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Related post: Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 03:47:01 smooth preteen boys EDT From: preteen twinks models Subject: KellyThis story is a graphic depiction of sexual activity between two consenting adult males. If this sort of thing offends you, or if it's not legal for you to read it. Please go away, now.This story is true, as are all of my stories, and takes place several years ago. Some of the names are changed. For reasons that will become apparent.I am preteen model posts a white, bisexual, model preteens innocent male. In my late forties. I've had a fixation for performing oral sex for as long as I can preteen professional supermodel remember. I love to eat pussy, but I especially love nude bikini preteens a hard male cock pumping in and out of preteen lollita my mouth. That part I keep very discrete.I was born in the North, but was raised southern. Much of my family is still down south. In Alabama, to be exact. Where racial prejudice and segregation are preteen latina sex still very much alive. (As in KKK.) As is the disdain for homosexuality, or any act thereof.At the time preteen incest clips porn preteen porn this story takes place, I was single and living alone. I met Kelly through a friend, Verna, I knew from down south. A white woman, who moved up here and married Kelly. Kelly, if you haven't already guessed, is coal black. This, of course, made Verna an outcast in her bbs black preteen neck of the woods.Kelly and usenetpreteens Verna had just moved preteen portal dark here from Chicago. Kelly stands about 6' 8" tall and was slender, but well built. I am 6'3" wet preteen cunt tall and weighed 250lbs, at the preteen lit time. He and I hit it off right away, and became very good friends. We hung around together. Drinking beer and smoking weed.He was a perpetually horny bastard and was constantly sweden preteen sex cheating on nonnude preteen model Verna. He'd fuck anything that would hold still long enough to get his dick into it. He especially liked white women. He was always her preteen ass saying, "A hard dick ain't got no conscience." I often wondered just how literally he meant that. I would find out.I'd often seen Kelly's cock. Sometimes when we were out fishing, or doing something outdoors. He'd announce that he had to take a leak. Usually after drinking a lot of lifestyle preteen art beer. He'd rape preteen pussy step away a little bit, whip out his cock and take a piss. preteen model divine He usually wasn't very discrete about it. Although his dick was always soft, it was beautiful. Long, fat, cut and just as black as he was. The head was helmet shaped and slightly lighter in color than the shaft. It hung down about 4 inches, flaccid. I always wondered how big it got when it was hard. I could see, even with it soft, why the women always flocked gymnastic preteens to him.One night we were at boy preteen speedo my preteen thong pics house drinking beer and preteen nymph nude smoking weed. We were getting pretty stoned. We were talking foto preteen girls and joking around. Kelly kept preteen porno pix complaining about how horny he was. How he hadn't been laid in a week. I kept teasing him about what a horny fuck he was, and how he'd fuck a snake if somebody would hold it still (Kelly was deathly afraid of snakes.) During the conversation, we got on the subject of blowjobs. He told me about a guy he knew in Chicago that couldn't get enough of sucking on his giant black bone korean preteen porn hairy preteens trailers pole, as he called it.Then he dropped the bomb on me when asked, "You like to suck dick, don't ya Chuck?" I was caught off guard by the question, and just looked at him (I'd thought I'd hidden my desires panties sleeping preteen from him). He continued, "It's OK, man. I'm cool with that. I seen ya checkin me out lots of times." pornos preteen "How come you never asked to suck on mine? You prejudice or somethin?" I simply replied, "I never thought you'd let me. I always thought you were straight." "I am straight," he answered, "but, like I always say, a hard dick ain't got no conscience." While he was talking, he reached down, undid the button on his jeans, preteen slut pulled his zipper down and preteen model spanking pushed his pants down little nadia preteen to his knees. Kelly never wore underwear. He leaned back against the bar stool he'd been sitting on.His magnificent black pole was semi rigid and hanging down between his strong black legs. At half mast children preteen gallery preteen models nymphets it was about 7 inches long and as preteens pornpictures fat preteen models link as a hammer handle. I was mesmerized as I sat there preteen girl archive staring at that delicious looking hunk of man sausage. Through my fogged brain I nake preteens heard Kelly say, " Come on, man. Nobody has to know. Suck my dick. I ain't never had a white guy suck me off before." That was about all of the encouragement I needed. I closed the gap between us and went to preteen suck movies my knees between his wide spread thighs. I reached out and helped him ymf preteens take his pants all the way off. All the while, his thick pecker swaying inches from my face.When I got fotos preteens bikini his pants cleared of one foot, still dangling on the other, I couldn't wait any longer. I nude preteen japaness placed my pursed lips at the tip of his sponge rubbery, helmet shaped cockhead and slowly allowed my mouth to open wider as I slid my preteen lebian stories lips along his head and india pornpreteens shaft. Forming a tight suction around his cock as it slipped into my hungry mouth. I heard Kelly groan as his rapidly stiffening cock entered preteen miniskirt my hot wet sucking mouth. His cock had quickly preteens peeing pics grown to it's full length and girth, and free schoolpreteen pic it was huge!! My preteen girls masterbating jaws were open as far as they could go. With my lips still sealed around his massive fuck stick. I could feel the full texture of his cock rub across my tight lips. The head was now rapping at the pthc preteen hardcore back of my throat, and I didn't have all of it my mouth yet! I relaxed my throat muscles as Kelly continued to feed me his monster meat. I felt the huge head invade my throat as he stuffed the last inch into webmodels pre teen my wet mouth. I thought he would surely choke preteen nonnude private me to death. Kelly had his hands on the back of my head, and pushed his hips top preteen porn forward. Forcing my nose preteen dancing nonude against his tightly curled pubic hairs. I was in heaven! My mouth and throat were choked full of the biggest, hardest, blackest cock I'd ever preteenz pictures tackled, and I was loving every inch of it. All the while Kelly was moaning preteen cp photos and I heard preteen voyeur board him say, "Hot Damn, boy! You takin my whole dick in your mouth! All the way down! Ain't nobody ever done that before!"He held me like that for a couple of seconds. Then he relaxed his grip on my head and began to withdraw his fat cock from my mouth. When preteen japanese free just the head was still trapped in my tight lips he pushed his meat back into my throat. He then began a steady rhythm preteen pic info nymphet preteen x of pumping animated incest preteens his throbbing joy stick in and out of my hot wet mouth. Steadily saying preteen extreme candid shit like, "Suck my dick, boy, suck my dick! Make my dick feel good! You doin it jesse model preteen too, family preteen nymphet boy! Aw, you got my models elite preteen dick so hard! Hot damn, you suckin my dick! I'm gonna fuck that hot mouth of yours!" All the while he was talking he was steadily pumping his hips preteen nude amsterdam back and forth. Shoving his super hard monster dick in and out nudist preteens bbs of my mouth at a hard steady pace. With each inward ukranian nude preteen thrust I marveled as I felt the thick veins along his cock shaft rumble across my lips, the young preteens nudes soft spongy head non preteens rub along the roof of my mouth and preteen angel topless invade my hungry throat. I had my hands wrapped around the back of his thick thighs as I held on for rusas preteens xxx the ride. Kelly was fucking my face puberty preteen naked and he was in complete control. sharon preteen model And I was loving every second of it!After about a few minutes (all preteen lesbos too soon for me) I ukraine preteen models felt Kelly's pace speed up. His thrusts became more urgent. His grip tightened on the back of my head. He held my head still as he continued to skull fuck me. I knew what was coming (or cumming, as it were). I heard Kelly's voice raise in foreign preteen movies pitch and volume as he said, " Keep suckin, boy, don't stop! I'm fixin to cum! You gonna make me cum preteen fuck samples in your mouth! You want my cum, boy? You incest preteen boy gonna swallow preteen girl pussy my n n preteens cum, ain'tcha, boy?! Take it, take it boy! Right now! Here it cums!! Uh, uh, uh!!" With that I felt his cock grow even bigger in my mouth. I felt the tube along the bottom of preteens panties nude his cock pulse as holynet preteen nude he exploded into my hungry sucking mouth. He had pulled his hips back a little so that I could feel his juice erupt from his cockhead and ricochet off the roof of my mouth. Landing on my tongue and sliding down my throat. It tasted hot, creamy and salty sweet. I didn't preteen naturist pussy get a chance to savor the naked preteen pussys taste. He was cumming so much, I had to swallow for all I preteen strapon movie was worth, to keep from losing any of his sweet nectar. At one point my mouth got so full that a tiny drop leaked out of the corner of my sucking lips.After he'd shot his full load, and I'd preteen pedo girls swallowed it all, his cock began to subside preteen erotic stories and he pulled it out of my still clamped lips. I used my tongue to scoop up the drop of his sperm that had escaped. Kelly was breathing hard and sat back onto the bar stool. I could see his legs were shaking. preteen sex chat His now flaccid cock laid preteen porn blowjob limp between his legs. My own preteen porn gay cock was still in my pants, and so hard it was painful. But I didn't care, I'd take care of that later. I stood up pleasuring preteen pussies as Kelly caught preteen webcam fun his breath. He got 3d pedo preteens up preteen buttocks on shaky legs and pulled his pants back on. Saying, "Hot damn, man! You are one hellacious cock sucker! We gonna do that again!" He finished his preteen cumshot galleries beer and then went home. I took my cock out and jacked a huge load all over my stomach and chest, still savoring the taste of his cock in my mouth and sperm on my tongue.Unfortunately, we never did repeat that night. After that I didn't see much of Kelly. It was as though he was avoiding me. A short while hot preteens sex after that he and Verna moved away, and I never saw or heard from them again. Ain't it strange, though. How ya do a friend a favor. He stuffs his cock in your mouth. Blows a nude preteen pics load down your throat. Then doesn't want anything to do with ya. That's why I've made it a policy never to suck off friends. Not straight ones anyway. baby pedo preteen At least he did turn me on to black cocks.Positive feedback is welcome. Email me at
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