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Related post: Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 15:29:47 -0700 (PDT) From: adm2780 Subject: nude 12 years lolita Brads Idol Chapter Sixty-ThreeAll rights reserved. Other than downloading one copy for lolita prettel young kids personal enjoyment, no part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted by any means, except for reviews, without the written permission of the author. As in real life, the sexual themes unfold gradually sexy child lolitta models and are kept to a realistic level. Comments on the story are appreciated and may be addressed to the author at adm2780yahoo.comThis story contains descriptions of consensual sexual contact hot little russian lolitas between males, adult and minor. thai lolita free clips As such it is homoerotic, designed for the entertainment of bbs illegal russian lolita mature adults. If you are not of legal age to read such material, or if the subject matter would create irresolvable personal moral dilemmas, please exit now.NOTE: Special thanks to Matthew for his time and efforts proof reading lolita top galleries xxx and editing the chapters. Matthew's assistance contributes substantially to a more enjoyable story. If you like feel good stories, allow me to recommend "Never Take Love For Granted". Matthew wrote it and if I have any criticism, it's that he doesn't write fast enough or post as often as I would like. Chapter lolita ls land studio Sixty-Three: Brad's IdolWednesday morning, normally time to get up and get ready for school; however, I was on suspension for kicking the school bully's butt. I decided to punish myself and sleep in. The bed rocked when Uncle Ray got up, but I ignored him. little lolita russian models I was actually in a kind of half-sleep. I knew he was in the room, I could hear him. The sounds told me what he was doing from shaving, to his shower, to opening the drawer to pull out clean underwear and socks. I heard it all, but really none of it; I was still half asleep. The bed rocked again, this time he sat down and I rolled towards the depression."Hey, kiddo, look this way." There was that teasing sound in his voice I'd heard more times than I could count."Noooo. I know what you look like. It's too pretens lolita young extreme early." I whined in response."Look at me. I want to know that what I'm saying registered up top." I turned my head lolita bbs galleries portal enough to look at him and let the eyelids roll back just far enough to register an image. lolita teen huge dildo I didn't see any detail, but there was an image."What." I managed to get out."I'm leaving for work and you have school work to do. You know, if you weren't on suspension you'd be down at the bus stop about now. How come you're sleeping in today?""Because I can. I'm still a growin' kid and need plenty of sleep." He didn't say anything. "Uncle Ray, why don't you play hooky today and stay with me?""Sorry, kiddo. Sounds like a good idea, but it doesn't work that way. Listen to me now, you need to get your assignments done and preteen cp lola pussy behind you. When Donny comes over I want you to promise me you'll be careful, okay?" That request woke me some. That sounded like a really strange thing to say. Be careful? Why? It's Donny; he wouldn't hurt me." Before I could let everything register enough to say anything, he kissed me on the forehead, patted my butt and left.Something he did say registered right off the bat. Uncle Ray had a priority list he followed. Take care of your work and other responsibilities, then take time to play. Do both well so you don't embarrass yourself; and have fun. That was his way of saying he'd be looking for my work as soon as he got home. If it wasn't freedom lolita bbs teen done then he would escort me to the study, sit me at the desk with no television or radio and expect to not see nor hear from me until I was finished. I made myself get up and parked myself at the desk with a bowl of cereal and my assignments.Sometimes, school could be a real pain. Sometimes, school could be a real bore. The only salvation with going to school is that you didn't suffer alone. When you were on suspension and all alone, school work was both a pain and a bore; double time! I kept playing tunes in my head while I worked and it helped. I looked at the clock and realized I'd been sitting there for almost three hours doing school work. That kind of attention span on school stuff was a record for me. At the end, for some reason completely unknown to me, I started thinking about Tom Cruise and That Old Time Rock 'n Roll. I remembered doing my impression of Tom Cruise in his underwear for Uncle Ray. That was a while back, but I was preteen illegal lolita pics just in that kind of mood.I found the record and put it on the stereo. One thing about Uncle Ray's stereo; if you didn't set it to end after the record played, it just went back and repeated the program. While the music played and got lolitas nymphets 10 years me even deeper into the mood, I put on some thick white socks and one of Uncle Ray's dress shirts; fresh and neatly ironed, naturally. Tom wore a blue shirt, unbuttoned, in the movie with a white undershirt. I wore a blue shirt with one button buttoned and stayed naked. When I bounced, everything showed nicely.The record ended and I waited for it to begin again. When it did I made a nice slide down the hall towards the family room. I could see myself in the patio doors. The reflection wasn't the best, but it was good enough. While I lip-synced the song, the moves were really good. Everything bounced around and showed real good. I watched myself in the mirror and thought this would be fun to do with Uncle Ray again. I watched the equipment move around and first appear and then hide behind the shirt-tail. When I thought about what would be fun for Uncle Ray to do to me, I went into full salute mode. I also knew I didn't want to wait on Uncle Ray; I'd probably have to play with Larry or have a private session real soon. At the end, I stood in front of the doors, humped a couple of times, and gave my self a nice compliment."You sexy, sexy boy. WHOOOOO!" I told myself."I'd double that! 12yo sexy lolitas pedo You sure have one of the nicest bubble butts I've ever seen.""HOLY SHIT!!" I screamed out. When I turned around there was video gays lolitas net Donny, already naked and lolita clothing shoes accessories in full salute! "When'd you get here?""A few minutes ago. Man, the way you were doin' that song and dance, there's no way I was goin' ta interrupt. You were definitely hot. C'mere."We preteen lolitas wearing thong walked towards one another and then, suddenly, he put his hands around my chest and spun me around towards Uncle Ray's chair. I plopped down pretty hard but he didn't lolita young ls magazine waste any time diving down on my need."Ohh gaaaahhhdd, Donny, . . ohhh, shiiit, man . .fuck . .yeeeaaahhh . .take it . . . take it, hard! "He was blowing me so hard it was like he hadn't had any sex in a month. lolita pussy toplist elweb He was going strong and hard; it felt fantastic! I put both hands on his head, but I couldn't hold him. After he sucked on me some, he lolita sex young 14 let go and drew the twins in to his nice wet, warm cave. His tongue pushed them from side to side while I was ready to freak out non nude tgp lolita from pleasure.Suddenly he let go and backed off; he sat back on his heels, stared at me, and then got this really lolita girls xxx pics weird smile on his face. He grabbed my leg and arm and spun me around. I didn't know what was going on but there was something special about what he did. It wasn't planned or thought about; at least not by me. It just happened and it was really hot. He had me turned on so bad it wasn't funny. When he turned me he had me upside down. I could feel the welting on the cushion top pushing against my butt; my feet were flying in the air. His knees hit the front edge of the seat cushion and his dick was in my face. He moved his hips so his sac bounced off prelolita little girlies nude my face. All he said to me was to open and he lolita ls magazine avs filled me with his tool. I was being face fucked, turned on, and liked it!.He bucked his hips back and forth, his sac slapping me in the eyes with each thrust. Uncle Ray did this lolita ls magazine art to me once and I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. ukraine lolita preteen photos Right now, this was so hot that I didn't care. I put my feet down on top of the chair and started humping into his mouth. Two could play this game. I didn't mind being face fucked and him having a good time so long as I did too."That's it, you're getting' into it now." He sort of lolitas 14 y o laughed and said to me.I wasn't sure what he was talking about, but I knew what I was into, I wanted to get my rocks off and loli cp links dark this was driving me crazy with pure lust. He fucked hard and I loved it. The harder he real lolitas 14y pictures gave it to me the wilder I got. He didn't hurt me. How could he? I was impaled on the very tool that originally taught me to deep throat. I used all my skill to drive him nuts. I grabbed a handful of cheek in each hand and guided his butt into my face. I even reached under and grabbed a handful of balls. I knew he felt it when he yelped. I was still humping right along with him. My only problem was that I sweat so heavily that I was also sliding on the chair. We worked at it, and all too soon, we both unloaded inside the other. When it was over, we lolitas dreams preteen nude both collapsed to the floor, panting for our breaths."Man, you were one hot fuck this morning." Donny told me."Me? Man, I've never seen you go at it like that. I thought you was gonna pound my face in. What got you so horned up this early in the day?" I told him, smiling. But his smile faded and he got this worried look on his face."Brad? I didn't hurt ya, did I? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to . .you know . .it's just that when I came in you were doing that sexy dance and all . .well, you know how it is sometimes . .I saw you doin' that and it was instant horn dog time. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have.""Wha-at? Are you kiddin'? Donny, that was fuckin' hot man. It was just so . . you know . . it was just so instant, spur of japan under loli tgp the moment. I'd never done it like that. Sometimes, foto young lolitas naturist I've been surprised and had a good time, but not with something that wild. That was unreal.""Yeah . . lolicon preteen blond girl well, I'm glad I didn't hurt you. And, Brad, younf naked lolita girls it wasn't right, man. You don't just attack somebody like I did you and start rapin' their mouth. But, you know what, I said it at the camp, and I'll say it here, you got one helluva talented throat.""You too, I thought you was gonna suck my balls off or at least try to suck your dick right through mine." We both fell over laughing. I turned and lay my head on his pure lolita nude pics chest. He ran his fingers through my now sweat-soaked hair.We talked about school some and our assignments. Of course, he was one grade ahead of me so we didn't have a whole lot to talk about. preteen russian lolita gallery Not until the subject of food came up anyway. That we had no trouble with and did a repeat of the day before. We ate on the patio and then swam some. After we swam, he sat on the steps and I leaned against him. He played with my nipples and we gently went into the sixty-nine position. One great thing about being a teenager was that we recovered fast and had more opportunities to enjoy ourselves. Donny went home before Larry got home with a promise to see me the next day.When Larry came home he looked more than just a little flushed. Some people would look at him and think he was mad about something; I knew better. After he boys nude lolita model got naked lolitas toys de 13year he got a snack out of the kitchen and joined me on the patio. top boy tgp lolita I took one look at him lolita photo video model and knew I was right, he was excited. Sometimes I wondered how he made it lolitas non nude
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