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Related post: Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 17:59:57 -0800 (PST) From: Sebastian Fforde Subject: Kai and the preteen girls bit Ghost Boy Chapter 4Kai and the Ghost BoyCopyright 2008 Sebastian Fforde(BB, nude mags preteen fantasy, preteen indian models romance)Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.***Chapter 4Kai was ls mag preteens very happy to have a friend like Bryan a friend who understood what it felt like to be attracted to other boys. He just wished he had the courage to tell Bryan that he had feelings for him.He wanted to tell Bryan about the sexy dreams he had been having dreams where Bryan would sneak into his room at night and seduce him. Dreams that always ended with sticky dark preteen topsites sheets.Kai figured that maybe Bryan didn't preteen movies pussy like him in `that' way. Even though Bryan was very friendly and sympathetic, he still seemed a bit stand-offish. For some reason, Bryan would never let Kai preteen fun jpg touch him. If Kai got too close, Bryan little preteen ang would back away.Still, Kai enjoyed having Bryan to talk to about his preteens models nude feelings for his friend Erik. The more Kai listened to Erik talk about his obsession with ghosts and haunted houses, the more dawn model preteen fascinated and attracted - he became.Bryan was always there to give Kai encouragement. After school each day Bryan would visit Kai by climbing the chestnut tree and entering through the bedroom window."So how are things going with you and Erik?" Bryan asked one afternoon."Well Bryan," Kai sighed, "I like him a lot. I mean, I really, really like him. And he seems to like little preteen board me, too. But I still can't tell if he likes me likes me or not. What do you think I should do?""Hmm, let me think about it," Bryan mused. "Maybe you're not giving out the right vibes.""Right vibes?" Kai asked, perplexed."Yeah, right vibes," Bryan replied. "You gotta really let him know that you're into him.""How?" Kai asked, befuddled."Look me in the eye, Kai," Bryan commanded.Kai obeyed. Looking into Bryan's eyes always preteens book models made him shiver a little bit."I'm looking at you," Kai nature nude preteen said. "Now what?""How does it make you feel when you're looking deep into my eyes?" Bryan asked. "Intense? Frightening? Exciting? A little tingly?""All of that stuff," Kai admitted. "But it's rude to stare at people. It feels awkward."Bryan continued to stare at Kai with his piercing eyes. "But that's exactly what you have to do to any boy you really like, Kai. Look deep into his soul.""Yeah," Kai shrugged, "but then he might think I'm erotica amateur preteen a perv or something.""I'm just telling you the way it is, Kai. If you want to get the boy you want, you have to be aggressive. When you see him, stand up straight, look him in the eye and walk like a tiger. Show him you mean business."Then Bryan looked down at the floor, sadly. "I just wish I could have followed my own advice with the boy that I wanted.""You wet preteen pics really think it'll work, Bryan? I won't come on too strong?" Kai asked nervously."It's worth a try. preteens model ls preteen underage forum What's the worst that could happen?"Kai thought for a moment. "He could hit preteen child modals me.""Well then," Bryan said, "what's the best that could happen?""We could fall in love and live happily ever after.""And on that note," Bryan said, standing up and opening the window, "I think I will be going down to my room now. Good night, Kai, and I hope you do take my advice.""Thanks, Bryan. I'm glad we can talk about stuff like this."***The next day, Kai decided he maxwell preteen top100 was going to try to ask Erik out on a date.It was right after fourth period. Erik was at his locker when Kai decided to approach him. Kai's heart was beating rapidly, and he was shaking a little. "Just get it preteen girls upskirt over with," Kai mumbled to himself, "What's the worst that could happen?"Erik turned around. "Oh, hello Kai. How long have you been standing there?""Erik I was wondering if, um, you know, I was thinking, have you ever been to Hoppenstand preteen naked sex mansion? Because you know it's a historical site and they give tours and it's supposed preteen lover portal her preteen pussy to be haunted and stuff and I saw a thing on TV free tight preteen about the ghosts preteen illegal xxx and maybe you would like little nubile preteen to go there babyj preteen with me on Saturday?"Erik looked preteen pedo bbs confused. "Is this like a date or something?"Kai blushed. "Well, no, uh, it's not a date really, just cuz you know we're like friends and stuff and I was thinking that maybe it might be cool if we go there together but as friends cuz I like you but I don't really like you in that way if you know what I mean. So do you little preteens portal want to go with me? I mean, not out with me, but to the mansion with me on Saturday?"Erik looked skeptical. "Uh, sure. That sounds cool. Give me preteens models russia a call tonight and we'll figure out where and what time we're gonna meet up."***"So how preteen board ru did it go with your dream boy?" Bryan asked when Kai got home."I totally messed it up!" Kai groaned. "I couldn't look him in the eye and I kept babbling like nude russian preteenz a doofus! He must think I'm a total idiot!""So he turned you down?" Bryan preteen web portal asked."No, he said yes. But he doesn't think it's a date. At least, I don't think he thinks it's a date.""Where are you taking him?" Bryan asked."Hoppenstand Mansion.""Oh, he'll like that!" Bryan exclaimed. "I hear that place is haunted!""But what am I gonna do now?" Kai moaned. "It's gonna be all awkward now! I won't know what to say to him!""I got an idea!" Bryan ebony preteens models grinned. "You can practice with me!""Practice what?" Kai asked, confused."I can be newsgroup child preteen your practice boyfriend!" Bryan explained. "You can practice all the stuff you're going to say to him on me! And then when you're on your date, you'll know exactly what to say!"Kai was skeptical of the idea. "That sounds kind of weird, Bryan. I mean, what would I say to you?""Kai, I'm child fuck preteens just trying jap preteen nudes to help!" Bryan replied, exasperated. "We don't have to do it if you don't want cum hungry preteen to. I just figured, well, you know, actors have to rehearse their roles before they go onstage. So why don't we rehearse what you'll say to Erik when you go on your date with him?""Oh, I horny preteen nude get what you're saying," Kai said thoughtfully. "That does sort of make sense. How do we start?""Pretend I'm Erik," Bryan said. "And you can rehearse all the stuff you really want to say to him. Now try it?""What do I say?" Kai asked, blushing."Start by saying how you really preteen preteen movies feel. Then preteen pantiies models we'll work on how you're gonna say it later. Okay, Kai, say something.""Bryan, I think I love you!" Kai blurted out.Bryan laughed. "I'm ERIK, hot preteens preteensex remember? The whole point is for you to pretend I'm Erik!"Kai was very embarrassed about his slip-up. He really did love Bryan, but he was falling in love with Erik, too. The idea of role-playing with preteens mpeg porn Bryan was starting to really confuse him. He pretending Bryan was Erik preteen online games was going to be difficult for him."Okay, okay," Kai blushed. "Erik, I think I love you!""Now how did nudist videos preteen it feel when you said that?" Bryan asked."It felt great!" Kai admitted. "I was all shivery preteen bikini bbs and tingly inside.""Okay, now let's just take a step back," Bryan instructed. "Don't just blurt out that you love him. Try just telling him you think he's cute.""Okay, here goes." Kai looked deep into Bryan's eyes. "Erik, I spanish preteen models think you're kinda cute.""Smile when you lsm pics preteen say it!" Bryan natural nudity preteen coached. "And when you preteen naturalists models approach him, erotic preteen 3d walk like a tiger. If you do that, he'll totally feel european preteen boys your energy. naked horny preteens And he preteen pics beach WILL respond to that.""Well, let me try walking dirty preteen sluts like a tiger, then."Bryan and Kai spent the rest of the evening rehearsing for Kai's big date with Erik. Kai found the role-playing game to be very helpful in building his confidence. He was ready to walk like a tiger. The hot preteen action only problem was he kept forgetting who he was trying to seduce Erik or Bryan.***The plan was for Kai to meet Erik on Saturday in front of the big fountain on the grounds of the Hoppenstand mansion. Kai spent the whole morning psyching himself up rehearsing what he was going to say and practicing walking confidently - like a tiger.Kai's mother dropped preteen hentai video him off at the gates. Being new in town, Kai had never been to Hoppenstand Mansion before. He wandered around the manicured grounds until he spotted the big fountain near the entrance. Erik was standing there waiting for him. Kai's heart skipped a beat. Now was the time to make only preteens nudes his move.I'm a tiger, Kai models euro preteen thought to himself. I'm sexy and young preteen ukraine powerful; I white preteen links command attention. Kai took on the personality of that preteen kids paradise ferocious feline, walking towards Erik with determination, young preteens lovers intensity and grace. He looked Erik straight in the young preteen orgasm eye. He was about to conquer.Kai was so focused on being tiger-like that he failed to notice how Erik was responding to his overtures. Had Kai been paying attention, he would have noticed how nude preteens masturbation much he was intimidating the other boy.When Kai approached, Erik slowly stepped back, fearful of his new friend's threatening gaze. As Kai got closer, Erik kept slowly backing up, preteen 13 tgp until he toppled over and fell right into the fountain!Kai was horrified! Their `date' was russian preteen nonnude certainly not preteen nude modil off to a good start!"Oh my preteen modeling beach God!" Kai gasped, rushing to pull a sopping wet Erik out of the fountain. "I'm so sorry!"Erik looked at Kai suspiciously. "What photos preteen bikini the hell has gotten into you, Kai? You almost scared me half to death!""I didn't mean to, Erik! Honest!" Kai whimpered."Why have you been acting so weird all of a sudden, Kai?""W-w-well you see," Kai stammered, "It's just that, well, I was stories xxx preteen talking to one of my friends. And he said I wasn't assertive enough. And he was trying to teach me how to be assertive, art preteen naturists you know, with body language and stuff. I guess it didn't work.""You were a little bit preteens ukranian underage TOO assertive! I thought you were going to hit me!" Erik laughed. "Just promise me you'll act normal around me from now on. No more of that assertiveness stuff!""Okay, I promise," Kai agreed, blushing even more. He decided that when he saw Bryan that night he was going to give him hell for giving such bad advice."C'mon, let's go inside. I'll ask one of the tour guides for some towels. Have you ever been here before?""No, I haven't," Kai admitted."It's really preteen bras gym cool cuz all the tour guides are actors in period costumes. They pretend it's the 1800
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