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Related post: Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 01:06:54 -0800 (PST) From: JKBlackhouse Subject: Brothers & Slaves: Chapt. 25: Service IIThis is a work of fiction. The characters are invented. It is intended solely for the fantasy entertainment of persons, age 18 or older, who want to read about gay sex and male slavery. If you are not at little lolitas peeing galleries least 18 years old and/or this is not what you want, read no further.Copyright 2009. All rights reserved by the author. JKBlackhouseBrothers & Slaves: Characters so far:Danny 17, currently the narrator, high school junior, on soccer & track teams; Ken 18, Danny's older brother, athletic free little lolicon pics body, high school senior, plays football, baseball & wrestles; Gary 15, incest lolita pics free Danny's younger brother, young stud, high school freshman, footballer; Tuck 17, boyhood best friend of Danny and Don, soccer & track; Don 17, boyhood best friend of Danny and Tuck, backup quarterback. Joey, 16, teammate of Danny and leader of team's turning him into their shaved cocksucker; Tim, 17, personal house slave of Ken, Danny and Gary; Mr. Howard, owner, a slave training facility. James: head slave of the family household. Ron, 18, classmate and now Master of Ken Chapt. 24: Service DannyI was ordered to remove my plug. I did so and thank god preteen teen lolita models it was clean. My ass felt like there was a huge void, an emptiness after having a wide plug there all afternoon. I figured Mr. lollitas germany bbs nude Upton was about to fill that void. To my surprise, he cuffed my wrists widely apart to rings in the floor. He unlocked my hobble and spread my ankles and they too were cuffed to rings in the floor. He placed a metal pole under my neck and raised the pole until it was level with my neck. Then he attached the front ring of loli young hentai pics my collar to a ring on the post and raised it some more, forcing me to arch my neck upward pre lolitas nudes preview and turn my face up. He fit a hollow tube gag ls lolita 3 board in my mouth and then I got the point, he attached a funnel to the top of the gag. There was now a funnel leading directly into my mouth and throat. What were they going to pour into me, more piss?Chapt. 25a: Service II DannyThe three men left me in this uncomfortably stretched position when they exited the room. I was this four legged hot lolita teens models animal with its mouth forced open by a tube with a funnel on top and an hairless young lolita pussy ass that felt empty and bereft. loli young hot pics It could have been twenty minutes, it could have been thirty or more, I don't know, but it sure seemed long to me. Besides, the new heavy slave style tit rings were pulling down painfully on my nipples and the snout ring on petite lolitas 101 xxx my nose. True, the nipple rings hadn't required a new piercing, but they did required enlarging the old ones and if you think that doesn't hurt, try it sometime. youngest virgin lolas gallery It hurts.I was so tired after all that had happened to me that I just wanted to be left alone to sleep. Nothing more, just rest and sleep. My betters had other plans for me. Mr. Upton and Mr. Martin returned together. They rolled out some sort of apparatus from the back of the room. I felt a dildo penetrate and then fill my ass. A wide, long dildo, wider and longer than the plug it replaced. I heard them speaking but could not catch what they were saying. I could feel the dildo being manipulated. Then suddenly, I felt the dildo ram further into lollitas non nude preteens my ass and slowly withdraw, in and then back, in and then back. I screamed with the first thrust, this was one fucking big tool up my ass. It didn't take teen model lolita photos long to realize what they'd done to me. The dildo was part of a fucking machine and I was being machine fucked lolita russian nymphets porn at rates that varied preteen lolita upskirt model but never stopped entirely.I tried to beg them to stop but of course, I was gagged in effect and all that came out were "oomphs" and such. Unfortunately, as the fucking kept up, my dick wanted to respond so I soon also free amature teen lolita had the problem of a cock trying to get hard within a device that would permit no such thing. I felt more like a thing being used for the amusement of these men than I'd ever felt before. Of course, being used was a turn-on for me no matter how much my brain resented it, my cock didn't. They stood there and laughed at me.Master Howard finally returned. I thought he would surely stop this game but I was dead wrong. toplist young loli links He hidden lolita nude photo took a strap from the wall and began strapping my ass cheek and then my chest. I don't mean tapping, I mean laying it on. "You wanted to be treated the way we treat slaves, boy, well. this is one way we treat new boys," crack, crack. My screams were buried in the tube gag. "Ready for your underage teen preteen prelolita Master's piss, slave?" shouted Mr. Howard. What could I do, I nodded galleries 14 yo lolitas that I was ready. He handed the strap to Mr. Martin who kept up the beating i was lolita guestbook fozya ranchi getting while my ass was being raped, and went to my head. I free teenie pics lolit could just about see his cock emerge and it wasn't long before his piss began funneling into my throat. I swallowed as preeteen lolitas top sites fast as I could but I was in sensory overload. Ass fucked, chest and ass strapped and drinking piss. A lot for a new and young slaveboy to handle.I began choking on the piss, I just couldn't keep up. Mr. Howard pulled the gag and funnel from my mouth immediately and I felt the dildo remain still in my ass. sexy young lolita girls No more strapping either. "Master," I said horsely, "thank you for using this slave for your pleasure, Master." preteen lolita boy girl And, I meant it. Harsh yes, but thrilling and lolitas 13 yo gallery so hot to be so helpless and so abused all at once.I was released from the cuffs holding my wrists and ankles to the floor rings and the dildo best lolita pedo pic was detached from the machine but left in my ass. As stiff and sore as I was, I knew site imagesporndirnet lolita nude I must assume the slave present position and I did, coated in sweat, dripping. Mr. Howard caressed my face, stroking my cheeks and forehead, saying what a good and strong slave I was. Hurting as I did, in all honesty, I sort of beamed. He was pleased, I'd pleased him and not embarrassed him in front of the others."We better put him in a xxx nude lolita pictures holding cage. If we put him back with the coffle slaves, they'll keep him up half the night licking their dicks and balls; fortunately, their dicks are locked up so they couldn't fuck him. OK 415, into a cage you go. Just think what you have to look lolitas preteens models desnudas forward to tomorrow. A full day of play in the fields lolita undressing bbs links with your coffle. What fun.""Master, thank you, Master. This slave will do whatever it's ordered to do Master." I knew I shouldn't speak but I thought something so submissive would lolita no nude childs be acceptable and it was. Mr. Martin took my leash and led me into another section of the barn that was lined on both sides with dog type cages. He found an empty one and had me back into it. It was too short to stretch out when lying down and too low to be able to kneel with my head fully erect, but it had a pad and a water bowl. I was content. I curled up, naked, uncovered, and was soon asleep dreaming about a slave named 415 who was being sold at auction and purchased by a young Master who immediately taught it how strict he was. I would have woken up hard, but chastity lock down prevented that. My nipples, ears and nose were really sore and so was my perteen lolita kids girls ass. The dildo was there the whole night.When I awoke, it took me a few seconds to realize where (and what) I was. The cage was OK but pretty small. I sure knew I was now a slave. I had the rings and the marks to prove it. Was free nudists lolita pics I a happy camper, fulfilling my fantasy? Well, I guess looked at in the big picture, I was. But looking at the details, I realized being a slave was a lot harder, more humiliating and requiring much greater submission and work than I had imagined. I should have known this. Afterall, I had already spent time in training at Mr. Howard's, but this extended and more abusive use was different than last time, more real, more satisfying therefore, but a lot harder and more painful.A bowl of slave chow was shoved into my cage and I ate it eagerly. I needed food, energy and I didn't much care what it was. I was soon led out of the cage to join my coffle mates in the shower and shit room. I knew they were dying to know what happened last night but we were not allowed to speak so I couldn't tell them but if I could, I would have. Telling it, I thought, would make it even more exciting.We were chained up, trotted out to the fields, rechained for work on the ditch and began a very long day of sweaty hard work and boredom. This was the reality of slavery, I thought, not some chamber of sexual abuse and pleasure but just unending work, sexual frustration and nothing interesting happening or to think about. In fact, I was too tired to think. 17 yo nude lolita I just did the work teenie lolitas nude pics mechanically and realized preteen russian hardcore lolita that was lolita nudist preteen legal what all the slaves were doing. Was this a life I wanted? I black loli naked pic don't think so. Maybe being a house slave would suit me better. Of course, once lolitas pay sites portal owned, I'd have no choice what work I was set to doing, just as I had no choice now.It was Saturday evening. Once we were in our cell, had dined so to speak, and done our business, a slave trustee came to each of the cells and released the locks holding our dicks down under our small lolita 12 years balls (or in chastity pouches in some cases). By then, I'd told my story of the previous nights adventure and I felt somewhat a part of the group of guys. But they made clear that as the new slave, I had to be initiated and that meant ls lolitas free pictures taking cum from each of them up my ass or down my throat, each of them, not that I would have the choice. It didn't seem intended to be cruel, it was just their one chance each week, if the entire coffle had worked and behaved well, to have fun and get off. Had little nude lolitas links they not worked hard all week and behaved, they would have stayed with locked cocks and had to wait another week for another chance.I decided that the only thing I could do was lie back and enjoy it. My cock also was free and the first dick up my ass gave me a wild boner. God it felt good to be hard. I now realized what a privilege it was to be allowed a hard-on. And that's what it was, a privilege not a right or an entitlement or even an expectation. Each Overseer decided the fate of his coffles each Saturday evening. God it felt great to be hard again. Thank you, Master, thank you, Master, thank you, free pics hungarian lolitas Master.I was fucked three times and blew off two guys. Only after they'd all cum would they allow me to get off. They made it fun. One slave took each of my limbs and stretched me out into a spread-eagle. The fifth slave fucked me, at my request I have to admit, and very, very slowly stroked my dick, delaying my orgasm as long as he (and I) could. But at last the build up in my balls was too overpowering and with a loud and embarrassing groan (several) I shot way into the air with cum spattered on my face and chest, abdomen and pubes and some lolita girls nude free on a slave holding my left arm. I know you can guess what was next; they scooped up all the cum and force fed me, not that it required much force. I was secretly glad to be made to eat my own cum. I liked the taste and I liked the humiliation.Then we all rested for a while and, as you can imagine, each of us came a second time, this time in whatever way the slave chose, using whomevers mouth or ass he wished. lolita naked 4 you Not surprisingly, I guess, of the five of the others, I got fucked twice and gave two blow jobs. The fifth guy wanted to fuck one of
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