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Related post: Date: Wed, teen model playing 29 Dec 2010 16:19:22 -0500 From: Subject: Justin and Zac.This story is purely fiction, and in no way means to cast wrong impressions of these celebrities' sexual preferences. To my knowledge, there is absolutely no proof that either of these stars is gay! It is absolutely just a fantasy. If the idea of young gay models two celebs participating child model swimwear in male sex together offends you, or if any illegality exists young models net where you live, do not continue reading this.It was a gorgeous day in Hollywood with the sun shining bright, a cool breeze from the coast keeping the smog away, and summer crowds were enjoying Universal Studios tours nearby. Justin Beiber had been called from Canada by a special casting committee to come to the studio to read for a new part ... his first full-length movie offer.When he arrived, he entered the producer's office and discovered that Zac Efron was also there. Zac had been almost an idol for Justin ever since High School Musical I hit the screens. Zac recognized Justin from his videos on the web, especially the one on youtube about "baby" that launched Justin's career so rapidly. So there was a certain spark between them as they import models tgp met each other.Justin started the blowjobmodels conversation by mentioning how much he enjoyed Zac's latest film, Charlie St. Cloud, especially how realistic he felt the character of Charlie was portrayed. Zac was pleased but humble about getting Justin's molly child model praise. After all, Zac figured that Justin was rather mature for a 16 year old, and the way he seemed to handle his new fame was beyond his years. Besides, Zac was aware that com model nude Justin could become quite a rival for the teen-aged girl crowd, and had no desire to cause bad feelings between the two in case competition arose. In gallery pre models fact, Zac made up his mind that becoming allies would be a whole lot better than making used panty models enemies in this weird sandra model russian and wild world of vlad models tgp Hollywood.The next few minutes turned into a mutual admiration society meeting, and was very much noticed by the receptionist as she awaited the producer's summons of the two into his office. She wrote a note to the boss to the effect that these two were already very compatible, and e-mailed it to the boss before he called for the young men. 14 yo model The interesting part of the situation so far, however, was that neither guy yo model teen had any idea what the proposed film was to be about. So neither was aware of how important it would be for them to get along well.The producer's door opened, and the two were asked to come in together, which surprised Zac. Usually each person is interviewed and given private readings. Zac knew this, but Justin had no idea this was different.When the door closed, there were more people present than just the producer; the scriptwriter, the proposed director, and the casting person were also there. Justin almost froze as he stood facing the team of well-known professionals of a media he had little knowledge of as yet. Zac put his hand on Justin's shoulder, whispered into his ear: "Relax, man, they're as human as we are!" and then pointed Justin to a chair.Justin black models porn regained his composure immediately, thanks to Zac's encouraging comment, and the discussion teen model bust began about the concept of this upcoming film. The basic outline was based on making a sequel to Charlie St. Cloud. As forum teen models one might remember, Charlie's daphne model child younger brother had died, but continued to appear to Charlie in the woods, which kept Charlie from developing into a more productive member of his community. This film begins by Charlie's Aunt contacting him asia models and explaining that she had been raising a boy from birth who actually was Charlie's first brother. When he was born, the struggling young parents could not support a second child decently, and had asked the Aunt to adopt him and give him a good life. But now, the Aunt was diagnosed with Cancer, with a very short time left to live. This boy is now 16, and could probably handle being 5 10 models on his own, but the Aunt figured that he would benefit more if Charlie assumed responsibility for him at least for a couple more years.As the discussion continued, the casting person mentioned how much the junior bikinis models two guys resembled model crannog each other, especially since Justin looked a lot like Zac had in HS Musical I. The proposed director added a comment about how Zac had already made Justin feel "at home" in the conference room. The producer capped off the situation by reading the note his receptionist had e-mailed to him earlier. The scriptwriter simply smiled his agreement on the pair, since he already wrote the story based on his idea that these two would be a perfect fit.Zac spoke up: "Well, gentlemen, I am sure both of us are flattered by all you've said, and I know that Justin and I will be able to work together quite nicely, but ... I think nakeed models erotic glamour models he and I need to read the entire script and decide between us if it's something we really want to do. May we have about 48 hours to nudeteen models cp read it over and come to a decision as to whether we would accept an offer if you officially make one?"Justin looked at Zac, swallowed hard, and said nothing, as he beretta model 12s knew that Zac was more experienced at these things. The producer handed both young men a copy of the script, and a set of girls child models keys to a hotel room at the Universal Marriott teen model photo on the studio property, and said that another meeting would take place in two days. He also said that all expenses, food, and personal needs were provided with the room so that the guys' models 16 tgp attention could be focused properly. The meeting was adjourned.Zac and Justin headed to the child model angels Marriott, and were met at the front desk by the concierge, who took them by a leggy model fucking private elevator to the room provided by the producer to avoid any disturbances by adoring fans who might flock to the area, keeping the guys from doing their work undisturbed. The room was quite deluxe. Justin had been given nice rooms before, but this one was far more than he expected. Zac almost laughed at Justin's reaction, telling him that he better get cute young models used to this kind of treatment if he got into the movie business ... at least till a new star came on the scene and took the glamour away from him. J: "You mean, enjoy it while it lasts?" Z: "Exactly ... nothing is forever, Pal. I've noticed it already, now that the HS Musical series is done gabe teen model with. "Charlie" had helped keep me in front of the fans, but I'm not sure that there will be much more beyond this sequel unless I get into the nude modells teen fast action explosive stuff. I'm not a kid star anymore." J: "That's bullshit! You're my favorite! And be sure that I'll never try to russian girl modeling knock you out of the business. I don't really care how good this script is, I want to work with you no matter what we think of this storyline. Z: "That's cool, and I certainly want us to work together too. But if this script sucks, we'll both suffer sooner than we need to. So, let's get comfy and start reading."Justin suddenly realized that neither of them had a suitcase because there was no idea of a stay-over my lttle models figured into the plans before the meeting took place. Zac pointed out the fact that all needs were taken care bikiny models of if we simply called the concierge, and call he did. Sports clothes, swimsuits, sleepwear, robes ... whatever, all sent up immediately. Justin fun young models grinned and mentioned that he could get used to this treatment pretty easily. Z: "What'a'ya'say we use the hot tub to relax before we get to work?" aaron carter model J: "Together?" Z: "Heck, yeah! If we're gonna be brothers, we might as well get used to sharing things. It'll put us in 3d models visualisation the right frame of mind to dig into the story." J: "Uh ... it's OK, I guess, but... I have this problem. I sort'a have pretty active hormones, and I get embarrassed sometimes." Z: "Look, Justin, it happens to all of us. You should have seen me during HS filming. I walked around with a perpetual hard-on. By now, I don't think anything about it, and neither do any of my co-stars. You should have seen Corbin and Lucas. We all have no control over those reactions to our fans and to physical exertion. You could walk around here totally teen modeling ring naked and it wouldn't upset me." prepubescent models sexy J: "If I really had an older brother, I'd be happy if he was just like you. You make me feel so "at home" and relaxed. OK...let's hit the tub."They both stripped and stepped into the hot bubbling waters, sat child models dvd opposite of each other, and sank into the comfort of the massage jets. Being across from each other, naked teens modeling their feet touched each youngest model nonude other's. Neither guy pulled away because it felt so good, so natural, so brotherly to be sharing this together. (And remember that first spark between them when they met ... it was still present young fucking models right this moment.)As they soaked in near bliss, legs floated tgp youngmodels com in the water's movement, and of course, rubbed in passing. preeteensmodels Neither young mandy young model man had inappropriate ideas of creating special feelings, but the intermittent contacts certainly playgirlmodelspics had resulting effects on each guy. Justin suddenly sat upright. Z: "Anything wrong, Pal?" J: "Like I said, uh ..." Z: "Me too, Dude, so we're normal! Besides it's underwater, so it's not like we're showin' off! (Giggle*) If you're tense, a good shoulder rub will get you back vvery young models to enjoyin' this." J: "Yeah, I like it when my manager gives me a rubdown between concert halves."Justin scooted alluring asian model around to the same side of the tub as Zac, scooted in between Zac's legs, and leaned forward to let Zac do his shoulders. Seeing that Justin young future models was really into the rubdown, Zac expanded the area he massaged, until Justin was quietly moaning with pleasure. However, even though Zac began thinking of more he could do, he stopped short of anything that could be too preeteen models child suggestive. He figured it was too early to let Justin discover just what Zac actually enjoyed during his time spent with Corbin and Lucas on filming location.Soon, it was 10yo xxx model time to get out of the tub before too much of a good thing ruined the positive results of therapy. Justin had lost any worry about being stimulated in front of Zac, and both were hard as a rock as they exited the water to dry off. I'm sure most of us have seen Zac in a bathing suit, and since he has filled out quite nicely, we've noticed how attractive his physical attributes are. And if you're naked model teeen like this writer, you have contemplated what his swim trunks hid from view. Well, wonder no more. He is hung very well. His hard string bikini modeling rod stood out from his sculpted abs at a respectable nine model galeri photo inches, and with a healthy thickness to boot.And I have to say that Justin was no baby boy either! Although he was only sixteen, and not really a tall boy, he was just as sculpted nubile model pics as Zac, on a smaller scale but no less gorgeous a nude prepuberty models male specimen. No wonder he's such a heartthrob for today's girl fans. And his manhood
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