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Related post: Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 01:09:15 +0000 From: G. Morris Subject: Katie & LynnThis is a work of fiction intended for adult readers. If jap preteen model you have any comments, please write to me: Katie and Lynn had been best friends since kindergarten. They lived only a few houses away from each other and their parents were good friends. All through elementary school beach preteen topless they did everything together. Soccer, dance lessons, Girl Scouts...they were inseparable. Through Junior High School many of their childhood pursuits fell by the wayside. They remained close friends as they became more aware preteen underground pix of 'teen stuff': clothes, make-up, their new maturity...and boys. And so it was, the last few weeks of summer before they sexy preteen hymen went on to Senior High. They had enjoyed preteen nudes children the past couple of months playing tennis, hanging around the shopping mall and spending a lot of time at the beach. They swam, body surfed and worked on their tans. They also began to become aware preteens porno video of the index model preteen effect their newly developing bodies were having on youngest preteen taboo the boys and men they encountered. They were being noticed, ogled, whistled at...and they were a bit confused, russian preteen lesbian but preteen portal rompl pleased at the attention they were receiving. One Saturday afternoon, after a long, lazy day at the beach they returned to Katie's house. Lynn had made plans to sleep over as both of their parents' were going out beautiful preteens faces for the evening. After they each showered they lazed about Katie's room, Lynn dressed in an oversized T-shirt and Katie in a roomy, gauzy blouse and loose cotton shorts. They were chatting about the day, giggling about the boys they met and their flirtatious behavior. Neither had ever had a 'boyfriend', as such and they often talked about the time when they would begin dating. Lynn preteen models tpg offered to braid Katie's long sun-lightened hair. Katie sat at her vanity facing the mirror while Lynn brushed her hair. She asked, "Katie, have you ever thought about, you know, when we start going out with guys what it's preteen masturbation forums gonna be like, you know, like making out with them and stuff?" "I don't know", Katie replied. "I just thought those things would kinda just 'happen'". Lynn rested her hands on Katie's shoulders and said, nonude preteens free "I'm a little bit worried I vlad model preteen won't do things right." Katie, catching Lynn's eyes in the mirror covered Lynn's hands with her own. "Well," she said quietly. "Maybe we could practice." Lynn, somewhat bailey preteen model taken aback preteen naked pedophile asked, "You mean, with each other?" Katie turned around and held Lynn's hands and said, "Yeah, that's exactly what I mean. We've known each usenet preteen boy other forever," she said as she pulled Lynn down to sit next to her on the wide vanity bench, "And I feel closer preteen pantyhose vids to you than a sister. I've...I've really become very fond of you preteen modeling girls and preteen masturbation mpegs have had feelings that I rompl pedo preteen can't explain." Katie preteens nymphets nude moved closer to Lynn and put her hands on the other girl's shoulders and leaned her face close to Lynn's and whispered, "It's really not boys I'm interested in preteen evie model making out with," she leaned closer and said even softer into Lynn's ear, "It's you." "Oh, Katie, I don't know what to say," Lynn said quietly. "Then don't say anything." Katie whispered looking deep into Lynn's eyes. She leaned in and let their lips barely touch. A knock at the bedroom door made them jump up, Lynn moving quickly to sit on the bed, Katie turning towards preteen virgin bikini the vanity to brush toplist underground preteen her hair. Katie's mom looked in and said, "Girls, we're taking off now. You two behave yourselves and don't invite any boys over while we're gone." The girls looked at each other, both blushing and said, "Oh don't worry about that," nymph preteen models and began laughing. They both moved to the window to watch the family car move out of the driveway and down the street. Katie closed the curtains and turned to face her friend. "Katie," Lynn said "I'm a little scared. I know this isn't really right, but at this moment I feel so close to you...and I want to be closer." She stepped forward, her arms open, her lips slightly parted, and took Katie into her caress, kissing softly. It seemed awkward at first, but soon they knew how to respond to each other's subtle movements, hands moving up and down each other's back, bellies and legs pressing into one another. Katie let preteen dating pics her tongue xxx preteen stories slip out out gently lick preteen ebony gallery Lynn's lips. Lynn preteen hardcore toplist responded in kind and soon their soft tongues were melting together as they made soft sounds in their throats. After what seemed like hours but was a mere few minutes they broke their hug. "I need hot chinese preteens to come up for air," Lynn sighed. "Let's get a little more comfortable," Katie whispered, alt preteen xxx sitting down on the bed and patting the space next to her. "I feel a little weak in the knees." Lynn sat and draped her arm around Katie's shoulders preteen x galleries and touched her cheek with preteen boy movie her other hand, drawing her face to her own and kissed her again, their tongues once again finding each other. Lynn's hand slid down and cupped Katie's breast through the gauzy blouse. Katie moaned and said, "Oh yes, please...". Lynn felt the hard nipple in her palm, then traced webcam preteen video her finger around it. She felt Katie's hand slip under her T-shirt to find her small breasts and felt her nipple being rolled between Katie's thumb and finger. "Katie...I'm getting really hot." She began to unbutton Katie's blouse. Katie's eyes grew wide and she grinned and said, "Yeah, me too." As she shrugged the blouse young pink preteens off her shoulders She stood and untied the drawstring on her preteens in action shorts. Letting them drop to the floor and kicking them off she reached for the hem of Lynn's T-shirt and tugged nude supermodel preteen it up over her head and tossed it aside. The preteen dad girls were dressed models portal preteens only their panties; Katie's were pale littl preteenporn blue nylon briefs, Lynn in white cotton bikinis. Lynn slid onto the bed and stretched out. With a grin she beckoned Katie, "Hey, let's really get comfy." Katie laid down and took her friend in her arms, their legs entwining, bodies pressing closely, their lips meeting in a long, wet kiss. There was free pussy preteens no mistaking their passion for each other. They both knew they had met the threshold of young lesbian love. Their hands began exploring bbs kidz preteen each other and their lips parted. Katie began kissing Lynn's throat and her kisses led downwards. Lynn pushed her preteen model tits breasts up to encourage Katie's quest. She began kissing the firm tit and her lips closed over the stiff nipple and began suckling like a kitten as her hand moved down the soft curve of Lynn's smooth belly and found the waistband of her fuck rape preteen panties. Lynn caressed the gay preteens pics back of Katie's pissing preteen sluts head, holding the moist preteen pictures tgp mouth to preteen archive pics her breast and with her other hand covered the seeking hand at her waist and gently pushed it down over the smooth cotton fabric and into the warm crazy preteen pics valley between her legs. She moaned softly as she pressed Katie's fingers onto the soft mound, pushing one between the cleft of her labia. Katie could feel the soft bush in preteen madels her palm as her fingers massaged the damp cotton preteen video cams fabric, nonnude boys preteen following the pressure of Lynn's hand on her own. Katie's lips moved from one preteen russian pussy breast to the other, circling her preteen bikins calander tongue around the stiff nipple then taking the tip between her tongue and upper teeth, nipping gently. Lynn moaned and increased the pressure of her hand against Katie's on her, preteen nonnude family her thighs opening and closing, squeezing tightly against the moving hands. Katie could hear Lynn xxx preteen password breathing through clenched teeth faster and faster. She looked at her friend's face, her eyes were closed tight, there was a sheen of sweat on her upper lip and brow and her japan preteens list cheeks were flushed, lost in her approaching orgasm. Then her legs closed tightly on their hands and her entire body spasmed once, twice, and two heartbeats later a less violent preteen tgp thumbnails third time. Lynn pulled their hands from between her legs and turned away from preteens hentai porn Katie, drawing her knees upwards. She crossed her arms over her chest and fresh preteen nude turned her face into the pillow. Katie laid there feeling slightly abandoned and more than a little frustrated. "Lynn? Are you alright?" she whispered. Then she heard her friend crying quietly. Katie put her arm around Lynn's waist and pressed her belly against her back. They lay closely together. She leaned over and said softly into her ear, "Lynn, preteen hot photo I love you." Lynn turned her tear-streaked face towards her and said, "Do you? Do you really? You don't think I'm a terrible person? I just got so carried away by everything. It was better preteen sexy blog than any of the times I've touched myself like that. I don't know what..." Katie touched her finger to schoolgirls preteens underage Lynn's lips and said, "Don't say anything." She leaned forward preteen rape site and kissed away Lynn's tears. "Don't cry. It was beautiful to see you enjoy what we were doing so shocking nonude preteens much. "Really?" Lynn asked, her amatuer preteen pics eyes brightening. "Yeah...but I think you owe me one" Katie said with a grin. She got up from the bed model incest preteen and walked around to Lynn's side. "But first let's get these wet things off of you," she female preteens preteen bbs message said as she reached towards Lynn's underwear. Lynn's eyes flashed as she lifted her butt to help them off. Katie held them to her nose and breathed in. little preteen lollita "Sweet" she said before tossing them aside. Lynn swung her legs over preteens members the side of the bed and looked up at Katie. "No fair" she giggled as she went to her knees in front of Katie. She hooked her fingers under the waistband sweet preteen topless of the pale blue panties and tugged them slowly down her preteen erotic stores legs. Katie placed a streaming amateur preteen hand on Lynn's shoulder to help balance herself as she lifted each foot to remove them. Lynn slid her erotic preteen sites hands slowly up Katie's legs and over her round bottom. She held a hip in each hand and leaned her face closer to place a soft, wet kiss on the warm, rounded flesh beneath Katie's belly button. "Lay down, Katie" she murmured as she guided Katie onto the edge of the bed. "I want to try something." Katie sat back onto the bed and propped herself up onto her elbows and free lesbians preteen smiling quizzically said, "What do...?" " you be quiet and just enjoy," Lynn said quietly and ran her hands up the inside of Katie's thighs. She stared at the dark bush of curly hair which surrounded the pink puffy labia and noted the darker colored inner lips peeking out between them. She could f
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