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Related post: Date: Sun, 18 Jul junior preteens 1999 10:34:24 extreme preteen EDT From: *** Subject: JV Hockey In the buzz of a fast commotion of conversations in the locker room, Jon was quite taking naked preteen phonesex his massive goalie pads off. The Blakesville Academy JV hockey team had just had a long practice after a tough loss and most people were pretty tired. Players like Tyler, Chris, and Dites were cracking jokes having a good time. Jon was usually one of the last people out of the locker room, and by the time he was taking his goalie pants off, Smitty already had all his pads off and was changing his shirt. Jon always watched Smitty undress. He loved looking at that incredible body and one day, if he was lucky, he might be able nn preteen posts to see up his boxers and catch Smitty's dick. Jon was a freshman at Blakesville Academy. He was young for his grade and just turned 14 in December, standing a meager 5'6" and had brown hair and eyes. He preteen cp girl always preteen femdom girls had a shaved head. Jon wasn't naked preteen girl a very good goalie. In fact, he only started playing that season but two games ago he got into his first game for about 3 minutes and loved it. Mike Smith, or Smitty as everyone called him, was a sophomore at Blakesville Academy ammazing preteens and was magazines sex preteen he good at hockey. He was legal preteen modelling on the first line and one of the fastest skaters on the team. If not for his porn preteens bbs size, he could easily be on varsity. Smitty was only about 5'4" and weighed something like 135 lbs but was 15. He had brown hair and eyes and did he ever have a body! He had an 8 pack under his shirt, his legs were built, preteen pussy russia as well as his upper body. Everyday Jon watched Smitty undress and Smitty never noticed. Everyday Jon tried looking up his boxers while Smitty was changing his socks but never once caught a glimpse. It was fair to say that Jon had a crush on Smitty. As Smitty left the locker room nude czech preteen to head back from the rink to the gym, Jon followed him out, his bag and pads over his left shoulder and carrying his two sticks in his right hand. As the two teammates headed up to the gym, they talked about their preteen girls thumbnail upcoming game. The team was going to latina girl preteen take the bus all the way from Blakesville Academy to Deerfield, about an hour and a half away. Jon knew he wasn't going to play but he went to all the pre teen speedos games anyway. Smitty put his bag over his gym locker czech preteen girls and headed out the door to go back to his dorm. Jon amazing preteen models did the same but the two were not pedo teen preteen in the same locker row so after they were inside they didn't see each other. As Smitty passed by Jon's locker row on his way out, Jon said good bye and that they would see each other tomorrow for the game. Smitty never took showers at the gym, he always walked back to bath preteen his dorm. If Smitty did take showers at the gym, Jon would too. But only to see his dick. Jon dreamed about that thing every day. He jacked off to the dream of him sucking Smitty's cock. Whenever he saw ukrain virgin preteen Smitty he thought about squeezing his ass. tiny preteenangels com Smitty had no idea about any of this. Jon thought if he did, he would probably get his ass kicked. The next day, the entire team met outside the gym with their equipment to preteen models best catch the preteen gallery amateur bus. Smitty and Jon shocking naked preteens did not sit together nor did they really talk very much. After the game, which was a preteen modeling usenet terrible loss 9 - 0, the tam sat in the locker room completely depressed. Jon did not get in but Todd, the other goalie, sat without polish preteen nude moving for a good ten minutes. Jon and Todd were good friends on the team although Jon was a freshman and Todd was a junior. preteen boys bath Jon didn't take a shower unlike most of the team. First of all, he didn't play and was as clean as when he arrived, but he also preteen family naturist forgot his towel if he had wanted to. Smitty, the tam all-star, remembered his though and, being on the first line, was pretty sweaty after that game. The team didn't worry about getting out quickly because they had to stay and watch the varsity game who shared the bus over. Jon was almost completely changed when Smitty came back to the locker room with his towel rapped around his waist. He was preteen incest kp a little red and wet after a nice warm shower and, of course, Jon stopped what he was doing to watch him. For the first time, Jon had a lucky breakthrough. Smitty took his towel off to dry down and Jon saw everything. Smitty had a small chubby preteen pussy gallories going when he took his towel off which made Jon happy. Maybe he got watching the other guys in the shower room. His dick was not much bigger than Jon's nude preteengays pics if at all which is what Jon liked best. He hated seeing Dites, a senior, undress everyday because his dick was nasty looking. But Smitty, his was just right! He had perfectly arranged black hair surrounding it and the most beautifully designed sac. Jon loved it! After the varsity game where Jon hung wet preteen cunny out with Smitty pretty much the entire time, Jon fell asleep on the bus thinking about that perfect cock. On Monday, after practice, Jon got into nonude preteen toplist the nonude models preteens locker room after Smitty and when he entered, Smitty had a towel around his waist and was heading towards the showers. Jon dropped his stuff off and grabbed his towel. free xxx preteen The shower room was really two big open tiled rooms with shower heads placed every couple of feet on the wall and a soap dispenser next to each one. The Varsity basketball team was coming in at that time too so most preteen fucking tgp of the showers were taken..except for one. Smitty was all the way in the back and the only one left ellite preteen was right next to him. As Jon stripped he watched Smitty lather himself up preteen forbidden top with some soap. He walked past the array of built varsity asses making jokes and christina preteen model laughing. culos de preteens Smitty was involved in a lot of Jokes himself with the other JV hockey players. Jon stood next to Smitty and they started talking. It was glamor preteen modle all Jon could do to keep from getting hard..his cock was just as perfect as after the game. It was still kind of chubby too. As soon as Jon arrived Smitty took some soap and admin preteen pics rubbed it all over his pubes, cock, and sac. His dick got a little hard as he swirled it around to clean it off. Smitty was still pissed after the amzing models preteens last game and he only talked about how bad everyone played and how we just gave the game to them. gothic preteen It was good though because it gave Jon a reason to be looking preteens girls raped at him all the time instead of trying to only get a quick peek. Smitty was also looking at Jon and his eyes were wondering as he talked, falling every so that point Jon did start puffy preteen to get a little hard. The two and another player on the team, Graham, didn't notice how quickly the time went by and soon they were the only ones in the shower. amatuer preteens Smitty was between Jon and Graham and Jon also kind of liked Graham. It was another dick to stare at at least. Graham looked behind him and pointed out that they were all alone and Smitty said, "Alright Graham, let's solve the innocent preteen nude bet right here!" "What bet," Jon asked as Graham started smiling. "Who has a bigger dick.We're not sure and we've been wondering for a long preteen masterbating pics time." The two started measuring dick size with their fingers and argued that the other person brought their fingers closer or what not but by this time all three guys preteens pantyhose video had full hard-ons. "I have preteen incest story an idea," Jon fuck preteens photos said. "Why don't you two stand as close as you can to one another and who's ever dick touches the other person's `base' first wins." The two agreed to that and Graham preteen pthc photo won by about a quarter of an inch. Graham preteen sex fucking started giving Smitty a lot of shit and he said "Alright, do it!" "Come on, Schneides (Jon's nickname) is here," Smitty said. "What, do what?" "The loser has to jack off illegal preteen girl in front of the other person in the shower room," Graham answered. "Hey, you do what you want and I'm not going to say anything." "Thanks Schneides," Smitty said sarcastically. "Alright here goes" Smitty started stroking his cock nice and slow, he turned to his left so Graham could see. Jon walked around him next to Graham to watch. When Jon was also in place, Smitty started picking up 16yo preteen the pace until he was really rubbing that thing. After about two minutes, he started to tense up and blow his load after giving a warning to the other two boys. "Wow, that was huge!" Graham said, "I've preteen tittie pics never seen you produce so much before!" "I've never had a big audience like this before" "You two do this a lot?" Jon asked. "Kind of" "Seems like fun," he said underage preteen cum trying to get into the group. Graham then said, "Hey Jon, who's is bigger mine or yours?" "Wanna bet on it?" he preteen boy pic asked "Oh, you're on!...Smitty, you be the judge" The two lined up and exactly tied, head to head, a tie. "So who jacks then," Graham asked. One word came out of Smitty's mouth: "69" Graham looked at Jon with a questioning face and Jon agreed. The two freshmen lay down on the yellow tiled floor and began sucking each other. Graham got really into it, putting in a lot of emotion but Jon just did fuck preteens asian the deed. After the two extreme preteen models came, Graham first, Jon got up and said he had to go. "I'll see you playtoy preteen models guys tomorrow," Jon said with a smile. He got changed and walked back to his dorm alone flowers preteen magazine thinking about what he just did.that was the first time he had ever sucked on a dick before and now he had two gay friends to get down with! The three boys started developing a better relationship and began hanging out together every weekend. After they got back from a game one Saturday night, they all went over to Smitty's dorm (maybe I forgot to mention that Blakesville was a boarding school). Smitty had a single room but it was huge. The kids sat down and started chilling for a regular Saturday night when Smitty asked if they wanted to play truth or dare. In Jon's mind (and everyone else's) that meant another threesome but they all feigned naivete just to get it going. "Alright, I go first," Graham said, "I'll do a dare." Smitty then said, "Ok, I dare you to strip tease for us" Graham stood up from Smitty's bed and took off his shirt. He swung it in the air over his head little cuties preteens and threw it at free japanese preteen Jon. He then unbuckled his belt and began to slowly pull down his pans..After his pants were at his ankles, he took those off and his socks so he was in nothing no nud preteen but his boxers. He took those off too and threw them at Smitty's fac
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