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Related post: Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 03:53:43 -0800 (PST) From: slpwriter Subject: Nick Lachey: My Everything-65HAPPY NEW YEAR!I'm back with another child cum chapter of "My Everything."Thanks for all of your support! Without it, I don't think I could have written this story for this long.Now on with the story.First of all, let me just child nude vombat say that this is my first time writing any kind of fiction like child nude masturbation this.DISCLAIMER: This is a work of total fiction and is not meant to imply anything about the sexualities of Nick and Drew Lachey or anyone else mentioned in this story.If you are too young to read this, or if Homosexuality offends you, then please don't continue any further and leave.NEWSFLASH: To those of you who don't already know, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, in real life, have reconciled and are now husband and wife. I naked child ass wish them all the best with their marriage and hope they live a long and happy life together.If you want details about their wedding, check out the 98 Degrees Official Website at Other 98 Degrees stories I'd like to recommend are."Give Me Just One Night" by Unanoche. "69 with Jeff Timmons" by Zachary Scott Pritt "Nick Lachey" by Ken. "98 Degrees Is Hot" by Gay Night "The Reunion" by RinSong. "Loving Nick Lachey" by Jordan "Playing Doctor with 98 Degrees" by Brian "This Gift" by Sproutand finally:"What I feel for you" by Thack."What I feel for you." is an awesome story and Thack, himself deserves applause for all of his hard work on it. Now, I"ll let you get on with the story.Enjoy. Previously on "My Everything"..... "Alright, here it is." Jake said.He hesitated a moment. Then, summoning up his courage, he asked it:"You're in love with him again, aren't you?" He said. "That's why you are in so much pain, and that's why you were going to drink. Isn't it?Once again, the emotions came in a flood. Jake had hit the nail on the head.I'm right, aren't I?" He asked, as he noticed that I was about to fall apart."Yes." I whispered, as I got up and started to pace the room. "I didn't realize it until we kissed for the last time and we managed to bring closure to our relationship. Nick is over me.""But you're not over him." Jake said, standing up and coming towards me."I thought I was." I said, as I started sobbing. "But once he kissed me, I realized that asian child fucking I never really stopped loving him, even through all of that pain and bitterness, somewhere beneath all of that, I still loved him."Jake then pulled me to him and hugged me, trying to offer me comfort. He wasn't usually the hugging type, but he could see that I needed some type of comfort right now."But now, I'm having dreams about him." I said, crying, as I clung to Jake. "I'm having dreams about being back with him again, naturism child foto and when I wake up back into reality, I realize just how lonely I really am and how much I miss being with him.""I know." Jake said, in a low voice. "But you've got to stop torturing yourself like this, man? chillporn ftp You need to move on with your life. I just want to see you happy again."I knew what Jake was saying made sense, but try telling that to my wounded heart."I know what you're saying, Jake." I sobbed. "But it's easier said, than done, because my heart won't leave him behind. My heart won't let him chile nude girls go. I love him so much and yet I can never tell him that. Never."I couldn't continue and sobbed into Jake's shoulder. He just held me and told me that everything was going to be alright, while I got it all out of my system.After I was finished, I pulled back from Jake nude child forum and gave him a weak smile."Thanks." I said, wiping my tears away. "I imageboard child porn needed that.""No, problem." Jake said. "Would you like me to stay here for a while and hang out with you?"I looked up at him and smiled at him."I'd like that, buddy." I said child naked xxx to him. "With you here, maybe that will keep me from drinking."Jake turned and looked at the glass on the table, which contained the vodka and orange juice."Speaking of drinking." He said, as he walked over to the kitchen table.He grabbed child girls hentai the glass and poured it's contents into the sink and ran the faucet to flush it down and clean the sink of it's remnants."That takes care of that." Jake says. "I hope I never taste anything like that again."I rolled my eyes at him."Well, you wouldn't have if you hadn't helped yourself to it, without asking me first." I laughed."Touche." He said, child pantyhose pics laughing too. "Next time, I'll try to control fucking the child my thirst urges.""And your manly ones too." I nude child russain said, fuck childs photo giggling. I couldn't resist throwing that one out there."Excuse me?" He asked, with a grin. "I think you need more help with that than I do."I just grinned at Jake. Somehow, I knew that today was going to be a good day. *********** CHAPTER 65 ***********LATER THAT MORNING, AT THE LACHEY HOUSE...............Nick, Jessica, and the german childs nude guys were all sitting in the kitchen, eating their lunch, and talking amongst themselves about the events for the day.Justin Kandi, and Nick, childhood incest stories were sitting on one side of the table, while Danny, Jeff, and Jessica were sitting on the other.Nick and Jessica were sitting closest to the one end of the table, where Nicole was fastened in her high chair.Drew, was sitting at the erotica gallery child other end, totally alone. He had picked that particular place since nobody wanted to sit next to him at the table, with the exception of Nick, who had no idea what was going on."Well guys." Nick said, looking around at everyone. "Are you all ready to finish up our album at the recording studio today?""Yeah, Nick." Jeff said. He didn't sound very enthusiastic about it. Everyone noticed it."Why do you say it like that, Jeff?" Justin asked him.Jeff looked at Justin, and the rest of the guys and prepared to let them know what was on his mind."I was just thinking that once we get through today, we're going to be working on our naked children last album as a group. After that, we all go our separate ways."Everyone else realized what he was saying foto litle child and they all shared his sadness. They were no longer going to be traveling together as a group any longer. 98 Degrees was reaching it's end.They were going to head to the recording studio later that day to put the finishing touches on their last album, "98 Degrees, Greatest Hits." Then, girl child pic after that, the group would officially split up, and they would all go their separate ways."But, that doesn't mean that it has to be over." Drew said, trying to jump into the conversation, so Nick wouldn't pick up on the tension between him, and the rest of the guys. If Nick hadn't already."We're still going to be a family." Drew continued. "That's never going to change. We just won't be 98 Degrees anymore. That doesn't mean that we can't all still be together.""Drew is right." pussys child Nick said, nodding. "We will always be family, no matter what. And look at the bright side of this: We will have an indefinite vacation until further notice. I know I want to be able to pursue a solo career soon, but right now, I want to enjoy the time we have off and have fun. Maybe do some traveling."Here, Nick looked over at Jessica."Who knows?" He said, grinning from ear to ear. "Maybe Jessica and I can go download childporno on a second honeymoon."Jessica's face lit up when she heard that."Baby, that is a wonderful idea!" She said, obviously ecstatic. "I'd love that. Where will we go this time?"Nick shook his head."I don't fucked child videos know, yet." He said. "Let's just wait and cross that bridge when we come to it. First, I want to get through today. Then, once it's over and our indefinite vacation time begins, and we'll talk about it, ok?""Ok." Jessica said. "I'm so excited!""Me too, babe." Nick said, leaning over and giving her a quick chill porn search peck on the lips."I'm going to get some more juice." Jessica said, getting up. "Do you child naturism photo want some, Nick?""No thanks, babe." Nick politely declined, shaking his head. "You go ahead."Jessica headed to the refridgerator to get her juice. She pulled out grape juice and poured some into her glass.Then, Danny had a question that he wanted to share with everyone else."Do you think we should call Sean and tell him about this?"Nick hadn't thought of that. But then he had an idea."No." He said. "We can do better than that.""What do you mean?" Jeff asked, looking at Nick, in confusion.Jessica raised the glass to her lips and started drinking her grape juice."Why don't we go and see him and tell him in person." Nick suggested.Jessica wasn't prepared for that, for she choked on her grape juice, spitting it out all over the place.Everyone immediately looked in her direction as she continued coughing."Jessica, are you alright?" Kandi asked, concern in her face.Jessica turned around to face everyone, who looked worried. Especially Nick."I'm fine." She said, between coughs. "I think freeporn naked children childporno free movie some of my grape juice just nude child picks went down the wrong tube."She grabbed a paper towel and started wiping up the mess she'd made. She listened, while the others continued their conversation."As I was saying," Nick continued. "Why don't we go visit Sean and tell him in person?""I think that's a great idea, Nick." Danny said, glad that Nick had suggested it. "Let's do it.""Not so fast, you guys." Drew's voice cut in. Everyone turned to look at him."What's wrong, Bro?" Nick asked, looking at Drew closely.He could tell that something was up with Drew, but he couldn't figure out what. He was thinking nude children images of asking Drew, but he decided to let it drop and talk to Drew about it later when they could female hving child have a moment alone."Have you forgotten that we have to promote our last album?" He asked, reminding them all. "We have to go on a few talk shows during the week, so that is not an option.""Damn." Nick, Jeff, and Justin all said, in unison. They had all forgotten that little bit of information."Yes!" Jessica silently mouthed to herself. She finished cleaning up the mess porn pussy child and returned to the table with the rest of the guys."Don't worry, honey." Jessica said, as she caressed Nick's face. "It's the thought that counts, right?""Right, babe." Nick said. Then, looking around at the rest of the guys, who were still eating their lunch, he started to get up."Well, guys, I'm going to go upstairs and get ready." He said, as he got up. "Finish up, and do the same. We can't be late for the recording studio."Everyone voiced their comments and started eating again. Nick leaned over to Jessica, who was wiping Nicole's mouth with a napkin."And I'll see you later." He said, as he gave her another kiss. "I love you.""I love you, too." Jessica said, smiling at him, as he walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to their room to get ready.Jessica looked around the table and noticed that everyone was looking directly at her."What are you all staring at?" She asked, defensively, as she crumpled up the napkin she was using to clean up her daughter's face.She saw Drew, grinning from ear to ear. Then he spoke up."Your jealousy is quite becoming!" He said, with a laugh.******************************************************* BACK IN ORLANDO.............Jake, Michelle, and I were sitting around the table, eating lunch together.Jake had asked Michelle to stop by and have lunch with us, since he did
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