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Related post: Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 19:23:05 -0700 (PDT) From: kyle soderberg Subject: Karmas a Bitch Chapter VI The usual disclaimer applies if you shouldn't read this then don't. For instance if your underage or preteen art bbs not allowed this type of material where your from. First off I've been having a lot of fun writing this story and for preteen angels the petite preteen models most part I've gotten great responses from the ladies (yes I said ladies they read this stuff to) and gentlemen that read it. So keep the comments coming. What has surprised me is that I've asked for any suggestions anyone might have preteen upskrit pictures for the characters and so far I haven't really gotten preteen non nudess any. Its not ranchi preteen bbs that I don't have my own hot preteen models ideas its just I'm giving my nakid preteen girls readers an opportunity to be a part of it. After the tender preteen boys last chapter a friend of mine asked me watching preteens undressing if I was angry naked preteen heaven when I wrote it and the answer is no, I was trying to put some real emotion into the characters. For some reason they seem less and less like they could be real people and that's something I preteens beach do not want. I'm trying to make this tale nudepreteenmodels pic seem like it could really happen and hope everyone else feels that way. preteen nude cam Anyway enough of my rant lets get onto the story.CHAPTER VI"Taz's rumble with disaster" Sunday evening Taz returned to the dorms chinese preteen naked he took a look around the parking lot and realized that both Ross's and Kyle's cars were gone and he saw a big van just leave. When he got free photo preteen to his room preteenboys fuck he found his door open. He stepped inside expecting to petite preteen porn be meeting his new roommate. Instead what he found was a woman in her late forties going through his things. She hadn't noticed him yet so he took in what was before him. There were boxes stacked up around the other bed. Most of the posters he had put russian boy preteen up on hot preteens kissing his side of the room had been taken down and placed on his bed. His dresser drawers were half open and looked like they had been ransacked. The bed itself was pulled from the wall a bit and half of his things were removed from his half of the closet. Its no wonder he went off scaring the maxwell model preteen woman who topless preteen thumbs went ash white.T "What are you doing?! What are you doing in kp preteen pedo my room?! Am more importantly who they twin preteen panties hell are you?!"P "Oh my you scared me."T preteen cunny pictures "I don't care if I gave you a heart attack what do you think your doing trashing my room?"P "I'm Peggy and this is my son Leslie's room. And as for your stuff I'm checking for drugs, I don't want my son exposed to that kind of thing."T "If you're his mom then he should be here katya pics preteen not you and you have no right going through my things I'm calling the cops!"P "There is no need for that I am just trying to protect my Leslie. And when we walked in here earlier and saw how unclean your lifestyle is I had to check."T preteen pics underwear "Unclean? preteen flat tight polish nude preteens How can you say that if anything I'm a neat freak I never leave a mess?"P "I am not talking free preteenboy galeries about how tidy you are I am talking about the satanic posters and disturbing items in here."T "Oh my god lady you cant be serious! Get with the times it's called having a personality and for your information I'm not into Satan. Those posters are of bands I like, I am a musician and as long as I put them up on my side of the preteen upskirt pictures room you have no say in the matter." At this she russian nudists preteen was at a loss there was nothing wrong with what he was saying but Peggy was a woman who never backed down. Unfortunately for her neither was Taz and even worse he was perfectly within his right to be upset. He pulled out his phone and called campus security. As nude web preteen he spoke into his phone she started to panic she didn't think he would really call the police.T preteen lust models "Hello preteenmodels nn yes I need someone to come to my room right away there's some woman here claiming to be preteen angel fuck my roommates mother and she is tearing the room apart trashing my things." ********** No there is no one else here. ************* Yes gallary thumbs preteen thank you I'm in the freshmen nude preteen nudists dorm, second nudepreteen art com floor, room 204. ********** Ya ill still be here. Bye." By this time Kyle had returned home from work, he walked up to Taz's passwords hacked preteen door to see nymphets naked preteens if cute young preteens he wanted to go out and do something since Ross wouldn't be home till after ten. As he approached the Taz's door he heard the tail end of the phone conversation.K "Yo my man what's... whoa what porn comic preteen happened to your room?"T "This bitch tore it up. She says she is my roommates mom and preteen panties photas said I'm already a bad influence on naked cartoons preteens her son." That's when Kyle russian preteen videos noticed someone else in nude 13 preteen the preteen thumbs gallery room. When he looked at her he cocked his head in recognition. Her eyes went wide preteen gymnastic videos she knew this boy also.K "Mrs. Kramer? What are you doing here?"P "I remember you, you're the boy preteen japanese schoolgirls that caused that preteens modeling fuck disturbance non preteen panties at my Leslie's graduation. Now I know wild little preteenz I need to get my son out of here."T "Boy lady you've got a lot of nerve to go there. If you anything about what really happened then you would know better then to say anything to him about it."K "Don't worry she doesn't bother me. Everyone back home knows that the whole family is a bunch of stuck up snobs. They have too much money and think they are better then everyone else. Well if you're here where is Leslie or should I say Lesby."T "Lesby?"P "Don't you call my son that. Its not his fault he is so frail."K "Frail? That's not what I would call it. What till you asain preteen photos see him Taz then your know why we used to call him Lesby. If he wasn't such an arrogant prick boy cocks preteen he wouldn't still be called it." Just then preteen slave Leslie showed up with his dad toting bags from McDonalds. He was a little guy maybe 5'5" at best, toe head blonde and from what the guys could see really thin. Taz immediately knew what Kyle was talking about this boy chubby preteen nonude looked more like a militant girl then a boy. Leslie took a look around pregnant preteen photos the room then narrowed his eyes on his mom.L "Dad take mom and go, Ill take care of this mess. Ill call you tomorrow."P "Now Leslie lets not..."L "I said go, NOW!" Leslie's dad just patted him on preteens teens gallery the shoulder and latvian preteen nymphets grabbed Peggy by the arm dragging her out. Taz and Kyle stood there shocked not knowing what to make of Leslie's outburst or his fathers compliance. preteen petite sex By this time the campus preteen nudes 10yrs police showed preteen naturist up. Taz let them know what had happened with Leslie filling in the gaps. They filed a report and told Leslie that if his mom wanted to come back to campus she would have to report in first before she could come to the dorms. After the cops left both guys just looked at preteen teen extrem Leslie with disdain on their faces making it obvious that russian preteen topmodel they shouldn't believe anything preteen xxx photo he said. Leslie looked down at his hands fidgeting unable to look either one in the eyes.L "I'm sorry about her I should have known she was up to something when she suggested we youngest pre teens go get McDonalds. She preteen model monica would never eat that."K "Why should we believe anything you say. I've known you for a long time and you are nothing but a stuck up, egotistical, elitist asshole. But, at the same time I know you're sex with preteen a fake."L "And you're right I have been an asshole as well pono nude preteen as many preteen bukkake other unsavory things." Both guys stood there stunned at the admission. Leslie didn't stop there he looked strait into Kyle's eyes determined to make his point.L "I know it's going to take some time for you to believe me but preteen models toplist I truly am sorry. There's a different side wet pre teens to me that I've never been able to show because of my stories virgin preteen mother. preteen naturism nude My whole life my uncensored preteen nymphet mother has been in control. My dad died when I was just a baby and my mother seemed to just blow it off. She has family money and is set for life and I didn't get anything unless she deemed me worthy of it, so I've had to do anything and everything she wanted so I could stay on her good side. My only friend has been my step dad and one other guy. I cant believe he stood up to her and preteens angel dragged her out of here, now I feel russian preteens artistic bad cause I know he is going to pay for it later." Taz looked to Kyle hoping to gauge his reaction. But Kyle stood there with his arms preteen vaginal photos crossed over his chest seeming annoyed. preteen sex webcams Kyle stared into Leslie's eyes searching for the lies he knew had to be there but couldn't find any. Taz couldn't take the silence that followed and spoke up needing preteen revealing pic to incest preteen girl break some of preteen kids nymphets the tension.T "Well if you are so eager to please your mom why are you here instead of some fancy school, she didn't seem happy to have you here."K "Ya you had perfect grades. From what I heard you were going to Harvard or Yale." Leslie went over and sat on his bed. He still wasn't comfortable with his new situation even if it was dirty naughty preteen for the better.L "I don't have to worry about what my naturist preteen ukrainian mother preteen fuck adult wants anymore. My real dads father passed away this summer and being his only grandson left everything to me. preteen underwear models It's sad because underage preteenz porn Ill miss him I used to spend my summers with him. But now my mother has no say in what I do. I never preteen model goth wanted to be a lawyer like she wanted; boy preteens cunt I want to be a teacher. I heard you and a few other guys talk about going here so I checked it out and signed up. She only came with preteen incest pic me because she doesn't want to lose me so she is acting like she supports my decision."K "Tough break kid but I still don't trust you. Well Taz I'm going to go get cleaned up Ross will be home soon and we are going to dinner your welcome to join us."T "Sure let me clean up this mess and ill be right over."L "Um Kyle?"K "What now?"L "Can we talk tomorrow there's some stuff I really need to talk to you about. I came early because I preteens thong pics was hoping to find you and talk to you before classes started. gay preteen young Its important."K "Fine but don't get your hopes up I'm still not satisfied." Kyle left to go clean up. Taz started to put things back in his closet but the anger from why he had to do it still bothered him.L "So legal pictures preteen your name is Taz?"T "No its Taylor. My nude preteens pics friends call me Taz, you can call me Taylor. Ya know what, I'm really not in the mood to clean
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