickness. While he holds it and massages it, he says, "I will fuck you slow, until you get used to it."I later found out this was a plight. He never was going to fuck you once. He is going to keep fucking you, cuz once you get used to it. His dick is like crack. Once you get hooked, you will do whatever to get it again.When Derek saw it was me, he was surprised, and tube 8 sex movies promplty smacked my ass. Derek is not like most men, even T, when he smacks ass. T boldly slaps my ass, open hand with velocity, and makes your skin curl and your booty cheeks know who the dominant one is. Derek slaps playfully, but drags his hand up the butt 18 sweet pussy cheek. under 14 girls pics T says he does that black nurses tube8 like a paintbrush. 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I was naked, except for the bra Derek laughed, and said, "This is going to be a quick hit, but it does not have to 14 boy fucking girl end here."Derek removed his 12yo peeing seatpants big brother 8 strip and briefs, and allowed that dick of his 13 yo free galleries to be free from its confines. He closed and locked the door, and I sat on the edge girlsdoporn e49 of the bed. Instinctively, Derek came to the bed, 3m xxx sandpaper lifted his 68 com porn clip dick to my lips, "Kiss it, and tell it how much you want me to fuck your butt." Derek was such a royal dick, that he was a jackass. I love fucking with him, but could litte 12 age nude not stand his "I am the shit, cuz of my dick" attitude. Some chicks dig it, I can't stand it.I kissed his dickhead and licked his dickhead, and said, "Ooh, get hard, long and big, so you can prop me open for the taking." Derek pulled his dick from my wide open mouth, and said, "You is such a fucking free galleries sweet 16 slut. You is a bitch. I told you what I wanted you to say, but you want to change it, bitch. T uises you as cheap whore, fucking 14 yr pics getting 10 discount viagra me hard bitch, take it like you know how."Oops, I believe I pissed him 1953 spokane indians off. That means I am going to get fuck hard, rough and (to me) real damn good. Derek propped my ass up 3xl paintball pants on two pillows, and told me to take this dick like a bitch in heat. He was not hard, but just semi. He propped his self up, spitted on my hole, and dove in,. Of course, my ass did not want him like that, so he gobbed another spit shot, and put in right between my crack. "Your bitch ass wanted it this way. Can't follow directions, can you?" As he smacked my ass, this time hard, but nudist 13yo dragged his hand as always."Yeah, I want it, and I need it." Just then he adopted a change of heart. "Oh so you need it. Suck my dick, whore, and get this shit wet, so I can stick your hole good." I got him. 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If you are not screaming ectasy, the first time, then truss he will ask again.Derek then gahtered his thoughts and positoned his body to jackhammer my hole into submission. He knew I was not going to answer him, when he asked me how does his 12-16 yo nude thumbs dick feel, because he does not fuck me on the regular like he wants too. Derek 19 hunter twinks gear only fucks assholes, so after 5-10 years just fucking ass, you are a premier ass fucker, and believe me. If I porn 32 was not with T, I
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