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Related post: Justin's Angel 72 Justin's Angel-72This is a sexually explicit story (at times) involving homosexuality. By continuing to read, you affirm under penalties of perjury that you are not a minor illegals nymphets pics or in the sexy nymphet sites company of a minor and are entitled to have access to this story.The following is a fictitious story with no real basis or credibility. It is solely for the enjoyment of the reader. Its all just fun. It does not imply anything about the sexual preferences or lifestyle of Justin Timberlake or any other celebrity mentioned in the story. PreviouslyMichael hung up the phone, Justin looking at him. "Everything okay, Mico?" Michael sighed, wiping his eyes. "I've never had so many people care about me. I know everyone will be calling today, once they all find out. Suddenly I feel so loved." Justin kissed Michael, Paulo and Jake all smiling at him. "You are loved, Michael. We all love you." Paulo said, wiping a tear from his eye, Jake hugging him close. The group quietly talked, Michael telling them what Fredrick's plan had been. To kidnap Jonathan to force Michael to come to him. Michael didn't tell Justin what Paul's thoughts had been in regards to what he wanted to do with Jonathan. Justin didn't need to think about that. Michael snuggled against Justin's chest, sighing deeply. "You're tired, babe. Want to lay down on the bed." "No, Jus. I'm happy right where I am." Michael contently smiled, closing his eyes. Justin held him as he fell asleep in his arms, Paulo's cell phone going off, Paulo answering it quickly. Michael didn't move. Paulo told Justin it was Josh, Justin smiling. The family was finding out, they would all begin to call. Call, to voice their love for Mico. Call ,to feel their own protection, the protection of their angel's love. Justin looked down at Michael's sleeping form, letting out wild nymphet 3d a long sigh of relief. I love you, Mico. In a short time you'll know how much. Chapter 72 Wednesday night's concert was just as well-received as the previous two. Pink, Justin and Timbaland shone like jewels in the sun. The fans were many and awed by what they witnessed. Michael had watched it all, forever entranced by Justin's beauty on stage. After the concert, they'd jumped back on the bus, heading out after the interviews and post-concert events were done. At three in the morning they pulled up in front of their home, Justin waking Michael who slept against him on the couch. Justin was alert and full of energy, Michael picking up on that right away. "How do you do it, Jus? All this pent up energy. You are a walking ad for testosterone." Justin smiled, kissing Michael. "I'm energized with my happiness and your love." Michael smiled, climbing off the bus with Justin, Lonnie hugging them both. "I'll call ya later in the day, guys. Have a nice rest." Gary waved at them as Lonnie climbed on the bus again, Paulo and Jake hugging him as they got off. The four watched the bus drive away, Justin hugging Michael tightly. "I'm too energized to sleep, lets take a swim before we turn in, love." Justin said, Michael feeling his desire rubbing against his ass. "I think someone wants more than a swim." Michael smirked pushing back against Justin. Michael heard Justin moan a little. "You two want to join us, Paulo?" Justin said, Michael surprised by nymphet lolta that. "We don't want to intrude." Jake said smiling. "It's no intrusion. And it's a big pool." Justin said. "Okay, Justin. But I didn't bring swim trunks." "Who needs trunks. We're all adults here, and we are brothers." Paulo and Jake nervously smiled, Michael laughing. "Oh come on prudes! Live a little!" Paulo smiled, Jake still blushing a little. The four went inside, Michael shutting off the alarm. They left their bags at the foot of the stairs, following Michael and Justin out to the patio. Justin flicked on the lights, the pool bathed in soothing light. "I'll grab some drinks for us, you guys go ahead." Michael said, heading back into the kitchen. Jake and Paulo looked after him, then turned to see Justin pulling off his shirt. His smooth muscular chest came into full view, both men staring at it. "Didn't anyone ever tell you it's impolite to stare." Justin said laughing as he removed his pants, standing in his boxer briefs. Jake took in every sculptured inch of Justin's toned, muscular body. Paulo couldn't keep his eyes off it either. Michael walked out seeing the two staring at his nymphet small Justin. Michael set down sex stories nymphet the tray of drinks, smiling. Michael didn't feel jealousy at all. He knew that Justin was his alone, it didn't bother him that his brothers looked at him, 100free young nymphet pics he had Justin's love porn nymphets boys and soul. "Don't be an exhibitionist, love. You're making these two drool." Jake and Paulo blushed, turning and looking at Michael, seeing only a smile on his face. "Hey, I got it, I flaunt it." Justing laughed, shucking his briefs. The two men turned, shocked at what stood little nymphets asian in front of them. Justin was aroused, not completely, but aroused none the less. Michael smiled as Justin dove into the pool, the men following his bubble butt as it disappeared beneath the water. Justin came up, all wet and glistening. "The water's fantastic, Mico. Come on in." Michael smiled, pulling off his shirt. Jake stared at the hairy chest on Michael. It was even more developed than Justin's. Taut, tight and muscular, the hair accentuating the darkness of Michael's Spanish skin. His body resembled Paulo's only more compact and tight. Michael smiled at Jake as he removed his pants, standing in boxer briefs, which quickly joined the rest of his clothes on the patio stones. Jake nymphet porn free and Paulo stared at Michael's nude body, the olive skin seeming to glow in the semi-darkness. Michael walked up to them, smiling. "You are my brothers. I feel no shame standing in front of you like this. You shouldn't feel it either. We love who we love, with that one man we are sacred. " Michael turned, walking to the pool's edge. Paulo stared at Michael's well-defined back, and his sculpted butt. He was perfection, in God's beauty. Michael dove in, coming up out of the water beside Justin. "Nice, Michael. That was a beautiful thing you said. I love you." Michael smiled swimming beside Justin, kissing him lightly. "Think the bbs archive nymphettes two prudes will see it that way?" Justin smiled, turning to look at them. Paulo leaned in kissing Jake tenderly. "Let's do it bbs forum nymphets love. They are our brothers who've little nymphets top100 bared themselves completely to us. Can we not do the same?" Jake smiled kissing Paulo back. Then Jake pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his compact, muscular chest. Justin and Michael looked at free hot nymphets him, then Paulo. Paulo removed his shirt and pants quickly, Justin laughing at the sexy little nymphet red briefs he had on. "Hey Paulo, where'd you get the panties." Jake and Michael laughed, Paulo smiling, dropping the red briefs quickly. In a few moments both men were standing nude at the pool's edge. Michael watched Justin staring at them, seeing him take in their naked forms. He put his arm around him, kissing his neck. "Tell me what you see, bbs nymph tgp my love." "I see two visions of immense beauty." "I agree. They are breathtaking." Justin turned looking at him. "But they don't compare to your beauty, Mico. Your beauty captures my soul." Michael teared up as they watched the two men dive into the pool, coming up close to them. "Man this feels so refreshing." Paulo said, smiling at his brother. "Yes, Paulo it does. And relaxing." Paulo smiled as Jake swam beside him, kissing his cheek. Michael smiled at their obvious love. " Justin and I are going to float down to the far end for some private time. Enjoy yourselves, guys." Jake and Paulo smiled as they watched the two lovers swim slowly away. Jake pulled Paulo against him, kissing him deeply. "I think we free pictures nymphets deserve some private time of our own." He said. swimming backwards to the other end of the pool. The two couples spent time together alone, loving each other. They kept their distance and their privacy, trusting each nn preeteen nymphets other completely. Sex wasn't really a part of it, for Michael and Justin, it was more a meeting of nymphets magazines love. Justin and Michael held each other, light kisses being given to each other, Michael relaxing against Justin's chest. They rested together, just being in each other's arms. "It's so good to be home, love. So good." Justin smiled. "Yes, Mico. It is. I'm feeling relaxed now, and a little prunish, let's go to bed." Michael smiled, the two swimming back towards Jake and Paulo. They both stopped, looking at the two lovers from the center of the pool. They were locked in a passionate kiss, oblivious to their surroundings. Paulo was in Jake's lap, Michael and Justin seeing what they were doing, realizing the freedom their brothers now felt. "I don't think we need to watch, Jus. Let's leave them to their desires." Justin kissed Michael's cheek, the two turning and swimming to the pool's edge. They pulled themselves out, their bodies dripping water. Paulo turned his head, looking at the two men standing naked. He saw their aroused states, sensing it wasn't their watching them that had done that. It was their love for each other. Michael looked at Paulo, smiling. "We'll leave you two to your happiness, Polo." Paulo smiled at his brothers, watching their beauty. Michael and Justin dried each other off quickly, walking back towards the house. Paulo felt Jake's lips on his nipples again, and feeling his hardness sinking into him. He moaned, now lost in the man before him, thoughts of his brothers evaporating in his mind. His only need now was Jake; his only want, his love.Justin woke up, finding himself alone in bed. "Where's my Mico?" He said in his mind. "I'm in the kitchen, love. Good morning, I naked nymphets toplist love you." Justin heard in his mind. "Love ya too, babe. What time is it?" "It's almost noon, love. Get dressed and come on down, I'm making lunch. Lance and Josh are coming over." Justin yawned, climbing out of bed, his body feeling tired. He smiled, remembering the passion fat nymphets last night. When they'd come upstairs, their desires were unbelievable. They'd satisfied each other before falling asleep in each other's arms. He showered and dressed, walking downstairs. He walked into the kitchen seeing Michael working at the counter. Justin hugged him, kissing his lips tenderly. Michael purred, Justin smiling. "Morning, love. How are you doing?" "Doing good, love. Just horny nymphette cutting up some salad stuff. Jake virgin nymphete and Paulo are out on the patio relaxing." "Are they naked again?" Justin asked smiling and wiggling his eyebrows. "In your dreams, horndog!" Michael smiled, Justin kissing him again. "Last night was remarkable, Mico. Here I was with two totally hot, sexy, naked men, and all I could look at was you." Michael's golden eyes looked into Justin's blue pools, Michael hugging him again. "I was the same, my love. I guess we're stuck with each other." Justin smiled, feeling the warmth of Michael's body against him. "Aren't we the lucky ones?" Justin broke the close hug, sitting down on a stool at the counter. "Need me to nymphet top help with anything, my love?" "You're officially the man of the house, you're responsible for the barbecue. Can you start it, Jus? I've thawed burgers and dogs." "Sure thing, Mico. God, I love this. Just relaxing and being home. And being here with the love of my life." Michael smiled, feeling the same way. "Couldn't agree with you more." Justin kissed him again heading out to the patio. He walked out finding Jake and Paulo laying together by the pool on chaise lounges. Both had wet swim trunks on, having just come out of the pool. "Morning, Jus." Jake smiled sweet nymphets virgin at him, Justin smiling back as he walked up to the barbecue. He started it, closing the lid to let the heat intensify. He walked over, sitting on a chair. "Morning boys, how are you two lovebirds doing?" Paulo smiled, Jake taking his hand. "We're fantastic." Justin smiled, knowing that feeling. "So am I. And Michael's happy." Justin smiled looking towards the house. Paulo smiled at Justin, seeing a new happiness in him. The happiness of contented love. "I love him so much, and I'm almost ready to s
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