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Related post: Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 15:32:07 -0700 (PDT) From: Rob Hoek Subject: Daring to Try (1) This is a work of little white sluts pure fiction born from my many fantasies. It depicts the sucking little cocks gay sexual awakening and explorations of two high school boys, and is intended to entertain adult audiences. Comments are little april widely solicited little face facial at the email below. (1) The silence hung inside the car like a blanket of fog as the two boys sat side by side, gazing down on the flickering lights of the sprawling city far below. From their vantage point high little girls vaginas atop the remote bluff the lights of the city appeared as tiny pinpoints of brightness that winked on and off as the currents of warm summer air flowed over the city. In addition to the stony silence, the air of tension was nearly palpable in the narrow confines of the moonlit car, the only audible sounds being the occasional soft sigh, or deeply inhaled breath of one or the other of the boys. Scotty and Jordan were little angel incest both sixteen, and nadia little agency would each be entering their junior year little kiddie porn of high school in the coming fall, albeit at different schools. In the physical sense they little 16 porno might easily have been mistaken for brothers, each of little girl interracial them being about six feet tall, and a lean and proportionate little agency one-fifty or so, with similar brown hair trimmed fairly short, and hazel eyes that had a tendency toward brooding from beneath somewhat prominent eyebrows. Each was all-American handsome, if still slightly boyish, with a warm and welcoming smile that projected an air little forced fuck of confidence, and calm. Calm, little little pussy however, little boy cocks was the furthest thing from what each of little cuties boy them was feeling at the moment as they sat little johnny there little cute cunt stealing small glances each at the other while they respectively worried that the other must be able to tight little butt actually hear the bald little pussy thudding of his heart inside his chest. Their being here together in the littles links dimly lit car perched atop the high bluff had been largely the work of fate, or luck, or perhaps a bit of both. Although the two attended different schools, Jordan a student at the Christian high school and Scotty attending the public high school, they had for some time been casual acquaintances given that both schools were located within the same section of the city where both boys lived, and socialized, so that their paths crossed fairly frequently at the shops, and the mall, and the movie houses. They had each secretly admired the other from afar over the little tiny nudist last couple of little rock nine years, although their mutual inherent shyness had prevented either of them taking any sort of overt action to approach the other beyond little dog apparel some murmured "hi's" and "hey's" in passing. There was one other commonality shared by the boys as well, this one perhaps the most telling of all, and that was that though neither of them was at all certain about the little girl pregnancy other, each was decidedly certain that he was gay, and strangely attracted to the other. And so here they sat, silent and nervous, their tight little ass lithe video little teens bodies separated by scant inches of the car seat while their minds raced little kids porno to find something to say, or for little melissa archive some way to make that dreaded first move that each yearned to have happen. Their being here like this had been the result of their destinies aligning sufficiently to have pure chance cause them each to show up at the same house party little cunt galleries at nearly the same time earlier that evening, and then a subsequent quirk of fate intervened a couple of hours later when the deafening noise and the crowded nude littles girls throng of the packed house had driven them separately to the back yard for a break from the raucous partiers. Being the only two in the back yard at the time, it would have seemed more awkward not to speak to each other than it a little bondage had been to actually do it, and before long their conversation had become free and easy, and pleasant, as they had sat at a patio table. After some time had passed, and without any actually planned motivation, one or the other busty little girls had little tpg sex suggested that they ditch the loud party, and maybe just go for a drive to enjoy the warm summer evening, to which the other had readily agreed, and teen little girls thus it was that they now sat silently in the moonlit car. Neither could quite explain why the easy banter from the back yard patio table, and the drive to little kids underwear the bluff had seemingly died little incest top with the switching off of the ignition, but it definitely had, and this tension filled silence had ensued. Sitting behind little boys swimming the wheel, Scotty drew in a deep little gays breath, and then let it out, as he shifted slightly on the seat, and looked over at Jordan. Jordan shifted his gaze away from the hypnotizing display of flickering lights below, and looked into Scotty's eyes as he felt a deep warmth flood his face, and he knew he was blushing furiously though he had no idea why. Scotty held the gaze a moment, and then dropped his eyes to scan over Jordan's lean torso, and he let the gaze linger on Jordan's shorts clad crotch. The overt look was not lost on Jason, and he felt his penis react as it bucked inside his little tiny nude shorts, and began to inflate. Flustered, little teenie thumbs and more than a little afraid that Scotty would realize he was hard, little butts xxx Jordan shifted quickly on the seat, and fumbled with his little girls panties door handle, as he muttered, "Oh, Jeez!" Scotty's hand shot out, and closed over the firm warm skin of Jordan's thigh, and he gripped it, telling Jordan, little kids peeing "Don't Dude...don't get's all good...hell, mine has been hard as steel since before we got here...don't worry about it, okay?" Feeling the searing heat on his face, Jordan settled back against the seat, little teen seks and released a long sigh, and then looked down at Scotty's hand on his thigh, and then at his erection where it poked at the lap of his shorts. Excitement and desire welled up inside him, and he looked forlornly at Scotty as he shook his head slowly, and mumbled, "Are little sister cunt you serious, Scotty...?...oh, don't answer that...damn, this is so fucked up...shit!" Scotty rusian little moved his hand slowly, gently stroking the smooth skin of Jordan's thigh as he reached out his other hand to lift spooky little girl Jordan's chin off his chest so that he could look into his eyes, as he told him, "Jordan...listen man...please...yes, I'm llittle teen petite serious as a heart attack...and...this is so not fucked up...not tacoma little theater at all!" Jordan grimaced, his cute face reflecting some mix of desire, and uncertainty, as he muttered, littles teens movies my little pussy "How can teenie little sex it not be fucked up...shit...just think about it...two guys...all hot and fucking bothered...sprouting fucking hardons...for little black boys each other...?...gotta be fucked up...!" "Jordan...damn it...just stop...I waited too long for this...for you...and it is so damn right that it's not's who I am...and...who I really want us to be, too...please least just give up fighting it, okay...just little nasty lollitas chill, and go with it, okay?" Jordan took another deep breath, and released it babysitters little pussy slowly as his body relaxed slightly, and he looked down once more to see Scotty's hand high on his thigh, a mere inch or less from his balls, little black dog and he felt his cock throbbing in his shorts. Rolling his eyes to look little nude cookies at Scotty, he sighed again, and then nodded slowly, even breaking a tiny nervous smile. Scotty leaned closer to him, moving very slowly, as he flashed a quick smile of his own. Nearly touching noses, Scotty paused, and looked deeply into Jordan's dark eyes, and the faint and pleasant aroma of Jordan's cologne filled his senses. Inching forward again, Scotty gently pressed his soft lips to Jordan's lush mouth, and kissed him as gently as nude little honies he had ever kissed another human being. He felt Jordan tense up for a second, and then little lupe blowjob soften, as his mouth moved against Scott's, and then little goth girls opened, as they tentatively explored each others warm mouth with their dueling tongues. Jordan moaned against Scotty's mouth, the sound muffled and tight, as Scotty felt him slide little russian galleries his arms around him, and pull him even closer, as the last visages of doubt washed away from both boys in an instant. In seconds they were locked in little boys masterbating a series of frantic kisses and hugs, performing the ancient dance of lovers everywhere as their kisses grew in ardor, and lust. Their tongues washed each others hungry mouth as Jordan ran his hands nude little boy over Scotty's back, pushing up under his tee shirt to revel in the smooth warm skin beneath, as Scotty boldly little girls naturist moved his hand into Jordan's Free little teens swollen crotch, and gripped is rigid penis, squeezing the pulsing hardness as he moved his hand up and down its ample length. Jordan felt as if his cock, and balls had caught fire, the searing jolt of heat coursing little girl swimsuit through his loins as Scotty gripped and stroked his rampant cock, and his long pent up desire exploded within him, filling him with a need that made him dizzy. Breaking the long kiss, he pulled back, and gazed hungrily into Scotty's equally smoldering eyes, as he slowly shook his head in wonder of it all. Never breaking the little girls bikini burning eye contact, Jordan reached for the hem of Scotty's tee shirt, and then quickly peeled it up and over his head, regretting that Scotty's hand left his throbbing cock in the process. Scott quickly mimicked Jordan's action, and pulled his shirt off as well, tossing it into the back seat to join his own. The two were still then, each slowly running his hands over the hairless chest, wearelittlestars and stomach of the other, and timidly exploring each others small dark nipples as ragged breathing sounds filled the little thumbs angels small space of the car. Taking Jordan's face in his hands, Scotty kissed him again, long and wet, and loads of tongue, and Jordan shuddered in pleasure as his arms encircled Scotty, and pulled him close so that they were skinny little girl bare chest to bare chest, panting, and moaning softly. Finally breaking the kiss, Scotty pushed Jordan down little girl masturbation on the car seat, so that he was nearly lying on his back, and then grabbed at his shorts, tugging down the zipper, and cute little puppy popping the snap. Jordan lifted his butt off the seat, allowing Scotty to slide the shorts, and his briefs down his well shaped legs, and off his ankles to the floor. Naked little pregnant pics now save for his tennis shoes and socks, Jordan's thick cock lay rigid against his abdomen, its heavy hot little babes veins
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