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Related post: Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 04:26:02 +0000 From: Douglas DD DD Subject: The Boys of Lady Lex Chapter 11Welcome back, loyal readers. Ben and I are a little behind answering e-mail, and may not get to it until next week, since Ben will be gone the rest of this week. This chapter takes us along a bit from the return of the "Lady Hawke" and into Ben's recovery. For you Jesse fans out there (and we've received e-mail from them) Jesse will have a tough decision to make in this chapter, one what will bring consequences down the line. Enjoy your read -Ben and Douglas The Boys of the Lady Lex Chapter 11 "Rosters, Crews and Homework" Written By Douglas DD and Benjamin TC Captain Hatcher sat at the head of the conference table in the war room. Sitting on his right was Commander Creevey and on his left was Captain Storm. Sitting next to Captain Storm was Dr. Daniels and then Major Zjan-Ren. On the other side of the table sitting next to Commander Creevey was Lieutenant Colonel Stone and then Ensign Masters. "Good morning everyone. First of all, welcome back Captain Storm and Ensign Masters. I wish your mission went smoother then it did, but at least everyone made it back alive. Ensign Masters, how is your wound?" asked Hatcher. "It's nothing. Doc over there patched me up in no time at all." "Good. Okay, let's get down to business. Captain Stone, your little princess naked lolita report." "We have the new gravity generator on board, but it's going to take some time to install it. The Lady Lex naked underage lolita girls is fifty years old. It wasn't built to the standards that the generator we got needs. So I just have to get creative and make some adaptations and we should have her working on line within a week at the most. I will however, have to turn off the gravity periodically as I make the adjustments needed and again when I go ahead and permanently install it." "How long will these gravity outages last?" asked Commander Creevey. "It all depends on how long it takes to get done what I have to get done, but my estimate is that each outage shouldn't last any longer then an hour each. Except when we get ready to install the new generator. That outage will last probably a good four to six hours." "Very well. Just let us know when the outages are scheduled, so we can plan accordingly," said Creevey. "I will, Commander. On another note. Our dear friend Admiral Whitaker sent me a list of supplies and parts that were shipped out a few hours ago. We should be getting them in two days, unless of course Geldon Raiders attacks the vessel again. But if the parts do get here lolita child models bbs in two days, we should have the Lady Lex up to 85% space worthy in about three weeks. If that is the case, then we will be able to launch and test the waters by April 15th. The ship still won't be fully functional, but she will be functional enough to stretch her legs a bit." "Excellent, Ely. This is great." Hatcher was smiling with excitement. "Is there anything else?" "No Captain. Except Commander Creevey did an excellent job filling in for me during my absence." "Thank you Captain Storm, but believe me I am not you. I was a science officer before I took up a command position. But I fumbled myself through." laughed Creevey. "Let's move on. Dr. Daniels." "The good news is that Ben Collins is healing nicely. It's going to take some time, but he pulled through the surgery. He has woken up four times since his surgery, preteen lolita supermodels nude but it was only for a couple of minutes and then he went back to sleep. His body went under a lot of trauma. But it is my expert opinion that starting tonight he should be waking up for longer periods of time. For the next two weeks lolita preteen bbs kds he will be very sore and tired. I have him on limited duty. He won't be doing any exercise or anything strenuous for at least the next two weeks where then I will evaluate him again and hopefully designate him as fit for full duty." "Good job Larry. I know my sister-in-law and brother-in-law were so relieved when you called them and told them that Ben was going to be all right. They will be coming out here for a few days to see Ben. They should arrive on the same ship as the supplies." "I will arrange quarters for them," said Creevey. "Thank you Amanda. Anything else Doctor?" "Yes I do. Effective immediately, I am setting up sick call hours. Sick call will be from 1800-2000 daily. All lolita model upskirt photo emergencies which will be bleeding, serious injuries, vomiting, high fever and other such symptoms will be seen anytime. I decided to have an evening sick call during the cadets off time, instead of a morning sick call, that way the cadets won't try to use medical as an excuse lolitas collection 16 yo to get out work, school, or drills." "Excuse me Captain, but if a cadet requests to see the Doctor, I have to let him see him. They are your orders," said Stone very coldly. "Lieutenant Colonel Stone, I know what you have been doing. I won't handle this sick boy farce any longer," demanded Dr. Daniels. "If a boy claims he needs to go to medical and it isn't an emergency, he will come and see me at sick call lolitas of ls magazine hours." "But Doctor, it was you that demanded the Captain to order me to let any cadet who wishes to see you come see you. You did not want my men to hold the boys back like we did at first. You got a taste of what we have to go through." "Look Colonel Stone, bring in a half dozen boys every hour of the day for minor ailments that could wait..." "Wait? I am not allowed to wait!! Those are my orders." "Enough!!!" yelled Hatcher. "I am not going to have you two argue about this anymore. Now you two better settle your differences and agree on the cadets and sick call among yourselves, otherwise I will have to intervene. And trust me gentlemen, if I have to intervene, neither of you are going to like the results. Do I make myself clear?" "Yes Captain," said Dr. Daniels and Lieutenant Colonel Stone in unison. "Good. I'm glad to hear it. Is there anything else Doctor?" "No, Sir," replied Dr. Daniels who was show stars preteen lolitas a little steamed but trying not to let it seep out. "Very well, let's move on. Major Zjan-Ren." "Yes Sir. I have checked out the ship's security and weapons systems. It will take some time to get them online and working to their full potential, but I believe xxx little lolitas com we can do it in a good timely manner. But the problem we are running into is the one Captain Storm pointed out earlier, this ship is fifty years old. Parts for her are no longer made or available on the market. And we can't cannibalize another ship in her class, because she is the only one who is still intact. We will have to outfit her with a whole new weapons system. That will take more time then we have. I was on the comms with SFA earlier this morning and with everything we need to do; it will take over three months to do. Plus it would require us in dry dock." "Three months? We don't have that amount of time," said Hatcher. "With all due respect, Captain, it is my impression that Admiral Whitaker is willing to give us the parts we need, but not necessarily in a timely manner. I am surprised we are getting the other parts so soon." "Major, what do you recommend to speed up this process?" asked Creevey. "I can have a team of Kriton Ship Builders here within two weeks to install the weapons and security systems we need. The only thing is, we will be installing Kriton technology instead of SFA technology." "Kriton's weapon's system on a SFA Starship? Now I've heard everything," blurted out Ely. "And how long would it take for them to install it?" asked Hatcher. "According to my calculations and giving us some leeway, I say we will be ready for weapons and security tests by May first." "That would give us two and a half months to work out any bugs and get the Lady Lex and the cadets ready for the Olympics. How much will this cost us?" "The only thing my government asks for is when your new little lolita girl pics semester starts in September, that we will be allowed to send 200 of our juvenile delinquents boys here for schooling and rehab," replied Zjan-Ren. Hatcher thought for a minute. He had some reservations about this deal, for one thing he knew that juvenile delinquent Kritons were far worse then juvenile delinquents Earth boys. Plus, he wasn't even sure they would still be sexy little lolita girls in business come September. But without a weapons and security system there would be no chance for them to be in business next term. "Deal. Make it happen Major." "Consider it done, Captain. Thank you." "Okay, Ensign Masters, what do you have?" "Okay, Boss. Between the shuttles we can savage out of Mothball junction and a few local planetary governments loaning us some shuttles from now to the Olympics, we've been able to come up with twelve shuttles. With the optimum crew being six, that's enough for 72 boys. I know academy ships have enough shuttles so every boy is on a crew. We will just have to make do with what we have. Twelve still beats zero. "Lieutenant Colonel Stone and I worked out a crew roster together. We tried to pick the most athletic and coordinated of the boys as we saw them, not to mention intelligent. The problem with intelligence is that the smart ones are also the hardest to control. It could be interesting. "We have enough living quarters on deck 12 and 13 that have 3 bedrooms and a common room and one bathroom with two shower stalls. Each bedroom has two racks in it. We can fit one shuttle crew into one living quarter's section, so the shuttle crews can live together. The rest of the boys will be in the area that has single cabin groupings. We went ahead and made up arina russian model lolita the crews." Kalon handed Captain Hatcher a computer note pad. Captain Hatcher looked at it intensely. "I see you don't have Trevor Collins with his brothers and the Daniels's boys and my son. Why?" "Well Boss, it was mainly because of the ages. We didn't want too many munchkins in the same shuttle." "Makes sense. I have no problem with one of the cadets being in the same shuttle crew as my son. Do you Dr. Daniels?" "No Captain. It's not like Douglas and Nipper will be living with them in the living quarters. They will loli 10 y o still be living with me in my living quarters. I have no problem." "Very well. When do you plan on getting the shuttles?" "This afternoon I will start assembling one crew at a time and going out and getting their shuttle and bring it back. I will also give the designated pilots, lolita 8 yo pics which is noted on that list I gave you, instructions on how to fly." "Remember Ensign, these are young boys who are highly impressionable. A shuttle is not a toy. Safety first." "Roger that boss," said Kalon more out of routine then anything else. "Lieutenant Colonel Stone. Your report, please" "With the help of Commander Creevey, we put together a duty roster. Each cadet will be assigned to a certain officer and to a certain task. We assigned some cadets to work in the galley, some to work in engineering, some with security, some as teacher's aides, and some in medical and other stations about the ship." "And what plan do you have to alternate duty rosters with academics?" asked Hatcher. "Well, Captain, we will work on a six day schedule. Half the cadets will attend their academic classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 0800 to 1800. During this time the naked russian lolita galleries other half of preteen nymphet lola extreme the cadets will be performing their designated tasks. Then on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays, the other half of cadets will attend hot young loltas nude their classes while the first half does their assigned duty tasks. Doing it like this will help us keep our classes to a minimum size and able to let all the italiam loli babes nude teachers able to teach all free lolita lola pussy grades." Captain Hatcher looked at the schedule and roster that Lieutenant Colonel Stone gave to him. "This looks good. And I see that taps is at 2200 every time little melissa model lolita and reveille is 0600. Between 0600 and 0800 they will PT, eat breakfast and practice their marching and drill maneuvers. And I see on Sundays, they get to sleep in until 0800. They will PT, have breakfast and then free time until 1300. Then they will be given mandatory study time, uniform and living quarters maintenance, extra lessons and practice, and lolita boys image board music lessons if the cadets desire it. Who will do the duty tasks on Sundays?" "It will be a minimum duty section. Sir o
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