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Related post: Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2000 15:30:49 EDT From: Subject: Justin's Story Chapter 21 ERWJustin's Story Part IV Chapter 21 ERW------------Justin and Tony's Story Chapter 3 August 2, 2000------------Written By: Justin Case-------------Disclaimer: Do I really need preteen pubescent body to go through all this with you? Ok, here it is: You have wandered onto a gay preteen upskrit erotic site. The story you are about to read contains sexual material described in a most graphic style. If it is illegal for you to read this material you need to exit the site now. If the material offends you, because it involves beautiful sex between two of the same kind, too damn bad. Life is life. Oh yeah, in case you were wondering, I wrote this story, so if you think it sounds familiar; it ain't.------------ Words from our Author: Hey, wassup? Oooh boy, I got some mail on this one. It seems, some of you are offended by the ages of Tony and I, while others are wanting more. All I can tell you is I make no apologies for my actions. I can assure you that I did in fact have sex, if you can call it that, at ten years old. I had an eight-year-old partner, my first time and an eleven-year-old my second time. I felt no shame in what we did. I just knew we couldn't amateur preteens daddy tell anyone. We enjoyed the pleasures we gave one another. real preteen gallery The reason we couldn't tell people was because they wouldn't understand. We kept it our secret; three tiny footjob preteen boys that shared a secret. You know what? I don't think we were the first such boys to keep this a secret, nor do I think we will be the last.Well, with that said, let's get on with the story. I love you all, and keep the letters links preteen video coming! I still need help in setting up my web site; any takers?? Write me at: climbed the stairs to the Battista apartment, with great effort. I had one preteens toon preteen getting fucked of those huge, brown shopping bags, full of my stuff. Tony ran ahead of me, with Darlene and Joann lugged the baby up from behind."We're here! I want you boys to behave and leave your sister alone." Darlene bellowed, as she opened the door."Tell her not to bother us. We don't even want her in my room, do we, Justin?" Tony spoke in that child's way of making a statement and a question all at once. bikini preteen feet He gave me those 'puppy dog eyes'."We're going to play Mario." I explained."Yeah, on my TV, in MY room. So there, Joann." Tony teased triumphantly, as he ran two steps at a time theflight of stairs preteen deepthroat gagging to his room, shouting after me. "Come on, Justin."I followed him up the stairs. I couldn't help but think they were just like my dark illegal preteens family. I mean, they didn't seem to even like one another. Everyone was just a discomfort to the other. In my house, Jeremy and Jonathan were my discomfort, and I couldn't stand "What's preteen pix xxx His Name", anymore than he seemed to tolerate me.I can remember, when I was younger, that I would watch television animated preteens to escape. I would imagine my life was carefree like those of my preteen nubile girlies television stars. I wished that in my life, when something went wrong, I would be loved for my mistakes. Instead, I always felt less than loved. I always dreamed preteen poorn amateur masturbation preteens I would preteenz info biz be rescued. I guess I just always forum preteens nude felt life could be better if I were somewhere else.He threw open his bedrooms door and stood proudly in the center of it. "What do you think?" Tony asked, obviously looking for my approval.I made a show, of carefully peering, with great interest. preteen girl erotic After all, I really wanted to be his friend. I preteen brest photos saw a poster over his bed nymphet preteen of a great wizard. The poster was done in shades of blue and gray, and I thought about King Arthur; it was one of forbidden preteens links my favorite stories."I love exotic stories preteens the wizard; it reminds me of Merlin." I smiled, pointing out the poster."I wish... I wish japanese preteen photography I had my own wizard." Tony sighed, looking at me with those deep set brown eyes and long lashes."Yeah, me, too. Then I could be whatever, and go wherever I wanted." I said, peaking Tony's elite preteens models interest."Where preteen topless picture would you go?" He asked me.I continued my glances around the room, as he pointedly slammed the door shut on the rest of the house. I noticed the walls were all different colors. Yellow, tiny preteeny panties green, and pedo preteens dark blue stared at me from each wall. There were clothes all over the floor, and piles and piles preteen cartoon models of clothing were strewn about. I saw his dresser, drawers all dishelved, and clothes seemed to pour out of the half closed ones. I wished I could be so sloppy. I had to make my bed everyday. I still don't understand why. I'm just going to mess it up again when I go to sleep."I would go to the land of Hanalei," I decided. "You know, with Puff the Magic Dragon." I continued."What?" Tony exclaimed."I don't know. I just would go somewhere where I would feel happy." preteen links girls I wondered where japan preteen boys I would really go.Tony moved a pile of clothes off his bed for free preteen defloration me to sit down. "Let's play Mario.""OK." I agreed, saved by Mario."I'd like to be with Aladdin," Tony let me know, preteen swimwear pictures as he preteen naked children pushed a pile of personal attire to the horny preteen girls floor.We played the video game for what seemed like hours. I didn't care. I just wanted naked russians preteens to be there, because I enjoyed being with him so much. I tried to do things for him to make him happy. If he reached for the controller, I would hand it to him. He would do the same thing. They were little, subtle gestures that let me know he thought I was special and I him. It became a game of sorts to see who could be nicer to the other."You hungry?" He asked, pausing the game."I don't know." preteen latinas nonnude I didn't preteen gigi pics want to commit. "You?""Kind of.""I guess, I mean, if you are." I didn't want to spoil the fun.Tony grabbed my hand and led me to the stairs. preteen portals preteens first sex "Let's go down stairs, preteen swimsuit modeling see what my mom has."I could smell the spaghetti sauce. The aroma was scintillating and floated into the room as he opened the door. I suddenly felt ravished and could feel the pangs of hunger. I followed him top preteensupermodels without the least bit of resistance."Mom! Mom! When's dinner ready? We're starving!" Tony shouted, barreling down the stairs with me in tow."Yeah, I got it on the table. Help yourselves," Darlene offered. I looked into the dingy kitchen, there was ftp hardcore preteens only one light on, so the stories preteen boy room was dim. hot preteen hardcore The whole apartment was in a total calamity. There were boxes everywhere, and piles of brick a brack, here there and all over. In the midst of the disorder, Tony and I each grabbed a preteen models beach plate of food and preteen hookers headed back to his room. Oh man, this would never go at my house; we could never take food into another room. The rule at my place is that no food should leave the kitchen or dining room at any time. Let alone, we could never live with all the clutter.I have to tell you, no one can make spaghetti as good as Mom's. russian preteen russian Darlene's was pre teenyoung xxx good, but paled compared to my mother's. You know preteen porn fuck something else? preteen fucking photos I hate eating pre teens guestbook spaghetti in front of other people. It is so hard to eat elongated pasta with a fork. I did my preteen pissing best and ate slow, but I still felt self-conscious.We sat on Tony's bed, watching television and eating our preteen asain vids Italian cuisine. He and I both liked the same shows, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, so uncensored little preteens we settled nn preteen thong on them. In truth, I watched hard preteens sex him more than the programs. I was feeling pretty good with Tony and just preteennude photos wanted to be in his company. I remember thinking that we would be best friends for life."What you looking at?" He quipped, startling me back preteen miniskirt model young preteen modelas from my preteens chubby trance like state."You," I shot movie preteen 14y back."Oh." He simply said."I like looking at you," I finally confessed.He looked at islands preteen models me with those dark brown eyes, the long lashes batting up and down. "Why?""I don't know, I just do.""Justin, am I good looking?" Tony asked so innocently. "I mean, what do you think?""Tony, you're handsome and cute, too," I assured him with all the seriousness I could muster."You really think so?""Yes, amature preteens I do," nubile preteen toplist I whispered."I think you are, too," he whispered back."Thank you." Was all I said."And you have a big dick, too," Tony giggled.My face burned with embarrassment. I felt so guilty and I didn't know why. I wanted to touch him and feel his body. I wanted to be as close to him as I could possibly be. preteen girls raped nude preteens sample I felt ashamed of pinkworld preteen my thoughts, but I couldn't stop them."Can I see it?" Tony questioned intently. He was trembling."What?""You know, your dick." He repeated matter of factually. "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours.""I guess, you go first." I stuttered, still blushing and trying to pre preteen nudes absolve myself of petite naked preteen the guilt."Ok." He unbuckled his pants.I watched him. I wanted to see him, but I was afraid. He pulled his blue jeans down, and flung them into one of the piles on the floor. Then he took off his shirt; he was standing there preteen nude vedio with just his sweet preteens pussy preteen preteen org little white briefs on. I couldn't help the extreme preteens and daddy feelings of attraction to his body. He was so smooth heavenly portal preteen white preteen and so cute."Now you," he chimed in.I took off my shirt, and then my trousers. I sat back down on the bed with just my tightie whities on and could feel my organ begin to rise. I couldn't take my eyes off the beauty of Tony. He was looking at me; too, his eyes erect preteen nipples focused on the front of my ar6t models preteen underwear, where preteen petite nonnudes my cock was straining for release."Now," he announced, "the underwear." We'll do it at the same time. Ready. Go!" He quickly hardcore preteen pussy pulled his Fruit of preteen pics dark the Looms down and kicked plus size preteen them aside.I, on the other hand, moved much little panties preteen slower. My little four-inch friend was wide-awake, and I noticed Tony's was stretched out, too. He had a beautiful body and the cutest butt I've ever seen. He was hairless, of course. I was too until that year. His dick was two inches long and cut."Wow! Look at how big yours is!" T
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