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Related post: Gone From Daylight: Born Of Fire 14 I want to apologize for a bit of a mix up that I didn't recognize until just now, and I want to definitely fix that! I accidentally skipped this whole section of the "Born Of Fire" chapter when sending my posts in to Nifty! So if it seems like the story lolitas 13 yo xxx suddenly skips from the Pier to the club...that's why! Hehehe, my apologies, lolli preteen nude models and I hope you guys enjoy the 'completed' chapter as it was meant to be posted! :) I just stood there....staring at the screen. There was such a foreboding sensation taking over my very being in that moment. It was like having someone dance on your grave. Feeling your chest sink in the middle, lolita kds cp bbs your brain turn cold, your soul beginning to tremble with an intangible sense of fear that you couldn't comprehend until you were threatened in a way that truly frightened you.It took Taryn's gentle hand on my shoulder to somehow give me an anchor back to a solid reality. I jerked suddenly from the contact, but let out a long sigh to soothe my rattled nerves. "You ok?" He asked, and then looked at the flatscreen TV report to see the wreckage. He was instantly enchanted by the sight of it too. "Omigod...." He whispered."Jesus, Justin..." Dion said softly. "...What the fuck did you DO to beautiful and sexy lolitas that place?""I don't....I don't really remember." I said in response, my eyes still glued to the screen.I could feel Jenna, Dylan, Trevor, and Michael, crowd up behind me as the report continued. I wasn't sure if they could see what I could see, but they knew trouble when they felt it in the air around them. And this was definitely trouble.I could hardly speak. I just concentrated on the dark figure hidden in the background, and was overwhelmed by preteen lolitas extreme pedo the unrestricted hatred in his heart It was like needles being dragged against the surface of my an infinitely cold block of ice being pressed tightly against your heart, cramping the muscle to the point where it hurts for the organ to keep beating in rhythm. There was just something about his very presence that broadcasted a level of darkness that my eyes weren't yet adjusted to. And yet, my recent developments allowed me to see him clearly right through the camera. And it seems that his recent developments alerted him to green girl pics lolita my awareness as well. I could feel it. He looked directly at me, seeking me out. Sensing my power. Emotionally 'tuned in' to my russian teen lolita photo strengths, my weaknesses, and everything in between the two extremes. I could feel him analyzing me. Sizing me up from an unfathomable distance, and preparing himself to gain access to everything free lolita sex pictures that I am. It was an evil feeling of despair that I couldn't even begin to describe, not even if I tried. And it was searching....Searching for me!"He can 'see' young nude lolita masturbating me." I whispered out loud, not even knowing that I was saying it. "What?" Dion was confused. "Who young nude lolita models can see you?"I just kept staring. I stared until my eyes were dry and free no nude lolita sore from not blinking. And Rage stared right back at me. There was a moment of true 'connection' that I can't explain. It was almost as if our souls were instantly intertwined. Suddenly understood. It was strange. His pain and mine weren't all that different from one another. Not at all. In fact, I found myself being almost in sync with his suffering for that one eternal moment, and wondered how his embrace of that dark misery could be such nude lolita girl sites a different technique little lolitas getting fucked from my own. It was like he learned to enjoy the pain. Like he welcomed the agony. And without the conflicts that I seemed to maintain to keep me from completely losing my mind...he had become completely corrupted by it. The suffering wrapped itself around him like constricting jungle vines, covered with thorns for all who come close natural lolita preteen art enough to be damaged by them. That blackness...that 'abyss' of a was almost hypnotic to look at. Because, deep down....wouldn't we all like to know what it feels like to be enveloped in darkness? Just for cute little loli porn a little while?"Justin? Talk to me. What's going on?" Dion asked me, and Taryn held my hand tightly as he recognized the part of the warehouse that we escaped from. It was still on fire, the bricks smashed in, blood staining the walls, debris scattered in every direction. Much like Rage had done with his earlier attacks...I think I just accidentally 'announced' my existence to the vampire world."He's watching me..." I said, still dazed. Rage was right there, in the shadows. Blended in, but I could see. I could see the crisp edges prelolita nn model sites of his silhouette in the shadows, and it caused me to tremble inside.I felt that sickening spotlight of his land on me, striking at my heart, flooding my spirit with a sense of immediate danger. And while my major instincts told me not to look, while they implored me to run in the other direction before he was able to lock on to my location...there was another force inside of me that was also at work. Something deep down in my spirit that had been running all of its life from the pain, and was now realizing that it bbs blue lolita preteen was strong enough to bring that pain to little teen lolitas pics someone else's doorstep for a change. A savage urge to be let loose, to stop running, to stop hiding. It had been buried for oh so long, but my fight at the warehouse gave it strength. Gave it focus. And when it felt Rage targeting me from afar, it began to assert itself once again. Calling out to him. Challenging him. Only wanting more power and the chance to unleash the kind of mindless destruction it was created to young sun lolitas bbs produce. I forced my eyes to look away from the screen, but my instincts betrayed me. My eyes beginning to turn red on their own as I salivated over a set of razor sharp fangs, dropping down from my gums.At that moment, when I looked up, and our eyes met again...I saw the figure smile wickedly, and his eyes flashed a bright red for a second before disappearing again. Almost as if he were 'taking child lolita real video my picture' mentally. And then he swiftly escaped before the television cameras caught sight of him. He saw me. He KNEW what I had done there. And what he was actually gonna 'do' with that knowledge...was still a mystery."I was supposed to stay quiet. I was supposed to be in hiding..." I mumbled, feeling a gradual invasion of panic as it soaked itself into my emotions. "...Com told me not to make noise...he told me that I'd be in danger That we could all be in danger..." Suddenly, that rush of emotion began to spark nymphet teeny lolita angel up, and an unexpected pulse of energy ballooned out of me on all sides, causing a disturbance in all of the little lolita pictures tgp TVs and electrical devices around me. The screens' picture twisted and fluttered, static blaring from the speakers as the lights flickered and the music around us temporarily got warped and slow. I backed away from the TVs slowly, and things soon got back to normal. It was only a moment...but it was noticed. Not so much by the humans on Navy Pier...but mostly by the vampire population wandering on the dock. They tuned into my signal almost instantly...and before I knew what was happening, I young girls loli bbs had almost a hundred pairs of vampire eyes staring young asian lolita pictures directly at me. You can always tell our kind in a crowd. They attempt to blend in, but they always stand out. It's their movements, their wandering eyes, their displacement from the 'cattle' that surround them. Usually, they try harder not to be noticed among the humans...but not at that moment. They were suddenly locked in on my very presence...and stared at me with a certain level of...shock. Some in horror.I couldn't be certain if they knew or not. If I had done something to alert them, or if the word had spread that fast in the streets. preteen lola nonude sample But as the humans kept walking by as normal, the vampires stood perfectly still. Young and old, male and female, lolita video free gallery aged and newblood, alike. As I top kds bbs lol turned slowly, I saw more eyes catching sight of me. Then I dark collect bbs lolitas heard the sounds of vampires up above us on the second level, rushing to the side to look down upon us and see if I was real. All the way down the Pier, for as far as the eye could see in either direction...there were eyes gazing in my direction. Dylan was the first to notice it, and hugged himself close under Dion's arm. Trevor underground lolita sex video and Michael took a few steps away from me, and Taryn gripped my hand tightly to stop it from shaking."I don't like the looks of this." Jenna whispered as the crowd began to slowly close in around us. I didn't know what to expect. little nude nudist lolitas I was too nervous to really get my senses to work right. I was worried that I'd use some kind of offbeat extra that I wasn't ready for and end up making things worse. They slowly got closer, and photo child lolita nude we all took a few more steps back. But the vampires looking over the railing above had almost tripled in number now, and there was really nowhere for us to go. The crowd gathered, and we got more and more tense, until my reading ability began to pick up small bits of their thoughts. Slight phrases here and there...growing stronger and more varied by the second."It is him. It is the chosen one....""He's real? He CAN'T be real!""Dear God in Heaven...the rumors were true...""The Mimic is alive! He has returned to us!" This wasn't a deliberate mind read. It wasn't like I was scanning them for information. Instead, this was an uncontrollable absorption of every mindset around me at once. Much like Zero in his gothic lolita nn bbs underground basement, ingesting the thoughts of everyone within range."I can't believe my fucking EYES!!! This CAN'T be happening!!!""He is the one. The golden child is reborn, as prophesized by the most sacred of scriptures...""I thought the Mimic was a myth...""I knew this day preteen lolita secret sites would come. The day when our prophet returned to guide us into the light..."I felt chills move all around me and through me. They KNEW!!! They ALL knew! And as shy little lolitas stories their open eyes focused on me more intently, ever shuffling closer to our position, I knew that there would be no more covering up this secret. I failed...and I'm sure that the consequences were going to be severe."Justin...I free lolita nympho galleries don't like this. We should go." Taryn said softly. I looked over at Jenna, who was obviously getting all of their feelings at once, absorbing a confusing array of comments and questions that varied from person to person. My mind began to pick out more of their random thoughts, and much more rapidly as their emotions got stronger. The vampires on the Pier were now huddled up in even larger numbers than before, staring at me in disbelief. And their minds ran wild underground lolita preteen underage as my reading ability caused their inner conversations to overlap inside my head. "That's not him. It can't be...just look at him...he's just a 'baby'...""He has returned! loli rompl kds galleries Oh rejoice...he has returned!""The Dawn is at lolita 14 years ilegal hand! He brings the awakening!" "We....we have to go. Come on...we've gotta...get out of here..." I said, trembling inside. But as we all walked to the right to get away from the gathering masses...they stood in the way. And I saw tears appear in the eyes of many of them...they turned their gaze to lolita underage cp pics the ground, only peeking up at me as if in submission. And then, they began home lolita free pics to kneel down at my feet. Ten, fifteen, twenty five, thirty five....vampires all over the Pier slowly bowed down young lttle lolitas models on one knee and lowered their heads in my presence. Some of them weeping softly. Others trembling in fear of judgment. Some quaking in anticipation of some...holy revelation of some sort. We all stood perfectly still, afraid to move. Not really sure of what was happening. And when I looked up above, the vampires on the second level knelt at the railing as if in praise to an altar.Humans began to look at us like we were crazy. A few security guards noticed the disturbance, an
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